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Week 3 - Fat Boy To Fit Man 100lb Journey

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Week 3: October 21st 2014 Last weeks Weight: 323 Lbs (-14 lbs so far) \o/ Last weeks BMI: 41 (-8 points so far) This is the third entry to my "Fat Boy to Fit Man 100lb Journey" that I hope will help motivate me and possibly others who are in the same or similar situation. My goal is to lose 100+ lbs but without any real time frame. I don't want to set myself up for failure or put barriers up that may cause health problems or injury. I want to do this right, but at the same time am willing to accept any and all advice. I live a fairly sedentary life due to my career, and with 4 active children surrounded by friends who seem to be doing every sport known to man, it's not the greatest feeling in the world. The first 30 days won't really be made up of any kind of plan or specially prepared recipes or exercises. I feel that I want to keep it as simple and as clean as possible without any fuss. It will consist of simply getting off my ass with walking every day and east clean food with little to no sugar/processed/grains/carbs/red meat/soda/juice. Meals will consist mainly of white fish (cod), chicken, tuna, veggies, eggs, some fruit (no root/tubers). No eating at all after 7pm (Thanks Ken) I figure 30 days of that will really flush my system out and give my body a good clean shock - after the hell I've put my body through these last 10 years, it will be one heck of a shock that's for sure. Looking good is nice, but I want to live longer for my kids and if this is what I have to do, then it's a no brainer. Thanks for reading and I welcome any encouragement and support on this journey. Let's do this :)
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Pervaz Anwas (3 years ago)
I'm feeling great after 2 weeks. Love your vids bro thankyou
Jumbo Slice (4 years ago)
That shirt is dope
RemoteBattery (4 years ago)
Subscribed i want to lose weight to man good luck I'll take this journey with you
Pervaz Anwas (3 years ago)
How's it going after a year ? Hope your winning
Charlie Owen (4 years ago)
Great to hear !!! Lets do this !