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Planet Earth seen from space (Full HD 1080p) ORIGINAL

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Please like and subscribe to see more videos of our beautiful planet. See also the amazing 32 minutes of time lapses taken from the ISS looking down on Earth or take an hour long tour of the International Space Station Interesting links: ISS Live Crew and Science timeline: ISS tracker - Shows you real time position of the ISS. This video was compiled by sebastiansz. Click this link in order to subscribe to my channel for more space videos :) Планетата Земја, видена од вселената - Macedonian Երկիր մոլորակը տիեզերքից - Armenian Planeta Terra visto do espaço - Português (Brasil) Ο Πλανήτης ΓΗ από το Διάστημα - Ελληνικά (Hellenic Language) Il Pianeta Terra visto dallo spazio - Italian Pamântul văzut din spațiu - Romanian / Moldavian language Космостан қарағандағы Жер ғаламшары - kazakh Yerin kosmosdan görünüşü - Azerbaijani Yerin uzaydan görünüşü - Azerbaijani Ang Daigdig mula sa kalawakan - Filipino/Tagalog Jorden fra rommet - Norwegian Jorden set fra rummet - Danish პლანეტა დედამიწის შეხედვა კოსმოსიდან - Georgian Planeta terra visto do espaço - Português Planeta Terra visto do Espaço - Brazilian portuguese ji ezman dîmen ê Erd ê (Kurdish) Planet Erde vom Weltraum aus betrachtet - (German) maa avaruudesta nähtynä - (Finnish) uzaydan dünyanın görünümü (Turkish) Planeti Toke pare nga hapesira - Shqip (Albanian) මිහිතලය අභ්‍යවකාශයේ සිට පෙනෙන ආකාරය. - (Sinhalese, Sri Lanka) эх дэлхий сансараас - (Mongolian) Planeti Toke pare nga hapesira - Shqip (Albanian) ดาวเคราะห์โลกเมื่อมองจากอวกาศ (Thai) 우주에서 본 지구 - (Korean) "Земля з космосу" - (Ukrainian) Planeta Pamant vazuta din spatiu - (Romanian) A Föld az Űrből - (Hungarian) "Ziemia widziana z kosmosu" - (Polish) Земята от космоса - (Bulgarian) "Планета Земля из космоса" - (Russian) "Zeme ir redzama no kosmosa" - (Latvian) meeraha dhulka hawada laga arko - (Somali) An Domhain ó spás - (Irish) "de Aarde gezien vanuit de ruimte" - Dutch رؤية كوكب الأرض من الفضاء. - Arabic "Terra vista do espaço" Terra vista des de l'espai "Earth seen from space" "la terre vue de l'espace" "la tierra desde el espacio" "El planeta Tierra visto desde el espacio" (spanish) "terra vista dallo spazio" โลกดาวเคราะห์เห็นได้จากพื้นที่ يبلغ حجم القمر ربع حجم الأرض ولا يوجد فيه لا هواء ولا ماء ولا حياة. 從太空中看到地球 从太空中看到地球 宇宙から見た地球 Zemlje vidi iz svemira Zemlja iz svemira Země z vesmíru Earth séð frá geimnum પૃથ્વી જગ્યા માંથી જોઇ Jorden set fra rummet Maa kosmosest vaadatuna Maan avaruudesta nähtynä Γη από το διάστημα ഭൂമി ബഹിരാകാശത്തില്‍ നിന്നും כדור הארץ כפי שנראה מהחלל ಭೂಮಿಯ ಜಾಗವನ್ನು ಕಂಡಂತೆ पृथ्वी अंतरिक्ष से देखा Aarde gezien vanuit de ruimte Bumi dilihat dari angkasa Jörð séð frá geimnum Uzaydan Dünyaya Bakış 지구는 우주에서 본 Žemės vaizdas iš kosmoso Zemes redzams no kosmosu Jorden sett fra verdensrommet Pământ văzut din spaţiu Zemlji videl iz vesolja Jorden sedd från rymden Dünya, uzayın görülen Yer kosmik göründüyü Trái đất nhìn từ không gian Terra vista dallo spazio كوكب الارض كما يظهر من الفضاء " زمین از فضا دیده می شود زمین کی خلا سے دیکھا منظر الأرض من الفضاء (Arabic) Gweld Ddaear o'r gofod பூமியை விண்வெளியில் இருந்து பார்க்கும் โลกเห็นได้จากพื้นที่ Kuonekana duniani kutoka nafasi Земље види из свемира Երկրի երեւում է տիեզերքից Dinja tidher mill-ispazju Latè te wè li nan lespas Земјата се гледа од вселената "blue marble" Earth seen from space ISS (HD 1080p) This video may contain copyrighted material & is the property of the respective authors, artists and labels.
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Text Comments (17024)
Ljubicasti Mandrak (10 hours ago)
where are the stars behind the earth? why don't you shoot the whole country but some pieces you give us .. always just part of the earth ... beautiful. animation but only it has nothing to do with the truth ...
Madam Jim (13 hours ago)
So beautiful🤫😍
sathyan a (14 hours ago)
എവിടെ നമ്മുടെ കേരളം
celestine obi (16 hours ago)
God is wonderful, humans are very lucky to witness the planet
HnTv (1 day ago)
Why do us Humans like arguing about stuff? This video is real and it shows the advancements of us all. We shouldn't fight over the truth and accept what we see. Anyways cool video :)
Bryan Lopez (1 day ago)
Mom: what are you watching? Me: just see Lil Dicky
Cesar Espinal (1 day ago)
It looks peaceful on Earth
Fareda Sulthana (1 day ago)
I think they are aliens
Maya Eka (1 day ago)
Masya Allah
Vishal Tech (1 day ago)
Khatarnak Che Nice video 👌👌👌👍👍👍 Thanks 😊😃😃😃
Fahd Belushi (1 day ago)
I really wanna see earth video from far away with complete shape showing in video
Fahd Belushi (1 day ago)
Why camera is close
Ts68mo (2 days ago)
Nice FISH EYE LENS !! Why not SHOW this picture with A NORMAL LENS ?? ( Because real Earth Is Flat )
R (2 days ago)
Doesnt anybody notice anything strange about this video? First, the ocean isnt even moving, i didnt see any waves, 2nd theres no birds or anything in the sky. And last, there are no people !
Janice Low (2 days ago)
it's amazing to know that this huge earth can one day be destroyed by the mankind that we can't even see in this video
Adrian Badila (2 days ago)
Cred intrun dumnezeu atot iubitor si atotputernic
Resignfromschool resignfromschool (3 days ago)
Save jupiter
morosso (3 days ago)
19:04 Haiyan?
Jan Petersson (3 days ago)
DO SHIP DISAPPEAR IN THE HORIZONT SO WE HAVE TO LIVE ON A GLOBE This argument is the only thing we meet from 95% of these globalists, who then believe that it all started with a big bang from nothing, that we evolved from fish to chimpanzee and then to human although our DNA doesn't match at all and Darwin's theory was revealed to be a false invention many years ago. That we live in an expanding universe, that we spin for 1600 mph per hour, tilt at 23.4 degrees, 90-23.4 = 66.6 the devil's number and travel through the universe for 100,000 km per hour, that there are planets colliding and black holes that eating planets and stars, there are aliens, space journeys to the moon, March, Pluto Jupiter, etc., that there is a space station ISS in the outer atmosphere of the vacuum as well as 40,000 satellites that provide us with satellite TV and GPS. He first explained that our view is limited so if we look far away it creeps together like for example if we take a paper and write with normal letters HELLO, then you can read it when you have it in front of you on the table, but if I take this paper and we are on a football field and I hold the paper and walk away from you then you finally do not even see the paper when I am on the other side of the football field. The older you get the faster things to disappear into the middle, so someone with poor eyesight sees a boat disappear earlier than one with good eyesight, and the one who thinks that in a flat world you should be able to see the next town or Mount Everest which is 8 km high from all places in our world, it has not thought at all. We then took a spirit level and also a laser level and walked along a long rail track that we could follow for 4 kilometers because it was visible so far. The measurement turned out to be very flat the drop was exactly where it was going the entire distance so there was no talk of the matter, the rails were on the very flat surface, not even an alleged and unproven gravity could have bent these rails. As we stood at one end, the rails joined and disappeared from our field of vision on the horizon which means that the surface of the earth meets the sky, but we could zoom in all the way to the other end and see the rails as clearly as possible, so it has the same effect as with boats that we experience disappear on the horizon. We contacted an employee of a company that builds rail rails and that lay and repair them, he let us know that they must be perfectly flat, they can never be put up or down a hill because then a train can´t keep on the rails and the locomotive can´t handle either not to climb a mountain with their wagons, then it must have some lifting mechanism that we see that they have in places that then act as cable cars. But you can insert curves because something is in the way like a lake and such, but then it is extra important to lay the rail so that the train has contact with the rail all the time and raise the one rail located at the outermost of the curve higher and that the train then it must slow down properly, and there this comes with solar curves, when straight and flat rails are heated by extreme heat of the sun, then these rails can be slightly bent by the heat and then it really applies that the locomotive driver observes this and slows down for traces of this battle has happened. The results we came up with considering that 95% of globalists see boats that disappear on the horizon and NOT because there is any curve they disappear into, then that argument falls and the hope then stands that they are thinking about everything else if science explains true stories or not, we have given these 95% globalists a thought that hopefully gets them to start looking for facts from both sides and then we have surely come a long way in finding the truth about where we live.
MK (3 days ago)
I don't get our facination with finding another planet to ruin when we should be taking care of the amazing one we've got thank god we seem to be living in a time where people are becoming more aware of things that are affecting our planet
Armil zerfana (4 days ago)
pietje de dood (5 days ago)
I dont see how these can be images of the earth. I havent recognized any country on one of them.
Daddy Endya (2 days ago)
pietje de dood maybe you need borders, remember, those borders are fake...
yeahSOwhat (5 days ago)
Somebody nuke that filthy ball of nastiness and home of most retarded species ever - humans.
Tipparat Duangin (5 days ago)
Daddy Endya (2 days ago)
Tipparat Duangin not
matthew moore (6 days ago)
High altitude plane using a fish eye lens, "space" isn't real!!
Daddy Endya (2 days ago)
matthew moore you are very stupid my friend... very
Perjalanan Pulang (6 days ago)
computer generated video
Daddy Endya (2 days ago)
Perjalanan Pulang noy
rap F (6 days ago)
rap F (6 days ago)
Vincent Bodzah (7 days ago)
Crying while watching, nobody shouldn't take God for granted
Love is life (7 days ago)
Thanks god to gifted this life in sooo beautiful place earth....... All the countries are siblings We should not fight together We should live withp peace & love I love my india 💖
yellow submarine (7 days ago)
cgi bs
joo (8 days ago)
Wowwwwww can't believe outside earth so peace full ND we all inside the sky But inside earth 🙄🙄🙄 horrible Gods gift nature
Weirdo’s art dump (8 days ago)
I sent this to a flat earth discord server
I.M (8 days ago)
Let's shout in Korea! Wow!
Felipe Mats (8 days ago)
Fake CGI
Daddy Endya (2 days ago)
Felipe Mats it’s not you moron
Sir Mounted (9 days ago)
hold up, I think they forgot to edit out the excess stars overlapping Earth at 15:19 no but seriously the fuck is going on there
Rainbow Colours (9 days ago)
Why there are dislikes
Asghar Ali Dahani (9 days ago)
this is the beautiful of Allah Almighty ❤️
G (9 days ago)
Doesn't look real
sabuj ahmed (10 days ago)
It's really awesome.
adrian delatorre (10 days ago)
Tiger (10 days ago)
Blackened is the end Winter it will send Throwing all you see Into obscurity Death of mother earth Never a rebirth Evolution's end Never will it mend never Fire to begin whipping dance of the dead Blackened is the end To begin whipping dance of the dead Color our world blackened Blistering of earth Terminate its worth Deadly nicotine Kills what might have been Callous frigid chill Nothing left to kill Never seen before Breathing nevermore never Fire to begin whipping dance of the dead Blackened is the end To begin whipping dance of the dead Color our world blackened Blackened Opposition, contradiction premonition compromise Agitation violation mutilation, planet dies Darkest color Blistered earth True death of life Termination, expiration
Ryugo7 7 (10 days ago)
2:13 strait of Gibraltar
Ryugo7 7 (10 days ago)
1:57 India and Sri Lanka
MORPHEUS (11 days ago)
Lmfaaaoooo wow people do absolutely no research about their own reality and let nasa and a few CGI images tell them what's true and what isn't. People have lost the ability to critically think for themselves, but yet call themselves intelligent regurgitating what PBS science channel tells them 😂😂
AwakingToReal truth (11 days ago)
Ok so no clouds, no stars, no satellite mmm,🤔🤔
Serdar Erdem (11 days ago)
Allah says in the qoran 15 / 26- Verily, we created man from a dry mud, a shaped loam. 15 / 27- We had created demons from smoke-free fire before. 16 / 70- Allah created you. Then he will kill you.
Mao Futah (12 days ago)
Its beautiful I'm at a loss for words.
WHY SO SERIOUS (13 days ago)
Many of us are in this video.
D S (13 days ago)
Those who waste their entire lives in worshipping religious figures resting in skies should see this video how the real world looks from above...... Scientific Truth is sweeter than religious imaginations
D S (13 days ago)
The background music chosen is superb too
Little Sumi (13 days ago)
From Japan :3
BestofYTChannel (14 days ago)
This video was selected by the channel as one of the best Astronomy Videos on YouTube and was added to the channel's playlist accordingly. Thanks for sharing.
SA LOVE RIAD (14 days ago)
سالم المنفي (14 days ago)
سبحان الله العظيم
Danger_zone gaming (14 days ago)
This is the real heaven😌😌😌😯😲😇😇
FAHAD BAGDADI (15 days ago)
Hi, can i play a part of this video in one of my videos please?
Houari Nait bahloul (15 days ago)
I have respect for blue planet and you ?
Fernando j Valencia (16 days ago)
Ha ha. On Baumgartners jump the earth looked very much smaller. So did the earth expand. Tired of fake videos that show this trickery. Fake as shit.
i man (16 days ago)
More NASA CGI CRAP for the sheep who can't grasp water doesn't BEND AROUND A BALL!!! Mankind is critical thinking when the obvious is front and center.... at least 6K have down voted this garbage that so easily fools people with computer generated views.... the earth does not travel thru space as a BALL... my god wake the F up... quadrillions of gallons of water and NASA says and the calculation the earth bends 8 inches for every mile and half square... more bullshit... do the math people over the vast oceans... yes all that water is bending to this earths curvature calculation... WATER FINDS LEVEL.... and GRAVITY isn't some AI... capable of distinguishing between water and birds and all other forms of life that fly freely but NOOOOOOO.... it knows to keep water in a globe shape that DEFIES all fucking TRUTH.
E. Rose (12 days ago)
You are one of those ignorant 6K. You forgot to mention there are over 83K thumbs up on it. You're in the extreme minority. But of course, you're the smart one's and the 83K are all being "fooled". Riiiiiight!!
Satish Satish (17 days ago)
We love the earth it is our planet we love the earth it's are home
Jithith KT (17 days ago)
Wow it's fantastic... magic of science
Tânia Bema (18 days ago)
Maravilhosa nossa terra 🌎 Brasil
Mark Delany (18 days ago)
Earth is massive that's why u can't always see the curve at times u need more distance flatheads
Mark Delany (18 days ago)
Amazing curvature
Mark Delany (18 days ago)
If it's what it's not earth round satellite sun antennas not? For flatters
Santa Mihaly (19 days ago)
The earth it s flat!
john julius casidsid (19 days ago)
Ur life was a lie flat earth believers
أبو بندر الشراري (19 days ago)
This great universe was created by one God, there is no god but God, Glory be to God, and with His praise, Glory be to God the Great I bear witness that there is no god but God and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God
Daniel Medina (20 days ago)
This is great but I'd love to find a video of the Earth in Full view rotating... not seen at this proximity only displaying angles...🤷🏽‍♂️
tgstudio85 (20 days ago)
You won't see that, as satellites at orbit capable of taking whole picture of earth are geostationary, thus they have same angular speed as earth.
Santoshi Kumari (20 days ago)
Brad O'Neal (20 days ago)
Nice CGI work
Brad O'Neal (17 days ago)
@javier pepe rojas you can't argue with sheeple...
javier pepe rojas (17 days ago)
is not cgi
martantoine (21 days ago)
The music is Nick Bardoni & Steve Warr - The Last Paradise Awesome footage ! Thanks
Shaik shaik (21 days ago)
1.55 is srilanka i think
Delad Ang - BlueWolf (21 days ago)
Earth is actually flat
tgstudio85 (20 days ago)
So how moon phases work on that magical flat pancake?
Eny Krisdian (21 days ago)
tgstudio85 (20 days ago)
Prove it:)
Monzur Alam (22 days ago)
Why does the water not move?
tgstudio85 (20 days ago)
Why are you stupid?
Lewis Jambaya (23 days ago)
God is powefull guys
iNITĘ Studio Productions (23 days ago)
Why do i never see them zoom out to show the full round earth and then zoom back in? Bells(alarm) are ring in my head.
tgstudio85 (20 days ago)
Maybe because they film it with fixed focal point lens.
Kleytons (23 days ago)
Kleytons (23 days ago)
Ahmad Alo (23 days ago)
We have Cod erth flat
Ashraf Ali (23 days ago)
This is fake The earth is flat
tgstudio85 (20 days ago)
@iNITĘ Studio Productions agree with you bells do alarm in your head as it is empty;)
Ashraf Ali (23 days ago)
@iNITĘ Studio Productions yea
iNITĘ Studio Productions (23 days ago)
I have no idea if it is flat or round but why do i never see them zoom out to show the full round earth and then zoom back in? Bells(alarm) are ring in my head.
Fla Zala (24 days ago)
We’ve been told we were monkeys before nah , thank you allah I know you are up there you are beautiful you’re my creator subhanaka
sorteleggio sorteleggio (24 days ago)
It s too close to earth 200km no more. Wld see up then 2000km how earth is done
tgstudio85 (20 days ago)
ISS is at 400km altitude.
Sigmaris Angelos (24 days ago)
And it figures the comments are filled with religious bullshit.
Yasmeen Ansari (25 days ago)
Shamim Forever (25 days ago)
i love its
Shamim Forever (25 days ago)
owo masallah your world is vare nice
Sir Hafiz Fiaz (25 days ago)
Do good things in your life then after this bless life Allah give you permission then You Can see whatever you want , All galaxies stars moons , even whole universe.....
tgstudio85 (20 days ago)
You kill people in the name of your god, you people are sick!
Alfie (27 days ago)
It's funny, you look down at the world from this viewpoint, and you suddenly realise all your problems and cares seem so insignificant. GOD loves you. And he has placed you in this beautiful planet that he has made.
Shubham Shekhar (27 days ago)
01:48 india 🇮🇳 😍
Tej Tej (29 days ago)
So the 15:11-15:55, where did you take it from?
Fernando Aldekoa (29 days ago)
👍👍 Good video.
Youtuber (29 days ago)
What's with the 80's porn music?
Sham sudhu (29 days ago)
Its so beautiful but the humans are so greedy and the planet as made a mistake creating Human's.. if no humans were there the planet would have been a beautiful sight. Humans have ruined it .
Дискус NSK Чугунов (29 days ago)
remove the fish eye, it's flat
tgstudio85 (20 days ago)
Funny thing, that no flattie ever explained how moon phases work on magical flattardia;)
E. Rose (29 days ago)
Funny how the "fish eye" had no effect on the moon @ 12:49 or the vertical tail of the shuttle @ 15:00 😂
Evangelismo pelo Sertão (30 days ago)
Salvem o planeta de onde você está:
Malik Tillery (30 days ago)
Where are my flat earthers