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Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World

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Text Comments (6299)
morininhooo (36 minutes ago)
Christy (9 hours ago)
Photo at 8:45 mark, is not 2013. Those cars are from the late 70's/early 80's lol....Actually, probably from the blizzard of '78.
Ed Ward (1 day ago)
Changes the way I look at the world because my eyes squint when I yawn...
Sullivan Culhane (1 day ago)
This video fucken sucks ok Gn
Jet Lee (2 days ago)
Someone should steal the mona lisa painting ..lol ..
rashad wilson (2 days ago)
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Grammar Police (3 days ago)
“How can anything be more popular than Mount Rushmore?” Uhhh that is a dumbass question.
William Jones (3 days ago)
Cool video, but there are a lot more Easter Island statues than are just standing in that row. I know I went there recently.
FILAYYY JAYYY (3 days ago)
All of you people obviously have not traveled or have no sense of how amazing and enigmatic this world is. You all keep saying “wow a picture how is this changing my perception on the world” but then you’ll see a New mall open and be fascinated, shit is sad .Get your eyes out of your phone, instagram could wait. Trust me it’s not going anywhere...these land marks and destinations they are.
Nawty Savage (3 days ago)
Hobiton new zealand hahahaha im dead. Thats the set of Lord of the Rings, but from a aerial view it looks amazing lol
HairyMonkeyification (3 days ago)
I should of looked at the dislikes first :/
GrabnarMyers (3 days ago)
Had to stop watching at 2:52 ..."it looks like an inverted U"... So a "n"....
Second Chance (4 days ago)
What a lot of crap, complete waste of time...
Decky Plays (5 days ago)
24 is from the place from the hobbit
King Kenny (5 days ago)
What a load of shite this video is.
Naveen Pisharody (6 days ago)
This is by far the worst youtube video I have seen...
Julie Nelson (6 days ago)
What is unusual about the drive to the Colosseum? Get a taxi or walk. It is right there in town. Across the street is the Roman Forum and down the stairs is the fountain... nothing unusual about it. And the Mona Lisa... did you photoshop that picture? I was there in 1984 and there was not another soul in the room except us.
Zara Hassan (6 days ago)
I want to visit egypt so badly😩
Apricot Muffin (6 days ago)
the *RAAAINBOW* is *ROOUND* lol idk why but the way he said it was weird
Aldo Moreno (8 days ago)
I'm glad you didn't mention that putos name
MissMatoki (8 days ago)
I was born in Naples (the city which the pizza was invented) and the pizza of pizza hut looks awful in my opinion ^^
Fnaf plush Shorts (8 days ago)
1:27 it's the tire pile from the Simpsons
TribalCreate (9 days ago)
This dude forgot about "quality over quantity"
Mega Big Marn (10 days ago)
His name is President Donald Trump!
Dylan Roy (10 days ago)
8:50 yes good job you pointed out that it's a photo and not a video
Dylan Roy (10 days ago)
*shows the Hollywood sign from a low-flying plane* yOu CaN sPoT iT fRoM SpACe
stefanOo (10 days ago)
That’s how Mafia works
Jay Gause (11 days ago)
I'm Sorry Sir You Change The Way I See The World
Christian Garcia (11 days ago)
What a lazy ass video man
Verdeflor Tin (11 days ago)
Denis AMK (11 days ago)
Tumbnail scam that it
Isabel D.A. (12 days ago)
Kristana Shay Legayada (13 days ago)
I have a cousin in new Zealand
Francois Travis jr (13 days ago)
Evrything is just in ariel view 😂😂😂
steph (13 days ago)
I've always wanted to visit Cairo but nowadays I'm hesitant to go. Such an interesting country Egypt is though
Jada & Lexi Gibson (14 days ago)
When I was like I, I used to think Texas had no roads, no water, no trees, just dead bushes rolling around
Ahmed Eid (15 days ago)
I am from egypt
MostWantedVids (15 days ago)
This is just pure nonsense!!
Jeffrey Robert (15 days ago)
Disingenuous information at 8:43. The photo is from the Blizzard of '78, not 2013.
Pickle P (16 days ago)
This is obviously for kids
VASQUEZ FAMILIA 415 (16 days ago)
I love the Great Wall of China it's amazing.
Lyben Sush (17 days ago)
Photos that will change the way you see the 🌎 world Randomly says Mercury is amazing with edited photo
Y.I. Hinnie (17 days ago)
to lip?what is the burning man festival?so it snowed in Boston in 2013 so what?
A means to an end 13 (18 days ago)
Shahnawaz (18 days ago)
A bullshit video
Josh VanArman (19 days ago)
Seems pretty lame and lackluster
Donald Kelly (19 days ago)
The best part of this video is at 10:31
Game of Thrones German/Deutsch (19 days ago)
06:30 this had me laugh out loud.
Tony Yeung (19 days ago)
Update: the cold across North America in 2019
NO NAME (20 days ago)
Nice video 👍👍!!
dore591 (20 days ago)
So except the Taj mahal from a different angle and 50 people climbing Everest together, everything is amazing in this world.. . . MAY BE THIS VIDEO MIGHT LOOK GREAT FROM AN AERIAL VIEW
Greogory Hismarney (20 days ago)
Greogory Hismarney (20 days ago)
Delcio (21 days ago)
Such a stupid video
Andy Weir (21 days ago)
Shit video
Josh Newman (22 days ago)
Here for the comments
SHOULD U B BOTHERED?? (22 days ago)
You rushed thru everything, and some things weren't relevant to the title. Hmmmm..... Clear clickbait sweetie.
Sebastian Fabian (22 days ago)
This video is just full of bla bka bla. Nothing a single thing, idea 💡 and knowledge to learn. 😂 🤣
I would like to translated in my owned language if permitted.. Please
Lov!ingL!fe (23 days ago)
Pretty soon we will visit the GREAT TRUMP WALL
gofundme (23 days ago)
So... We just wasted 8 minutes watching him compliment things in the world. Life changing.
OptimusCam 04 (23 days ago)
Still better than YouTube rewind 2018
TarePanda (24 days ago)
These videos feel so half assed lol
Elena Bondarenco (24 days ago)
This kind of videos need to be deleted from the platform 🤦🏽‍♀️
Scott Alexander (25 days ago)
The facts are to short...erial views all good..info.. could be better..
Miroslav Majstorovic (25 days ago)
Mercury is absolutely out of this world! (see what I did there?) Also, I am pretty certain Google's data center isn't storing all the stuff that you search. Google has incredible amounts of data stored, but you are confusing Google the company and Google the search engine.
Isaiah Hickmon (25 days ago)
This video stupid asf
Gerry Kay (26 days ago)
A whole new perception... perspective maybe???? What a bunch of grade school crap.
somali youth and dreams (26 days ago)
3:30 Naruto hokage faces.
Like a Gamer (27 days ago)
the touch my hole
Ameer Tt (27 days ago)
was i the only one that waited for some pics of the google data center from THE AERIAL VIEW???
Samuel Kranz (27 days ago)
Love that you acknowledged our fallen heros❤️ Although I never met you it’s my dream to be buried in Arlington laying next to countless brave soldiers.
JenkinTownPosse jtp (28 days ago)
Well, no need to watch the video. Got all i needed from comment section. Thanks guys, and gals, and guy gals and gal guys and whatever that thing that was born smooth is called.
GeometricalKing (29 days ago)
Why is this in my recommanding?
Elmo Bennett (29 days ago)
Didn't wrk 4me.
Bhseeker01 (29 days ago)
Brian Cardile (30 days ago)
Mercury.. the MOST amazing planet...in the Universe?
TheDemonRaven (30 days ago)
Wtf this stupid fucking video is retarded... You're just commenting about pictures you strung together and most of these were so fucking pointless and uninteresting.
Madelen Alexzandra (30 days ago)
"even if you don´t like pizza" ??????????
Patrick Lo (1 month ago)
I really cannot absorb too much information in 10 minutes:)
Mara ctus (1 month ago)
Hey, at least it isn’t as bad as the Pokémon video.
IRISH JAY Drunk on GUINNESS (1 month ago)
@2:50 I'm SOUTHERN Irish and I see rainbows the whole time.. The reason that there is no leprechauns at the end of it wit there pot of gold is because THE FUKIN CHINESE KIDNAPPED ALL THE LEPRECHAUNS.. TOOK THEM TO THERE RESTURANTS.. KILLED THEM AND SERVED THEM TO CUSTOMERS IN SPRING ROLLS AND CURRYS.. THATS WHY THERE ARE NO LEPRECHAUNS LEFT IN IRELAND 😂 😂.. now all you Americans can tell your teachers that a real Irishman on YouTube told the truth.. And you will get an A+ in your Irish history lessons 😂 😂 😂 lol
Mackenzie Robinson (1 month ago)
But what about the guy who filmed the end of the rainbow?
Billy Okode (1 month ago)
Katelyn Finch (1 month ago)
Ok first of all, why is mercury in this video when it is a video of ways that will change the way you see the WORLD...? Mercury is not in the world so ya. Second of all at 4:33 he says information weird and it’s funny. 😂😂😂
Michelle Smith (1 month ago)
These pictures were pretty good, but was not aligned with any useful information whatsoever. Wish I would have read the other comments before wasting my time...
Richard Holt (1 month ago)
Worst. video. ever.
Richard Holt (1 month ago)
Niagara Falls do NOT fucking freeze! Ice builds up, but they don't freeze.
Richard Holt (1 month ago)
oh wow! I hope these morons know that was a false color image of Mercury.
I'm an asshole (1 month ago)
"Mount Rushmore is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world" :)).No it's not buddy.Maybe in your little world.From what inbred little shit town did you crawled out ? Oh and the little towns in America are actually called villages in the rest of the world.Just calling it a town doesn't mean that your mom is not your dad's sister and most of your houses don't have running water from a municipal source.Also your "little towns" don't have a sewerage infrastructure or paved streets.You live like animals.
V. Peters (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/lQYzu0W1MKE you want another/easily a new perspective on king's chamber?
Irene Castro (1 month ago)
this piece of grass looks good from the ground *but it looks amazing from an aerial view*
Let's Make Fools Of Ourselves (1 month ago)
Another liberal channel
Badr Bakouch (1 month ago)
Ok, this was disappointing
Obscure Terrain (1 month ago)
Great video!Amazing pics.
Felix Valmoria (1 month ago)
Dont include places which the ghosts lived.abandoned
The Three MustGetBeers (1 month ago)
This is bullshit.
CSBancroft_poet (1 month ago)
Worst commentary ever
INFINITE ACES (1 month ago)
Not only was this video pointless, but the timing if describing the photos were way off!
Turd Factory (1 month ago)
Mercury is the most amazing planet, even though it doesn’t have water and grass and intelligent life and all that other stuff earth has.