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WHY ARE PEOPLE QUITTING?! Sorry its been awhile since I've vlogged, my apologies. A lot of people have been quitting this job but why? If you enjoy this video smash that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button! INSTAGRAM -https://www.instagram.com/cthompson1135/ TWITTER -https://twitter.com/CThompson1135 SNAPCHAT - CTHOMSPON1135
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M Morales (1 day ago)
Good money but no long term benefits or the peace of mind of having a large corporation backing you up. I did Ground for a few years and now went to FedEx Freight, best move ever, my contractor was a double faced piece of shit greedy bastard. Also, with Ground yes you can make 1,000 to 1,600 a week (with a REALLY good contractor) but they will drain the living crap out of your life. I went through Freight's driver apprentice program and man FedEx actually payed for my hotel while I was completing the program, cause my nearest station didn't have an open position when I applied, so far I LOVE it! I'm doing Road driver (night shift) I'm not breaking my back with heavy packages or rushing through the day trying to get done early, have actual benefits, discounts, retirement plans, WAAAAAY better equipment and trucks, don't have to deal with customers and a more relaxing pace every night. I recommend using Ground to gain some experience and some money but don't stay there for more than 2yrs! You'll lose your life, family time and your back!
Alfredo Guzman (1 month ago)
Where do I start lol charging drivers for mis-deliveries/complaints/disputes when they already don't make much 2. Contractors don't care about the drivers they have a next man up attitude no raises 3. Absolutely no job security 4. No health benefits
Luis Tabares (2 months ago)
well I'm being working for 6m as Fedex G at NY City and the only thing I don't like it is because there's not any retire plan at all you know no health ensurege NO PERSONAL DAYS NO SICK DAYS ANY THING LIKE THAT I think if u work for a company without any beneficit for u YOU ARE LOSING YOUR TIME
James Dinkins (5 months ago)
can you stop saying basicly every 5 sec
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
Basically, why? Lol
No Name (5 months ago)
Minimum wage paying job. The health insurance only applies after a certain length of time and only applies for on the job health issues. So if you had an accident outside of work, they will not cover you. You would need a 2nd health insurance. This job is known to cause arthritis in the long run and most end up depressed or stressed out. Promotion takes years unless you're that superstar with natural crack induced energy and spirit (along with a good networking circle).
Captain CJ 97 (4 months ago)
The Marshall Family (5 months ago)
I worked home delivery in Austin back in 2005 It was a pain reading directions off a paper while driving and circling back through the same neighborhoods over and over again. I also suffered from allergies living in Austin and those dirty boxes didn’t help.
Jason Alan The Cigardner (5 months ago)
Why don't you go express, be a company man with benefits?
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
Not for me
Assad Barakzai (5 months ago)
I quit ups same shit top wages is after 4 years cheap company never use.them
William Loewe (6 months ago)
no future
Jared (6 months ago)
Chad C. Watson (6 months ago)
I walked out one morning for being told I couldnt go to the doctor that coming friday after having heart problems for over two weeks.
Jerimiah Reeves (6 months ago)
My buddy told me bout this channel. #CThomp telling it straight. Im a 13 year FedEx Veteran. I wished we made 800-12 Hondo a week. My last day is Oct. 19 2018 Time for a new long lasting career path. FedEx Ground & Express been good to me for a lot of years. Ready to open new chapter in life.
kevin white (7 months ago)
I'm a ground driver been driving for 2 years and I'm thinking about leaving the reason I'm thinking about leaving is not the work actually I'm think about going to Express or freight my reason for leaving is I want to work somewhere I can retire and get benefits.
Harman Soni (7 months ago)
Late pickups sucks
Zach Wachs (8 months ago)
Being a FedEx ground driver is for grown men not little boys. I never listen to people when they bitch and moan about the job.
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
Sam L (8 months ago)
Too many residential home delivery stops in a P1100 20 foot truck. Roads too narrow mostly parking blocks away and walking a lot of stops. Conflicting pick ups that have very close windows that are difficult to make. Sequence numbers being wrong not being able to find stuff based on sequence numbers. I usually end up coming in early I am resorting my entire truck because the handlers load it wrong
Wilson El melody (9 months ago)
I quit that job the pay 12.00 fuck no I make more money in uber 😂😂
Wilson El melody (9 months ago)
Yes my boy
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)
Wilson El melody (9 months ago)
Working for fedex it's suck
Diaz (10 months ago)
12 hour days for only 900 a week which is probably only 14-15 an hour. No benefits, 401k, paid holidays/sick days, overtime. Your contractor might also ask you to do something sketchy like meet up with another driver and scan some of his packages as misloads, then might ask you to do the same thing inside the station where there are cameras. Having to get signatures for the kinkos pickups so they can just hold you for another 15 minutes after the pickup window opens to process packages for more customers or else they won't sign it. Ground sucks. A lot of routes are like UPS routes because some contractors are too cheap to split in two and hire another driver. FedEx Express is the way to go
BIG RENZO (10 months ago)
I just got an offer letter to become a carrier at FedEx Express what's the difference between FedEx Express and FedEx Ground you guys are contractors????
Michael Gordon (10 months ago)
I did my drug test and dot physical today for delivery driver how long does it take to back from them for my background check MVR to come back
Thor Baldwin (9 months ago)
Michael Gordon I'd say a week
Natural_ GrowLife (10 months ago)
Dead end bro, I got out the the driver seat and started a small courier company with 4 drivers to start.
Kevin Briner (10 months ago)
A 5:00 pickup that’s 40 minutes from the hub. Then I have to take the pickups which are usually 30-50 packages on top of my other pickups to the pickup area. The contractor I work for is great. Fed-Ex needs to improve the scanners they are terrible.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Yes, the scanners are super slow
oscar maldonado (10 months ago)
The hours are to long I've been delivering for Fed ex 18 years and it has worn me out allot!
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Wow that's a long time
C F (10 months ago)
Low wages and poor slum contractors.
Charles Byrd (10 months ago)
I worked as a Ground driver for 8 1/2 years, actually 7 1/2 years since I took a year off when I was deployed with my Army Reserve unit. My contractor took really good care of me for the most part when I worked for him. My contractor and his wife sent me several care packages when I was deployed. Last month, I left working for him to take a delivery driver job for a big beverage company that would help me obtain a CDL. I love it at my new job. I left FedEx because of the irregular dispatch times, horrible package handlers not doing their job correctly, no benefits, I was working close to 50 hours a week with a flat salary, and a chance to start a career with a company that offers really good benefits, 401K, stock options, an opportunity to obtain a CDL. My boss didn't want me to leave, because he knew he was losing his best driver. I rarely had any complaints, miss-deliveries, my customers loved me. I agree with you on the package handlers can do nothing wrong, but once the driver does something wrong, then they want their head. I complained so many times about hazmat being loading on the shelf, damaged boxes being loaded, bulk stops being loaded in 3 different areas of the truck, 80 pound boxes loaded on the top shelf, and the normal mistakes that package handlers make.
Xavier Sims (10 months ago)
I got on with FedEx (Contractor) I have been with them for a week and 3 days now and I applied to be a driver which I qualified for I was on a route by myself not my route but the managers I was going pretty slow because I wasn’t use to it he didn’t properly train me the route I was supposed to take was a guy that was quitting now he is trying to talk the guy out of quitting he says he wants me to be a driver helper now how much do they make ?should I just quit ?
Tommy Hogan (5 months ago)
They will use us a helper for $80 a day lifting packages allllllll day. Slave labor
Matthew Turner (10 months ago)
I’ve been with Fedex for a month now and I hate how unorganized everything is. I get told so many different things everyday.
Darkknight (9 months ago)
The Post Office is Worst I work for a Contractor I've seen a lot in The Post Office. People that work there they look so Unhappy everyday, They say and they have told me "I'm here for the Benefits but I don't like the job."
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
It's always so unorganized. That's what irritates me the most
Nathan Piatt (10 months ago)
That's why I switched contractors. I was with my previous one for 3 years no benefits never got a raise. I like the one I'm with now, only took a month and a half to get a raise and benefits.
nascarfordguy808 (10 months ago)
What are the differences between fedex ground and express drivers?
Randi Dawn Bogar (10 months ago)
nascarfordguy808 youll have like 1 or two packages at a pickup versus like 200
MIXNMARK (10 months ago)
I work for Express. Its been good to me so far. Ive been there almost 3 years. Any supplies I ask for i get it the same day. Express treats and cares about their employees!
ctat227 (2 months ago)
I must've gotten lucky I got hired full time with express as a swing driver love it so far
Cody Drummer (6 months ago)
+Rozco fedex express doesn't have a road test. If you get hired on and get in the door they actually send you to a defensive driving class. Sometimes that means a week in a nice hotel and your food is paid for and all that stuff. So take that class and theres physical truck training and testing in that class. And I've not heard of many people failing unless you're just a shitty driver. And if you're a shitty driver then I would assume you wouldn't apply for this job anyway lol
Rozco (6 months ago)
MIXNMARK Do you have any tips for doing well on the road test that you take before you're hired? Would renting a box truck and practicing maneuvers help? What should I expect from the test?
Darkknight (9 months ago)
MIXNMARK How did you apply?
BenIzJammin (10 months ago)
Interesting. I just got rehired a couple weeks ago. Did HD in South Carolina last 2 years and now doing Ground in Ontario, Canada.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
How's that going for ya?
Marceline Herbert (10 months ago)
Your such a good FedEx driver I hope u don't Quit also
Kicks Giggles (10 months ago)
No benefits and being so quick on your route because you're working your ass off and then you have to wind up getting some slow dudes pickups and deliveries
God bless the USA freedom isn't free (10 months ago)
4 in the last 2 months, corporate security was here the last two days assessing the situation. Were averaging 150 more than at peak. Girls are throwing down too, it's really crazy up here now.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
That's really crazy
Chase Miron (10 months ago)
Applied to this job today, Also thinking of over the road as Truck driver. which one is better? Thinking CDL trucker is better.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
I have no experience with the whole CDL driver thing, I'm sure it might be better depending on the company
God bless the USA freedom isn't free (10 months ago)
They're dropping like flies up here, the reasons are: 10:00+ dispatch and heavily increased work load with no increase in compensation. Fights are breaking out and it is just ugly.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Fights breaking out? 👀
Luis Guzman (10 months ago)
I think any good driver went through hard times and is chilling now Just give it your best and what’s deserved will come your way You live and you learn I used to do 120+ p and d Now I barely break 100 But my boos knows when shit has to get done we put our phones down and get it I had 60 stops left at 12:30 by 3:45 I had did 97
Rozco (6 months ago)
Luis Guzman Do you have any tips for doing well on the road test that you take before you're hired? Would renting a box truck and practicing maneuvers help? What should I expect from the test?
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
James Corpus (10 months ago)
I'm in a Stockton route!!! This is so random that I found your channel. Package handlers come and go. But keep up the vids and good luck to your channel bro!
Michael Nava (10 months ago)
The thing that i hate the most besides the pay i hate leaving our wearhouse around 930/10 it sucks because have to cut route to reach my bussines an pick ups
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Yep, same we are getting out at 9:30 everyday now
Khaled Hassan (10 months ago)
The hours and set pay I quit last month and don’t regret it 🙂
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Gotta always do what's best for yourself
Kafele Salahuddin (10 months ago)
Wassup brother. Love your video's man. What happened to codys channel as well, i don't see his video's on youtube. Hope he didn't get shut down. But god bless man. Bless.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Thanks man! He deleted his videos. I believe he is taking his channel in a different direction with a new job he'll be starting soon
r tw0 (10 months ago)
To much of a headache 4 the pay
r tw0 (10 months ago)
CThompsonTv yeah was full time and went 2 part time..just in till I could find something else
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
It can get that way for sure
Nick DeCarlo (10 months ago)
When I left for express it was hard for me to leave my contractor he took care of me even though I was doing 150 miles with 160 stops and 275 boxes daily
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
How's express?
theforce iscalling (10 months ago)
I came from working in the warehouse. I was a package handler/switcher/ operations admin. Basically getting shit on for 6 to 7 hrs a day. I started doing this. I work 9 hrs a day and make double what i was making as an actual fedex employee. I find delivering packages to be 10x easier. Dont deal with bull shit. I rarely hear from my contractor. My routes kinda nice compared to others i rode along on. Bulk truck. 80 stops on a heavy day and thats including pick ups. No residential. All business. Leave at 8 back by 5. Would be back by 2 or 3 but most of the pick ups arent good untill 3 and 4 so you have to sit and wait a few times throughout the day. Literally all comes down to the contractor. My buddy runs at home delivery with a different contractor. He makes like 100 dollars more a week then me but hes running more then twice the amount of stops then me and works 3 to 4 more hours then me. Some contractors dont care and have no problem going through guys. My contractor just about every one there has been with him for a year to 4 years. In my opinion if people stick around that long hes gotta be doing something right.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
That's great dude. Glad things are going well
Alan Wake (10 months ago)
I was never a driver for Ground, had no desire to be. I was a PH for Ground, went to Express and left that too. Got tired of the management and anti-union BS, and got a better job. Anyway, the drivers I loaded for at Ground got paid probably $600-$700 a week with no benefits and one paid vacation a year. It's not surprising so many leave.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Yeah, true
TheJordeezy1 (10 months ago)
Ground and express will merge soon maybe then pay will get better
Tony Alexander (7 months ago)
+B R , your contractor got that info from where ? FXG is taking the 6 day aweek delivery model for Home Delivery services I have doubts on a FedEx FXG merge, if they do it Express will go Contractor vs employee to save FX money on wage cost. Yes I'm a Contractor have been for 17 years. I'm one the ole school guys that started out as a single route doing 160+ stops a day in a old 5 speed international ... And who pays a flat rate ? ..I've always paid by the hour and start my people at the state average for delivery driver positions and work from there.....now I'm ready to be hated on because I'm a Contractor...
B R (8 months ago)
Yeah a contractor I just talked to mentioned the merge approaching fast as they’re trying to keep up with amazon entering the delivery scene. Fedex better work hard to compete
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
You think
A Money (10 months ago)
Dude I feel you, we've all been getting burned out at our terminal. We don't get dispatched till 9-930 because none of the am guys manage to show up. Out of the 90 am employed that are supposed to show up, 50 make it to work. So we stands by our trucks, waiting for the sort to stop. We end up just closing our doors and leaving at 930. It's just a mess right now
A Money (10 months ago)
CThompsonTv You think they'd try to change it, but when I ask management they almost seem not to care
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
That's the same at ours too
Seth RIggs (10 months ago)
Just had my first day on the job today. Granted its my first day, I think this job is super easy. But having no prior experience in delivery, I think I really came in low on the pay and only have a 4 day route with a possible 5th day.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
You'll get there man!
Scott D (10 months ago)
#CTHOMPSONCLAN Keep up the good work
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Thanks man
whocareslol222222 (10 months ago)
it's the first time in american history there are more job offers than people seeking employment. meanwhile fedex is starting to come down harder on contractors and offer them less money which trickles down to the drivers.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.
Jacque (10 months ago)
WOW...I HAVE A INTERVIEW COMING UP IN ATLANTA..FEDEX GROUND...IM READING 95% Negative reviews with 5% Positive...😥...Not good.. But hey..Why not...Give it a try right...
Darkknight (9 months ago)
I'm going to tell you something everybody is different. Everybody is a different world and think different, be positive to yourself.
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)
Jacque (10 months ago)
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
For sure! Good luck to ya. Just don't overthink things
Jacque (10 months ago)
No no..I was speaking of other reviews ive read thru out You Tube..You..on the other hand are a blessing to Rookies...You have overcame...You skillz are on point...This is totally new to me..Im trying to get these Pilot's license...u feel me
Can’t Get Right (10 months ago)
I’ve been a FedEx Driver for a month, and the biggest con about the job is the fact that I have to go to the terminal in the mornings and scan all my packages and load up my truck and not get paid for it. (Beltsville MD)
Wilson El melody (9 months ago)
You going to make more money working with uber bro
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
I see what you're saying there, but if that's your biggest con I'd say that's not too bad
Scott D (10 months ago)
The pay is what burns me out. I’ve had days at peak driving a 1000 with more than 200 stops and slayed it but.... seriously.. I feel I deserve way more than I get paid. I don’t do that much of a workload since last peak but I could do that everyday for the right amount of money. So my plan is to leave this summer and do my time slinging boxes at ups till I get a driving position there.
theforce iscalling (10 months ago)
Before you make that decision go check out forums. There's a lot of people who did do that exact move and they never made it to the driver position even after a few years. Its a good plan but the reality of it working out from ive read and heard isnt great.
Cool Wave (10 months ago)
Scott D Dude so much $$ to save up for the UPS thing. Would be crazy. They start (Florida base) 9 to 10hr bi-weekly at the warehouse or package handler and they dont get promoted for a driver position in 6mo. I'm talking about 3 maybe 4 years. Of course the pay will be increased but not dramatically. IDK man.. I think is a risk big time. The only option I thought about was during peak season, they hire temps, but unfortunately we may or may not enter . to which kills me because is not promising and my current route and bage could be terminated. I dont think they'll place us in stand by bro.
Scott D (10 months ago)
CThompsonTv it’s my best option. I don’t know how well my wife’s health will be 10, 20 years from now and I have the kids too. Makes the most sense. Just gotta find a way to stretch my money out while I’m a package humper... I mean handler. Haha
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
I've really considered doing the ups thing, and that doesn't sound like a bad plan
David Birdsong (10 months ago)
For me it was the hours. I was doing 50-60 hour weeks on a flat salary and no benefits. Plus I lived in the same city as my route which was 45 miles from the hub. I did ground so I had a 90 mile round trip twice a day through rush hour traffic and wouldn't get home til 7:30-8 at night. I left about a year and a half ago to do HVAC. I did take a substantial pay cut at the time but now I make the same as I was on a 40 hour week with benefits, overtime and job bonuses, and I usually get off around 2:30-3. I'm also learning a trade so I have a lot more room for growth. It's really win all around.
ERIC Gilbert (7 months ago)
If you had been hourly based instead of salary would you have reconsidered maybe ? Just curious
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
That had to be rough man! Glad you're doing something that's paying off in the long run
William Parrish (10 months ago)
I left FedEx north San Antonio 1st on January. Was hired on to lone star overnight as a linehaul driver from San Antonio to Austin nightly. I love it full benefits and overtime pay
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
That's great man. Was wondering what happened to ya. Hadn't seen you in the comment section in awhile. Glad things are going well
eric jones (10 months ago)
Your message is good. Dont let doubt kill u let doubt fuel you what not lol but get real man that job blows. Look at the turnover rate. Look at 401 k or retirement. Look at the benefits access it all and it's a lose. Expand your horizons. Apply for jobs, even some u feel u might not be eligible for and hope pray u land a God one off a blessing.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Richard Nixon (10 months ago)
Got my route switched and a raise in the last week, I’m good now. No more rural for me. I like loading my own truck as opposed to the package handlers, I know where I put stuff and in what order. My contractor is tougher than others, but pays the most. We’ve had 1 quit and switch contractors. We had 16,000 packages come into our terminal today, which is more than peak. I helped in 3 different towns today because I was done early. It’s much better now with this new route though.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
When things are in order and running smoothly it makes things so much better
Richard Nixon (10 months ago)
I think routes, unfamiliarity, and the stress of being overwhelmed as well as no address numbers, cause drivers to quit
Cool Wave (10 months ago)
Is definitely the work load, Chewey Boxes is nuts and harmful. The other thing is We are in H very underpayed . There's no future and there's no back up if you get hurt. Wokers comp may compensate you $300 or maybe less. You can't afford being injured at work and yet we all are ar risk. Try carrying a chewey box to a 3rd floor and sometimes multiple ! Or a freaking. Furniture. Is just .. Feels we are being treated like "slaves" . Too long hours . Packages sequenced wrong, not ready. Is like in H you can come in at 630 and wont leave till 10am because you are missing 5 packages ! .
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
All valid reasons! I hear ya man!
eric jones (10 months ago)
Your not getting any younger man. Get out while u r ahead brotha. Only way you will make anything out of yourself in FedEx is if you buy routes and become a contractor. Even management blows. More stress more more hours more b.s. and still under appreciated and under paid.
eric jones (10 months ago)
heatchamps2011 u work for actual corporate fed ex we r speaking on delivery drivers not corporate side
heatchamps2011 (10 months ago)
eric jones only position that’s good is senior manager and pd manager . And sort manager . Right now I’m at admin at FedEx . I graduate in a year and a half with my bachelor . I can’t complain . It’s a alright job if ur still in school . After I’ll see what happens .
eric jones (10 months ago)
anthony ritter lmao that sound like a guy I could hang with hahaha 😂
theforce iscalling (10 months ago)
My operations manager always said. Think of it like this. If youre in school you have a 10 question test. You answer 9 correct. You have a 90%. at fedex you answer one wrong you got none right.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Def spiritual man, I'll check him out
Kire Create (10 months ago)
Today my only homie I made at work told our contractor to go fuck himself because he called off yesterday due to a emergency with his child and so this morning our boss asked him what was more important he just handed him his truck keys and scanner and said it’s obviously my son and my boss stood there dumbfounded like he really thought he was gonna say his job.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
😂 yeah, that is pretty crazy
Kire Create (10 months ago)
CThompsonTv yeah same here working for a contractor is cool and all but it makes a lot of ground drivers mad when you see people from express pull up and continually drop off 2 pound envelopes while I gotta stand here and carry a 145lb gym equipment
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Some people man. Sometimes I think some of the contractors expect the drivers to die for this company. It's crazy to me
NickJ 615 (10 months ago)
Only thing i hate is after i finish my route, having to wait for this other driver to finish so that i can take his scanner and whatever packages he has back to the station.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Appreciate man
NickJ 615 (10 months ago)
CThompsonTv im not really complaining. Its super chill. Average like 50 stops, get done around 3:30/4. Already got a raise and just started a month ago. Just wish i could bounce when i finish. Keep up the grind bro! I appreciate the vids.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Yeah, things will get better dude. Hang on there
NickJ 615 (10 months ago)
CThompsonTv yeah we deliver in a rural area and he keeps his truck at home since he lives in the area we deliver in so that he doesnt have to drive 50 minutes to the station and 50 mins back home. Meanwhile, I live 40 minutes away from the station without traffic, so i still do long drives everyday but it is what it is
RTM Dustin (10 months ago)
I left because it was too many hours away from my 1 year old.
Brad Boisvert (10 months ago)
RTM Dustin I feel ya i drive for UPS great $$ can't give it up but I definitely miss my kids all I see them in the morning for about 20mins and catch them going to bed
Scott D (10 months ago)
Can’t Get Right I’ve managed to do it for four years so far with two kids and it’s hard because of never knowing when I’ll be done. Sometimes I’ve met my kids on route to say hi. It helps.
Can’t Get Right (10 months ago)
RTM Dustin It’s not a good job for people with kids
Scott D (10 months ago)
I can understand that bud
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Makes sense
WOLFMODE 88 (10 months ago)
I put in my last day Friday it was just sumn to hold me down but I definitely didnt like the addresses on my route they weren't marked some places were just off the grid and the hours ended up being toooo crazy not to mention the lack of a break at any real. point ...cool ppl and great contracter but workload wasnt for me...but imma still stay subscribed
WOLFMODE 88 (10 months ago)
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
I hate when houses aren't marked. Did you have a rural route? Appreciate that man
Jay e (10 months ago)
UPS gang: people quite left and right because they can’t handle the work load.. and the pay but in the long run you will make a great living..
john kalafatic (7 months ago)
Have fun slave
Scott D (9 months ago)
Darkknight If momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody going to be happy
Darkknight (9 months ago)
Gotta make the wife Happy😊
Brad Boisvert (10 months ago)
CThompsonTv same i drive for UPS $$$ and benefits and alotta OT I definitely try to really take enjoy my time with my kids on weekends because during the week with the hours don't see them much
Scott D (10 months ago)
Yes I hope you guys get a great contract this time around