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Destruction! Running 120 Volt Items on 230 Volts

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We wondered what would happen if we took items that were intended for use on 120 volts AC and ran them on 230 volts.
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A YouTube channel with no name (10 days ago)
Jumpscare warning 14:33
xoddf2 (1 month ago)
11:18: I think I had one of those in the late 2000s and/or early 2010s.
The Elevator World (3 months ago)
11:32 I had that exact fan when I was little except mine had a grey back.
The Elevator World (3 months ago)
GPX!!! Digital Sound System!! 3 Band Equalizer!! Gotta Get my GPX On!!GPX!!!GPX!!!
Joseph Atherton (3 months ago)
Eric Deeds (3 months ago)
GPX !!!!!
区督夕 (3 months ago)
Overvolt f u r r y
The Fan Universe (6 months ago)
10:52 looks like a jet engine entering a thick & thicker cloud lol.
Baltimore Alarms & Fans (9 months ago)
*G P X* *P* *X*
NoahBones 12 (9 months ago)
What was wrong with the lil' Holme Boy with chip clip? Just china pride?
It's About Time (10 months ago)
When you made this video, you didn't think it would take a life of its own. Gotta get my GPX on!
Tristan Heckler (11 months ago)
I LOVED it when the Massey Caught Fire!! 😆👌🏻♨️👍🏻♥️
Harley Badger (10 months ago)
haha! It stunk up the workshop pretty good (I had water off-camera just in case.)
The Fan Lemur (1 year ago)
Love how the fans gained decent high speeds, if only they ran like that without bursting into flames.
Chet Pomeroy (1 year ago)
That was really cool!!! When you do stuff like this *always* have a fire extinguisher handy, though.
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Right behind my left shoulder ;-)
A Long (1 year ago)
Sorry, Gary
Nick Harper Vlogs (1 year ago)
Those cheap Chinese fans deserved the destruction!
TheFanMan87 (1 year ago)
try a ceiling fan on 240  as long as it isn't vintage..
lexmarks567 (1 year ago)
a chinapride HE washer LOL if you can find one in the trash. I should send you this bluetooth bicycle speaker that after 1 week started acting up. it works fine WHEN it works. I have to press the power button like 20+ times sometime to get it to turn on or off. other times it works fine. Had it for a month can't return.
lexmarks567 (1 year ago)
Harley Badger the speaker i was gonna send for you to destroy lol.
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
LMAO ya know, I could probably find a small one! I could probably fix your speaker, actually. But with the pile ahead of me, I'm only just now about to get to Joe's clock radio from like a year ago..haha!
Raven Louis (1 year ago)
Blacklight8001 (1 year ago)
Spats saying GPX every 30 seconds made the video just *that* much better. :)
Harley Badger (1 year ago)'re encouraging him. LOL
RAGE (1 year ago)
What about a hair dryer on 230v If possible A shitty crt tv that is only good for scrap on 230v
Matthew Best (1 year ago)
RAGE nope kept working for like a year later.
RAGE (1 year ago)
Matthew Best did it blew up ?
Matthew Best (1 year ago)
I accidently did that one time Was one vacation in the Phillipines which is 220v 60hz. One time and the hotel room had 2 different type of outlets. Type A us style and type C Asian and European. The book in the room said type A was 110v which is common in hotels because a lot of Americans go there. Needless to say I plugged in my 110v hair dryer turned it on. It turned red hot and the motor ran really fast.
RAGE (1 year ago)
Harley Badger great, i was also thinking about you could try to pop a big industrial incandescent light buld unlike the european 240v our 240v outlet have 2 120v power line per each side removing the neutral and a ground, some of them is 10amps while theres One with 15amp The 240v one is actually the same outlet type as the Australian 240v but the 15amp as horizontal prongs instead
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure a TV would simply make a single pop and be done... A hair dryer is a good idea, especially since the fan will probably fail more quickly than the elements :-) Not sure if my transformer would support the 6 or so amps though. I'd like to explore bigger transformers, or maybe even some sort of rig involving our existing 240v outlet (not shown, but to the right of the video just past the white cabinets.) Actually, that's an idea. I could rig up a power cable, plug it into that outlet, and use a contactor...that would give me remote control, I could stand way back and not be limited to 3 feet away. Huh...ideas, ideas... :-)
Matthew Best (1 year ago)
I have already suscribed.
Matthew Best (1 year ago)
As someone who deals with 3 phase 480v on a daily basis. It would be nice to see a junk Chinese toaster in 480v.
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Spats does too! :-) and totally agreed, that would be epic.
talldude123 (1 year ago)
Well, we now know why uxwbill says "Smoke Test" before plugging something in!
zappy bear (1 year ago)
About those fans, I will sarcastically say that China does a very good job lubricating the bearings!
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
haha good point
Leos Technik Kanal (1 year ago)
A tv
apctech1 (1 year ago)
the massy fan is bad or dry bearings:)
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Yep, they were most likely bad. I oiled the crap out of them when I got it, but the damage was done.
Allan Pavon (1 year ago)
Try a cheap cassette player!
PC No (1 year ago)
I had one of those ear-trimmer clippers that wouldn't run anymore on an AA battery, so I just spliced a 5V AC adapter onto it. It got hot and I made a point of putting the blades under the faucet before using it, but it worked much more aggressively than when new for a couple of years that way.
KD2NOA Edward Martz (1 year ago)
John F. Donnelly (1 year ago)
0:36 - I . . . think I had that exact model clock radio as a middle school student (early to mid 90s). 3:59 - ...meh. I heard wrong lyrics to certain songs outta that thing anyway. :p 6:45 - Oooh! Now the REAL fun begins! XD ...aww. :/ 11:19 - ...Hopefully this time...? ...awww. thewmaw fyooz... :/ 13:00 - take two... Dammit, breaker! :/ 13:25 - take three... Dammit, fan, you're supposed to fry YOURSELF, not the transformer! :p 14:32 - final take... ummmm your fan just caught fire standing still. Is that SUPPOSED to happen at a Grand Prix? :p 15:16 - Lightbulbs now; bulb one. ...Aww, it didn't even heat up! 17:30 - bulb two... whoa. Didn't even make it to THREE seconds! XD 18:23 - bulb three... Practically made it to three weeks tho! XD
ToryTheFanMan (1 year ago)
Spats: Is it working? Harley: Yes! Spats: How!! LMAO
Madness832 (1 year ago)
Am I to guess that the LED bulb was universal voltage (85-265 [or so])?
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Yes, weeks ago LOL, and thank you very much!
Madness832 (1 year ago)
Oh so you did get it! Awesome!
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Apparently, all three are marked "120v 60 Hz only" but as I have seen on bigclivedotcom's videos, most modern electronic ballasts seem to handle that wide voltage range. Something about the power supply being a combination of a capacitive dropper and a bridge rectifier and some varistors that allow the ballast to self-regulate. Unfortunate for me and/or this video though! LOL. And you're gonna be mentioned in an upcoming video, I mean, WOW, that gift couldn't have come at a better time, considering the subject of a couple recent videos. Thank you for that.
DOG Henderson (1 year ago)
Ryan Bohrer (1 year ago)
Ryan Bohrer (1 year ago)
Nice intro
pcakes 87 (1 year ago)
Great video as always! Why do thermal fuses always have to ruin the fun? Interestingly enough, I have a funky outlet in my garage that has 310 written on it. I'm not sure if it is 310 volts, but it would do for burning stuff up!
pcakes 87 (11 months ago)
Correction: it’s actually 210, I misread it as 310.
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Thanks! And yep, next time I'm just gonna bypass them from the start. And 310 would be a weird voltage (in the US anyhow) because it's generally multiples of 120'ish, based on the supply transformer to the house. 120, 240, 480, etc, with 208 and 277 being exceptions, usually on three-phase service to businesses.
evanchapmanfanman (1 year ago)
Nice pops, good to see china pride shit dying, now all this video needs is the "somebody could have used that" bullshit comment lol
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
I am waiting for those comments LOL. Already got two who showed their China Pride.
randomrazr (1 year ago)
ur gonna burn ur house down
ToryTheFanMan (1 year ago)
Nah, They are pros at this stuff..LOL
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
MrMaguire (1 year ago)
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Poor Gary, worked so hard to build the useless GPX!
Andy Rousonelos (1 year ago)
Awesome! Nothing like doing a good old destruction! You guys should set up a US style standard plug on 240 volts...Ive seen them before... I have to say, i do prefer the older intro's to the videos better, but that might be because the new Intro song reminds me of some people who did some awful things to me...
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
That transformer has a built-in US standard plug, only powered at 230v.
ToryTheFanMan (1 year ago)
davida1hiwaaynet (1 year ago)
Very cool!  You need to invest in a real transformer like the one I used for my power strip overloading tests!  That one has 240V, 480V and 600V(!) taps on it.... and will put out 3000 watts all day long......
Matthew Best (1 year ago)
Harley Badger the Philippines uses our outlets at 230v.
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Ohhh! Right on, I didn't realize that :-)
davida1hiwaaynet (1 year ago)
One word - China.  In China many household goods have the standard 2-flat-blade plug like we have. Their standard outlet has the ability to accept a round pin or flat-blade plug. Many of the China domestic market devices have the 2-flat-blade plug WITHOUT the holes in the ends of the blades like ours do.
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Yep, there will be more to come, and upgrades as well ;-) I just happened to have three of these transformers in a bin, no idea what specifically their original use would have been, because they all have the normal US standard outlet on that sort of defies logic. Any foreign 230v appliance wouldn't have the US plug on it, but maybe it's that way for plug-adaptor use.
TRAIN SHIPS (1 year ago)
Texas Instruments Chip in GPX ?
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Yup, yer standard clock IC.
ToryTheFanMan (1 year ago)
Poor gary..LOL
ToryTheFanMan (1 year ago)
In Indiana of course..:P
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
I wonder where ole Gary is nowadays.
TRAIN SHIPS (1 year ago)
GPX = Chinese Plastic Crap.
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
themaritimegirl (1 year ago)
I had a feeling you were going to fry your transformer. That looks big enough to handle a couple of amps at best, and when you've got enough current to trip the breaker.... well... :P
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Yeah, I shouldn't really be surprised XD
MTN Productions (1 year ago)
GPX is worst than Crosley for its modern turntables. I remember I had a GPX Walkman since I was young. Poor product. As for the video, it is an EOL for this ugly clock radio.
IAmNotAFunguy (1 year ago)
We bought a Waterpik flosser last January before a family trip to Australia despite my warnings to my mother that Australia's 240 volts of line power would fry it! Sure enough...
Mitchell Armstrong (1 year ago)
China pride!
SRCVintage Electronics (1 year ago)
You should plug in some modern Chinese appliances.
It's About Time (1 year ago)
Spats was hilarious!
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
And gassy.
Douglas Allen (1 year ago)
...especially while constantly butting in with "GPX!!!"
HPad (1 year ago)
A Water Kettle, Toaster, And maybe a Blender? LOL
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Good ideas.
John McDevitt (1 year ago)
Are you guys both electrical engineers?
Kendon Morris (6 months ago)
Harley Badger you guys are not married correct because on your about page it says that you are
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Yes. Spats is still on that career path and I was until 2012, I finished my degree and now am on a different path. Although I still engineer and consult with my father in my downtime.
Emerson Collie (1 year ago)
13:45 Had me laughing. Who knew that the transformer would randomly show it's china pride in the video. :P
Alex Jack 7 (1 year ago)
I was laughing too
Emerson Collie (1 year ago)
For your next destruction video, you can put the other transformer in the video. Just in case it wants to do some unplanned china pride like the last one did. :P
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
OMG I know! I didn't know what was gonna happen, and I was over by the door at the GFCI, so I couldn't get it better on video LOL
Sharkie626 (1 year ago)
Old School Spats Bear has returned! Great video. Haha Not forgetting about you either Harley!
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Sean A806 (1 year ago)
The only outlet in my house that is a 240V, is a 240V outlet for a electric dryer. The house I live in used to be all electric looking at the braker panel, but the previous owners decided to get natural gas.
Matthew Best (1 year ago)
The newer gas dryers have variable temperature control and moisture sensors. For me gas is better. Mostly jeans the shirts, and if you are in an area were electric rates are sky high gas dryers tend to look a lot better.
Sean A806 (1 year ago)
Gas dryers are more efficient, but they are not as gentle on the clothes. Electric dryers are more gentle on the clothes.
Matthew Best (1 year ago)
Sean Wilkerson Natural has dryers are about 50 percent more efficient than electric clothes dryers that is why.
freakinthecat (1 year ago)
This is somewhat reminiscent of Photonicinduction's vids. But in a good way. Looking forward to more! 👍
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
I need to perfect my British accent and learn to say "bugger" a lot ;-)
Nicholas M Daskievige (1 year ago)
GPX!! Great Pissing Xtreme!!
jaykay18 (1 year ago)
Nice! I thoroughly enjoyed that!
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
There will be more :-)
Eskie Wolf (1 year ago)
15:06 Hey your fan's on fire!!
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
Yeah, and I thought it was silly before this video to have some water handy. I don't think it's silly anymore haha.
foxy 1908 (1 year ago)
do more videos like this
Harley Badger (1 year ago)
We definitely will :-) This was sort of the pilot episode for a series.