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UPS Drivers To Demonstrate Against 70-Hour Work Week

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UPS Drivers To Demonstrate Against 70-Hour Work Week
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Dedhedted71 (10 months ago)
UPS is one of the worst companies to work for period. The work is hard yes but it's the way they treat you that is despicable. You mean nothing to them but a number on their computer screen. They threaten you constantly, yell at their employees daily for meaningless crap. It is a miserable atmosphere. They lie all the time & try to brainwash their employees into thinking that they have no other options in life than working for UPS. I don't look for them to last too far into the future. The younger generations will not do this type of work & the entire UPS way of running their business is collapsing under its own misery.
Dedhedted71 (9 months ago)
It is that bad. The shop stuart is owned by the company. He goes out with less than 100 stops per day and never gets screwed with. In turn he always takes the side of management. He stands with the manager and yells at the driver too! Not sure what station you work at or even if you are real. Maybe you are paid to post counter arguments to peoples negative postings? UPS would do something like that for sure. I know a driver who has 16 years in and after this past year he is done with the crap. There are much better jobs out there for hard working, reliable people.
Gabe N (9 months ago)
Dedhedted71 aw come on mate it aint that bad, if u have the balls you can always file a grievance for harassment
Roger Dodger (11 months ago)
Fact=====Driving around (you) sucks,  as you can imagine.   Most drivers in the 1980s would be begging for extra work, but its the 2010s and people show others as much respect on the road as ISIS shows infidels.   So next time you see a UPS truck, or any other truck 'Driver" show them some respect.  The package you're waitng on just might be on that truck.   Happy Motoring. And remember every trucking company is hiring for a reason.
ItsTheWeeknd (11 months ago)
I been doing 75 hours 3k a week.
Huevo Duro702 (11 months ago)
Fuck last week I did 67 hours