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Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World

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Text Comments (6001)
rmayorga (3 hours ago)
FAIL! this guy does not know the facts!!!
Rob Nowak (6 hours ago)
It’s like watching my Dad narrate slides from our vacation when I was 9. And here is the Mona Lisa. And here is the Eiffel Tower. And here is the pyramids. How about an actual fact about each photo? Or maybe use photos that don’t immediately populate on Google when searching the subject matter.
Willy Wonks (14 hours ago)
I been to the pyramids and real life is actually better than pictures your full of shit asshole
xxxtentacion idontwannadothisanymore (18 hours ago)
I have a new hack turn your phone upside down and press the like button comment if you understand the joke
gun jack (21 hours ago)
This video makes me want to punch my own face for watching it. I'm sure I will see the world differently through both my black eyes.
Thijs De Meijer (23 hours ago)
The niagara falls isn't even frozen on the photo....
Thijs De Meijer (23 hours ago)
But from above it is even more amazing
Ryan Roman (2 days ago)
2:46 "A Rainbows As Seen From A Plane" Bravo. 10/10 grammar
Dan Neville (2 days ago)
This is a shit video
guardian 6927 (2 days ago)
Thanks for ruining my childhood im not even 13 yet😡
TC Johnson (2 days ago)
My only regret is that I only have one dislike to give.
IRL Hot Guy 69 (2 days ago)
the toronto picture is stupid lol wtf
Korbin Púpský (3 days ago)
Oy vey they grow the tulips separate by color? Why don't you mix them up bigot!
vani lokesh (3 days ago)
Saw this video for some few minutes......🤔🤔🤔🤔 Unsubscribed.
Mr. Springroll (3 days ago)
If ur reading the comments while watching click of the video, it’s fucking bullshit
Horollen Chettry (4 days ago)
Wow very smart vid . I thought great wall of china never ends. But now i knw it ends
Rafael Cordero (5 days ago)
Jesus is at the doors
Adam Barkham (6 days ago)
"When you see a rainbow from the ground it looks like an inverted u" the letter n then?
EdSg101610 (6 days ago)
This video was so rushed...after around 15 or so it was cutting off every few seconds it's ridiculous.
Nugabyta Askketo (6 days ago)
I would like to go to the building in fira!!
Ryan Hill (7 days ago)
THE NUMBER OF HEADSTONES IN THE CEMETARY IS GREAT BAHAHAHAHAH Did this guy just celebrate that loads of Americans died???
Ryan Hill (7 days ago)
I had to pause it because the lack of interesting content and insight was burning my mind
Barak Fridge (7 days ago)
try harder this is a bad vid
My Opinion is Better (8 days ago)
There you go ,you got my first DISLIKE for cHaNgInG the way I see the world . Given you waste 10 minutes of my time the DISLIKE was worth it
Faiza Sh Ibrahim (8 days ago)
It doesn't change my world in any way
Splatoon is the worst game of all time. (8 days ago)
What the hell happened at the Packard Automotive Plant? It looks like it came from freaking Chernobyl!
Guy D (9 days ago)
People = full of sh!t. Mostly ✌
BEAT TheKiller (9 days ago)
Wow the rainbow one it actually a reflection of the mirror
Anthony DeMarco (10 days ago)
Screw the Pyramids, behold Downtown Toronto everybody...
Jess Jara (10 days ago)
8:18 New Zealand!!😂 that's 3hrs away from where I live hahaha
Magenelli Epikrati (11 days ago)
Right translation- mga larawang magpapabago sa iyong Pananaw tungkol sa daigdig na ito!
Anne Prochaska (11 days ago)
The only thing good about this video was the clickbait.
Sonam Rinzin (12 days ago)
Climbing mount Everest is a popular act
Merendo Bereglidditz (12 days ago)
God, what a lame vid. 👎
Merendo Bereglidditz (12 days ago)
The rainbow description is dumb. Rainbows are a combination of sun, rain and viewing angle. Saying they're all circles is just stupid. Then all gushing about Mercury. For ten seconds.
ogexp (12 days ago)
Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World. Number 26, the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is a beautiful piece of architecture no matter where you look at it from... okay then
I eat sharpies XP (12 days ago)
Did you know Hollywood was use to be called hollywoodland
bsmalls17 (12 days ago)
Brilliant ! How beautiful our world is !!!
Tarun paparaju (13 days ago)
I can't describe how bad this video is in words.
RedheadScorpio (13 days ago)
Pizza hut pizzas in Kairo actually have cheese on them!
Sufyan Khan (13 days ago)
6:06 why the guy at left is taking a selfie!
Luis A Salazar (13 days ago)
3:50 boi are u high? thats venus
ugly ass dog (13 days ago)
5:48 j-jeno?
Indrek Naagel (13 days ago)
What a FUCK ???
Misty Lee (13 days ago)
New York City has 2 sides? The West side and Central Park? So what is the upper east side? Chopped liver?
Dickie Chaznick (13 days ago)
*At **3:05** No, I'm sorry but that's complete bull. No rainbow is round, no matter how far or how high you're looking at it from. The part of the rainbow over the Mediterranean in this picture, is simply the reflection of the rainbow seen over the land mass. Rainbows are only ever an arch not a circle. In addition, rainbows (whether over land or sea) are always 240 degrees (two-thirds of a full circle) due to earth's gravitational pull and its equatorial and meridional circumferences. i.e. the earth isn't round, it's actually an oblate spheroid.*
Herbie and Missi (13 days ago)
Boston, the Blizzard of 78. Aka the perfect storm.
geraldineeeeee (14 days ago)
Content is great, narration made the vid suck. He sounded like he needs to poop, so he just needs to finish everything by jusy describing the photo and not disclose any trivia about it which is the point why anyone would watch vids like this 😐
Reza Jawadi (14 days ago)
Hi! Please watch this site https://youtu.be/8UQx8gSKLZo
Nathan Dunne (14 days ago)
who suggested there was no end to the great wall of china??this video is stupid
Helena Popova (14 days ago)
какой вредитель сделал тиры в полкадра размером???????
Helena Popova (14 days ago)
оказывается, их можно отключить))))
CamNYC (14 days ago)
What’s unbelievable to me is how this crap content gets such a good narrator! Wasn’t there a moment when he looked at the text and said: “really, guys?” Maybe they have too much money. I know for a fact it isn’t because there are a surplus of good narrators. The other day I watched most of a video that had millions of views, from a big YouTube channel, with a narrator that repeated the same three tones in his inflections. The narration itself gave me a headache and made me quit watching the video. Here, a bunch of crap content was put together in a terribly written text, then given to a narrator that almost makes it all seem legit (if only you don’t actually listen to the words said.) I’d even bet actual money that the text he got had incomplete sentences that were only finished by him during recording.
Sam Mir (14 days ago)
I'm reborn LOL
DRAGON one (14 days ago)
jorge Damin (14 days ago)
he skipped number 5 :)
_Itsme Haru (14 days ago)
This is stupid
terceldude (14 days ago)
(Yawning Noises)
pixelfish (15 days ago)
Shows “photo” of boston Says how “still” it looks
Iowa Airsoft Militia (15 days ago)
This video is garbage.. just plain garbage.. half truths and a bunch of b.s. not even historically accurate
안녕하세요 (15 days ago)
the title didn't even make sense to the video
carpejkdiem (15 days ago)
For one, that rainbow clearly wasn't really round on that fish eyed lens. And the next photo it was ending on near the ground in that side angle perspective through the fish eyed lenz on each end ( it's a reflection of the dome firmAment dome ). The study on rainbows I remember to create a rainbow indoor you definitely needs a mirror and moisture to create indoors. Correct me if I'm wrong on that. Supposedly rainbows can only be seen at a °42 angle. I'll have to fact check that thought. I'll look further but it seems these are pushing a narrative long forced into the minds of the people through all its programming systems. Hmmm
Unknown Unknown (15 days ago)
That was boring
Lupu' de fer (15 days ago)
Cairo isn't that old
M'aiq the Liar (15 days ago)
Hey at least now I can click on a link that says "9 Photos that Will Change Your Life" and it won't have pop up ads. Yay.........
Steve Garcia (15 days ago)
Up-talking narrators suck.
Kevin C (15 days ago)
I immediately stop the video and trash it in the comments section as soon as I hear this dicktards voice.
Steve Garcia (15 days ago)
The description about Cairo and the Pyramids is pretty erroneous. 47 years ago, I spent two months within spitting distance of the Pyramids and a lot of time in and around Cairo (at the time of the UAR and the Soviet military being there). I can tell you that there is next to NO connection between the age of Cairo and the Pyramids. There is basically at LEAST two millennia between them in age. The Pyramids date to the time of the pharaohs, and so do scores of other ancient Egyptian ruins. There are a few towns in between Cairo and the Pyramids, including Giza, up and down the Nile River. There was a GAP between Cairo and the Pyramids until pretty recent times. This narrator says that Cairo grew up around the pyramids. That is simply untrue. Even as recently as 1905, the Pyramids were a pretty good hike out into the desert, so much so that only 100 years ago the Sphynx only had its neck and head above the sand. Not exactly part of suburbia or the city center. In fact, one additional fact will blow your minds as much as what he asserts: The toes of the Sphynx are only a few hundred feet from the Nile agricultural land - the part that used to flood every year before the Aswan High Dam was built (in the 1960s, just before I lived their shortly). And the CHANGE is so sudden that you can stand in true, 100% sandy desert with one foot, and in cropland with your other foot. THAT changes your thinking, too. On the other hand, you can DEFINITELY see the pyramids from Cairo, as he says and shows. I cannot attest to the visibility of the Pyramids NOW, from within the city at ground level (because of construction of taller buildings in between). That present photo's camera location is elevated considerably. But I can tell you that 47 years go I could stand on the EASTERN bank of the Nile and see the Pyramids which are about 7 or 8 km west of the Nile. And as he says, THAT changes the way we look at the Pyramids, yes. Additionally ----- (Example) I lived in Elgin, IL for a while. Elgin is a city in its own right, about 40 miles WNW of the Chicago Loop. Elgin now looks like a suburb of Chicago, but it used to stand alone. The urban area spread enough to swallow up Elgin. Similarly, the Giza Pyramids stood alone - and like Elgin, the urban area of Cairo spread until it began to include them. Lots of places are like that. But it is not correct to say that, say, New York City grew up around, say, Brooklyn. They are NOT called the Cairo Pyramids. They are the GIZA Pyramids.
roi joffe (16 days ago)
LMAOOOO this was shit
FINN WALLACE (16 days ago)
If you do another one, I would suggest Avioraz in France from a distance you can’t tell it’s a town but from close you can tell pretty easily
isaac douget (16 days ago)
the great wall of china ends because it doesnt line the coast
Stop saying army In every video (16 days ago)
This was sad
Dhruba Jyoti Boro (16 days ago)
This video has changed my mind not to watch ur videos anymore...
Pawel zepeterinma (16 days ago)
How does this have more likes than dislikes?
BlacKnight Tech (17 days ago)
Murcury looks like Photoshoped Earth Globe at Midnight 3:56
Eric (17 days ago)
Pizza Hut??? 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Jasminetube Land (17 days ago)
Dude what did you expect in Cairo I mean I feel offended cause I am from THERE
Kaushik Vs (17 days ago)
The worst video ever....they did not even try.
MyHairIsAbnormal (17 days ago)
It feels like somehow, magically, this video took less time to produce than how long it actually is. I mean, I get that whoever wrote this script was incredibly lazy, but even more shame on the guy who read it out.
sweet simple (18 days ago)
chief 1 redwolf (18 days ago)
Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself
chief 1 redwolf (18 days ago)
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life
Uzi Game GP (18 days ago)
This video proves the world is run by fools.
George T Peppel (18 days ago)
This is the stupidest video.
George T Peppel (18 days ago)
Oh thanks. I thought the great wall went on forever and ever. Moron.
nick woodward (18 days ago)
"You'll never look at a rainbow the same way again". Stop being a cheesy twat
Ham Spam (18 days ago)
Watched video good
amiramoo (18 days ago)
I'm Egyptian but never knew that u can see the pyramids in pizza hut. What a great useless information
steve barber (18 days ago)
bronzesister18 lopes (18 days ago)
The Automotive plant had people working there and now its an abandoned ghost town? Your dropping jewels....by the way I live in New England it wasn't that bad, we're used to it. Up North you know what I mean.
Roman lee (19 days ago)
I fail to see what points are trying to be made here wow a pizza hut in Cairo.
irongiant squid (19 days ago)
Cody Yearian (19 days ago)
@3:10 problem with rainbow theory.......the pic was taken with rainbow near body of water.... hence making a circle
Saugat Maharjan (19 days ago)
Sassageyo sassageyo shinjou wa sassageyo
小島信一 (19 days ago)
This video is incomparable and exquisite !
Rosanna Miller (19 days ago)
They are both reality since they are photos taken at different time periods. I have no desire to watch this based on your meme and title. Which is ridiculous...
Serena 55 (19 days ago)
1:25 do not watch this if u have trypophobia I did and it wasn't so nice
Rowgue51 (19 days ago)
There is a lot of dumb and useless shit on youtube. This video is right up there with the dumbest and most useless of it.
808Molcos (20 days ago)
This is a video for absolute retards “even if you don’t like pizza, you’re going to want to visit this Pizza Hut”
a dawg thats a frog so its a frog dawg (20 days ago)
Everything is Soo short, it almost seems like you're speaking fast on purpose
a dawg thats a frog so its a frog dawg (20 days ago)
The only OK one is the New York City one
a dawg thats a frog so its a frog dawg (20 days ago)
Errr so what if Stonehenge looks tiny, it's called PERSPECTIVE, when you're further away thing look smaller, WOW