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Top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019

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top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019 including their dangerous runways Many pilots believe that the most dangerous stages during the flight - are takeoffs and landings. But there are airports in the world where plane takeoffs and landings are scary even for highly professional pilots - they have to show real miracles of maneuverability! In this top 10 list, you'll find out which airport is the world most dangerous 2019 and why. Discover how dangerous can be an airport Note: The video was created according to the fair use law. Note for YouTube: License Certificate This document certifies the purchase of the MUSIC STANDARD LICENSE Author: TibaSound Item Title: Shining Item URL: https://audiojungle.net/item/shining/22089837 Item ID: 22089837 Author: EvgenyBardyuzhaMusic Item Title: Experimental Ambient Chill Electronica Item URL: https://audiojungle.net/item/experimental-ambient-electronica/22493993 Item ID: 22493993 For any queries related to this document or license please contact Envato Support via https://help.author.envato.com
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John Smith (10 months ago)
The guy that messed up on number three deserved it. He came in all  rared  back  like he knows everything.; Didn't touch down, until I was ready to do a touch and go. No wonder he ran out of runway. Apparently he thinks if you are unfamiliar, just blast in there, and hope for the best. I'd  be interested in what damage was done, and the estimate.
Jun Tolentino (1 day ago)
@hypoeddy ffoji
Itay Vaizman (2 days ago)
You really cannot judge him. We have seen just the final landing. We can't know if he have some kind of engine failure or problems, or any emergency (fuel as well) that requires immidiate landing. Although he messed up that flare.
Tania Pretorius (3 days ago)
@pacific231g david dw
Oliver Klein (4 days ago)
@Dennis Maynard So worth it once you get there though! On of my favorite places
Oliver Klein (4 days ago)
@Darrin Nelson I've landed there 3 or so times. Never had an issue and really a fun descent over the hill :) To the right is the main road that leads from the port to the rest of the island, so no room to expand the runway that I can think of. Definitely an interesting experience. And well worth it once you touch down and kick your shoes off!
Esdras Felício (1 hour ago)
Where is the plane touch down the water as the picture shows ??? You liar.
marios manesis (6 hours ago)
Corfu airport in Greece ?
Penfold8 (7 hours ago)
Even though it's out of service now what about the Kai Tak airport?
Rey (14 hours ago)
These are a list of airports I’m going to try to land in MSFS 2020
anthony pucci (15 hours ago)
9 thats fake
The Wonder List (15 hours ago)
Pedro Oliveira (18 hours ago)
You forgot madeira island...
swampfuel20 (19 hours ago)
AND The Most Dangerous Airplane? Number 1....Boeing 737 M.A.X......
thegoldentench (20 hours ago)
terrain terrain
Mohammed Suleman Ahmed (1 day ago)
no No NO!!!
Brian Powell (1 day ago)
Around 9:54, with the Boeing 787 and Boeing 737, it looked like Mama Jet leading Baby Jet in the wild blue yonder LOL!!!!
S_L_H (1 day ago)
Did I miss the thumbnail? I didn't see which one it was
Shirou Fubuki (1 day ago)
I think that it's the 07 / 06 ....
Ugo Debes (1 day ago)
These pilots are so great
Lorne Rogers (1 day ago)
Any of them are if you're flying one of those jetliners featured towards the end of this video.
W 10 (1 day ago)
اكره ركوب الطائرة
Oryiman Ambrose (1 day ago)
the name should be written on the screen
Morten Henrik (1 day ago)
Farao island airport
pavan kumar (1 day ago)
Nepal airport
Niloofar Iranian (1 day ago)
add one more the Air Port of Tehran
Ash White (1 day ago)
Dominica, an island in the Caribbean... Douglas Charles airport..
Value London (1 day ago)
The most dangerous airport is any one flown to by the 737 MAX Boeing plane featured at the end of the clip ;)
Apex Noob (2 days ago)
Are you gay brv
john doe (2 days ago)
They aren't dangerous airports, they are stupid, incompetent pilots who should never have been allowed to fly but do until their idiocy costs innocent people their lives. Just about every crash in the history of aviation is due to pilot error.
Tolulola Oyeleye (2 days ago)
la paz
Edmund Butler (2 days ago)
In 1982 Sudan Air landed a Boeing 707airplane in the Nile at Khartoum during a sand storm, mistaking the river for the airport's runway three miles away. Complimentary drinks all around and no injuries beyond the pride of the flight crew. The plane stayed in the river for quite some time I believe, water up to about cabin floor level.
CaptainArt777 (1 day ago)
If the pilots are from Sudan, lookout. Any time you fly on a plane own by a middle east or China airline watch it. China at one time had the worst record among the airlines till they took lessons on how to train their pilots from the USA and since then they not trouble till San Francisco. Putting pilots with little training in a new plane was a mistake by them.
Numa Mendez (2 days ago)
you forgot honduras
Super scary landings!
Tspringy111 Channel (2 days ago)
All of them
knotkool1 (2 days ago)
no airport listed here is on the 10 most dangerous airports list. this list is better labeled as 10 scary airports. north las vegas is more dangerous. but not scary until they kill you.
knotkool1 (2 days ago)
"many pilots believe that the most dangerous part of flying is takeoff and landing". yeah. like every pilot but combat pilots.
William Heermans (2 days ago)
Hong Kong
roxy white (2 days ago)
Pokhara Nepal is missing from this list
Chirah (2 days ago)
Nice video, but video editor freezed countdown from 10 to 1 at 10, you mention 5 still reading 10.
Macmax7077 (2 days ago)
737 Max! The flying coffin!
CK's channel. (2 days ago)
Dear YouTube: This is what happens when you let an algorithm dictate your website; shit-quality algorithm-exploiting robo-bullshit like this becomes prominent..... It's no wonder content creators are begging the market for a new platform...
Emmanuel Aguera (2 days ago)
Looks like Boeing needs publicity...
Virginia Lindsay (3 days ago)
These airports should not be allow to operate unless there defects are corrected or modified! The governments of those countries should be ashamed of themselves!! Profit is more important than lives! Maybe this will change when your own family perishes.
Sumayah Edoo (3 days ago)
but in St Maarten it has a danger sign so it's the ppls choice to go and risk their life
77,777 subscribers with no videos (3 days ago)
Boeing 737 and 7 87 looks sick, I think it can handle the straight up take off- like 737 did
Christopher Gurganus (3 days ago)
Wow, very Awesome video...I have been a Flight Attendant for years...used to worked for International Airports nation wide and other Foreign countries...worked inside Sea-Tac Airports mostly in my 32 years ...male 55 age...now I have been retired since 2006' > started since I was 17 years old from my home country in GREECE
rockitdude (3 days ago)
This video gets five stars for its hilarious "English".
Zenok' oo (3 days ago)
Lol the video is talking about dangerous airports and the first plane it shows is a 737 Max that got discontinued because of crashs that happened lately
stainless0521 (4 days ago)
hard to hear the narrative...
mtntime1 (4 days ago)
Ironic that they showcase the 737 Max. This was right before they were all grounded. So, what's the scariest airport? Anywhere you're in a Max.
Jean-Pierre Damore (1 day ago)
Welcome to our Airport! Our Airport ... / beach .. 😄 😄 😄
Kudkud Amir Madrasa (4 days ago)
Soo cool. Content is perfect myfriend..
Py Vlogs (4 days ago)
Nepal's Lukla airport is considerate as most dangerous airport
Joseph H (5 days ago)
6:42 seems like the whole thing us is a trap
ElamCo Inc. (5 days ago)
The cover photo is a lie, not part of video. waste of time.
Carl Fredrik Abelson (2 days ago)
It's called clickbait. Give the video a thumbs down!
insearchofbw (3 days ago)
It was clickbait! ;-(
Nilesh Dhamane (5 days ago)
The Sikkim airport in India
ang laki ng airplane
Malik Khaliq (5 days ago)
Lukla is most dangerous
Urashima Hanako (5 days ago)
Oh that's why I couldnt find a cheap ticket to Honduras, OK, that's because the airport is too dangerous and not many pilots could fly to that airport... I was there few times and I didnt feel scary at all, but after I watch this video and now I know Honduran airport is one of the dangerous airport, I might feel scary next time I go there.
Tun Tun (5 days ago)
Chia Sẻ Khám Phá Việt (5 days ago)
dangerous very dangerous
Star Gazer (5 days ago)
A VFR only airport hardly makes it dangerous.
Diocletian Records (5 days ago)
Who's scared?
kieran kenny (6 days ago)
RGHS Dupingay (6 days ago)
How about the airport in baguio city philippines
RGHS Dupingay (4 days ago)
@Cup Cake i dont have picture maybe if im gonna take a vacatio
Cup Cake (4 days ago)
RGHS Dupingay details please
Shahin Khan (6 days ago)
Love the way 737 max glides in the air.
hi every one (6 days ago)
Iberia Airline is one of dangerous airlines. Do not fly with this airline
Alfa Sierra (4 days ago)
Just curious... I flew to Spain last month in this airline. Is there something to know?
The Business Mania (6 days ago)
:) OMG
Lisa Chou TV (6 days ago)
*Omg very very big big !!*
Asian Beauty (6 days ago)
be safe
Su Raz Dhungana (6 days ago)
3:17 Lukla Airport , Nepal
Kwentong OFW (6 days ago)
Update: the world’s most dangerous airport is in Iran 🇮🇷
Saladass s (1 day ago)
they tend to shoot plains on accident
Willis Obura (4 days ago)
Missiles fly anyhow
Tony Kim (6 days ago)
At least need to provide ICAO to know exactly where it is..
j (6 days ago)
Why do the creators of these videos put ads before the thing ends? Makes no sense and is very irritating.
secpac58chichi (6 days ago)
my girlfriend's landing strip is way more dangerous than those
Gibran man utd discussiins Akida (7 days ago)
Nice and educating
carol tenge (7 days ago)
ban airports.
lffit (7 days ago)
Funchal Madeira landed there in the eighties, the strip is located between two cliffs to the sea on at the beginning and the end, and SO short, its since been lengthened out into the sea!
Markus L. (5 days ago)
Yes it received a massive runway extension in 2000. Still challening for the pilots in case of cross winds but I wouldn't consider it super dangerous. But I can believe that it was before.
mado2158 (7 days ago)
Kai Tak Hong Kong...
islndbwoy (7 days ago)
Walker’s Cay, Bahamas Airport needs to be added to that list! Short runway on a cliff, Many planes have gone over the cliff and into the ocean.
urvashi ramani (7 days ago)
Tagabukid Ko Vlogs (7 days ago)
OMG!!! So scary airport 😱🛬✈️👻😕
Catboy Car (7 days ago)
Crashes into the water and don’t you think that that’s ancient not been built there
Mac McG (7 days ago)
LA International … because Harrison Ford flies there!
Lynn Lynn (2 days ago)
I'm actually giggling, thank you.
Joey Mas (8 days ago)
lol shows the 737 max Promo Video at the end.... hahahahahahahahahahhaa
Oroszi Barni (8 days ago)
Where are theese airports?
NikTravels (8 days ago)
6:56 easyyy easyyyy
MadNixx Music (8 days ago)
Thank God I can enter Bhutan by Road 😁🤠🙏
karwan k (8 days ago)
All dangerous Airport
Red B (8 days ago)
Dangerous airports yet you never hear of any disasters from these places. Aka Sober Pilots.
Ashly 21 (8 days ago)
For sure Honduras intercontinental airport is one of the most dangerous :) I hate landing there !
Bahman Akbary (9 days ago)
اونی که نشون میدهید چرا پخش نمیکنید عوضی ها
Alfian Hidayat (9 days ago)
Saikrishna Reddy (9 days ago)
no one care no (9 days ago)
i think lukla airport is world most extreme airport
Xylns (2 days ago)
Diocletian Records (5 days ago)
I'm scared.
Roan the Tree (9 days ago)
My grandfather told me about airports like #9 all the time! the one i remember the most was one on an island. he said that the fence was so close to the runway that your two choices for watching the planes go by: lay down or get knocked over by the wind created by the passing planes
Down- town rapper (9 days ago)
Nepal airport
Isabel McKenzie (10 days ago)
Very Nice
Peter Cunnius (10 days ago)
I think landing on a runway that crosses the major highway is dangerous.
evolunter (8 days ago)
They forgot to put a traffic light
Ai_rbus (10 days ago)
Top 10 Photoshop Landing Thumbnails
Tv golden ronish media (10 days ago)
Josh Bilbee (10 days ago)
Majuro Marshall Islands International Airport should have made the list as one of the most difficult airports to land at. Do to the fact that the Pilots have to be landed at a certain point on the runway or else they'll have to take off again due to the fact there's water at the end of the runway. Only the most experience Pilots take off Inland there.
Anouar Chalkha (10 days ago)
I experience nepal airport was strengh landing there
Mary Scott (7 days ago)
Anouar Chalkha nice project
Charlotte Mwass (10 days ago)
Boeing killed most people😿