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How Netflix is everything to everyone

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Netflix is sitting on the streaming throne because it lives by the old motto, "content is king."
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Text Comments (152)
JiZz2Xtreme (5 months ago)
CNN is just as evil as Netflix
Golden Squatch (7 months ago)
I'm from New Zealand. And Netflix is gay asf. So many shows not on.
B ß (7 months ago)
Netflix makes amazing projects!
MELANIST 100 (7 months ago)
That’s funny if you have British there’s hardly anything on Netflix
Tai Hung (8 months ago)
Yeah i watch 40 minutes episodes of some crazy ass show with so many problems daily. PRETTY GOOD SHIT
Mllr hr (8 months ago)
One proble I would say they have is that they limit some contries on their content, some contries only get 50% of netflix's total content.
Kevin Bennett (8 months ago)
I don't think Netflix is honestly that good, unless your from the late 80's the 90's or really early 2000's. If your from any other year Netflix really is not the thing for you. Netflix likes to add "the latest shows" and i say that in quotations because they add it for a month make it their head show then they remove it unlike the shows from the 80's 90's and some of the 2000. Netflix used to be the "King" of online streaming but recently i have decided to completely boycott watching Netflix and i am not even disappointed, with them using the motto "content is king" i would rather have lets say some streaming service where its quality of what content is on there over the quantity of what is on there, and if you disagree please tell me why im really interested to hear about it. if you agree please tell me why.
Bailey Henderson (8 months ago)
No it's not JCP frsh shld is winning vs the economy
Julio Calderon (8 months ago)
Why CNN fake news pup up in my YouTube
RDJ The DJ (8 months ago)
Idc as long as Orange is the new black and Stranger Things keep up with new seasons I'm fine
Badass Coop (8 months ago)
Hulu is so much better. The only reason to even have Netflix is for breaking bad and stranger things
Cyberworld 7 - Stock Market Millionaire (8 months ago)
I think disney has a chance to steal netflix thunder
areeb1296 (8 months ago)
Torrent >>>>
mril dsilva (8 months ago)
Anyone needs, Netflix or porn accounts at 80% off, reply
Lussine (8 months ago)
I came here to say that it's nothing for me ! God bless piracy 👌
Grillymore (8 months ago)
Netflix in Canada is crap. I just really want Hulu in Canada. I’ve started watching anime again so crunchy roll premium is my Netflix now.
TV movieclips (8 months ago)
I watched the princess diaries and 8 hours later Netflix posts a meme on Instagram about the princess diaries
Zauchi (8 months ago)
Netflix in the UK is overrated ... a majority of their shows are clichéd and a bore and make you feel dumber after viewing, and the movie section is lame as it's mostly films you didn't want to see and the decent ones they do have are older "classics" you would have already seen.
Rising Stars (8 months ago)
Zauchi once upon a time is quite good
Joe (8 months ago)
I love netflix. Such value for what you get
Gavin Burnes (8 months ago)
Netflix originals are the best
Dr. Pyccknn (8 months ago)
Swan (8 months ago)
Except more than half of those 700 projects shows are shit so 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hulu > Netflix
Adam Armstrong (8 months ago)
Why only in America Netflix Thor 3 movie is ont? & not in UK? I feel like unsubscribe
We took Over OH YEAH YEAH (8 months ago)
use vpn....
Adam Armstrong (8 months ago)
I want charmed, Buffy the vampire slayer series, Dc legends. Absolutely anything movie.
ImVeryBrad (8 months ago)
I know they have it in Pakistan because that's where the fucker was who hacked my account
Donnie Dabs (8 months ago)
glad they dont use kodi
Matthew Wright (8 months ago)
I just use popcortime it's free and has a way bigger selection then Netflix!
Johan (7 months ago)
Bane Vlahović (8 months ago)
Mattie Wright keep stealing content lol
Matthew Wright (8 months ago)
Bane Vlahović okay keep paying for content your can get for free lol
Bane Vlahović (8 months ago)
Mattie Wright slow as fuck downloads take to mich storage and it’s illegal and theres no countinue watching and its sucks in general i have been using it before but netflic just rukes dude
Matthew Wright (8 months ago)
Harumasai Sunrise um no..... Popcortime is bigger dude.... And it's free
Mateo A (8 months ago)
Mmm...yes, just that in other territories outside the USA, they don't provide with much non netflix content
Mohammad Arshad (8 months ago)
I like Amazon prime ,it's super cheap(15$ in India yearly)has great shows . Limited amount of shows,which is still huge for me. Whereas Netflix is 11$ per month . I will subcribe Netflix, when I finish my Amazon prime library.
Mohammad Arshad (8 months ago)
CM Punk I m indian , so there's still lot of stuff that I haven't seen. Right now I m watching breaking bad on cable. Last year I watched lost and person of interest.dont have time for supernatural . Now next maybe shameless. There is too much TV.
CM Punk (8 months ago)
mohammad arshad well that probably won't take long
Benjamin Oseiz (8 months ago)
Torrent, 123movies
Vipul Chaturvedi (8 months ago)
well PewDiePie alone has almost 60 million subscribers
David Hernandez (8 months ago)
That means nothing, if would be inpresive if he had 60 million views per video.
Somebody Somewhere (8 months ago)
Vipul Chaturvedi Well keep in mind each YouTube subscription is usually one person, while a Netflix account may be used by an entire family.
CRAWL (8 months ago)
Netflix? More like 123Movies .
Ron Simiyu (8 months ago)
pirating? just horrible
CRAWL (8 months ago)
TV movieclips don't know what you're talking about man been using it for 2 years . It's practically the free Netflix
IAMPEDRO 101 (8 months ago)
CRAWL underrated comment
TV movieclips (8 months ago)
CRAWL bad quality, virus
CM Punk (8 months ago)
CRAWL *no*
Syed Saleem (8 months ago)
Shows from HBO and Amazon are also good. There are alternatives to Netflix
King Reef (8 months ago)
Thanks smart. Just put everything fucking things in the service.People curious will sign up
sri krishna (8 months ago)
we are bored of orginal content
David Hernandez (8 months ago)
Most of it is garbage.
JoshieBoi13 (8 months ago)
Netflix literally rules the world
Jorge Arellano (8 months ago)
How can Netflix justify spending 8 billion in original programming in one year when their total revenues are 11 billion? Debt or equity? Or both?
NotSoToxik (8 months ago)
Not to trigger anyone but Netflix is getting boring nothing interesting to watch I have watched everything good. been using it since I was 5 I am 13 now .
CCC Rose (8 months ago)
check out Hulu or something, it's like Netflix but with different shows
Ron Simiyu (8 months ago)
You need a girlfriend.
zofi corbi (8 months ago)
try the unbreackable kimmy schmit, oitnb, or if you havent seen the office or parks and rec, watch it on there
Rising Stars (8 months ago)
once upon a time
Christopher Suarez (8 months ago)
grillymore Hulu is so not worth it believe me Nobody I know uses it anymore. Most of the shows they have are wack and they rarely have whole seasons.
adrian saldivar (8 months ago)
Netflix isn’t as good as it used to be
Mujahid Alghamdi (8 months ago)
adrian saldivar you might be too bored of it.
suvankar panda (8 months ago)
Trappin Fanaticc (8 months ago)
That shit boring af
DJ Celeste PH (8 months ago)
Netflix is too much expensive to other poor countries
The Telco's Fans (8 months ago)
I just want legally anime streaming service that provide more latest & fresh anime. Not to forget too with simulcast show..😉
TimTube (8 months ago)
The Telco's Fans Crunchyroll? 🤔
The Dankk Lord (8 months ago)
Well when those shows end and new ones come in. We would have to preserve the old ones with ultra hd discs of the shows. Who agrees with me?
Pritam Das (8 months ago)
Nope, torrenting still is lightyears better
TheLightIsComing (8 months ago)
Notmetoo For the FBI investigating trump too
Notmetoo For (8 months ago)
The FBI are currently undergoing investigation of every single individual who liked said comment and including commenter as suspects for illegally torrenting and/or distributing. You will be notified of action to be taken within 36 hours.
Soham Naik (8 months ago)
Indian cheat
Pritam Das (8 months ago)
Valentin Islas don't laugh that hard off ya ass. Might cause some embarrasing injury
Valentin Islas (8 months ago)
So you're in India? LMAO
Anthony Marquez (8 months ago)
How is having 700 programs in the works to much when you have 125 million subscribers?
Kevin Bennett (8 months ago)
because they are pushing out more content but not focusing as much on the quality of the content that they push out
Vipul Chaturvedi (8 months ago)
Anthony Marquez just a fun fact my Friend
Anthony Marquez (8 months ago)
how is that relevant to Netflix?
TimTube (8 months ago)
Vipul Chaturvedi But they don't pay him 10$ each month lol
Vipul Chaturvedi (8 months ago)
Anthony Marquez well PewDiePie alone has almost 60 million subscribers
giavo (8 months ago)
Franco Pallotta, clearly italian i guess
Jason Robinhood (8 months ago)
As a long term $NFLX (and recent $IQ) shareholder this makes me happy @Coloredspaces
Olante (8 months ago)
Faisal Salam it's Gonna raise its prices eventually
Faisal Salam (8 months ago)
Franklin Bluth well the flaw to Netflix is that it keeps expanding and going into debt in the process with no real way of paying it off. It could suffer the same fate of a company like aol which is still used surprisingly.
RP RP (8 months ago)
IN 5 years NFLX will lose all of its licensing deals and be a glorified movie studio. Think about that.
Hee Sing Sia (8 months ago)
What's a netflick?
Peace Forever (8 months ago)
Big institutions are dumping FANG stocks for now.
DScroggins Production (8 months ago)
dstbb dstbb (8 months ago)
I want porn on netflix plz
zofi corbi (8 months ago)
1. use the internet, it really isn’t that hard to find something to get wet to 2. there are so many netflix shows with sex scenes so just take a quick look around lmao
IAMPEDRO 101 (8 months ago)
That's why there is Pornhub, Xvideos, Hentaihaven, Fucking huh Xnx, or something like that for free.
spook (8 months ago)
dstbb dstbb HBO have a LOT of those.
bohdi sativa2 (8 months ago)
dstbb dstbb they will ruin that too.
CM Punk (8 months ago)
Watch orange is the new black you bitch
Серж Шуляченко (8 months ago)
In Germany they exposed the tax frauds of the major American bankers Barclays, Goldman Sachs Group, Bank of America Corp., Macquarie and BNP Paribas sponsors of the Democratic Party of the USA members of the Baldeber Club http://rusjev.net/2018/06/30/germaniya-vskryila-mnogomilliardnyie-nalogovyie-mahinatsii-krupneyshih-mezhdunarodnyih-bankov/
bohdi sativa2 (8 months ago)
netflix sucks and puts lgbt propaganda into too many of their any good movie you can remember isnt on there.
bohdi sativa2 (8 months ago)
ShortTheWorld retard its in every fucking movie ya closet fag. Did my comment hurt your fudge packing feelings.
bohdi sativa2 (8 months ago)
Chance faggot
bohdi sativa2 (8 months ago)
dan McClaren 5 percent its way higher just check out these gay comments
bohdi sativa2 (8 months ago)
Bro sef your the fag you fucking retard
IKE (8 months ago)
Tv is ass. Nobody likes to see those corny ass adverts anyways. We want to see straight content.
Chris, Chief Cope (8 months ago)
YouTube is my number one content next is Spotify and podcasts.
B ß (7 months ago)
Chris, Chief Cope same but I would say Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and podcast.
Investing Book Summaries (8 months ago)
We will see what happens when more streaming services comes in.
3tomnguyen (8 months ago)
yeah we should let the free market decide cause if more services come neflix might be fucked the two biggest streamers in austrlia is STAN and neflix stan is $10 eveyr month so i think the price draws it since neflix is $15
ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ; (8 months ago)
James Wilson There is only one. Disney (meaning Disney, comcast, warner, 21st Century Fox and subsidiaries) are apparently working at something big for some time now. Rumors (or maybe it was even announced not sure anymore) have it that it could be some sort of streaming wholesale that provides content behind itunes, netflix, Hulu (whichnthey partially already do, just on the backend they still sell individual licenses) but also also as a direct to consumer streaming service.
padussia (8 months ago)
I cancelled my Netflix, because of the Monique situation. I want black women to get equal pay.
Judge Dredd (8 months ago)
Cian Merrigan (8 months ago)
i piss on bullies (8 months ago)
Judge Dredd #samehere
Judge Dredd (8 months ago)
m6m17 #MeNeither
m6m17 (8 months ago)
Judge Dredd I don’t understand