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Funny Nascar Commercial

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The Karate Kid Ralph Machio helps Carl Edwards focus on his Racing skills lol
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Text Comments (14)
Andrew Beaudoin (1 year ago)
rock54326789 (6 years ago)
there makin a koi change!!! XD
NASCARFAN160 (6 years ago)
NiftyNiklz (6 years ago)
vitamin water's got what plants crave
Jesus Christ (7 years ago)
@ChaseL23 i didn;t see your comment, but was it a "swear to god it was' joke?
Jayshana619 (7 years ago)
0:15 "Focus... and don't even think of flipping Keselowski into that catchfence..."
Barry Jowers (7 years ago)
@Firealarmking52 youtube search dale jr skipping cd I believe that is what you are looking for
Phlmal02 (7 years ago)
hahahaha. love this commercial
Kshii1 (7 years ago)
@ChaseL23 swear to us....not to god lol.....i'm serious
Jacob Watts (7 years ago)
ElectricPineapple79 (8 years ago)
all thos years getting molested by Mr. Miyagi has been good for his complexion.
Miranda White (8 years ago)
dude!!!! i <3 u Ralph!!!
Marissa Garcia (8 years ago)
ralph is so cute now :D
UltimateEEnEFan (9 years ago)
lol lol lol LOVE THIS ONE!!!