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Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World

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Text Comments (5586)
Crawfy (11 hours ago)
I prefer earth to mercury... Might be pretty but it's a tad warm for me. Plus you age faster... 88 days is a year so I'd be like several hundred years old
N K (12 hours ago)
This video was so bad I'm mad I watched it
Tom Pitts (13 hours ago)
Eating pizza bagels off his foreskin again Billy?!
JanaThe HappyVegan (1 day ago)
I still don't understand where this "information" is coming from.
JanaThe HappyVegan (1 day ago)
I still don't understand where this "information" is coming from.
Sydney h. (1 day ago)
Hobbiton in NEW Zealand so PRETTY, WE did 2 years ago ,it was breath TAKING 😊😊😊😊😊😊place
zach powless (1 day ago)
Google data center Oh shitt!!
Ionut Alexander (2 days ago)
24...stop talk diry about the "shire" I'm telling you Gandalf" :)))
Tyroz Music (2 days ago)
I live about 15 Miles away from Nördlingen lol 😂
Adrian W. (2 days ago)
Something's in the video are ether some elementary school knowledge or useless things that don't Chang anything on how I see the world
Dan RBLX (2 days ago)
Can you just walk outside and get closer to the pyramids?
Discover World (3 days ago)
shorturl.at/moCD5 Explore NorthEast India/Incredible India
Virginia Wright (3 days ago)
I've been walking and walking and whew walking along the Great Wall of China thinking this thing will never end, luckily I clicked on this video
john machuga (10 hours ago)
Saved, saved, saved, at last...
Kevin Cai (3 days ago)
If you swim a long time and look at an light you round rainbow
Lilly Doll (3 days ago)
The question is....who doesn't like pizza????
It seems that the Taj Mahal photo shown in order to lower its fame and credibility.
Sleeping Gerbil (4 days ago)
This video is extremely bad. The thumbnail is clickbait, and so is the title. How does the Eiffel Tower change the way you see the world? And yes the wall of China does end WHAT a surprise. This video should have, better content, some background music and a new thumbnail. That being said I do know you are a big channel and you need a lot of videos and new content all the time. I understand that it can be hard to keep having good content, but I don’t feel like this video is satisfying at all. Love to all that reads this comment. I am not trying to be hysteric or negative but simply trying to give some honest critics. Have a wonderful day❤️ BTW: sorry about my bad English I’m not a native English speaker🙂
koko (4 days ago)
The narrator doesn't know difference between left and right
Sydney Smith (4 days ago)
I don't usually give thumbs down because that's mean, but with this video I just couldn't help myself. I feel like I lost 3 brain cells by watching this dumb video.
OMGPrincessBroadway ! (4 days ago)
I've actually been to Barcelona and the Mona Lisa painting, and true, it IS SUPER crowded. But I managed to get a good pic.
Stephen Brundrett (4 days ago)
Rio 👍
The Minecraft Mapper (4 days ago)
good thing i use adblock lmfao
Michael Cleary (4 days ago)
This is the dumbest video I have ever seen.
Little_Mc_Playz t56bz (5 days ago)
44k like 32k dislike
jeff wei (5 days ago)
I think I found the worst video on YouTube. Sounds like it was written by a bad computer algorithm, or a 5th grader googling random things for a class presentation he doesn't want to give.
Per Eriksson (5 days ago)
The title should be "Zooming In On Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World".
Patrick Arnett (6 days ago)
0:10 dusty divot in real life
Sherry B (6 days ago)
Lies and garbage!!
Murat Tekin (6 days ago)
Sooo... it wouldn't be totally insane to also say WHERE that tyre cemetery is situated?
Jay Ulreich (7 days ago)
Inverted U?? Lmao... you mean like a right side up n? holy crap this is terrible
Glock hands (7 days ago)
The Chinese built the wall to keep out barbarians..
Kelly Woodward (7 days ago)
Jason Meyer (7 days ago)
Jason Meyer (7 days ago)
Stupidest video ever
goodcat1982 (7 days ago)
I don't get why they burn all those tyres? Tyres are recyclable! They can be used to make new tyres. They are burning a massive commodity! Fucking idiots. So bad for the ozone :(
Rayomand Bhadha (7 days ago)
The title is so misleading. The video just explains about all the monuments and structure in the world.
Annjalah Fuentez (8 days ago)
i didnt like this video because he didnt describe the pictures well and it was so fast
ItzMikeOmg (8 days ago)
Would it have killed you to just say President Trump instead of what you said. Grow the F$^$ up.
Wakandaforever90 Mcdowell (8 days ago)
The first town looks like willy wonka town in the movie
Canadian Magd (9 days ago)
Am I going to spend 1 million bucks to eat a pizza in Egypt? While I can spend 5 bucks to eat them in my Canada or any other place? Fuck Egypt..
sean mcfadyen (10 days ago)
A part of me just died watching this video
Badm0de League (10 days ago)
Dude going throught so fast I couldn't even change the way I see the world
Камила Нурпеисова (10 days ago)
То чувство когда ты видела пирамиды
"Photos that will Change the way you see the World" "#8 Mercury"
S L (10 days ago)
That's 10 minutes I can never get back....
pointlee (12 days ago)
8:43 shows all the 1980s cars when you talk about 2013 storm, did I miss something ?
jdevil_brz (12 days ago)
Who doesn't like Pizza though?
Daniel Kuepfer (12 days ago)
Amazing... A town in Bavaria called „Nord Lincoln“ doesn‘t exist, but there is a place called „Nördlingen“ which looks surprisingly similar to the place on the pictures ;-) I also couldn‘t find an arial photographer called „Klaus Lee Dorf“ (must have Chinese and German ancestors and lives most likely somewhere in US ;-) ). However, Google helped me to find the photographer „Klaus Leidorf“ :-) Unforunately, neither looking at an arial shoot of „Nördlingen“ nor looking at a mess of burned tires changed the way I see the world... Not to speak about the hilarious comments about the great wall of china and other places in the world, already noted by others :-)
Chioma baht Yahsharahla (12 days ago)
That rainbow is further proof the earth is flat
Lucas Hagel2.0 (12 days ago)
toofunkyniki (13 days ago)
DublinHD BR (13 days ago)
A minha bela cidade, Rio de Janeiro. :)
Ste (13 days ago)
CGI pics of Mercury are amazing
Ste (13 days ago)
nice pics, ruind by crapy naration
Special Reconnaissance Regiment (14 days ago)
*London is full of choices when it comes to hotels. However, there is a hotel that you must AVOID if you are visiting London, because the hotel owner is a fraudster and a crook: **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gWCnisIn38*
manu (14 days ago)
Yeah I was bored and I have wasted my time before ...So it's ok with this bullshit 😪 get a life anyway
deco_james (14 days ago)
1.) sub to me 2.) like this comment 👍🏽 3.) comment done ✅ 4.) I GOT YOU
Abdelrahman Gamal (14 days ago)
I'm from Alexandria, Egypt and number 4 is true. Although I don't live in Cairo, I went to it once or twice
Demonator1206 [GD] (14 days ago)
*Clickbait verse*
Xavier Rush (15 days ago)
This is one shitty video
Braindawg (15 days ago)
This video is stupid.
James Blake (15 days ago)
Seeing mercury has such a massive effect on how I see the world.
James Blake (15 days ago)
"Look a thing. It's a nice thing. Here is that thing from a different angle." (next slide)
The Juice (15 days ago)
This video made my erection go soft from despair
Usama Rafique (15 days ago)
Well PIZZA looks good near Pyramids, rainbow looks good from plane, great wall actually ends, the google headquarters are like this...... I think this guy worked as a guide to all these sites
julius923 (16 days ago)
Sounds like this guy has been trying art school for about 20 years. Your better off watching this without the commentary.
Manuthi Perera (16 days ago)
Damm Mercury is in earth,never would have guessed...
Elaraia Kennel (16 days ago)
Pizza in Egypt SUCKS. Don't bother, it's disgusting...even when it's labeled "Pizza Hut".....so does KFC in Egypt.
The williams kids (17 days ago)
No8 is CGI
Kurtis Pittman (17 days ago)
All the comments say this video is terrible, and yet i ignore their warnings and keep watching
Kurtis Pittman (17 days ago)
All the comments say this video is terrible, and yet i ignore their warnings and keep watching
SpadeGhostVampire7777 (17 days ago)
The Gold at the end of the rainbow is a metaphor for traveling around your area to appreaciete your surroundings hence you find gold, but not actual gold, but the appreaciation of your surroundings is the gold you discover which is more prescious than anything in life. It was originally an old wives tale to get children to go outside more to find friends in pursuite of what they did not realize the gold was already there if they just got out to look for it which was their enviroment, their newfound friends, and their bonds they shared. They found gold alright indeed.
Research0digo (17 days ago)
4:32 - there's W's "tubes". LOL
Research0digo (17 days ago)
4:19 La Sagrada Familia - at least you could tell clueless people what it means. The Holy Family. And it's still not complete. This is one reason the Spaniards didn't want Catalonia to secede. Barcelona is a huge, relatively wealthy city. Very famous, too. - But it isn't Spain, it's in Catalun (Catalonia).
Research0digo (17 days ago)
Thank you so much for NOT using the robotic voice, kudos!! @2:28 - that is the most disgusting 'cheese(?) I have ever seen in my life. YUCK
Kristina Woodmansee (18 days ago)
Barcelona looks cool from above nothing else surprised me, sorry dude I never click thumbs down so..... I give no click, so maybe next time 😕
Pramod Gaikwad (18 days ago)
LEGENDS say that this video is Sponsored by The🍕🍕 PIZZA HUT in Cairo.....
SoTwistedxx (19 days ago)
I didnt know that a rainbow looked like an inverted u
Toshiko Namioka (19 days ago)
1000% DO NOT NEED the narrative. Would have actually enjoyed the imagery if I'd thought to turn off the sound.
james garcia (19 days ago)
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mrmagnetsarecool (19 days ago)
Number 5: Pizza Hut in Cairo. Holy shit! There are still Pizza Hut restaurants!?!?!
الفلك (20 days ago)
Iam egyptian and proud
Travio Raptor (20 days ago)
Bilbo Baggins House 8:30
Cristhiansoc (20 days ago)
Stay away from Verizon they will Robber your hard working money 💴
Brandon morris (20 days ago)
if you got history in holland you know how 12 is done
Godlieb A (18 days ago)
Stephen Manchester (20 days ago)
I am sorry to report it, but that is just the porn section of googles data centre
pervmanyesican (21 days ago)
jose vasquez (21 days ago)
Most retarded video I've watched so far
JonyxSj (22 days ago)
"Informa-SHA"? 04:32
Vienna-Katharina Buhl (22 days ago)
Mercury is pure psychedelia
Keith Ely (23 days ago)
Captain obvious
melle gerda (23 days ago)
0:07 I was trying to find the word 'google'
Júlio César (23 days ago)
Reveillon 2018 in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivvuFzo8Dks&t=3s
Andrei Voronov (23 days ago)
Meteor ? Bs
ThrashMyTitsOff Ribnick (24 days ago)
“Inverted U”????? Wtf you mean ARCH?!? Fuckin snob prick
Mitt Obama (24 days ago)
The only FACT here is this is a clickbait title.
Joanne Evans (24 days ago)
I find it sad that theres fast food places next to the pyramids, i dunno it just doesnt seem right? Kinda takes you out of it a bit 🙁
Fry Sause (24 days ago)
Can see the Hollywood sign from space? What are you retarded.
Swoops (25 days ago)
I bet this dude was born in a boring place like Wyoming
Swoops (25 days ago)
I don’t get how seeing the google data Center changes the way I see the world