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How Ninja makes $500,000 per month playing Fortnite

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If you've heard of Fortnite, you've probably heard of Ninja -- the gaming world's biggest star.
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Text Comments (3327)
New Dimension (4 minutes ago)
does he have to pay income tax on the revenu? does he have to give a certain amount to the sponcers? If not, what about giving 5% to organization to help homeless for education, support to get back on their feet? how about some $$$$ to areas in the world that is hit with extreme weather and desctruction? some people in this world needs help from us. But i suppose selfishness is the rule here? or does it?
Sebo HALO (29 minutes ago)
if i had earned 500k a month, i would help children in africa
Meshari Alkahtani (35 minutes ago)
I don’t like his character, he is so cocky.
Jon B (37 minutes ago)
9 year olds stealing their mom's credit cards.... I fucking hate ninja lmao
mohammad naim (38 minutes ago)
lol im far better. only not famous
Absybad (2 hours ago)
Who was busy counting the zeros?
Devan (2 hours ago)
Wait so you're telling me that I am getting a masters and accumulating all this student debt to get a job that might pay 60k to start off... and this guy makes this kind of money playing fortnite?!?!??!?! I Knew I was getting screwed
AIN GJ (3 hours ago)
every media always focus on how much money do people make, that suck.
Emiliana Santi (3 hours ago)
His pant does not zip all the way...lol
skin09588 (3 hours ago)
he should get cancer
FishermanFinn (3 hours ago)
Iggy Playz (3 hours ago)
Honestly no onr cares how much ninja makes and no one really gives two
A (3 hours ago)
S s (3 hours ago)
Play Mario games
how do i buildz (4 hours ago)
It’s getting very large
- Justin12611 - (7 hours ago)
Real Gamers play other games than shitnite.
Nob1e Hunter (8 hours ago)
Keep pressing 3:00 over and over.
Luis Melendez (8 hours ago)
mick cleghoo (8 hours ago)
And all over that pile of shit of a game Fornite. Doctors making 300k a year and this nerd is making 500+k a month, world's so fucked.
The Unexplained World (9 hours ago)
I see media still giving cancer attention these days. It’s not like this dude gets money for working. He gets it from donations to play Fortnite. While he just uses the media like CNN to become more popular to live off ur hard working money or ur parents hard working money. I bet this dude a complete shit head off camera
민히연 (10 hours ago)
Dont hate me but I kind of dont understand or find it fair how people spend years in college paying tuition and trying to maintain good grades to only make like $121,000 a year (not literally) also..... doctors only make 187000 a year.......
Irandom Guy (10 hours ago)
*Parent has been confused*
star boiii (10 hours ago)
DONT YOU FRICKIN DARE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OzTOn5OxJc
Mrk Adventure (12 hours ago)
Ninja looks kinda gay with red hair?
Julian Azpeitia (12 hours ago)
And tfue:C
Ethan Ratliff (12 hours ago)
It’s not fair all the money to him 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬
BLVDKillz (14 hours ago)
y'all in the comments don't know how much this man makes lol stop pulling numbers out ya ass
Santiago Diaz (14 hours ago)
Ahh. The 1%...
ViciousPuppy (14 hours ago)
He streams, thats the answer ok.
homes24 (15 hours ago)
lmao, sitting at a desk playing video games making 500k a month. Get a real fucking job dawgg where you make 40k a year.
Sniper Sypher (16 hours ago)
I haven't watched a single ninja vid
Arkillo * (16 hours ago)
*How Ninja loses out on so much ass per month playing Fortnite.*
Lonezewolf Gaming (17 hours ago)
How does Ninja make 500k a month? From scrubs like you.
Luke Taylor (17 hours ago)
What the fuck u say to me u little shit
I I (16 hours ago)
Luke Taylor I said you’re a fucking asshat backpack dick scrubbing ass pumpin munchkin lovin blumpkin fuckin scrub.
Full-Metal_Jacob (17 hours ago)
CNN: "How do you make your money." Ninja: "Children with cellphones"
[AiR]Captain Obvious (17 hours ago)
1:48 Shroud
hansraj63686 h (18 hours ago)
Can somebody tell me who he is and how do you get paid in fortnite. Thank you.
hansraj63686 h (18 hours ago)
Smh. If fortnite didn't exist I wonder what this crackhead would do ?😬😩
Alexander GR (17 hours ago)
+hansraj63686 h you are dumm boy think outside the boxx boyyyy
hansraj63686 h (17 hours ago)
Alexander GR Boy think before you comment. I said if FORTNITE DIDN'T EXIST!
Alexander GR (17 hours ago)
Making 100k a year
Atomic Noodle (18 hours ago)
*the fuck did you say to me you little shit*
Robert Schenck (18 hours ago)
LekkerNubbie (19 hours ago)
Ligma balls
Joshua Martinez (19 hours ago)
Fortnite sucks
Shenkerz Beanbag (19 hours ago)
I thought Ali a made 17 mil last year or the one b4
saharla youwillneverknow (20 hours ago)
I love how he talks about how much money he gets without feeling violated which makes him that more relatable.
Sterben (21 hours ago)
And then calls people a hacker when he loses.
CatCraft959 (21 hours ago)
Hmmmm... Zombie Stare... Pasty Face... GAMER!!!!!
royal priest (21 hours ago)
Wow, how pathetic have we become?
halt (22 hours ago)
You're too late on the subject trying to milk it off
Welldoneyou (22 hours ago)
and he's still a cunt.
egg (22 hours ago)
*_t h e f u c k y o u s a y t o m e y o u l i t t l e s h i t_*
DANK Archiver (23 hours ago)
i want to puke
Crowford (1 day ago)
if he makes that much money then why he wearing clothes like that
Brandon C. (1 day ago)
*Spoiler alert: by reporting everyone that kills him*
Hacker Hacking (1 day ago)
Looking like a corps pale white
Ashton Gil (1 day ago)
I don't like CNN
John Claassen (1 day ago)
Wow wish I could make that much fishing!
Keane Diego C. LACEDA (1 day ago)
Most of the money from mr beast
new life (1 day ago)
Ninja if you see this send me a gamer starter kit so i can game bro
Woofly Wolfy (1 day ago)
Show me Ninja money
Captain Actimel (1 day ago)
I begrudge him he has worked hard for it
Captain Actimel (6 hours ago)
The Unexplained World When its so Easy why you dont do it
The Unexplained World (9 hours ago)
Captain Actimel work hard as in take your charity money? And take donations that kids are giving in the 100s without their parents knowing? I will bet 10 times the amount he has, that he is a complete greedy asshole off camera
greywolf0167 (15 hours ago)
i believe hes over his head ...caught up in the snowball...the stress must be bad...like for all entertainers but he is working for it....might not have a real social life but thats besides the issue he got the opportunity...i am happy for him...i wouldnt mind 100k a yr gaming but i dont want the stress he has from brand contracts etc
Daniel Eliassenfgh618 (1 day ago)
9000 (1 day ago)
Andrew Gunady (1 day ago)
quit going pro, streaming gets you more money.
Darth Musturd (1 day ago)
I don’t even like ninja but I do know that it’s like comedy. People want entertainment.
Jilm (1 day ago)
I miss the Halo Reach Ninja just mostly because I don't like Fortnite. I enjoyed watching Ninja on twitch back when Halo Reach was out when he did his 1v1 tournaments, and I understand that in the past 8 years Ninja has changed with all the life barriers he had overcome, I just morn for the good old days.
Jeff (1 day ago)
ninja is gay he even said he broke up with guys before
6000 subs without any videos challenge (1 day ago)
Mini Batch (1 day ago)
ILLuminated Onxy (1 day ago)
Manny Fortnite (1 day ago)
Niggas in my butthole
DogeTato Gaming and Vlog (1 day ago)
how ninja is a sweaty tryhard
Duddysback (1 day ago)
Fuck you cnn.
art에반 (1 day ago)
It’s magic
Chris Munoz (1 day ago)
And he shakes his ass
Chris Munoz (1 day ago)
The interviewer looks like Ryan Reynolds
milkeh S (1 day ago)
Everyone donates for his broke ass look what you all did, he doesn’t make any money himself it’s all your donations Probably talks to little kids on fort nite weirdo
shyguythelunatic (1 day ago)
Chase a bag dont worry about what he's doing
zentum aisle (1 day ago)
Let me tell you guys the true story : some chinese guys funded his stream to push his stream to stay at top in twitch, in order to promote their game. Fortnite is owned by chinese, in case you guys don't know.
Idk What (20 hours ago)
I’m about to quit Fortnite I get mad when Theses autistic kids Crash into me with the Bike and knock me and troll gets me mad Yo 😭😭😩😩
Syamim Musa (21 hours ago)
zentum aisle i dont play fortnite, idk why you think I do. Also, you still fail to provide proof which further cements me saying that you’re full of shit
zentum aisle (21 hours ago)
+Syamim Musa lol triggered play more "fortnite" the game for 9 years old
Syamim Musa (1 day ago)
zentum aisle Without a brain? you’re the one making claims. You should provide your proof. YOU are the one with the burden of proof. If anyone here is “without a brain” its you. Anyone with a even a speck of intelligence would have the common sense to question any claims without concrete proof
zentum aisle (1 day ago)
+Syamim Musa typical fortnite player : without a brain
Red X (1 day ago)
Do u know how ninja makes money? Honest Answer: He sells cocaine
Rolo (1 day ago)
Big Toe (1 day ago)
What makes people want to watch him play? Is he really that good?
Jacob the First and last knight (1 day ago)
the Point many people for get is that you can make 500k or even 1 billion a year or month. but how much do you really take home? Ninja is sign on by more then one company and he have to meet contract quotes and if he dont he dont make money.. real people who know who the rich work is the rich get richer . I know for a face the company that sign him on makes 4 time off him just along, witch is said because if he was making all that money you really thing that he would just save all his cash up for just 2 years straght and then stop playing Fornite and just live off all that money ? nope he solid him self for a penny and he will have to keep working intel the game dies and when it does he better hop he able to play another game like fornite.. he hope on Call of duty and you saw he wasnt the best so he hope right back off. just saying people he many make 500k a month but im sure after all the fees, and when the big men get done with Ninja he come's home with 25 to 10k a month. witch is the true and sad to say.
Idk What (20 hours ago)
Jacob the First and last knight dam every time I scroll down I see everyone typing literally a whole book in the Coment Sections Dam
Tiny Oats (1 day ago)
2:05 he says explaining stream is the hardest part and it complicated 2:37 he says its simple Me: 🧐 Btw 1:55 is when the whole conversation about this stuff starts
Ben's number 8 fan (1 day ago)
natalia ruby antonio (1 day ago)
idk i feel like the reason why he gets so mad when ppl kill him is because he makes more money when he gets victory royals.. a lot of ppl hate on him for that but honestly id be mad too lol
bultertix (1 day ago)
We live in a very strange time, but I love it!
Leroy Milker (1 day ago)
1:45 sounds like the part in Ralph breaks the internet
LA's Totally Awesome Bleach (1 day ago)
This is what’s wrong with America
sWERVYY (1 day ago)
And they say video games is a waste of time
DeWonLose (1 day ago)
big fan from india
ItsJustMilo (1 day ago)
So at the end of the day Ninja just wins money by being an online beggar. odd. Also he is a dipshit
Furno (1 day ago)
Of course every time ninja is in news media they talk only about money
Furno (1 day ago)
Holy shit I didn't expect this much kids in the comments
Ivan Baggett (1 day ago)
"I'm not seeing enough movement"
Snuffle Upagus (1 day ago)
Did he discuss about "stream sniping"
let's see (1 day ago)
is it Ryan reynolds
Richard Alexander (1 day ago)
It’s funny cause I know people who stayed in college for over a decade and are barely making over 100k
Neon Gaming (1 day ago)
How many people can ninja ban in a month?
OUTATIME (1 day ago)
This IS how I don't care for FREE! Fuck Fornite, or whatever
Jackson West (1 day ago)
Ninja is a great guy and did nothing wrong stop woth all the hate