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Allama Hafeez ullah Mustafai┇Complete Bayan 2019 - Most Emotional Bayan - Best Speech

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Text Comments (30)
Hamad Hashmi (11 days ago)
Waqas Iqbal (15 days ago)
Andaaz e Sukhan (18 days ago)
قبلہ حفیظ اللہ مصطفائی صاحب کی زیارت ہوئی الحمد اللہ اور اللہ نے ہاتھ ملانے کا موقع بھی دیا ..ماشاءاللہ ..اللہ ان کی عمر دراز کرے..آمین
Mirza Waqar (1 month ago)
لا اله الا اللّه محمّد رسول اللّه صلی اللّه علیہ وسلم
Azhar Dhillow (1 month ago)
Malik WaQas 187 (1 month ago)
yh hamary ilaqy ki masjid main tha danda shah bilawal
Andaaz e Sukhan (18 days ago)
City Kn sa bnta ha ?
Sk nawab sahab mobin (2 months ago)
Subhan Allah
Waseemkhan Waseemkhan (2 months ago)
Moin Khan (2 months ago)
Allah aap ko hayate taebya naseb fharmaye
Moin Khan (2 months ago)
Subhan Allah
Moin Khan (2 months ago)
Masha Allah
Ahmad sarfraz (3 months ago)
Ayub khan (4 months ago)
Maulana aapka num mil sakta hai kya aapka progam rakhna chahte hai
Waqas Ahmed (5 months ago)
Fahad Emircom (6 months ago)
Ali Ahmad (2 months ago)
feemi saab (3 months ago)
Shabbir Khan (6 months ago)
Subhan Allah
husain Khan (6 months ago)
Malik Fareed (6 months ago)
SubhanAllah MashaAllah
Aftab Alam 786 (6 months ago)
Masha Allah nice bayan
Saif ali (6 months ago)
Masha allah
Rashid Shah (7 months ago)
Mohd Sharuk (7 months ago)
Subhan Allah
JAMAL Khan (8 months ago)
Danish Kadari (8 months ago)
Masha Allah hazarat
SHOEB SHOEB (8 months ago)
💚سبحان اللہ سبحان اللہ 💚
Taufeeque Barkati (9 months ago)
Abdul Hadi (10 months ago)
SubhanAllah MashaAllah