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Things American Horror Story Gets Wrong About History

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American Horror Story isn't shy about including lots of real-life horrors. But it doesn't always get that history completely accurate, especially when it comes to actual historical figures that pop up in the show's various storylines. Here are things American Horror Story gets wrong about history. 2019's American Horror Story: 1984 was a retro throwback to slasher films of the 1980s. Inspired by Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp, Halloween, and more, the story focused on the fictional Camp Redwood, the site of numerous killings and ghastly goings-on. But to add a little zest to the story, creators added real-life serial killer Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez into the mix, where he attacked the camp's counselors and openly worshiped Satan. Ramirez really did break into homes and kill the occupants, and he really did have a strange obsession with Satan. Even Ramirez's origin story, portrayed in a flashback, is pretty accurate. Ramirez's capture, where he was chased by an angry mob through the streets of Los Angeles after being identified at a convenience store, really happened, too, as amazing as that sounds. Other than the obviously fictional parts about Ramirez killing teens at a summer camp, the show gets his life story surprisingly close to the real thing. There is one thing that definitely didn't happen with Ramirez, though. He never escaped from prison, as he does in the season's final episodes. Using the power of Satan, Ramirez is able to trick a guard into releasing him, and he begins a journey of revenge from there. The real Richard Ramirez spent the rest of his life in jail, though. He stayed on death row until 2013, when he died of lymphoma. Watch the video for more Things American Horror Story Gets Wrong About History! #AmericanHorrorStory #AHS Richard Ramirez never escaped | 0:17 Madame LaLaurie fled New Orleans | 1:36 Anton LaVey didn't worship Satan | 2:49 Marie Laveau wasn't evil | 4:00 Valerie Solanas wasn't a cult leader | 5:01 Tituba didn't practice voodoo | 6:13 Papa Legba isn't a gatekeeper to Hell | 7:40 Scáthach wasn't a witch | 8:42 Read full article: https://www.grunge.com/182114/things-american-horror-story-gets-wrong-about-history/
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Text Comments (47)
Grunge (14 days ago)
Which season of AHS was your favorite?
Riri Pari (5 days ago)
LoLo FlorFlor (8 days ago)
Shante Bryant (12 days ago)
Coven, Asylum
Angela Barnes (13 days ago)
Lioness006 (14 days ago)
Murder House, Coven, & Hotel. But I haven't seen any of the later seasons after Hotel.
Vernon Rodgers (12 hours ago)
Marie isn’t portrayed as evil 🤣🤣🤣
serenity sprite2015 (17 hours ago)
Who said it was for medical experiments?! And nobody knows where she went after she escaped.
Nj Hainsworth (6 days ago)
They got a lot wrong
Evie x (9 days ago)
1984 is an alternate universe so ramerez could’ve escaped in an alternate universe
Octaivian Cunningham (9 days ago)
Take this down it’s actually you with the misinformation on history 🤦🏿‍♂️
Vincentquiel Del Prado (11 days ago)
They didnt got it wrong, its just that its a series a fiction, they just get some inspiration with real life stories, its a tv fantasy series not a documentary, if people watching cannot see the difference well theyre stupid.... 😀😁😂😃
Scarlet Ivy (11 days ago)
Mentions atheists in the church of satan. I guess I finally do belong to a church now. 😂
Lucy Intheskywithdemons (13 days ago)
It s spelled scat-Ook, not scatach
St. T.W.O (13 days ago)
I thought AHS was meant to be entertainment and not for history lesson... Guess I was wrong...
Angela Barnes (13 days ago)
Richard Remirez was caught because he tried to snatch a young woman's car as she was leaving a birthday party in a Mexican neighborhood...the whole neighborhood was in the backyard & went after him. They pulled boards from picket fences, fence posts from metal fences, aerials from cars, and cut garden hoses. They chased him down a dead end street & were in the process of beating his ass when the cops pulled up. He cried like a little bitch boy & confessed who he was. No one recognized him until that point. My family lived there, so I watched that crap. I moved there a month & a half before he was caught. I was so relieved!! The story of how he got caught always makes me laugh! It was a "Breaking News w/Bree Walker".
Scarlet Ivy (11 days ago)
That and he saw his face on a newspaper headline and knew he was in deep shit. He's lucky he didn't get beaten to death. I'm glad you got to see him get his ass kicked. I would have loved to see that too.
Gustave Frankfurter (13 days ago)
Hate me if you will, but I really liked Hotel. The Rudolph Valentino connection and the Halloween serial killer dinner was a blast!
Lucy Intheskywithdemons (13 days ago)
Its my favorite season... The story between Tristan and Liz taylor is so beautiful💗
Star Cherry (14 days ago)
Voodum gets a bad rap in the West New Orlean natives know Marie Laveau was a saint
Nicholas H'Qar (14 days ago)
I dont care that history is innacurate i love the ahs series
Geek E Media (14 days ago)
They didnt get it wrong it's just a dramatic adaptation for storytelling
Ushould Knowbetter (14 days ago)
AHS is not a history course. It's a show created with some facts. If you watch it to learn history, that explains a lot 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Hillary Marek (14 days ago)
The New Orleans season was the only one I was able to really follow. I grew up in NOLA so a lot of the locations and stories were familiar to me but they took a HUGE artistic license with the characters back stories. I'd like to see an AHS on "the crossroads" of Robert Johnson's infamous deal with the devil.
Jeff (14 days ago)
Season 5 Roanoke: part 1 true(not really) pt.2 actors= genius!
Gbc Forever (14 days ago)
Hate to be that guy but season five is hotel , season six is Roanoke
Matt Nar (14 days ago)
AHS started good with season 1 then got worse and worse as it went on, Cult was the last season I watched and I wish I didn't bother.
Moonchild (14 days ago)
It's called "Artistic License" lol
Crystal (14 days ago)
Should have rephrased this to the real stories in history AHS were based on
Rob Ferrari (8 days ago)
Right, I agree
Stewart Distler (14 days ago)
It is a fictional horror television series. Their history is not wrong. It is just different from our history.
Ricardo Hernandez (14 days ago)
Season 9 was trash.
Adam Carlo (14 days ago)
Everyone knows this show is entertainment and not a documentary RIGHT?
matt fahringer (10 days ago)
Adam Carlo i dont. i believe it to be truth
2677linda (11 days ago)
I know, right?
Hillary Marek (14 days ago)
😳 my life a lie
Crystal (14 days ago)
Adam Carlo beat me to it
GOD OF WAR kratos (14 days ago)
First like
Evan Pangaribuan (14 days ago)
Make video about Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir please
Winter Davis (14 days ago)
I loved cathy bates in coven