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Office of Government Ethics: Trump’s Plan to Turn His Businesses Over to Sons ‘Wholly Inadequate’

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Text Comments (35)
Stephen Foreman (7 days ago)
Impeach Trump Now!!!!
me heretoday (7 days ago)
so he gets rich off the American public, rips them off for all he can manage, comes out of this with more money than the American Government have to run the country , why worry about it after all everyone knew what he was going to do before they voted right?? If the Americans want to feed money into this mans coffers who am I to say they cant... should be fun to watch
Tttt 2000 (8 days ago)
Trump is about money in four he will make so much money
Phi Speed (8 days ago)
Politicians usually come into office middle class and become rich elitist but this guy comes in a billionaire but relinquishes a fortune and takes no presidential salary . How ironic!
Joe Schmoe (9 days ago)
Enough of your so called (and un-named) experts already. The law doesn't require any of what he is already done. When will the sore losers stop whining?
Hampus Holmgren (9 days ago)
Thereby last post mqegvy purpose pay freeze passenger increase lose destruction.
Carlito 2savve (9 days ago)
of course he's gonna say they're fired bcause he's gonna not b president at the time ...
xyxean (9 days ago)
I don't like it so it's fake news ._.
Nverdis (9 days ago)
Trump supporters don't think "the swamp" means government corruption and puppeterring by large businesses (I.E. Exxon Mobil). To them, it means "liberals." They cannot care any less about America being ran based on how much money is spent swaying politicians
xguy (9 days ago)
didyoulisiten (9 days ago)
Guess ABC is working for a spot next to CNN, out in the cold. Ban these fake news organizations.
J. William Cosby (9 days ago)
So dangerously arrogant!
graceh charles (8 days ago)
Trump trying to throw dust in people eye
Kirby Parson (9 days ago)
We are in trouble with him in power 🙄
Rude Man (9 days ago)
didyoulisiten lol your a hoe
Gabe “Classy Turian” Wickersham (9 days ago)
didyoulisiten sir, no offense, but you continually insulting people doesn't make a situation or conversation any better.
didyoulisiten (9 days ago)
+Melissa Carrillo Yes! Your communist PC bullshit is at an end. Your communist democrat party is on its last wooden leg. All socialists head for the border, better run fast, you now have 8 days ass wipes.
Melissa Carrillo (9 days ago)
Kirby Parson you are so true!
didyoulisiten (9 days ago)
+Awsome Hunter Poor little niggle ass child. Want your dia dia changed? Lay there brat, hope your ass rots off.
m f (9 days ago)
may God bless president trump!
Stephen Foreman (7 days ago)
Trump is the Anti-Christ!
Terri Suder (9 days ago)
rw31415 (9 days ago)
Emma Williams I did too - he said it !
Emma Williams (9 days ago)
Terri Suder I saw it on the news though :/
Bridgette Pinkelman (9 days ago)
John Doe (9 days ago)
government ethics, that's an oxymoron If I've ever heard one. it sounds like democRATs are being crybullies again to me.
Moonstrxck (9 days ago)
John Doe more like republiCAN'Ts cry and complain about everything
free American (9 days ago)
If Trump had given his entire Business Empire to charity, they would find something to complain about.
mirzapa (9 days ago)
free American Trump and charity?? Hahaha when was the last time he gave to HIS OWN company? Get real!
Moonstrxck (9 days ago)
free American just like trumptards blame everything on Obama?