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Idiot Drivers vs Cops - INSTANT JUSTICE POLICE 2018 #59

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Text Comments (193)
Marie Anne Salberter (2 hours ago)
G. R (5 hours ago)
hope it killed the fuckers
Shane Sutcliffe (14 hours ago)
Why did it have a warning at the start of the video for graphic material? There were no pedestrians hit by cars. There was no swearing 😳🙄
steve b (1 day ago)
Homey likes crashing fences.
Michael Smith (1 day ago)
10 mins chase for fuck all
Miki miki (1 day ago)
Strzelac im w łby odrazu
That driver fleeing must either be an x cop or race car driver.
Mark Skaggs (1 day ago)
Felonys for every littlle bastard in that stolen car!
Diego Delgado (1 day ago)
4:12 Black in a 720S🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Demonta Dark (1 day ago)
I dont know if id call that last one INSTANT justice necessarily
Cody Kittrell (2 days ago)
heeee just crasshed
deathofnight101 (2 days ago)
Mahmoud Makki (2 days ago)
my man would be the best fortnite player
Young Gamer24 (2 days ago)
Mahmoud Makki right? Lol
CauseAndEffect (3 days ago)
I hope I live long enough to hear cops seriously say, "GET DOWN AND MAKE IT FUNKY!"
Builder Dex (3 days ago)
He started off strong, but after he traded paint with the perp it kind of fell apart. Still came in third though.
Matt Mox (3 days ago)
Hey give this guy at the end a break. He was running low on blinker fluid.
Greggory Gray (3 days ago)
I love this Chase this is my hometown of Milwaukee Wisconsin at 5:05 he goes through the alley right next to the Milwaukee Police Department
Stephen Hannan (3 days ago)
if that policeman didn't hit him he would have been caught a lot earlier
Someone (3 days ago)
Gotta be honest, that last guy did pretty well. He lasted so long. Most of the chases end pretty early because the runway is going too fast and crashes somehow. Also the officer did a really good job of communicating the direction and street changes.
sylent voyce (5 days ago)
2:24, the officer was good as far as his driving skills but; I can't help but think all those cars would not have been hit, had the officer not been attempting a pit at that moment...
Car Compilation (5 days ago)
nice one! if you like take a look into my channel:)
buster crab (5 days ago)
if america is great and free , why is the crime rat so f..cking HI ??????????????? the that the country is EVIL
Mr. Rock (6 days ago)
Жесть! Круто!
hawkdaddy64 (6 days ago)
Man that policeman knows his city very well, calling direction and streets with the greatest of ease.
Jack Grebe (6 days ago)
When you see your house in these videos.
TruckerAdam (6 days ago)
Me = like! Cops & idiot drivers see this = dislike! NICE VIDEO
Polybius Champion (6 days ago)
Dude at 1:51 must have lost a ton of weight recently. His pants barely fit.
KennyG Hansen (6 days ago)
fuck the police! kill em all!
blubase06 (7 days ago)
These people suck as running. Brake light kill switch and caltrops gets em every time.
shan_rocks (7 days ago)
That last clip, its unbelievable, the amount of multi-tasking that police officer was doing, while remaining calm and focused. He was checking the GPS for streets and avenues, staying right on the guy, checking road and traffic conditions for a possible pit maneuvor, calling dispatch to update position every 5-10 seconds, siren blaring overheard, lights flashing, checking intersections were clear before chasing after vehicle for officer safety. It was insane. I hope one day, when I become an officer, I can coordinate and stay calm and focused under pressure like him. Amazing!
Potterhorses 1113 (3 days ago)
I know right?! He was awesome.
KTetch Dureek (3 days ago)
In the UK, thats the absolute BASIC level of competence needed to be certified for pursuit driving. Calling out the streets, the turns, the speed in a running commentary. And they'll also do that in a manual transmission vehicle. Except no PIT maneuver, because its too dangerous and unpredictable, which is why its almost never used outside the US (It also doesn't work against many cars, and police elsewhere don't have the blanket immunity US cops have - injury caused by their driving, such as via a PIT, means the officer's liable, and everything has to be justified by facts, and a cop 'being afraid' is not justification for anything except being fired, or at least taken off driving duties. Watch something like Traffic Cops or Road Wars on here, and see how professionals do it.
GayWestheim (8 days ago)
The poorest Russians in their cardboard cars have better dash cams than the police in the States...
Jack Grebe (6 days ago)
GayWestheim you kidding? Those Ladas can survive anything. Certainly not cardboard lol
zombayification (8 days ago)
there was way too much traffic for the cop to do a pit maneuver.
Skarekrow (9 days ago)
That last guy deserves the best driver of the year award!! The Cop deserves best commentator!
gtoger (9 days ago)
Any cop car that can't keep up with a Jeep SUV is just sad.
Tina Kraan (9 days ago)
2:09. more evidence each cop car should have a cage
Mr_Icy (9 days ago)
sidhu704 (10 days ago)
@2:30 WTF is that police officer doing tho?! They don't normally allow for "tactical maneuvering" when there's so many civilians so close by, that one police officer caused alot more damage trying to deal with it himself than the suspect would've.
JustDigIt (10 days ago)
Fuck You (6 days ago)
Justdigit oh I see you’re faggot lmao
Uglypenguins (6 days ago)
JustDigIt shut up lol
Audinos (10 days ago)
CC Tube - we miss the lion! Bring him back!
MrElectron27 (10 days ago)
Shit america
Doug S (10 days ago)
2:30 That clip is the exact reason why all ALL fucking police departments need to update there chase doctrine. That’s absolutely the most reckless clip I have seen yet. I don’t want to hear the cry babies saying well he shouldn’t have ran! Departments who do dumb shit like that get sued then cost tax payers to pay out for there fuck ups. California has the highest chase rate and drop chases when there to dangerous helicopter over head or not. I’ve seen multiple chases first hand get slot of innocent people hurt because Police Officer spin the person there chasing out into a van with a family in it. Or ram the backend of the person there chasing threw a busy interaction hitting 5 cars sending 4 people to the hospital with serious injuries. Most these chases start cause of a broken ducking tail light or a speeding ticket. Moving violations these aren’t felonies people!!! They have the plate, go put out a warrant or a bolo for the fucking driver
Bryan Gullickson (4 days ago)
you are correct even i thought he was being way too aggressive and not only endangering the lives of others but also damaging the public's vehicles looks like he caused the guy to hit several other vehicles that were not involved hopefully that officer received a good disciplinary hearing as that was the wrong way to do a pursuit the last clip of the officer in Milwaukee was the correct way to do a pursuit hang back and keep eyes on the suspect and only pit when it is clear to do so without endangering the public and when you have sufficient backup the cop at 2:30 was acting like he was a cop in GTA 5 or some shit
Doug S (6 days ago)
Fuck You! Is that all you uneducated retards have to say Man, ever. LOL I’m the biggest far right wing republican you will ever meet little boy 😂😂. Your name makes it so you just get insulted every time you make a dumb comment kid 😂
Fuck You (6 days ago)
Shut the fuck up stupid democrats
Pete Gall (10 days ago)
Here I am I can’t sleep now I watch this shit and I’m all jazzed the fuck up haha. Pumped up. No sleep for me I guess.
2bh14hek (10 days ago)
4:30 it's 2017 and still the dash cam of police is shit
gspot mop (10 days ago)
more Idiot drivers vs cops!
Richard (10 days ago)
My dad told me early on, you can’t outrun a radio.
Nana Ann (1 day ago)
The idiots that try to escape in jurisdictions like Los Angeles & most cities in California are idiots, very few escape the "Eye in the Sky"
Richard (5 days ago)
Chris Taylor true that
Chris Taylor (5 days ago)
A cop once told me at traffic school, "You can out run my Ford, but you can't out run my Motorola."
mike ggg (10 days ago)
Can outrun Ford, Remmington, or Motorola is what they taught us in the academy!
Derpity Derp (11 days ago)
Но почему же?
Patricia (11 days ago)
If your going to take a cop's car you should know how to drive. Lol 🍩🍩🍩🚔🍩🍩🍩🚔🍩🍩🍩🚔🍩🍩
Hoschi0913 (11 days ago)
one car / driver is running from Police, which has at least 10 Cars / ( experienced ) Drivers and radio.......and you seriously think you can win / get away ?.....you are a special kind of stupid for real !
Whammy (11 days ago)
Can you upload with 1080p?
Richard (10 days ago)
Whammy a lot of the police dash cams don’t record in HD due to storage requirements, they don’t have unlimited funding for disk space,
Egg-Roll (11 days ago)
2:30 whats up with cops thinking it is a good idea to pit a vehicle knowing fullwell others that could sue them are around... Hope they got sued by at least that white car for that, as it accomplished nothing.
Bergy Baxter (11 days ago)
dat nikka din wana go jail😉😉😉
cpt nordbart (11 days ago)
You know I wonder how many actually manage to outsmart the police and flee. From the view of the couch it's easy to theorize how to pull this off. I think knowledge of the road is key. Second be a good driver and know your car. And have luck with traffic.
Christopher U.S. Smith (11 days ago)
cpt nordbart And be in an area where air tracking resources are lacking or overworked.
jerry buit (11 days ago)
Great job by all LEO's...
Manicmanuel (11 days ago)
The cop was thrilled...bet he wouldn’t have had another coffee that night.
Arthur Harris (11 days ago)
Great video as always!!! Do people really think they can get away??
MrRiggyRiggs (11 days ago)
Greatness! Love these.
Clinton K (11 days ago)
3:07 did this bitch really say white Ferrari? Its a McClaren you dumbass piggly wiggly.
JJ vlogs (11 days ago)
Like your vids subbed
CptLolles (11 days ago)
2:21 That lead cop caused way more collateral damage than necessary...
sipos HUN (11 days ago)
9:21 gtaV XD
The Car Crazy Guy (11 days ago)
Props to law enforcement!
Rebecca Sterling-Akers who the fuck is prankster?
Maureen Mcglynn (3 hours ago)
Rebecca Sterling-Akers I was just wondering where he lives...
Maureen Mcglynn (3 hours ago)
Rebecca Sterling-Akers you know Rebecca, I feel the same way. Working with these kind of people for so many years you kind of get that impression. I've counseled so many of them and been able to get them off drugs. But, there is always one that you can't reach. Thanks for your comment, have a great week.
Rebecca Sterling-Akers (3 hours ago)
Maureen, I'm getting the impression that Prankster's meth addiction is getting in the way of rational thinking.
Maureen Mcglynn (1 day ago)
PRANKSTER GANGSTER REDSHEEP PEACENATION Well, since I don't lie, have no reason to....I have self respect, and respect for others. You MAY know what respect is, but I somehow doubt it. Plus, no one is asking YOU to read anything. Now, when you grow up you may understand what respect means. For your sake, I hope so. Bye.
Medusa Blog (11 days ago)
I give it up to the cops man that was some good driving
Сергей Штурмин (11 days ago)
не плохо
Rachel Sampson (11 days ago)
2:22 I'm willing to bet that officer was reprimanded for acting recklessly during a pursuit (assuming it wasn't a murderer/rapist/pedophile) he caused accidents and could've killed someone in the process!
Sox4Life (11 days ago)
That last chase in Milwaukee was awesome....officer on the radio was calm, cool and really knew the streets
Christopher U.S. Smith (11 days ago)
Nearly 8 minutes to get "instant" justice. :)
1onefix1 (11 days ago)
yea that was a good chase
Johannes Franciscus Kok (11 days ago)
Idiot cops too ...............
LoriZubie (11 days ago)
How do they know n/s/e/w so well?
Shane Sutcliffe (14 hours ago)
They live there? Wow you’re dumb lol
pbsjones (4 days ago)
They have to.
Sonet (5 days ago)
I always know...except when flying into a new city at night. That'll mess you up.
mike ggg (10 days ago)
Practice. After some time on the job, it comes to you.
PV2Omni (10 days ago)
LoriZubie Some people, have an innate sense of directions. However, as police, you tend deal with the same area, and so after a while, you know it well!
Fox Chavez (11 days ago)
Last video man he was on it .That's how you win in call of duty communication
Michael Downing (11 days ago)
The cops beginning at 2:20 were overly reckless putting others in unnecessary danger. Overzealous much?
Cotton Anderson (11 days ago)
Love it, fleeing in a minivan is SUCH a good idea...
joe Schlotthauer (11 days ago)
New law; every mile you run, gets you a year in prison for jeopardizing the lives of innocent people.
Maureen Mcglynn (3 hours ago)
KTetch Dureek it's so very obvious you do not understand anything Mike says. I think you'll find that when we pit safely, you'll find if there's no other vehicles on the highway. Maybe you should come to California and visit the CHP Academy and find out how our Officers are trained to pit. It's always best if you have the correct information before you open your mouth. And I am sure that Mike agrees.
Maureen Mcglynn (3 hours ago)
mike ggg great comments.
Boris (20 hours ago)
*Comparing a traffic infraction to several felonies* I'm not saying I agree with Clinton, I'm just saying your argument is logically flawed.
freeyourmindtc (1 day ago)
new law, you run, you die. bullet to the brain.
KTetch Dureek (3 days ago)
Right, if people run, anything that happens to anyone else is totally their fault, no matter what stupid action someone like Mike does and what risk he takes to get his man, - it's the 'original sin' fallacy. Now there's penalties for the choice to run - failing to stop, evasion, whatever your local statutes call it, but notice there's no penalties for bad choices by the cop. If a criminal has to be accountable for his choice of action, why are the Mike's of this world afraid to take responsibility for their own actions and choices? When you get to that point, you might understand why US law enforcement officers are considered 3rd rate in most of the world - they're categorically afraid to man up behind their actions, they're poorly trained bullies, thugs with badges and guns. In the UK, the pursuit driving course (a specialist driving course that includes a real pursuit against an instructor) is longer than some US police training in totality (which can range from 4 weeks to 6 months with an average of 21 weeks, according to the BJS) and is the 3rd level of police driver training (after Standard [prisoner van and patrol], and Response [fast response, emergency call]). Pursuit is 4 weeks on it's own (with recertification every 3 years), on top of the 1 week for 'standard', and 3 weeks for 'response'. What's the US standard for police driving instruction - 3 days and you can do pursuits? Of course, you have to get past the cowards mentality that many officers, including mike (who pushes any and all blame onto others and refuses to take any resonsibility for his own actions, although that could be partly due to a lack of training, I mean "I PIT when safe, as do my officers" is hillarious, as anyone suitably trained knows there's no such thing as a 'safe PIT' (IIRC, under 35mph it's considered a 'less lethal' method, above it can be considered 'lethal'), but that's the 3 days training talking when it comes to 'safe'. Oh, and at slow speeds, unless you have a number of cars with you, it tends not to end it any better than any other form of tactical contact, and if you have other vehicles, a TPAC (or 'boxing') would be faster and safer and more reliable anyway (of course, the downside is the drivers need to have a level of skill of car control that you don't get from a few days of training)
Cesar Almeida (11 days ago)
The cop at 2:20 is an idiot.
Didier deNice (9 days ago)
The first driver was an idiot (and white) all right but complied... and didn't get shot ! Why can't African American do the same ? What's wrong with them ?
Daniel Bell (7 days ago)
Not going to say that isn't true as there are cases where it's happened. However, the overwhelming majority of blacks killed by police are due to violence against police or other citizens. There are examples all over the internet of black people's contempt for police. They get overly defensive due to some kind of perceived indignance from something as insignificant as a simple traffic stop or something similar, then they refuse to comply with lawful orders by police while decrying racism and an unfair justice system when they're met with force. You can't not follow the law then condemn the ones that are trying to uphold it just because it's an inconvenience.
George Clinton (7 days ago)
That's just it..many blacks are shot even while complying like the white guy did.
Daniel Bell (7 days ago)
It's a reaction to centuries of racism. This isn't the best example, but: Beat a dog and eventually the dog will bite you. Now imagine you keep beating the dog repeatedly even after it's bitten you. Pretty soon, biting will be a conditioned response and it will bite even when you don't beat it. Blacks have been abused, denied basic human rights, treated inhumanely and killed because of racism. It is deeply ingrained upon them. Look at their Culture, their history, music, movies and other arts. It also doesn't help that a majority of blacks live in abject poverty, suffer harsher punishments under the penal code than their counterparts, often pushing them further into poverty from lack of well paying jobs and leaving them with little options other than to continue committing crimes as a way of surviving.
Sui Juris (8 days ago)
His original comment implied my declaration.
Sui Juris (9 days ago)
Sadly, you committed an assumption from ignorance. You assume black people are not civilized enough to respond in the manner that the first white man did. Deliberately attacking them by asking whats wrong with them IS racist. You have no facts. The only ignorant one unable to make an intelligent comment is you buddy. ;)
Bogdan729 (11 days ago)
1:42 😂😂😂
Enduros5 Endy (11 days ago)
Wish I could have seen those guys at the end being thrown to the ground and pounded by the cops. I love it when they do that! ^_^
Charlie M. (11 days ago)
how are these new Ford Taurus cruisers compared to the old crown Vics? any officers here?
Rebecca Sterling-Akers (3 hours ago)
How about the Explorers?
Daniel Bell (7 days ago)
I've spoken to a few local boys before. They like the power of the Taurus but miss the roominess of the old CV.
Charlie M. (10 days ago)
thank you for your answers! very interesting.
mike ggg (10 days ago)
Professional LEO - I have an impala, but I do miss the CVPI. The Taurus are smaller and may handle better, but they dont have that police roar I'm used to.
Dillon Teg (11 days ago)
they handle a heck of a lot better than the crown vics. they do have electronic stability and auto braking. I'd rather be in my Ford Taurus than the vics any day.
Mannard Mann (11 days ago)
Funny how the videos of cops wrecking and the "Bad guy" getting away never get shared
Andro Georgian (11 days ago)
Always Best Upload.
abod 11 (11 days ago)
wow god video
abod 11 (11 days ago)
common sense really nigga
common sense (11 days ago)
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