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FREIGHT CONFERENCE CALL!!! 11/01/18 Very Informative!

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John G (8 months ago)
Amazon Freight is Coming, they are Offering 50% off what UPS is charging. Look it up that are coming in like it or not , Sharks smell blood
Auckland357 (8 months ago)
You’re not going to make the money you do anywhere else. Think about that.
Chris Kostka (8 months ago)
Looking forward to a strike! 22 yr freight vet. Tired of being under paid. If I get fired I don't care. Plenty driving jobs out there. Already have a couple lined up if I need them.
And C (8 months ago)
cloud 05 (8 months ago)
Imo the company changed after it went public...then it was clearly about money, that's it. That includes the leadership of our Teamsters. Guys can't believe that we use to get Xmas bonuses back in the day. $1000 for full timers and $500 for part. That ended in the early 90's. If it's going to change, it's gonna be a long tough road.
El Diablo El Bandito (8 months ago)
Strike! Show big brown who's boss! Don't let them screw you over! Stand tall, side by side with your union brothers and sisters!
IamJ007 (8 months ago)
Let us offer 30/40/50% freight discounts so we can secure parcel contracts. (City Invoices) Let us move Parcel overflow, (Amazon, Grainger) ect... Let us pretend revenue is a driving force... Or the reality that Parcel as a whole prostitutes Freight, as we might as well be the lower class citizens. Even though our dock workers and Road drivers have more qualifications, than many at big brother. (Haz mat endorsements and training/loading/unloading procedures. Parcel don't stand with Freight, never has. From day one ridicule, and discrimination, and harassment. The fact is, Freight might as well be FEX EX GROUND and just be contracted out 100% so Parcel can get a 275$ a year pension credit and a 1.13$/mile raise on the next contract in 2023. Don't claim you stand with Freight cause you don't.
Rob W (8 months ago)
so he's saying freight isn't allowed to picket small pack facilities?
Robert Kutulis (8 months ago)
Dog and pony show
Steve Kincaid (8 months ago)
The contract is going to pass. UPS owns the union. We are screwed from this point on. UPS now knows that we will coward.
Chris Mouille (8 months ago)
Hi everyone! I'm a linehaul driver for ups freight. I'm very upset with this so call union upper management team that negotiated this mess. For the past 3 contracts yes we have been payed very well and excited benefits. The problem we have had has been this company running contractors when we are losing runs, people layed off. All we are asking for is let us run are freight. Dont get me wrong lots of us are happy and grateful for the jobs we have but I do blame the company looking at whatever way to not work us and grow. I do also blame the upper management of the union and NOT my fellow brothers and sisters. They have us vote to have a strike vote then buckle when we watch the company empty all the freight out of the system then tell us when and where to strike. Want to talk about blinking. So I dont know man I really feel like we have guys and gals who are asking for this. Sorry about going on just pissed off
jmsamborski (8 months ago)
“Not voting is not a Yes vote”... try telling that to small package division who your counterpart screwed and rammed through a contract for because of voter turnout. Are all our union representatives in bed with UPS management? Seems to be the case.
Nicole Gschwind (8 months ago)
They fucked hub workers out of our votes. Good luck freight. We stand by you.
Ronald Butler (8 months ago)
If you ever want the respect you deserve vote No!! Ups freight is garbage and while the contract is not the worst or the best the fact is ups freight does not believe you have the balls to stand up for yourself..After 13 years as a driver and union rep i have to say i agree..You have the power but i hope you guys have the resolve to be treated fairly with dignity and the respect you deserve..Good luck guys
TinyBOss (8 months ago)
They need to here a reasonable voice. That has facts not liberal character fucks. They made this political. And he's stating that he can not!!!! Dooo!!!! His!!! Job!!!! Right!!!!
Big kahuna (8 months ago)
If they want to stay the best and have the best then you have to pay to keep the best. Being a union Freight hauler I also understand what it takes to do this job. They're not going to throw away a billion dollars in profit. Stay strong.
steve weich (8 months ago)
We screwed there still won't be enough work for us dockworkers if the contract did go through. I want my back pay from August if it doesn't I dont get it kinda blows
900castillo (8 months ago)
Hoffa and the Teamsters sold us out. Hoffa Fuck You! Enjoy the money you made off hardworking members.
900castillo (8 months ago)
vote no!
Crazy55 Rider (8 months ago)
What can Brown do for you?
Benji Truman (8 months ago)
More like, "What can Brown do to you?"
soulkeeper (8 months ago)
This shouldn't be on YouTube
soulkeeper (8 months ago)
Commercial sales.
DojoRat (8 months ago)
soulkeeper It’s all about clicks and views
soulkeeper (8 months ago)
Do you guys know what happened to consolidated freight? They shut the doors. They didn't want to waste money on the old structures and unions so they just changed the name and filed bankruptcy so they didn't have to pay pensions. Conway was born. Learn from the past
Crazy55 Rider (8 months ago)
Can't file on an $270 million quarter and just get away with it
frank manion (8 months ago)
Branch Tana (8 months ago)
I'm a member of the freight division. This contract is garbage, but given the small size of the Freight division compared to the overall UPS operations, I think the company is much more emboldened than they would have been if this was company wide. The hour/clock-in "concessions" the company made for pension/vacation isn't even a concession, it's merely them giving up the concessions they were asking from us. The wage increases are a joke. We're not asking for a fortune, but $2.20 over 5 years doesn't even keep up with inflation, and this after their earnings and tonnage reports increasing massively. On top of that, all full-time dock workers hired since the begging of the last contract only receive 80% of the pay scale, and going forward will only receive 80% of the general wage increases. So it's bad enough that these employees are making almost $6 less per hour , but they will only receive $1.76 over the life of this contract instead of the $2.20. I'm prepared to stand side by side with by union brothers/sisters no matter what they decide.
John G (8 months ago)
Branch Tana , Have u read what Amazon Freight is offering, all UPS Freight Customers 50% off what UPS charges , Look out Amazon Freight is Coming like it or not
itzviru (8 months ago)
They don't want to touch that strike fund...in 97 someone embezzled the strike fund...
Rick1979 (8 months ago)
"someone" you sound a little like the president. They were underal feral supervision in 97 and nobody embezzeled the fund.
itzviru (8 months ago)
No body wants a strike or taylor and ups dont want a strike?
Ortiz Racing #7 (8 months ago)
Small package you got screwed cuz not enough members voted! Which was sad! If Frieght goes on strike you need to go and walk n picket with your brothers and sisters! Show the company that you are united with your brothers and sisters! Don’t leave them out in the cold! You will see other union n non union Frieght workers out there picketing with them! If this shit goes down remember them when your working your 70 hour weeks kick a little back to them to the tune of $25 per member per week this will help with electric gas grocery bills n Christmas for thier kids! Show the world how unions pull together n stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow brothers n sisters!💪
Rick1979 (8 months ago)
@TrubblMan87 Yes.
TrubblMan87 (8 months ago)
They dont get strike pay?
900castillo (8 months ago)
Ortiz Racing #7 thank you!
Ortiz Racing #7 (8 months ago)
Get out and VOTE! Your future n your families future is at stake! The company always says last n final offer! They are preparing to witness a strike! If it was Frieghts busy season they wouldn’t be pulling this crap! United we stand divided we fall! Best of luck to you guys n gals! Retirees are with you!
Kyle Hagan (8 months ago)
I work for the biggest LTL outfit in America..we don’t need a piece of shit union rep sucking money off the top This is what you get for being union... who makes more? How’s that union doing for you now? How’s reddaway doing? Thanks for the business...put on the purple shirt.. we look forward to working with you
brian griffith (8 months ago)
Stay strong freight too bad the rest of us got screwed and we aren't able to stand with you
Branch Tana (8 months ago)
Thanks. Just as us in freight feel for the parcel employees who's voices were ignored by the IBT national committee. I also believe that as a whole we would have had much more leverage if the brothers and sisters or both parcel and freight were standing side by side. It's a simple fact, we in Freight only make up at most, 5% of the overall UPS operations. Given how small we are relative to their overall portfolio, we just don't have the leverage that we would have if the entirety of UPS's unionized employees were in this together.
o0prodigy4110o (8 months ago)
We got totally sold out when they used that loophole in the Constitution to get small pack ratified. I'm not mad at UPS nor my fellow co workers or even small pack. But we were fed solidarity w us and small pack. Teasters took the power of small pack away from both us and them and this is how UPS wins. Good job Teamsters. 2021 is hopefully goodbye Hoffa once and for all whether we can vote or not. I just hope our brothers and sisters remember this at small pack and get some hopefully better leadership back on in the Teamsters.
brian griffith (8 months ago)
o0prodigy4110o also vote out local leadership that pushed the yes vote
Shawn Berry (8 months ago)
Best of luck to the Freight guys. I hope everyone prepared in advance for the possibility of a strike. If this comes to a strike, I could see UPS trying to starve the drivers out for an extended period of time, but it’s highly unlikely that the company would shut its doors as the speaker said was a possibility. Freight is on track for close to $1 Billion in yearly profits. This is too much money to risk losing to simply prove a point to these drivers. I know UPS also has other branches and employees to consider in terms of future negotiations, but I can’t see them playing hardball too long and risking so much.
Billy G. (8 months ago)
UPS is paying $35 an hour to thousands of seasonal package handers in the Rockford hub right now, but they claim they cant afford to offer more money? Why isnt anyone calling them out on this? If they can afford this they can offer everybody more money!
Billy G. (8 months ago)
Tyler, this is NOT a seasonal thing in rockford, theyve been paying every single person there the bonus for the past 11 months, minus the few of us that were already working there prior to january 1st.
Billy G. (8 months ago)
sogno78 Think again! Theyre paying $300 weekly to seasonals AND have been paying that to every single person hired in since january!
sogno78 (8 months ago)
Theyre paying an extra 100 and 200 bucks bonus on yop of they pay to new hire in secaucus nj Hub
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
brian griffith They did that last year as well. It's crazy. Seasonals we're making 35 when full time DRIVERS in progression making 18/25
brian griffith (8 months ago)
Billy G. They are starting seasonal hires at 35$ an hour?
T Web (8 months ago)
I need help find a job that pays a living
El Diablo El Bandito (8 months ago)
Post office is hiring! They don't pay as well as UPS, but pretty close.
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
I have a feeling jobs that pay a living wage will become harder and harder to find as we move forward.
The Kings Daughter Grace (8 months ago)
T Web my husband is doing Uber 😪
daniel (8 months ago)
Wow.. this is crazy .. and I just started and going to be laid off.. just wow
budda man (8 months ago)
ronald516 (8 months ago)
Small package stands with you guys 💪🏾
Rick1979 (8 months ago)
If that were true they would have voted unfortunately.
frank manion (8 months ago)
UPS is so poor they can't even afford to fixed the language in the contract. that's what this is all about.
frank manion (8 months ago)
@ups kc working on getting the shop Steward first.
ups kc (8 months ago)
Manion for Teamster President. Love ya buddy!
itzviru (8 months ago)
@Tyler Binder top 3 ups bosses millions in raises this year....
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
frank manion is this satire?