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Inside the holiday rush at FedEx

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Millions of packages sorted. Thousands of trucks lined up. Drivers deployed across the country. Richard Quest goes inside a New York FedEx sorting facility to see how one of the biggest shipping companies gets gifts delivered on time.
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Text Comments (13)
Jorge Ramirez (13 days ago)
"They've all gone" as there are still 100 packages on belt 2
Space Rocker (6 months ago)
Good job fed ex.... I placed an order Sunday night, you bastards got it from Nashville to Northern Ontario in less than 3 days. Thanks to you, I'll be building the new LEGO City Pizza Van this weekend, while I BBQ a chicken and make mashed potatoes and such. You guys rock. I'm truly astounded. LEGO also rocks. I'd say "shout out to" but that sounds fucking stupid coming out of anyone's mouth, so I'll just say "you all rock!"
Suh Duh (2 months ago)
Space Rocker go to the store and buy it your fatass
Elijah Orozco (6 months ago)
Fire him
Titus Matthews (6 months ago)
wow very interesting video working out 🏋 in the New York area
LEEK1 (6 months ago)
oh myyy..., I thought, that most annoying sound for me is the ice crunching and NO! voice of this guy is fokking mad. change him. geezus!
99 Frames (6 months ago)
Truth: Inside the FedEx sorting place thing, all the workers play a game called "Break'n Win". The game is where you throw a package carelessly, and if it breaks you win.
PartyTom (5 months ago)
While not true, we definitely don't try not to break stuff
Andrew Gaytan (6 months ago)
This guy was highly annoying
Thomas Wilson (6 months ago)
This is the worst CNN reporter I have ever seen he is so annoying and his voice goes through my head
MBTECH (6 months ago)
victor case (6 months ago)
I worked for ups they actually throw packages there are so many broken packages and piles I could tell some stories for sure
Russell Lee (6 months ago)
i hate this guy