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Special delivery: UPS announces Saturday distribution

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Cheryl Casone reports
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Text Comments (7)
yamasail (10 months ago)
Thank you, you Amazon-addicted cunts. Looking forward to my one-day weekends.
stan grim (10 months ago)
this is good dont have to pay a huge surcharge other company charges
From the Depths of Gehenna (10 months ago)
Hard to believe its gotten so bad in this country ,people are trolling this video..you things are a disgrace... I buy on the Net whenever possible,keep as much of my tax dollars outta calimexicos hands.... The UPS & USPS both do a terrific job and earn every penny they get.... and for the inevitable flaming I'll receive ........FUCK OFF!
barcrrt (10 months ago)
Huge SEINFELD fan! Loved this!
Cee Cee (10 months ago)
Old ideas repackaged with more ways to invade privacy... 🤐
Red White And Blue (10 months ago)
😁😀😁 Shameless plug for the Pottery Barn. Now let's see what they send him. Should we expect an unboxing? There was a news guy in the last several months who commented on carrying and using Chapstick and they sent him a box full.