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Chronic Closeup UPS 420 Delivery Santa Fe Springs

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http://WeedMaps.com - News Mar 27, 2013 - Visit our WeedMaps listings for current hours and menu. UPS 420 Delivery Santa Fe Springs, CA 90011 *Deliveries Only* http://legalmarijuanadispensary.com/dispensaries/california/santa-fe-springs/ups-420-delivery Gil takes aim at a beautiful group of flowers from a Southeast Los Angeles delivery service.
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Text Comments (152)
danny houle (6 months ago)
danny houle (6 months ago)
Fucking place is a total RIPOFF!!!!! STOLE MY MONEY!!!! FUCK THEM
Chris Maggot (1 year ago)
Guy is a scammer look up ups420 on ripoff report this guy is scum of the earth pos
James Medina (2 years ago)
smoke weed everyday.
Horduck Wingman (4 years ago)
wow I'm jealous santa fe, I really don't wanna move away from NYC
ben Dover (5 years ago)
you have a little bud on your thc.
Dylan Rhodes (5 years ago)
The difference is that a majority of them didn't actually attack you, yet, you began to butcher every one who you felt stood in your way. Now, tell me, is this the example you'd like to set as, say, a representation of your church body? Attempting to symbolically slaughter a peaceful group of people over their beliefs? But, see, it's up to you to make the decision that either you are a product of your people, or your people are a product of you. Do you want them following your arrogance?
Dylan Rhodes (5 years ago)
Lol Cindy. Take one look at her profile. As many weed videos as there is on this channel, she easily matches with nothing but collections of dolls and fuzzy dog purses. Hey, if you want to attack people on a personal level because of their way of life, just remember who's habits are a way of clinging to a lost childhood, while we learn to accept it and let it go. You claim Jesus as your right hand, yet, you attack these people relentlessly when they simply voice their own expression and belief.
Silva Wolf (5 years ago)
It wouldve been weird if yu didnt
MrColinray (5 years ago)
Is it wierd that i got a boner?
Joseph Smith (5 years ago)
Jehovas witnesses r the ones who knock on doors retard!@82mofact
k47k1d1 (5 years ago)
Has this crazy woman even read the bible??? If you actually read the lords book it clearly states that god created every flowering seed bearing plant for mans use and enjoyment, now let me enlighten you, marijuana is a seed bearing plant (duh) and it also flowers (the buds are the marijuana's flowers) now if YOU knew anything about cannabis or the bible you would know that its God's will for us to enjoy all of his creations, not to have them be condemned. Enjoy God's gift of cannabis!!!
olliminati (5 years ago)
1:00 the sound when he's breaking the nug :D
Satchel Mcmahon (5 years ago)
do you use aspirin? prescription pain killers? i bet your ok with your kids using "legal drugs" that are proven to me more harmful and addictive. settlers were required to grow marijuana when they came to the U.S and it existed in perfect harmony with the culture then, just like it can now. and by you judging peoples life choices to use marijuana and questioning there parenting is absurd. many people that smoke have an active lifestyle contrary to the stereotypes.
OoAtowno0 (5 years ago)
Sweet Baby Jesus can we just legalize it already so I can go order some Girl Scout Cookies
jimmyhun91 (5 years ago)
Oh for the love of God, what are you doing on here again? stop bullying and berating
drz00241kid (5 years ago)
people use ice cream,tv,video games,the computer, and shoping to make themselves feel good and all of these can have negative effects if taken to far. if your trying to save your world from all evil start with the ice cream cause i work at a hospital and everyday the patients are getting younger and fatter.
Cali Only (5 years ago)
Your right Cindy now please leave your opinion on videos where people have the same views as you , most people on this video love marijuana
drz00241kid (5 years ago)
keep being the poster child for anti-weed and we will have it legalized in no time, your comments make me want to smoke more to make sure i dont end up like you
Cali Only (5 years ago)
This plant is amazing an helps people in many ways , stop hating
Cooper Davis (5 years ago)
We honestly dont have any interest in debating with you. I was just trying to help you see a different perspective. You don't see me with a bottle and water pipe trying to make you drink or smoke. So please dont show up here telling me or my fellow patients what to do. I genuinely don't appreciate it.
Cooper Davis (5 years ago)
Perhaps the key is not is the condemnation of those who you do not agree with, but the respect of their views? You obviously aren't going to change anyone's opinions with your condescending messages directed at these viewers as if they were children. At least our cannabis community supports friendliness and egalitarianism, as opposed to your close-minded disapproval of something I'd be willing to bet you actually know fairly little about from our perspective. Have a nice day :)
Christine Honer (5 years ago)
I have been chronically i'll and disabled for 15 years now. I have been on a multitude of prescription meds. Including powerful pain medications that have a multitude of complications including death. Last year i got my cannabis medical card, and WOW what a difference it has made!! :-) Thank Jesus for this gift of herbal medicine. My need for pain meds, muscle relaxers, prednisone, and nausea medicine is done by 75 percent. I haven't had a migraine in months. Cannabis = Lifesaver
secretdeath (5 years ago)
go drink some vodka and die.....ive smoke all my life and never died but if i ever met the guy who invented the cigarette ill murder that son of gun in the first degree
Austin Schuetz (5 years ago)
Okay guy, you really do not know obviously. I smoke once and awhile to help me sleep of course I use it recreationally as well once and awhile if you can read I clearly said etc. It's not used to just get high all day long. I know many people that use it the same way. #sonned
AussieTeaBagger (5 years ago)
Not my proudest wank ever...
River Fienx (5 years ago)
I agree that most drugs are bad but there are some that aren't, cannabis isn't "mind altering" it's mind expanding, we live in the same world you do we just enjoy it more and theres nothing wrong with that especially if the drug isn't harmful at all even less than caffeine and has multiple health benefits, if you really did your research you would know that, I only think our youth shouldn't be doing it at such a young age and that it should be made legal and monitored like all the other drugs.
Austin Schuetz (5 years ago)
I classified pot as a drug for one reason, and that is because it's a MEDICINE!!! A lot healthier than any drugs that are in your cabinets at home. What if you had a 3 year old getting a hold of some aspirin or Tylenol just a couple over the recommended dose can be catastrophic in the end. You just don't understand ma'am.
Austin Schuetz (5 years ago)
That's awful, but in all reality you shoulda seen this coming. You were obviously coming to this site to make people angry and you prevailed. Just quit. It's simple. Your dolls are your hobby and pot is ours. Pott does the same thing for us as your dolls and your family do for you.
Austin Schuetz (5 years ago)
The only person that really needs to grow up is you. Some people say harsh things to you, but i'm not like that. Yes I smoke pot once and awhile. I LOVE IT. It does miracles for me. Puts me to bed at night, helps out when i'm stressed, etc. The government puts it out to be a horrible drug. Safer than anything in your kitchen. I can promise you that.
munk1984 (5 years ago)
still ranting on I see how many times have you copied and pasted that same crap today then?
Keety (5 years ago)
Do you ever take pharmaceuticals? You do realize even drinking water and eating food causes psychoactive reactions?
JNpMusic (5 years ago)
it truly amazes me just how far the quality of bud in general has gone, this is some epic dankness right here!! i would sell my left kidney to obtain these genetics, lol
Austin Schuetz (5 years ago)
Lady, I think it's time you leave. You are starting stuff that doesn't need to be started. Obviously it's not that bad if it's LEGAL in some states. Just go look at your dolls okay. We get it you don't agree with pot. I don't agree in dolls. Just relax. Go on some crystal meth videos and get mad. That's a REAL drug.
Giants Giants34 (5 years ago)
The way you approach people is wrong in every manor. Stop trying to change someone before you get to know them it's not your job. Stop expecting people to have read your books, no one gives a fuck about them therefore we will not read them. I refuse to have an uneducated grown ass woman who collects fucking dolls tell me something that has been preached and been called bullshit by doctors etc. for over 25 years. Enough is enough if uve had enough with ppl and the site for the love of God leave.
EL'GATO NEGRO (5 years ago)
what the f is the c-word... meow!!
Neil Talton (5 years ago)
Ok if you want to spend the rest of your life trying to change the views of others, go for it. I will be progressing and developing my life just fine because in the end, how you spend your time does not effect me. I will no longer respond to your rage filled comments. Here is a tip for you to actually get people to listen: don't put them down by calling them "idiotic" "all the same" or "horrible, horrible people"
Neil Talton (5 years ago)
Lady, everyone will have their own opinions and you are not going to change others just as we cannot change yours. You have been trying to do this for ten years? That sounds like a complete waste of ten years that could have been put towards something very productive rather than manifesting in discrimination and hatred. You have clearly stated your point that it is a mind altering drug but the thing is we already know this. Please stop wasting your time and more importantly our time.
buster20010 (5 years ago)
The chemicals that are in weed is already in you.
bryce timpson (5 years ago)
@cindybin2001 if your crazy enough to join Mormonism you have no reason to discuss why pot should be illegal. There is an abundant amount of information proving Joseph smith is a fraud and that pot is less dangerous then caffeine free soda. Go get your body parts blessed in the temple and wear your Masonic underwear but leave pot users alone you don't get 1% of it you obviously just believe everything ksl news tells you.
s dawg (5 years ago)
errrmeeeghheerrrdd my brain hurts.
Shayna Lynn (5 years ago)
Fuck you, and the ISP you road in on, bitch.
RhymeTyme (5 years ago)
Instrumental on this is video is ballin nevertheless the beautiful plants they're displaying
Donald Trump (5 years ago)
so what you are saying is, you can't think of a reason that marijuana should be illegal? "and even if pot was legal it doesnt make it right", what makes it wrong?
Cheetah187 (5 years ago)
The beat is sick
Donald Trump (5 years ago)
Donald Trump (5 years ago)
whether or not the use of pot substantially negatively affects other people is the only thing that should be argued about when discussing the legal status of marijuana. THIS IS AMERICA! nothing other than that matters becuase as long as im not hurting anyone else the constitution says i can do whatever the f**k i want
Donald Trump (5 years ago)
i dont know why you, or anyone else, thinks that they have the right to tell me i cant do something when it doesn't affect other people. if i want to alter my state of mind then why the hell shouldn't i be able to?
Neil Talton (5 years ago)
seriously, practice meditation
Neil Talton (5 years ago)
They told me to avoid hard drugs. You seem to let your anger take control; practice meditation to control your body, mind, emotions, and soul
Neil Talton (5 years ago)
I am not blaming you're religion for the reason you don't smoke. One's religion does not always determine their stance on topics. I just mean't you come off as a bit crazy
Neil Talton (5 years ago)
So that explains it all... you're a mormon
Neil Talton (5 years ago)
If you believe that You shouldn't do drugs, then don't do drugs. People will do what they want and that shouldn't effect you in the slightest. I think that people shouldn't smoke multiple times everyday but that is my opinion; I don't go around pestering people to stop.
Daniel The Lion (5 years ago)
Looks delish nom nom nom
CflowNocomp617 (5 years ago)
iluv the nugs i also luv that beat were can i downloadit
sensi hemp (5 years ago)
Coco (5 years ago)
All you trolls are alike. Also, I suppose you don't have the brain stability to remember what I told you the last time I came across one of your moronic comments. Let it stick in your head this time: You cindy are the one 'attacking' others.
Coco (5 years ago)
Don't you have some of your 'collectors' dolls to chat with? Maybe you all can talk about how fake you are =)
Heisenberg (5 years ago)
cool dont care didnt read. TROLL
Heisenberg (5 years ago)
why the fuck are u commenting on this video then if u think weed is so bad? nobody here cares what u have to say and youre certainly not gona change our minds so why even bother writing all that shit lol....i hope u realize its becoming legal in alot of places now so u obviously arent as educated about it as u think
kerman copblock back! know your rights! (5 years ago)
1li1t (5 years ago)
Michigan bud compares, definitely compares but this is still one of the most chronic buds i've seen in a while.
ph0kused (5 years ago)
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I wish a lived by Sante Fe Springs i would gladly pay $60.00 an 8-track for that stuff... my goodness!
sektrNONE (5 years ago)
This was a purpy video...
chunkage (5 years ago)
Popol Baker (5 years ago)
Everybody here is for marijuana legalization but nobody acts. We should put pression on government and protest everyday not 420 only. We should do this. We should plan to protest in tactical places everywhere in the world. We have our reasons and our points. Marijuana is not harmful. There should be more t.v shows about marijuana so people will actually know the real effects of marijuana. Government gives it a bad name. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT.
hawaiiguerilla (5 years ago)
this is ridiculous this is the best flowers ive ever seen
atpeace420 (5 years ago)
love the pron genre'
Wiki :) (5 years ago)
Nice, now i can masturbate on YT :)
combatvet 212infantry (5 years ago)
not potent but flavors there..and that strain loves attracting bugs....and to the grower learn how to dry ur shit proper
rayray (5 years ago)
Platinum Girl Scout cookies :)
Jerid Rutledge (5 years ago)
stop commenting on all the weeeed videos dude. You're fucking up stoners' computer screens with that damn spider for an avatar. lol
Potheadhippie561 (5 years ago)
2:48 i blew a load when he tore the bud apart...love this potporn:}
MidiPunk (5 years ago)
That's the kinda buds you eat so none goes up in smoke.
System32SRO (5 years ago)
NUGPORN. i love the video but can you put a video of someone hitting each flower? thatd be dope
that would be dank!!
just the usual incredible fire we smoking over here in cali!
techdudz (5 years ago)
I found this easy to masturbate to.
Beastin228 (5 years ago)
lol doesn't it look so damn realistic?
chasen432 (5 years ago)
Goodleaf1 (5 years ago)
Atlanta's watching & taking notes.fraking awsome.
budsteppin (5 years ago)
The white og reminds me of my buddies rhino og. Can't wait to start my crop! I have mars og rhino og purple kush blueberry yumyum which the plant is literally blue. And my favorite blue dream crossed with og
jakehymthejusticeboy (5 years ago)
Salavation station
Biggy Poppa (5 years ago)
fuckin insane
yorben767 (5 years ago)
this is just pure porn
UKCHEEZ (5 years ago)
UKCHEEZ (5 years ago)
Geo engineering (5 years ago)
More please
Christopher Frankfurth (5 years ago)
New hybrid: white Girl Scout cookies
dsgsdf (5 years ago)
I actually thought there was a spider on my monitor for a second, very cleaver
Senpai (5 years ago)
ups delivery!!!
hi (5 years ago)
fap fap fap fap.........fap lol just jokng great vid ...
Anthony Pena (5 years ago)
i tried to squash ur profile picture lmao nice one
Bobby Brown (5 years ago)
i jackoff to this video
Gwreck562 (5 years ago)
The White OG looked soo bomb!!! and the GSC did too!
Marcus Thomas (5 years ago)
Thats some good growing, girl scout cookies gave me the munchies!!
Ata ri (5 years ago)
really diggin how it transitions from one hd nug to a whole pile of nugs
Dab Daze (5 years ago)
1:57 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
TheRAIDERS4LIFE559 (5 years ago)
omg i thought i had a bug on my computer lol
DOUBLE G (5 years ago)
I nearly broke my computer screen trying to squish Beastin228's profile picture.