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LET'S HUNT RARE POKEMON! Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield - Part 19! (Nintendo Switch)

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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Gameplay 100% Walkthrough Part 19, Catching rare Pokemon, in the post-game, LIVE on Nintendo Switch with Abdallah's Family-Friendly Commentary in HD 1080p 60 fps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CaVNb8Pj7I&list=PLkR3RWLcKJUTFEgTcp_sE6GB6RfYTPOC2 👈 Watch the Pokemon Sword & Shield Playlist! https://amzn.to/2q2mNm2 👈 Get Pokemon Sword & Shield and Play Along! About Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield: Begin your adventure as a Pokémon Trainer by choosing one of three new partner Pokémon: Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble. Then embark on a journey in the new Galar region, where you’ll challenge the troublemakers of Team Yell, while unraveling the mystery behind the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta! Explore the Wild Area, a vast expanse of land where the player can freely control the camera. Team up with three other players locally or online in the new multiplayer co-op Max Raid Battles* in which players will face off against gigantic and super-strong Pokémon known as Dynamax Pokémon. Certain Pokémon can even Gigantamax to gain a new look and a powerful set of G-Max moves. But there’s more to being a champion than honing your battle skills: you can pick your own clothes and get a new hairdo while visiting the stores in town, so you can be the Trainer you want to be. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter newly discovered Pokémon as well as familiar ones that will look a little different in their new Galarian forms! And for another way to level up your Pokémon, assign them Poké Jobs to complete. You can even play with your Pokémon in Pokémon Camp, just for fun! ▪️ Catch, battle, and trade Pokémon on a new adventure in the Galar region ▪️ Choose from three new partner Pokémon and encounter never-before-seen Pokémon ▪️ Unravel the mystery behind the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta! ▪️ Players can control the camera in the vast Wild Area ▪️ Team up with other Trainers to participate in Max Raid Battles*! ▪️ Battle wild Dynamax Pokémon in Max Raid Battles* and try catching them! Platform: Nintendo Switch Release Date: Nov 15, 2019 No. of Players: up to 4 players Category: Role-Playing, Adventure Publisher: Nintendo Developer: GAME FREAK Inc. #PokemonSword #PokemonShield #NintendoSwitch 🔽🔽🔽 Level up your support by becoming an official Member!🔽🔽🔽 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsDtTzkvGxxw95C4IOfZ7dw/join 🍄 Mushroom Tier 🍄 ▪️ Exclusive access to Abdallah Emoji ▪️ Nintendo Switch/3DS Friend Code Exchange ▪️ Discord Member Role ▪️ Access to "Members Only" Game Night ▪️ Twitter Shout-out 🔥🌺 Fire Flower Tier 🔥🌺 ▪️ Early Access to videos ▪️ Voting Access on what game I play ⚡ Lightning Tier ⚡ ▪️ Boosted chances of playing with on Stream ▪️ Endscreen Credits 🌟 Superstar VIP Tier 🌟 ▪️ Exclusive VIP Monthly Chats with webcam on Discord
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Text Comments (73)
ann pichette (9 days ago)
hiall team a Pokemon Sword nameit is hh
Stacey Pratz (18 days ago)
Has there been a person who used a master ball on a magikarp that only knows splash. No,just me?
Darkstardragon (25 days ago)
I want a sytheon
Leo Regulus (26 days ago)
Leo Regulus (21 days ago)
i really can't find any lengendarys in pokemon sword maybe mew is in sheild but mew is also my favorite😁
Ong Kuat Cheng (1 month ago)
Butterfree should have been named mothra
Anon Viewer (1 month ago)
Revisited. (9:09) 19:22 Stone henge. 2:16:00 Yeah, Pokemon lore goes on and on about how Milotic is the most beautiful. Almost as if the writers are trying to convince themselves.
SakuraandSesshomaru (1 month ago)
Wow! I think I was online playing when you were live with this video. I saw a girl with pink pigtails in a black jacket. I think that was my character.
heart shaker (1 month ago)
Definitely Dewpider like Jupiter. The bubble on its head is like an astronaut's helmet
Emery Cho (1 month ago)
Back when I watched your X and Y Let's Play, I was more of a lurker.
Rain Lim (1 month ago)
Ootd: My favourite pokemon this time was slyveon because I really like the cute design. *A dragon slayer too*
Madu Gaming 36 (1 month ago)
Milotic because it is such a beautiful pokemon
Jaydan 117 (1 month ago)
QOTD: Gengar because he is the coolest pokémon ever
YOLOmancer (1 month ago)
QOTD: My fav was definitely Sylveon because it was a great luck to get in my opinion and of course it has such a great pokemon design compared to many others, that makes it one of my all time favorites ^^
MCJokki (2 months ago)
QOTD: I liked Gengar the most its also cool that i got it name after me! Gengar in Red and Blue fighting when you start sold me on him!
MCJokki (2 months ago)
QOTD: I liked Gengar the most its also cool that i got it name after me! Gengar in Red and Blue fighting when you start sold me on him!
MCJokki (2 months ago)
QOTD: I liked Gengar the most its also cool that i got it name after me! Gengar in Red and Blue fighting when you start sold me on him!
Ben Saunders (2 months ago)
xXCrazyBunnyXx (2 months ago)
QOTD: lapras! Because thats one of my fave water type pokemon~ and it was so funny how you caught it lol.
Freakturns YT (2 months ago)
Have to say Gengar hes one of my favorite gen 1 pokemon
Zontious DragonBane (2 months ago)
Question of the day: my Favorite pokemon was Sylveon be cause i love all the eeveelotions
Josephine Pardenilla (2 months ago)
I got ⚔️🛡
DarthRevan1 (2 months ago)
QOTD: I don't really know much about competitive pokemon but I am interested in learning
Carolinchen Fee (2 months ago)
Mannheim is a city in Germany and his name "Mannheimer" means that he is from there, too.
Riolu Bandit (2 months ago)
Qotd :Milotic because I like that pokemon
Bradley Littman (2 months ago)
QOTD! I liked the G Max Butterfree because it looks very pretty with its wing pattern and it is a pokemon that can G Max.
Demetrius Parrish (2 months ago)
the yellow flow (2 months ago)
Question of the day: My favorite was sylveon because it looks cute and it's a fairy type that I would of caught 💜
Wolflover214 XD (2 months ago)
My favorite Pokémon that was caught in this episode would be Gengar because he is an amazing powerhouse Pokémon with high special attack if lucky.
emils The goat (2 months ago)
Good video
🍓The Original Strawberry Dinosaur 🍓 (2 months ago)
I wish he knew that he could change the weather using the system clock and get even rarer Pokemon like rotom.
AbdallahSmash026 (2 months ago)
I wish you'd listen to me when I stated that I don't want to mess with my system clock.
Cat From The Future (2 months ago)
QOTD: It was gigantamax butterfree because it looks very majestic and most of them had a 5 IV ones
Roman Forbes (2 months ago)
Qotd: I like Milotic it is my most favorite water type Pokemon
Naruto Uzumaki (2 months ago)
Bisharb because i would use him on my team
Cassie Smith (2 months ago)
I know how to evolve sinestea
Corron White (2 months ago)
QOTD: My favorite is going to be Milotic because it looks so cool
Geoffrey Grant (2 months ago)
@AbdallahSmash026 have not played any Pokemon since the original. was thinking of playing again. what are you overall thoughts on the game?
John Joe (2 months ago)
your the best
Eric Wijaya (2 months ago)
Hey Abdallah. My name is Eric. I am writing here because I just want to say that if YouTube is ending, I want to let you know that you are my favorite YouTuber in my life. Your Yo kai Watch and Pokemon gameplays make me real proud, even if I rarely watch them. If you are reading this, and even if YouTube's end cannot be prevented, at least you made a 13 year old proud. And that is me. So if YouTube cannot prevent its end, I hate to say this but... I'll miss you and your channel...for life...😭
JPlay (2 months ago)
QOTD: Mantyke, because I really like how they jump out of the water and it was rather funny, how it avoided the fight..
AnimalCrossing Hardcore Fan (2 months ago)
comment question: it is Gyarados because he looks cool and it was hard to catch him
GhostL2110 (2 months ago)
QOTD: It definitely has to be Gyarados because it looks so awesome.
tnemec07 (2 months ago)
QOTD: Favorite pokemon caught has to be Gyarados since it's one of my favorite pokemon of all time, and it was first encountered shiny in ORAS!
MR_MIMER _ONER (2 months ago)
Can I have a Pokemon named after me i became a member off sream
Erika Lewis (2 months ago)
Hey to evolve your Pokemon you have to have Farfetch'd in front of your team and find a Pokemon trainer with 3 Pokemon to evolve Farfetch'd
collin mccabe (2 months ago)
My favorite was dusknoir because it is a really cool 👻👻 and can you see the face on his belly
Bleu pearl gamer (2 months ago)
Dani Huntsman (2 months ago)
QOTD: My favorite pokemon caught today is Sylveon, cause all the eevee's are my favorite pokemon.
Creativeking0526 (2 months ago)
QOTD: It would have to be Gyarados, because it took this long to get him, and it seemed like Abdallah was never gonna get him
Xena Dragoneel (2 months ago)
I like milotic, it's pretty
The Guffhardy (2 months ago)
QOTD: Gyarados. He seemed to elude us for a long time.
Johan Hernandez (2 months ago)
QOTD: I liked how he finally caught a Gyarados after all this timeit taunting us because we couldn’t get in the water
Kevin James (2 months ago)
Still have the people that wanted you to come back when you became pokemon champion
the channel (2 months ago)
Qotd:silvyon because it is a evolutionary pokemon from eevee and eevee cool
Zorbzys (2 months ago)
Adallha pls play miitopia and reset your progress and play again
CrimsonWorlds (2 months ago)
QOTD: definitely mantine because it is practically a stingray and i love stingrays
hailey Fore (2 months ago)
QOTD ~ Gengar for sure. Just an awesome Pokémon!!
dylan gotoy (2 months ago)
Comment question= my favorite wild pokemon you caught was gengar because like in the past generations of pokemon you always had to get a haunter and trade it to get gengar and that was annoying but now you can just caught him in the wild now with no easy
Notorious Enemy M (2 months ago)
QOTD: Gengar, hands down one of my go to ghost types in my main story play throughs of previous games.
Abraham Bidinger-Badger (2 months ago)
I got the double pack have to wait till Christmas though
JZMegaRayquaza (2 months ago)
QOTD: Gyarados b/c it's a powerful pokemon, and those Dragon Darts did tons of damage from Dragapult.
Kidz 4 Kids (2 months ago)
Question of the day: I’m going to go with Butterfree, because when it was dynamaxed, it was Really Pretty.😁
likethepear (2 months ago)
Pokémon should have a RingFit mode.
James Fudge (2 months ago)
QOTD - My favorite pokemon caught today has got to be gyarados since it has 5IVs.
Tyler Hua (2 months ago)
Qotd gengar because it was so hard to get him when you have no friend or a second copy :)
Landon Nowicki (2 months ago)
QOTD: gengar is my favorite Pokemon since I first saw him
Ace cool Trainer Brown (2 months ago)
My favorite pokemon you catch today gyarados because he was one of my favorite shiny pokemon and my favorite shiny pulse he best water flying pokemon And look for dynomax normal or steel or dark type have farfetch that equip kingrock then should evolve after 3 critical hit must be win the battle there #890 pokemon it not shiny it two dinosaurs top and bottom I also want sorbunny emote
Wait. That's a Shiny Falinks (2 months ago)
QOTD: Obviously Dugtrio, I love Diglett, and Dugtrio is 3 Diglett
Anna Judge (2 months ago)
QOTD: it has to be Swoobat for me only because it is my namesake. Otherwise Sylveon!
Georg Lumila (2 months ago)
QOTD: Its gotta be gengar cause he is my favorite pokemon of all time
Valkyr3knight (2 months ago)
Qotd- lapras I’ve always liked her ever since I saw her in the anime
Orange Man (2 months ago)
QOTD: Mantine Because he’s One of the best Pokémon on my Team in Pokémon GO