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People who Followed Instructions too LITERALLY

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People Who followed instructions too literally! Do you think you can follow instructions seriously without making a mistake like these people? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf Instagram: http://instagram.com/sssniperwolf Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sssniperwolf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sssniperwolf Official Merch: https://ogwolfpack.com/
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Text Comments (3455)
SSSniperWolf (1 month ago)
would u like some chocolate chip with ur crust?
bria emer (1 day ago)
Wølfié gîrl #wintersnow (4 days ago)
Mmm sure
Craig Jennings (8 days ago)
SSSniperWolf I would love some
Gumball Watterson (9 days ago)
David McClure (10 days ago)
jerry ham is your proof 2 likes on the comment
sina elasfahani (19 hours ago)
Didn’t u cut ur hair
Watermelon Studios (19 hours ago)
5:10 I Think they ate half of the ketchup too... I’m not sure but if not that’s be funny but I think they did..
hamilton the meowsical (1 day ago)
How did her hair grow back so fast
Jonatha Hoyes (3 days ago)
Bro I guess he really wanted to watch paw patrol 😂 he really did eat half of his hotdog
Jonatha Hoyes (3 days ago)
I have a riddle for you Lia if ur in a race and you pass the person in second place what place are you in?
Jonatha Hoyes (3 days ago)
Your in second place
Pr1z3 TV (3 days ago)
Ewart Smith (4 days ago)
How do you snitch with a cake tho. That's next level
Sera:Gabby Aksu:Nole (5 days ago)
Hıııı you can eat the cookie and when the cookie is inside your mouf put the pizza 🍕 in your mouf.
hart wolficons (5 days ago)
I am reading that Harry Potter book
Genesis Yasu (5 days ago)
didnt you cut your hair literally in the last video?
Sonia Quarterman (6 days ago)
I bet my foot is worse than you’re foot Story of the four holes in my foot : my mum has asked me to get the charger i Went down the stairs and the dog brush was on the stairs I stepped on it but HARD I didn’t care so I went to get the charger and went up until I saw blood on the floor I told her she put ointment on it grabbed a paper and told me to put a sock on so it wouldn’t get a infection, I hurt a lot so she told me to lay down, the end. That was yesterday.
Adrianna Jones (7 days ago)
Sniperwolf: what sound do 🦌 deers make skkrrrrt no that’s the sound when they get hit Me: hahahahaha Laughing like I’m a crackhead me after laughing so hard how was that funny Me start laughing again to my own words me after laughing I’m weird
haftay hailay (8 days ago)
She is beuty She is Grace She will punch you in the face! If any haters here. Beat that!
Super Cat (8 days ago)
grandma comes with that cookie pizza and the ranch 😂
Pika Pika (4 days ago)
That's literally how my sister eats her pizza but ranch and garlic sauce
Rhose mae Dongon (8 days ago)
Me:Can I get just pepperoin Person who works there: ok Me: Opening it what is this Who work there: Isn't that what you asked for?
Marivi Casado (8 days ago)
If i was a deer: I sMeLl PeNnIeS I sMeLl QuArtErS GiMmI i SmElL dEm
Linda Hensley (9 days ago)
Karim El (9 days ago)
Girl say i want a 1 m peperonis on one pizza eassy peassy lemon squizy
The 1 and only GREY (9 days ago)
Imagine you were trying to order a cake @ break up and they ask what you want on and you say I am breaking up. No don't write it i will tell him in person. Just make it plain
Megan PlayzYT (9 days ago)
One time I went back to my couch after looking for my marker and stepped on my pencil. It went under my skin and made a grey mark. But it's gone now.
Rah Mel (9 days ago)
The first one looks Tomato Trish,
Cami Tor (9 days ago)
Rudell Cherubin jr (9 days ago)
So you can take your "it's not delivery it's Dijorno and shove it right up your... Oven". I love that part😂😂😂
the crazy sister (9 days ago)
Me: mom can I have some Oreos pls mommy Mom: sure but eat hafe the amount you got last time Me: *get five of them and eats hafe of each of them Mom: get me five ores pls Me :gets her the five Oreos I ate out of .
xoX Muffin Xox (9 days ago)
Bad wolfs Peralta (10 days ago)
nothing on the phone
Talia Stone (10 days ago)
it's bothering me that the sign said deers instead of just deer
cxZeroo H (10 days ago)
Anybody see that its the second book of harry potter
Amanda Ryan-Romo (10 days ago)
Read my sister tried that and what happened in people got bit by a horse ow
Tristen James (10 days ago)
JK their? Their!? THEIR!!!?? I’TS. THEY’RE!!! 🤬🤬🤬
Jade Villani (11 days ago)
I speeded the video sound up and it sounds so weird
Jade Villani (11 days ago)
I speeded the video sound up and it sounds so weird
Ariel Barker (12 days ago)
Thought you cut your hair
the frick'in stoopid name is crazyoldsexxxyllama25 (13 days ago)
Pug Mcetin face (13 days ago)
What happened to your hair?
Ava Morgan (13 days ago)
Me too
Fresh Prince DJ (13 days ago)
4:02 my mom telling me to go do the same but she is like take the spaghetti and a pot out then put the spaghetti in the pot then put water in it and put it on the stove and make sure u turn the stove on
Kaylee Francis (13 days ago)
I saw a police passing by when I was watching this, and was making HAND SIGNALS
GâCaH kAiŁeY ÙwÚ (13 days ago)
What happens to your short hair?
Pat & Julie McEntee (15 days ago)
1:36 what if she hadn't read The Philosopher's Stone yet?
Midnight Mystery (15 days ago)
Sans fire the wolf Gamer rule 34 (15 days ago)
i step on a teethpick once
Kierstin Smith (15 days ago)
When she said, "I have a hole in my foot, so now i can't walk." I was like, "I literally cannot walk. I am on bed rest."
XOX Elisabeth XOX (16 days ago)
wolfowo123 yeet (16 days ago)
On the sing it said, to feed the deers, you can't do deers it's only deer
Miziro (16 days ago)
"Only a super squirter would do this" Oh my-
XxxhewoimamoXD Hewo :3 (16 days ago)
Lia : „what kinda sounds do dears make? Skkrrrr oh wait that’s when you hit them „ IM DEAAADD XDDDD 😂😂😂😂😂
Rainbowtime Cotton (16 days ago)
Rainbowtime Cotton (16 days ago)
Karen (17 days ago)
“WOAH! That’s the wrong hole” —Sssniperwolf 2020
Zara Thomas (17 days ago)
bro, 25 cents for deer food. where I live its like a pound (dollar)
Bid H (18 days ago)
SSsniper Wolf I've had a toothpick in my foot before
Katie👌 (18 days ago)
2020 anyone?
Ems Rosa (18 days ago)
Police box. Thats the tardis. Lil johnny knows what we english hooligans (the queen) like 😂😂😂😂
Ashlee Loves (19 days ago)
Lol he said I’m dashing in his scrabble pieces ha
Lydi S (19 days ago)
And shove it up your...oven
1,000 subscribers without any videos challenge (19 days ago)
Nobody: Literally nobody: Not one person: Lia: there’s a hole in my foot, and I can’t walk, 0:26
Elizabeth Spencer (16 days ago)
I think I can get it for the same time as well as a result of an
melanie theriault (17 days ago)
Dulce Ruiz- Alegria (20 days ago)
Im laughing so hard right now
chris O_o (21 days ago)
2:52 I'm English what's a seeded grape
Moustafa Beyrouti (21 days ago)
Mm delishes
EpicKitCat02 Branch Comic Creator (21 days ago)
Best crossover ever? You and marshmello when you made Fortnite crystal pop rocks.
Dazzi 's Life (21 days ago)
Mines to
Raducan Mario (22 days ago)
Dis mac mooo
MaRzIaH (22 days ago)
jaypong 36T (22 days ago)
7:17 who else saw "im dashing" Like if u did Comment if u didn't
Medallion Hall (22 days ago)
grape joke done twice
Sive Brennan (22 days ago)
We don’t have good like that in Ireland
Jacksonthebest Robloxlover (23 days ago)
Teacher: One, Two ,three eyes on me!!!!! Rest of class: One, Two Eyes on you! Me: *Takes out eye and puts it on the teacher* I get it from 6:00
Shadøw Wolf (24 days ago)
You asked how dears sound? I heard one in the wild. They literally sound like dogs
Savanna Swann (24 days ago)
Hello everyone, I’m your girl that shocked their ear with a earbud... 😳
avengerboy (24 days ago)
I got a toothpick stuck in my foot to
Toonyman Base Studios (24 days ago)
that pizza cookie looks good. yes, i must try this.
Zander_825 (24 days ago)
lia I thought suasuge cut your hair..
Blake Herrington (24 days ago)
jacob 0525 (24 days ago)
8:15 that’s what she said
Alejandro Segura (24 days ago)
lêa gaming (24 days ago)
How did your hair grow back
iibrxken_rin (24 days ago)
0:14 isnt greens suppose to be green and not brown?
Ashley Jamison (24 days ago)
What kinda sound do deers make Eeerrr Wait no that’s after you hit it
kfl (24 days ago)
Daniel Cholico (25 days ago)
Too literally u mean to seriously
Isobella Crown (25 days ago)
They always somehow get Harry Potter in this and I love it
Mya Warneke (26 days ago)
Harry James Potter😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Cute_Skyler! :3 (26 days ago)
I'm Chinese :3
jasmin golden (26 days ago)
Did dis gurl not cut her hair 🤔🤔🤔
Candy Cloud (26 days ago)
“And shove up your O V E N . “
Haylee Wood (26 days ago)
No that's gross
Toxic Aurora (26 days ago)
how did ur hair grow back??
Mimis Reborn (26 days ago)
izabela giuclea (26 days ago)
Who else wants to hear the talk they had after each one😂🤣
James Guillen (27 days ago)
Never talk to somebody unless they're you're a boy and a stranger is sexy lady
Ok ok (27 days ago)
Your hair
slaymaster inc (27 days ago)
Who ever made that pizza with cookies they need help someone go help them find help
PILAR TOYS AND FUN (27 days ago)
2020 anyone 😆
Stuart Pratley (27 days ago)
That is genius lol where do you get this material from ? It’s first class so funny 😂 It just goes to show some people have no common sense what so ever .
Purple ・ Kitty (28 days ago)
1:50 YEET!!! YOU SPEAK FRENCH!?! I speak France French not Canadian french😅 Edit: lol, I didn't even see the english part 🤣
Kaylee Buck (28 days ago)
At least half of these people were high change my mind
todd franke (28 days ago)
Little bro eat half too
løve wølf (29 days ago)
am I the only person who thinks that sniperwolf looks at some stuff that she’s already seen like the grapes and the dog watching the video
Mireya Padilla (29 days ago)
The eye one made me spit