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WA maker turns skoolie, short-bus & container into family home

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Seven years ago, Jeremy and Mira Thompson quit their jobs and sold their suburban home to hit the road in a short-bus they’d converted into a mobile home. After a year on the road, they’d gone through their savings and were thinking about starting a family. Now living on family property in rural Washington they bought a full-sized school bus at auction. This time they stripped away the metal behind the cab and embedded a wooden cottage inside their new vehicle. Jeremy used his experience as an auto body mechanic and recent education in architectural drafting to design their conversions. He had also turned his carpentry into paid work and needed a workshop. After finding a very affordable container - one that had been tagged as scrap-, Jeremy began to convert it into a wooden clad (on 3 sides) office with a green roof. Thompson Creative: https://www.facebook.com/theVonThompsonCreative/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9WKX3qBnZ7aDgxl6lDKl6w Original story: https://faircompanies.com/videos/wa-maker-turns-skoolie-short-bus-container-into-home-office/
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Diedra Payne (57 minutes ago)
You are a creative genius and your wife is an intelligent, patient and lovely lady. I am in awe of it all. Stay happy and content with that little angel. 🤗🤗🤗
Robert Rudometkin (1 hour ago)
The whole place is badass!
UsernamesForDummies (3 days ago)
Thank you so much for posting this. It’s a beautiful and fascinating thing to watch.
Lynne Edler (4 days ago)
What a very beautiful life... Brought me to tears at the end. Happy ones, for you all.
j j (4 days ago)
Oh my God so beautiful and dude you got mad skills awesome skills absolutely awesome skills oh my God you just got skills Beyond the human brain can understand did I say you're awesome because you are and you got a lovely wife and I love the kids you have a lovely family God bless you we need more people like you in this world
Judith Williams (5 days ago)
I wish I had your talent.
Nahom Tesfamariam 9A (5 days ago)
l am so love you and your familiy you ar very good thanks for vidion
Super Sprinkle (6 days ago)
I love his mustache
John Brewer (7 days ago)
How do they make more kids with there kids sleeping underneath them? We cant manage that with ours in the next room!
Soltani Albir (7 days ago)
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Soltani Albir (7 days ago)
God help you, good people. I have a feeling that you do not disappoint me. I need your help
Jennifer Jennings (7 days ago)
Im very sure the previous owners of the tools and collections of nuts , bolts etc would be quite happy to know they are being used by another Craftsman .Bravo, Great home and buildings .
Elizabeth Ramos (8 days ago)
I loved watching your video. Both you and your wife have interesting knowledge and beautiful voices. Thank you for educating a woman, who dreams ...even as a senior.
Shari Rhodes (9 days ago)
I LOVE this little house, and the landscaping around it. What a wonderful place to call home!
Ashraf Mouris (10 days ago)
Adriano Ramos (11 days ago)
Gostei muito muito lindo vocês estão de parabéns
Shivtopher Coloumbus (12 days ago)
Please list your address: Him: the bus/house on the side of the road
BlueEyes BlueToo (12 days ago)
WoW!!! 💙 I especially love what you did with the container, everything about it. The roof is amazing.!!!!
A Irizarry (13 days ago)
I absolutely love this video, whimsical, beautiful,and functional. Wonderful couple, wonderful build.
Frederick Conner (15 days ago)
A true craftsman genius!
Chicagojones 513 (16 days ago)
Raphel Azrael (16 days ago)
That thing is a eye sore if i have ever seen one in my life.
Marcia Lazarz (15 days ago)
eyesore is one word.  This is a thing of beauty I would love t have in my neighborhood.
山本晴伸 (18 days ago)
ZMAC LLC (19 days ago)
This guy is what you call a True Craftsman. Talent through and though. These days it's all about technology, the latest gadget, huge machinery and mass manufacturing. But there's something so beautiful about someone who knows how to use their hands, imagination and minds. Add in beauty and design and it's like whoa! I wish more young people would learn how to do some of what's in this video but sadly, it's becoming a lost art.
Alacia Fowler (20 days ago)
How charming! It is a fairy tale house! The property is beautifully landscaped.
Khalilah Owens (22 days ago)
His talents and skills are AMAZING! Very Inspirational video.
Linette Swanson (22 days ago)
Creative genius what awesome character you two put into everything!
Joyce Todhunter Scroggins (22 days ago)
What a beautiful unique home with huge charm!🤗
Boglárka Barcsai (23 days ago)
I only have one question. dear @Jeremy, where did you learn what you know now?
Bunny Lang (25 days ago)
What an amazing couple. What an inventor this man is!
Jon Seymour (26 days ago)
What is a "WA maker"?.
Lucy (26 days ago)
This is just beautiful- I would never leave. The flowers are so pretty.
S S (26 days ago)
love ur work
IJmond 2014 (28 days ago)
Cosy living!!
Suzanna Bradley (28 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your video and you amazing handyman .
Maria Jurado (1 month ago)
QUE amor a casa!!!adoraria morar numa dessas.parece de boneca!mas aqui no Brasil nào se tem segurança prá morar assim.
jose l Velazquez (1 month ago)
Amazing Grace (1 month ago)
This guy is very talented 😇😇💖💖 but if i have that beautiful lake view and knowing that i will have 4 or more children, i would of made the bus house becomes 2 story for more space for the children
Roy Brewer (1 month ago)
Liu Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Beautiful! I love it. This guy is genius. Blessings 💝
Kausar Jawaid (1 month ago)
Agatha Elizabeth Balon (1 month ago)
very creative..i love it
Studio Gil Rangel Coreografias (1 month ago)
Melhor video que assisti esse ano!!! A mensagem é muito clara!!! A vida pode ser muito boa....com muito pouco!!!Obrigada!!!🙏🙏🌟💖
Linda Mazur (1 month ago)
Vashon ?
abp Mustfa (1 month ago)
David Jimenez (1 month ago)
angel marie (1 month ago)
My father in-law gave that book to me and my husband and it is magical if you have the money for lumber and such since nothing is cheap anymore especially not things that were always cheap until the 2,000s.
Christy S (1 month ago)
I'm so in love with the fairytale beauty of these tiny homes. The design is just whimsical and beautiful. Great job.
ALi Noor (1 month ago)
Handbag Lover (1 month ago)
Impressive work! By far the best design for small living I’ve seen.
Betty Allen (1 month ago)
It's beautiful
nasiriخداوندا عاشقتم 19701970 (1 month ago)
Cassandra Mcdonald (1 month ago)
This cute
Jane Doe (1 month ago)
Jeremy, you are awesome.
Melda Cano (1 month ago)
Your an amazing youngman. Wow I can not adequately find the words, nothing less than amazing. I'd love a little space for my Grandchildren in the backyard. Enjoyed watching the video.
Luzimar Ferreira (1 month ago)
Hola belíssimo lugar parabéns e um paraíso linda família 😇😅🌎👌👍😱
Gypsy Treasures (1 month ago)
Would love to have one made for me
SUSAN CLAY (1 month ago)
What CAD program do you use in design?
Regina Gerbig (1 month ago)
Oh my goodness , you're a great man 😍 beautiful and good quality 💪👍have a good time and special greetings from germany - wiesbaden ☺
Therese Nkolo Akono (1 month ago)
Wouaw ..😮🤗 magnifique 😍 belle IDE. ..le paradis c'est d'être heureux ? Une comme ça pour moi ?.😅 m'es bien sûr !! ils faut dès travaux ? J'e la préfère simple ? Bravos.👍💖.
Sam Singh (1 month ago)
الوردة الوردة (1 month ago)
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Rana Elswedy (1 month ago)
Maria Morales (1 month ago)
Que Hermoso video !! Me hizo sentir muy feliz Todavía hay gente buena que disfruta de su familia y que está contenta con lo que tiene No se si me impresionó mas sus habilidades o sus personalidades se ve que tienen paz y amor , lo cual al final , es lo más importante
Sue Hofkamp (1 month ago)
Excuse me, can I have your house?
David Rida (1 month ago)
Me too love adventures
gamergirl best (1 month ago)
Mucha paz x eso bienen al mundo bellos y hermosos hijos.
Hira Nath (1 month ago)
Wow, how can it be possible with such a small space.
Dariush Haghighi (1 month ago)
Very beautiful welldon
Believe Dreams (1 month ago)
This is such a beautiful, fun, looking play house. You converted a great idea into a beautiful place to call "HOME"!
Corinne Blank (1 month ago)
What a beautiful warm home! A lot of heart is it.
Paul Collins (1 month ago)
I love your bus
Vonnie Paaverud (1 month ago)
🌹❤️💜💗💚🥰🌸🌺🦋🧚‍♂️🙃😂WONDERFUL AWESOME, HOME, WONDERFUL LIFE, 💐💕❤️🌹😍💗💜🌹❤️💜💚🌷
Children of the most high non-profit Rhame (1 month ago)
The 954 down thumbs must be Democrats
Children of the most high non-profit Rhame (1 month ago)
Anything is possible if you have an idea or concept go with it so far he's doing a great job I wish it was more fathers like him all over the world
Children of the most high non-profit Rhame (1 month ago)
it's like the seventies you know like the days of the hippies just living free in the world enjoying life
Children of the most high non-profit Rhame (1 month ago)
You know you can start a business doing this for other people and make a great success
Children of the most high non-profit Rhame (1 month ago)
Thinking outside the box
บ้าน ครูวี (1 month ago)
Hello there I watch from Surin Thailand and I love this short bus. you are very talented to built this lovely home.
Anab Siad (1 month ago)
wambui Anne (1 month ago)
am from kenya nd am in love with the house
Breonica Brandehoff (1 month ago)
Very beautiful home i want one someday
Sugik Kusmanto (2 months ago)
nice family home
James Benedict (2 months ago)
Hell i can't even draw a stick man!
Fernando Aries (2 months ago)
Debby Utz (2 months ago)
I wish to talk with this man about designing a home !!! THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT AND BEAUTIFUL- Everything I've wanted my dream home to look like
Shan Price (2 months ago)
Very unique home!!
Lisa Lisa (2 months ago)
Amazing but eventually kids will need more room... 4 ppl in that small space
Secy Moya (2 months ago)
Wonderful idea , bery god job congratulation .
Lisa Casteel Clark (2 months ago)
So awesome, I hope his kids want to learn, have the real interest in their hearts to do things like this. My husband always tinkered with things like this and could draw anything he wanted or imagined. He an a couple of the younger grand kids would sit at the table drawing, they'd get flustered saying they couldn't do it. He always told them, showed them they could and how they saw things before or after putting it on paper did not mean it was wrong just because their house, barn,etc wasn't exactly like his or anyone else's. This man reminds me a lot of my husband.
immasoxfanbaby (2 months ago)
U can take your children' to school in a school bus while still in bed. Just wake them up and say get out and walk 10 feet to school.
Aracely Orozco (2 months ago)
God please send me a man like this 🙏💕😂
NollyHomeOf laughterz (2 months ago)
Great job man
Candace Cassidy (2 months ago)
Well it's to bad that it can't be done to an Apartment. It's also to bad that I couldn't live closer to my job.
Ubah Abdulkhadir (2 months ago)
I wish best in live.
Ubah Abdulkhadir (2 months ago)
Hi guys i was look different youtuba chanal,your was best ever.whywaist materal you build house to live.in past i saw talent peoples.you are most amazing human being ever.you and you familys are beautifull together.
asdi koil (2 months ago)
waaaaooooo what a lovely home.lik paradise. bles much wit
Mustafa Kahyaoglu (2 months ago)
👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍bravo from Turkey city izmir 👏👏👏 🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🌳🌹🌹
Dina Uk (2 months ago)
It’s amazing