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US Postal Service Commercial

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The most epic and american Postal Service Commercial ever. We deliver for you!
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DBR00 (7 years ago)
Does anyone have a better quality video?
DBR00 (8 years ago)
Too bad the checks always get lost but the bills make it to my house 2 months before the due date.
Erick Dacumos (8 years ago)
@Jefgg I didn't make any claim or take a stance. I gave the purpose of the Marketing Campaign based on research. You're entitled to your opinion. Makes no diff to me.
Erick Dacumos (9 years ago)
It's from August 1988, Product and Services spot for the "We Deliver" campaign. This was aimed to stimulate growth since competitors at that time, FedEx and UPS, were growing at 20% and the postal service only grew 2%. The perception was the USPS was not reliable.
Laura Leigh (9 years ago)
But where oh where can I find that awesome USPS commercial set to the Carly Simon song "Let the River Run" - it was similar to post 9/11 ads for the airlines, a patriotic statement of our resilience in the face of threats - the USPS motto was displayed line by line throughout.
Shaun Brookhyser (9 years ago)
I believe its from the 90s.