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Install High Sierra on AMD using AMDHS_Installer v1 [ MacOS / Windows ]

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Download thread link for latest v2.5 : https://forum.amd-osx.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2948#p33500 If the website link doesnt work use these links : CLOVER EDITION : https://goo.gl/T3kBCN ENOCH EDITION : https://goo.gl/SVZ4ea ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join the AMDOSX Discord chat server for better support ( My username is XLNC ) : https://discord.gg/MTPXvcq Usb create procedure on macOS : 0:17 Usb create procedure on WindowsOS : 2:54 " All AMD CPU's / APU's with SSE4.1/4.2 instruction set are supported. Eg : FX , RYZEN , THREADRIPPER , etc " To check if your CPU has SSE4.1/4.2 or not , visit the below link : http://cpuboss.com/ *System specs* AMD FX-8320 || Asus M5A97 R2.0 || Nvidia GTX 660 Realtek 8111F || Realtek ALC887 HDD0 : WD 1TB - Win 10 RS2 HDD1 : SG 320GB - Sierra 10.12.6 || High Sierra 10.13.1 || Ubuntu 16.04.3 ~XLNC~ Music in this video : Disfigure - Blank : https://youtu.be/p7ZsBPK656s Evil Needle- Unleashed : https://youtu.be/eraY61QHDwY Yris & Bthelick -On s'ev va : https://soundcloud.com/yris Warptech ft. Cory Friesenhan - Resolution : https://youtu.be/0hNdLnEbS68 No Mercy - Vincent : https://soundcloud.com/vincent_official Arman Cekin & Veorra - You Don't Know Me : https://soundcloud.com/veorra Audioscribe - Free Fall : https://youtu.be/8ciZGNmlWgo
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Text Comments (292)
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
*CLOVER INSTALL PROCESS ON HDD :* Video Link: https://streamable.com/i5dgg - I forgot to include the last step i.e *Clover install process on HDD* in the tutorial video. so i made a small video seperately. - Just install clover on your macOS HDD with *Legacy* or *UEFI* Clover Install Settings ,according to your BIOS (settings are included in Manual.txt) and copy the *EFI* content from "*USB/EFI/*" to "*HDD/EFI/*". - Then boot to macOS without USB.
ahmet yilmaz (9 months ago)
streamable video doesn't work? Cant play. 1070ti and resolution , 3200 MHz(2133) rams not working properly. How can I fix it?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
i forgot to replace the xlnc command file in v2 i fixed it just now re-uploaded the AMDHS_Installer_v2_clover and if you dont want to re-download it again just run this command instead : */Volumes/AMDHSXC/XLNC/main*
echoes814 (1 year ago)
Hey, first of all, ty for all your work. I have a problem, when I try to run the script after installing (v2) the terminal says: "/usr/bin/xlnc: line 5: /volumes/AMDHS_installer/XLNC/main: No such file or directory" I'm missing something... Any ideas? Thank you in advance!
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
*@Hairlesswhisper* u dont have EFI partition bcoz u didnt from ur HDD to GUID . - boot to USB again and from disk utility select the whole HDD on which u want to install macOS. and format it to HFS+ / GUID table. ( make sure to select GUID partition type).
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
*@ft55555* 1. clover menu is black and white . bcoz u booted to USB CLOVER in legacy mode solution-1 : disable CSM in bios and it will only boot with USB CLOVER EFI mode 2. those error messages are due to missing UBS fix kexts from your HDD solution-2 : after installing macos on hdd . run the post install script from terminal and do post install (option-2) and when it ask's you to install USBfix kexts ..... just do "Y" for all .
Setiyo Wahono (4 days ago)
My laptops ssd and dsik dosent detected
Rohan Chatterjee (7 days ago)
Can anyone help me,my INSTALLATION was successful but it's stuttering and showing 7mb graphics.
kurt estacion (1 month ago)
I am stucked at dark background after clicking amdtest. Language selection not appearing. I can move the mouse also
kurt estacion (23 days ago)
can you please help sir
Daniel Pedrozo (1 month ago)
Help MEE!!! Stuck at ioconsoleusers gioscreenlockstate 3 hs 0 bs 0 now 0 sm 0x0 :( please
ItsMaxra (2 months ago)
When I try to boot to my usb it only shows a - up left corner nothing else
Shrikant Nimbalkar (2 months ago)
I have followed the same process with amdhs 2.5 I have the same m5a97 r2.0 & fx8350 with gtx 960 but im getting following error loop continuously pls guide "IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0 error"
Shrikant Nimbalkar (2 months ago)
I have the same motherboard but im not able to disable csm if i disable it in next boot bios forces and enables it showing the following error "vga card is not supported by uefi driver csm"
Bhargav Trivedi (2 months ago)
Hello Naveen, First of all You are great for doing this very easy for AMD cpu. Everything works fine. Now how can I update 10.13.3 to 10.13.6 because I movie and other app are not working. I have download the file from apple "macOSUpdCombo10.13.6.dmg" installation process complete but when I restart PC its says some update won't install. Can you please guid me to update ?
Gera Checkm8 (2 months ago)
CPU: AMD A12-9720P RADEON R7 GPU: AMD Radeon R7 Graphics Works??
hotcoffe (1 month ago)
After rebooting, it stopped working for me
Educated Gamer (3 months ago)
Whenever I try and boot into MacOS after installation red words come up on the screen. Do you happen to know why?
Pokonamah Motovlog (4 months ago)
amd fx 8320 gigabyte ga 970 d3p msi RX 570 will it work with this step? please answer. i'm tried to find the tutorial but not really works with my device
Lennon Richards (3 months ago)
yes but FX is a mess to work with mojave
Daniele Gigantino (4 months ago)
Can i use APU? (Vega 8)
MrDucxy (4 months ago)
I know this is old, But will an AMD A8 7410 with R5 1GB Graphics work?
dylan meyer (4 months ago)
at 9:01 i’ve been stuck at 14 minutes remaining for an hour
Electronic Freshness (6 months ago)
After installing and making the postinstall xlnc no disk appears in clover ....
Electronic Freshness (6 months ago)
in SSD
HoHo HeHe (6 months ago)
amd athlon 200ge will work?
Denis Kurilov (6 months ago)
Спасибо автору: установил по инструкции этого автора установил на мою систему (Amd fx8350,asus m5a97 eco r2.0, 4gb 1866, Radeon R9 270x 4gb)
Nguyên Lucián (6 months ago)
English plz Cyka:))
Sandeep nagalikar (6 months ago)
It sticks at gIOScreenLockState 3, HD 0, bs 0, now 0, am 0x0 Pls help My config AMD RAYZEN 1950X GIGABYTE X399 ZOTAC GEFORCE GTX1070 8gb
Alexey Boronenkov (7 months ago)
Ну сука,красавчик!Вот это парень!Вот это хакинтошник!Класс!
Banisher of Evil SOUL (7 months ago)
Is the AMDHS installer available on Windows? I have no mac, and have no access to one
dylan meyer (4 months ago)
yes go to like 3 minutes
Sparx (8 months ago)
Someone please help me with this. I cannot boot into the OS without the USB and I also cannot get the NVIDIA drivers to work because Mac isn’t detecting my GPU
Alpha-X (8 months ago)
whats your system specs ?
imanapple (8 months ago)
Wow. Will this work with AMD Athlon II x2 260?
Tony Mateo (8 months ago)
Awesome Video... Great Music!!!!!
Marius-Nicolae Moroz (9 months ago)
I can't find the download link
Greg Garland (9 months ago)
Everything installed GREAT, But no internet. Please Help. I have a Lenovo G505
Edson Guedes (9 months ago)
HighSierraV3Unofficial.dmg in torrent?
Jeffrey JDizz Agnew (9 months ago)
This video was a work of pure art bro. Thanks!
SIRAH (10 months ago)
I cant use my USB 2 only 3 and I only have 1 for the usb and I cant use mouse or keyboard help me
EklekTek (10 months ago)
Why won't my USB EFI show in Clover Configurator?
EklekTek (10 months ago)
My Usb wont show in clover. Only the dmg will
reagan zook (11 months ago)
Whenever i boot into macOS on the hdd all i get is a black screen
James Stubblefield (7 months ago)
I would suggest going on the amdosx discord channel
skatopsixos1 (8 months ago)
Me too!! Pls someone tell what tondo
Geoffrey Fung (11 months ago)
when i erase my drive, it just says error it is full, even though ive given it 300gb. any ideas why? its formated in exfat and ive already tried fat32
Max Dpt (11 months ago)
Is it possible to boot with a AMD a8-4500M ? I'm trying but I only get gioscreenlockstate 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0...
Shrikant Nimbalkar (11 months ago)
Hey I need your EFI partition to boot I have same motherboard and cpu please post your EFI here Thanks a lot
Amit Minz (1 year ago)
i will give you 3star..... your tutorial is too fast for newbie.. and you are not explain your steps
Электролаборатория Nemlab (9 months ago)
установил благодаря данному видео. все отлично работает.
ραρα ρετε χδ (10 months ago)
you can slow down the video and pause it. Its not his fault your not educated.
A Crazy Town (1 year ago)
Will this work with AMD A4 6300 AMD Radeon HD 5770 8GB Ripjaws DDR3 1600MHz RAM and 150GB HDD
pcnerd19 (8 months ago)
I know A-Seires CPUs work, but I don't know if your's meets the minimum. It's worth a try if you back up your important stuff from windows/linux though. Everything else looks fine.
nader el Kadri (1 year ago)
Thank u!!!!!!!!
CHK MKN (1 year ago)
Very nice links, but do we need clover configurator? I cannot find it on the link or the website? I just googled it, and it doest work, my usb stick doest show.
GhZ26 (1 year ago)
amd a series work?
Gabe Castellanos (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video. I need help. After the installation completed, I was able to install Clover bootloader and the Nvidia driver. But after unmounting and removing the install USB and restarting, I cannot boot into macOS from Clover (installed on the same HDD). I have a similar system. CPU: AMD FX-8350 Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 RAM: 16GB DDR3 Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 960 FTW GAMING ACX 2.0+ HDD: Samsung 1TB WiFi: ASUS USB-N53 LAN: Realtek 8111E Sound: HDMI Bootloader: Clover 2.4 r4658
Gabe Castellanos (1 year ago)
@Alpha-X Now I did. I copied the EFI folder from the USB installer and replaced the EFI folder in the EFI partition of my HDD. That worked
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
you used the clover files from USB ?
strenuousnerd8 (1 year ago)
Did you Install MacOS in the same HDD but Different Hard drive ? I mean is this now dual-booted with Windows & is your Windows OS still working & Accessible ?
Reno (1 year ago)
at what point of this guide do I have to install windows if I want to set up dual boot from scatch using two disks?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
my system is quad booted. yes i can access windows without issues .
Droid-Tech Tech (1 year ago)
Watchara Pongsri (1 year ago)
currently, I used AMDHS_Installer V2 it's 10.13.1, it's support to upgrade to 10.13.2 to 10.13.5 ? i have to try to upgrade to 10.13.5 combo it's cannot boot to the setup page can you share step, how to upgrade version ?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
no for now you cannot update to 10.13.5/6 as apple havent released the kernel source for 10.13.5 or 10.13.6 . For now the latest version you can install or update to is 10.13.3 and use AMDHS_Installer v2.5 clover edition
Silent PUBG (1 year ago)
how to install osx on amd apu a8-7410
Tyler Lefko (1 year ago)
Hi, I don't have UEFI BIOS and I get stuck at brick underscore
Tyler Lefko (1 year ago)
Asus M5A78LMX
Ehero Xu (1 year ago)
so cool
Afsar Ali (1 year ago)
What about amd phenom processor kernL whr i get this
Dharma Giri (1 year ago)
Struggling to get past "Still waiting for root device" Tried both windows n mac method to create install usb.. I am using AMD HS Installer V1 legacy.. My Setup : Asus M5A88-M, FX-8350, 8GB DDR3, GeForce 210.
Victor Vlasenko (1 year ago)
Finally finished the installation process, but when booting into OS HD, boot stucks at @kec.corecrypto 1.0 :( Any suggestions how to overcome it? TR 1950X 4x8 DDR4 G.Skill Flare AsRock Taichi mobo
Windows 10 (8 months ago)
Boot flags: GraphicsEnabler=No GraphicsMode:YOUR SCREEN RESOLUTIONx32 And if it stucks at Bluetooth Controller Start, just use: Forcex64
Windows 10 (8 months ago)
Yep, just use Yosemite Zone/ EL Capitain Zone
Pogioli1 (8 months ago)
Got the same issue as well. Any Fix?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
hi ! your system is supported . looks like bios settings issue join and message me on AMD-OSX discord chat server . https://discord.gg/VypMs8a -XLNC
Julian Nowaczyk (1 year ago)
Victor Vlasenko same Problem do you fix it ?
Robert Hansen (1 year ago)
Great video, I'm running V1, but when I try to use the latest V3, my USB just turns off during the USB boot, I have a LED keyboard and when it get's to loading the USB my LED's turn off and the system just hangs. I have a Ryzen 5 1600 on a ASUS PRIME B350 plus, and a GTX 1050. Again V1 is running great.
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
hi ! i havent made v3 yet . you must be using HighSierraAMD and not my AMDHS_Installer HighSierraAMD is not made by me. Downlaod the latest AMDHS_Installer v2.5 clover edition and use it to install macos .
George Cristian (1 year ago)
looks like it wants me to upgrade to 10.13.6 it will work if i do this or no one tried
George Cristian (1 year ago)
still thanks for the good job you made with this one. I have only one question. i have a gtx 1050 gpu. everything moves great but when I try a game or something that requires 3d it's very slow. I used web drivers
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
no dont update to 10.13.6 as apple havent released the kernel source yet . so we cannot build the kernel for amd yet . for now the latest version that you can install is 10.13.3
George Cristian (1 year ago)
Do I have to use the the memory stick everytime i have to boot ? because without it it says to enable CSM in bios to boot from HDD. if I enable it, it will work, or there is something that I didn't do when I installed it. the rest of the system works perfect but the boot system
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
you have to install clover bootloader on your hdd to make it boot without using USB.
Nícollas Rocha (1 year ago)
config bios for gigabyte a320M ?? thanks
Taylor Freeman (1 year ago)
Cannot boot back into AMDHS_Installer post installation. Stuck at 0 sleepunit 0 and can only use USB 2.0 port because 3.0 gives weird GUI when loading for drive. Also tried USBBusFix=Yes to no avail. Any suggestions?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
whats your system specs . ?
Briggs Cline (1 year ago)
Thanks it worked for me :) Fx 6300 Msi 970a g43 Gtx 1050 But it only says 256mb video ram
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
you have to install nvidia web drivers and boot with WEB config
Hireme Only (1 year ago)
bro installation done bit its not booting .
Ritik Dokania (1 year ago)
My processor is Apu a8-7410 with integrated r5 1gb graphics, my processor is sse4.1&4.2 supported . Can i install amd OsX ? Will it work in integrated gpu . If not , is there any other way .
techchile -pc gaming and more (1 year ago)
i can install it on a processor with instructions SSE4a
Ujean Bond (1 year ago)
fifth attempt. And again, failure. Do not write the end of the USB flash drive. Two different usb drives. ITS ON FULL progress bar!!!! https://i.gyazo.com/2dc6f91ffe4ac5b34b5760046654bb3b.png O M G W T F!? Help BROTHER!
Garv Jhangiani (1 year ago)
I have an AMD R2 9000 GPU. When I try to boot it sticks on the logo.. I installed it on my hdd through another system where MAC booted and I could use it but as soon as I put it on this system it sticks on the logo with loading bar.
Samuele Stanco (1 year ago)
Hi, i have a problem with Logic Pro X on this version, when i start recording, it says “error while trying to synchronize audio and midi”, and give me a Sample buffer Numbers, how Can i fix this? Thank you!
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
whats your cpu model and mobo model ? also if your cpu overclocked ?
Y Deng (1 year ago)
Hey I patched AppleHDA to work with x399 motherboard https://forum.amd-osx.com/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=4642, check it out.
Aditya darma putra (1 year ago)
I have problem.. "Still waiting for root device" and i see block logo. What happen?
Harun Şengül (1 year ago)
@Alpha-X we need to use Usb 3.0 port? Is 2.0 not working?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
set your bios settings as mentioned in the video and make sure to use usb 3.0 port to boot the USB
A. D. I. T (1 year ago)
radeon hd 8670m dual vga
Sulagno Ghosh (1 year ago)
Nvidia graphics card?
Luca PlaysHD (1 year ago)
shit qualiti cant see the bios settings
steef games (1 year ago)
Help me block logo
StardockMW (1 year ago)
this version of amd os X works with amd RX 470??
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
yes !
reactismBOY (1 year ago)
Will i be able to install it in amibios AMD Athlon II X2 250
Jaedon Burgess (1 year ago)
I have these specs AMD Ryzen 5 1500x ASUS PRIME B350 PLUS Mobo 8gb DDR4 2400MHZ Ram NVIDIA GTX 1050TI ROG STRIX Want to dual boot, will it work?
Gopinath Muniyandi (9 months ago)
is it worked out?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
yes it will work !
lardlow (1 year ago)
i have the exact same specs lol
Ryan Saul (1 year ago)
My Specs; A88XM-Plus Athlon X4 860K, Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1866MHz, ASUS Strix 970 4GB will it work?
Lennon Richards (3 months ago)
with high Sierra vanilla method yes
androidblog PRV (1 year ago)
ahmed mohamed (1 year ago)
I want to chat with about some things do you have facebook account or whats app number
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
i am avail on discord chat server . my username is XLNC https://discord.gg/mhTvau5
Darth Vader (1 year ago)
I have same mobo with you, I have configured everything exactly like in the video and succesfully installed the HS. But there is a HUGE problem. When I try to run 2. option Post Install, there aren't any drives show up. Script can't see my installed OS thus can't remove kexts, can't install kexts or anything at all. I have written on amd-osx forums but no one replied. What might be the issue? I am trying to install on a Corsair Force LE SSD. I have tried with V2 image.
Darth Vader (1 year ago)
Finally succeeded to run the script without any errors. I had to remove all the other disks except the one with the High Sierra.
GameStepHD - Games and More (1 year ago)
I need this wallpaper
karistuck (1 year ago)
hello, thank you for video, I have question for file, how. can I download EFI file ?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
just use the EFI folder of the USB EFI partition
Henry lopez (1 year ago)
I got it working but you never showed how to do system definition inless we don’t need to update that
Jordan Niemeier (1 year ago)
Did you get the audio working? I have this same motherboard.
Jordan Niemeier (7 months ago)
@Alpha-X Do you have the details?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
yes !
Adam Witton (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if this would work with a AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16-Core Processor?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
yes ofc !
Burt charles lancaster (1 year ago)
Would this work on my pc Asus x370 pro Nvidia gt 1030 Amd Ryzen 1600
Burt charles lancaster (1 year ago)
It won’t boot when I hit instal from Disk it reboots to windows
Burt charles lancaster (1 year ago)
Alpha-X thanks I’ve had issues in the past with amd installers will try and appreciate the work you do
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
yes !
Sou Gamer (1 year ago)
ioconsoleusers gioscreenlockstate 3 hs 0 you can help?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
list your system specs :
Jymbles (1 year ago)
Hi there. I've followed everything in the video (our specs are basically the same), and I'm getting an error saying "read error 0x7, error loading kernel cache (0x7), boot failed, sleeping for 10 seconds before exiting". Any help is appreciated, thank you!
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
use the new AMDHS_Installer v2.5 clover edition
FotoConto (1 year ago)
Hi i did same as you mentioned, i am stuck in 2 things now. 1. after converting partition to APFS i cant see the boot option for SSD, its showing only 2 options one is for usb and one is for recovery drive. 2. i have GTX 970 graphics, every time i need to go config and select nv web only after that i can get graphics works.
Электролаборатория Nemlab (10 months ago)
FotoConto Hey. Please describe in detail .... I'm stuck at this point. Rescue�🥺�
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
use the v2.5 to install high sierra and proper functioning of macos requires proper configuration of clover . if any confusions ....message me on amd-osx discord chat server. https://discord.gg/VypMs8a -XLNC
FotoConto (1 year ago)
finally its working now. But am very disappointed with the performance. every time my 8gb GB ram seems consumed by unknown apps. apps are very slow. i am here for Final Cut Pro X, with GTX 970 i thought it will give me a boost. But i can see the issue of Hanging and crashed apps. Can you give me any suggestion to make it smooth. Its not even working as old macbook air.
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
- you need apfs.efi file in the EFI/CLOVER/driver64UEFI/ folder or else your APFS drives will not show up - rename the WEB config to config.plist and clover will boot with this config as default .
Tbros Gaming (1 year ago)
will my cpu work AMD FX(tm}-812 eight core processor will it work
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
Pierce Lowe (1 year ago)
How do you know which kext to install?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
just copy the USB EFI/ content to your HDD EFI/ if you dont know what kexts to use .
Liam Newsom (1 year ago)
when i try to boot into my drive after post installer the boot takes like 20 minutes then my monitor just sleeps and i cant wake it back up. gpu: rx 460 CPU: Fx 8350 Motherboard is asus m5a97 those are specs.
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
while its installing . dont let the monitor sleep just keep moving your mouse at regular intervals
Luka Milanovic (1 year ago)
When i boot to usb i get to clover bootloader screen but there isn't an option to boot to windows even when I install mac. Please help.
Roberto Cueto (1 year ago)
Hi. in the video you go to options - config - select config file, but don't select anything, no nvidia, no ati... only config, i have nvidia 970, i'll do the same o select nvidia option?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
you have to install nvidia web drivers and boot with WEB config
Max Herrera (1 year ago)
what I dont understand is do I need to first do the restore on the Mac formate it on the pc and re restore it to get it to work?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
no ! the first few minutes shows how to create bootable usb on both operating systems . 1st on macos 2nd on windows pc so follow either mac part to create usb ( if you have a mac ) or use a windows pc to create usb
WB Informática (1 year ago)
I have a notebook with AMD C-50 processor, and every time I make the settings on the screen of the clover and click to start the installation the screen turns black and does not leave it. What can I be doing wrong?
Tech Infusion (1 year ago)
Would this work with a Gigabyte Aorus X399 motherboard? Just worried that the bios won’t be the same
Benjamin Phillips (1 year ago)
Works fine for me.
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
yes ! it will work AND use v2 installer not v1 if you have any doubts you can join amd-osx discord server (link in the description ) and contact me there -XLNC
Vitor Luiz (1 year ago)
How much longer the installation time can take ? Mine is stuck in the same 15 minutes remaining screen about 2 hours, help!
Samael Hernandez Garcia (1 year ago)
You need to change the USB to a usb3.0 when the USB message appears it will make it faster
Thales Souza (1 year ago)
For me it take more than 5 hours.
Gianluca Carabotta (1 year ago)
Hi, I have a graphics glitch on my screen , I have gtx 660, is there a fix for this problem? I dont want to come back to sierra. TY
Vitor Luiz (1 year ago)
Hi, i tried to install the High Sierra using other video, and this worked, but i don't have audio and internet on my hackintosh, My specs are: FX6100 GA-78LMT-USB3 GTX1050TI WD 1TB HD 8GB RAM following your method, i will have the audio and internet or i need to download some kexts ? Which wifi adapter do you recommend for my setup?
Vitor Luiz (1 year ago)
Alpha-X the internet kext is for WiFi connection or cable connection? Do you have any WiFi dongle for high Sierra ?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
all the kexts are there in the AMDHS_Installer After installing clover just copy the .plist files from USB EFI/CLOVER/ to HDD EFI/CLOVER/ and copy the kext files from USB EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/ to HDD EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/
Giovanni Mastellone (1 year ago)
AMD FX8320 4GHz Asus M5a97 evo r2 GTX 1060 6gb Will it work? It is possible to install it on a secondary HDD and to disable the automatic boot (I want it boot automatically Windows, so when i have to use Hackintosh i boot in it from the motherboard boot menu option)? Rotty for my bad english
Giovanni Mastellone (1 year ago)
Alpha-X i encounter a problem during the installation First boot: usbmsc identifier (non-unique)
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
hi ! you can install macos on your system . and no need to boot to macos from bios boot menu as after installing macos you have to install clover bootloader from which you can boot to either windows or macos (as you like)
Coldpaint (1 year ago)
how to check SSE4.1 ?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
head over to the http://cpuboss.com/ . and do search for your cpu model and looks under Features section. if the SSE4.1 or SSE4.2 is listed then your cpu is supported.
WEBRUCI (1 year ago)
Hi. This is my first time with Hackintosh. I follow all the instruction, but when I start to install, I have this message "This version of Mac OS X is not supported in this platform. Reason - Mac - F221BEC8" and after that the computer shut down. Only when I write in terminal "sudo nvram -c" i can't save it because the password was a key. My system is: CPU - AMD FX-6300 Motherboard - ASUST M5A97 EVO R2.0 RAM - 8 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 802MHz GPU - 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Storage - 180GB Hitachi (SATA) 1TB WDC WD10 EZEX (SATA) 120GB KINGSTON SV300 (SSD) Can you help me please ?
Henry lopez (1 year ago)
WEBRUCI you can get MultiBeast for sound I recommend getting universal and the one at the top or look at your motherboard specs for what drivers you need it will start with alc
WEBRUCI (1 year ago)
Tank you! Now it's working, but I don't have sound. The input and output is empty. What can I do?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
make sure you copied the config files from USB EFI/CLOVER/ to HDD EFI/CLOVER/
Lance Razon (1 year ago)
Will the igpu of an amd a10-7860k work?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
no ! you need to have external graphics .
Alejandro Medina (1 year ago)
Hi, I have this build: do u think this can work on my build: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 3.2 Ghz (no oc) Mother: Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming Ram: 8GB DDR4 2400 GPU: Asus GTX 1060 3gb OC. HDD: WD blue 1TB.
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
yes ! it will work plz read the video description .
Pournami (1 year ago)
my pc SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 | Motherboard AMD FX 9370 Processor Corsair 28 GB Memory cooler master 500w smps NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 GPU This pc in Sierra working?
Pournami (1 year ago)
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
yes it will work !
Pierpaolo Longo (1 year ago)
Is there any clover installation or configuration to do?
Alpha-X (1 year ago)
yes ! check the pinned item in the commen section. if any doubts ! i will be available on the amd-osx discord server.