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Video that will change your life. I have no words left.

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Update: Today is 2-19-13, I never expected such a great response to this video. It really makes me happy to see the comments left. Even though this is not a travel realted video. This video is of hope, inspiration, giving, helping each other, the kindness of mankind, and it's just plain BEAUTIFUL! This video should be played after the safety demo on all airplanes and played on television during commercial breaks. If anyone has any questions about travel, travel tips, what type of travel videos you would like to see just ask or email me. Don't forget to check out my blog / website www.corpfa.com. Thanks, again for watching! Ps: the name of the song is "Give A Little Love" by Noah And The Whale.
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REDHOT Gaming (3 years ago)
a random act of kindness like helping someone carry a box, can end up changing the world. We all live life as individuals. But what we are inside is one big person. We just have to realize this. One random act of kindness can make you realize, and someone will witness you, then they too will realize, until the whole world can understand. All I say to the whole world out there, is keep believing, to keep those around you believing. Mankind is beautiful. now I may sound silly, but is helping another person silly? is it silly to do a random act of kindness? and is it too hard, to just think- what if that was me? And do as you wish to be done by, because once you have committed a random act of kindness, It will have traveled around the world all the way back to you... And taking the whole world with it.
Marilou Ritter (4 years ago)
Piyush Hans (5 years ago)
Wish the world is so beautiful.
charmaster7 (5 years ago)
It will be if you decide that you care enough.
Seth UMAD (5 years ago)
wow all I can say.
dirt 2 (5 years ago)
one step at a a time :D
dirt 2 (5 years ago)
something like "billionare" :D
dirt 2 (5 years ago)
102 people needs a dildo :)
johan fransaert (5 years ago)
how nice would the world be if we all would react like this .
Rizwan Ali Mondal (5 years ago)
wayne pritchard (5 years ago)
love the video made me feel warm its is true wish all humanity could do this alot do but some dont. We are all god weather we choose to show it is a choice of our own show love to all that lives
Seville Antao (5 years ago)
lovely video... it's truly so inspiring!!!!
LordBando (5 years ago)
the end was deep
Ashala Wolf (5 years ago)
But the sad reality is that this will never happen. Chances of someone something that helps someone else is probably one in 50. Not that it's there fault, of course. The way you act when your older is how you were taught and shown to be when young. At least I think it is.
VanGuard (5 years ago)
I did these things, so many times...but people called me stupid :(
Stephanie Pagano (5 years ago)
Wow its hard to see how not to see that if you help people in need then you will show other people that its good to love people theat you don't know or you do know. So loveevery body even if they are mean.
Lyanne Lacroix (5 years ago)
:) If Only the world was like this !!!!
SociallyAwkwardGroup (5 years ago)
Im not much of a religious man but i do follow my own Commandments which are S.P.E be sure to help the Sick the Poor and the Elderly. Also i respect everybody's Beliefs.
cLEEb47 (5 years ago)
I had a nice young Indonesian man come over to me out side the mall one day and light a cigaret for me when he realized I couldn't find my lighter in my purse.Most American men don't do those kind of things unless they want something from you...if you know what I mean.
cLEEb47 (5 years ago)
Those are the kind of things you should be doing natural for your fellow man. Unfortunately people are so wrapped up in their own world (mostly their phones) that they don't even notice when someone could use a little help. I like to think it's not that they just don't care.
Tiger Shark (5 years ago)
too bad the world lives in a myth that everyone competes with each other, in fact life isnt about who is richer or owns more things, its all about experiences...good, nice experiences....some of the richest people in the world look poor in everyone elses eyes.
Nick Bryan (5 years ago)
This is what people should do normally... yet you may try to lie to yourself this happens ALOT you choose not to help and say "I forgot" or "I didn't notice" you may be able to lie to everyone around you... but you know what happened and no matter how much you try to push that away It will always be there as a hole that you have to full fill by telling the, or sitting there depressed and wasting away.
Snipez99 360X (5 years ago)
ist wunderbare! & beautiful! meaning u should pitch in and help others...
HapeeMoonlight (5 years ago)
That was beautiful, wonderful, amazing! Thank you.. SO much for showing us this.. <3
Xangue1 (5 years ago)
it is man :) just not everybody
KinnetikKris (5 years ago)
Way to ruin the entire video with the Bible verse at the end *facepalm*
ali xena (5 years ago)
What I liked about this video was that the people that "paid it forward" did not have some one help them, but actually only witnessed an act of kindness for another person, yet still "paid it forward". Nice
Ducky TheSchleepGod (5 years ago)
all we need to do is start with the small things
Ducky TheSchleepGod (5 years ago)
if things like this happened, the world would be a better place... so why don't we start
XXQuaserXX (5 years ago)
101 people need a hug
Mitch Lizar (5 years ago)
If you only give it when you get it then you're missing the point. If you are expecting instant results you're missing the point. If you're doing it out of some self-centered motivation or desire you're missing the point. One does it because it's who they are. Give to the world your "self" and there doesn't need to be any 'return on your investment'.
Polly R (5 years ago)
I think the point of this is that what it takes is everyone doing a little something. Noone in this video did huge things. Still all of those little things add up to a huge impact. Just do what you can. I do not
A. Amora (5 years ago)
so love this vid !!!!
Oscar Monarrez (5 years ago)
All its saying is that always try to help people
K. Grace King (5 years ago)
The world IS like this!!! Whenever you decide your ready to make a change, take a look in the mirror, then feel free to jump in!! Every single RAK is a Pay It Forward moment!! They go on everyday, completely unknown, unreported, uncelebrated. But then its not suppose to be advertised. Its suppose to affect the next person down the line!! It knows no religion, no political affiliation, no economic spectrum. It is the ONE thing, every single person can jump in and do!!
ryanmw95 (5 years ago)
wow this really makes you think.
Edgar Ramirez (5 years ago)
dammit ;c AWESOME
Gor Kikanian (5 years ago)
where the heck did they get so many paint brushes..
Gor Kikanian (5 years ago)
where the hell did they get so many paint brushes..
Yogi Destruct (5 years ago)
I can't resist it... a modern day's warrior mean, mean stride today's Tom Sawyer mean, mean pride
maRO cu (5 years ago)
doing lil great acts do great things,.. it'll be contagious!! from small simple acts to a larger range of beautiful and wonderful results that will uplift the value of mankind. do good so others will do the same! by that we can say, "i'm proud I'm a HUMAN!" :)
Hendrik van Achterbergh (5 years ago)
All because of one good act. Amazing video.
alphagamer774 (5 years ago)
Dude where the fuck did they get all those paintbrushes o.O
Suto (5 years ago)
this show that humans have the capability of good even if its a little thing it can mke a big impact on someone else and you never know if that one little good deed could help you back in a big way. or that little deed that someone saw could help someone else too.
xxyanlixx (5 years ago)
your love inspires others.
jake mcleay (5 years ago)
search twerking at walmart, that is a video that will seriously change your life
Kaela Bagnall (5 years ago)
I wish that we were all like this <3 This video made me cry. From now on, I will always make sure to help those around me <3
Izzy G (5 years ago)
who cut the onions :') this is beautiful, one little thing can change a whole person's day
JustyouandUs (5 years ago)
I never cry.
al bert (5 years ago)
NutCrackerNuts (5 years ago)
Thank you vey much for posting this video..
Zikou Dz (5 years ago)
I am a Muslim and all this in our religion ;)
Zikou Dz (5 years ago)
I am a Muslim and all this in our religion ;)
hanabahtah (5 years ago)
Simply wonderful. Thank you for creating this special video.
FIERCE_FIGHTER-9 (5 years ago)
There is a leader and then there is the followers.
Josh Muller (5 years ago)
Faith in humanity restored OVER 9000!!!!!
cheeseface 228 (5 years ago)
Mr MRs Aloui (5 years ago)
Islam is like this ...
Ayush Saxena (5 years ago)
make dt 99
Ayush Saxena (5 years ago)
m i d only 1 who signed in exclusively to like this video?? :) :D (y)
DindellaTheDefender (5 years ago)
This would be how the world worked for sure if we so much as payed a little more attention. <3 But even if it's an ad or whatever, this melts my heart.
Wasim Anchary (5 years ago)
all the people that disliked have no life
MrCountBleck1 (5 years ago)
faith in humanity restored?
Erkekjetter Baldr Ekjornom (5 years ago)
I cried watching this.
Jeremy Corbin (5 years ago)
Humanity has so much destruction, death, lies, pain,and suffering. But ,Humanity has so much love, forgiveness, kindness, helpfulness, and peace.
Marinara Sauce (5 years ago)
Why can't the world be like this
Framed_ Physique (5 years ago)
someone is always watching : ). doesnt matter if the person your helping or caring for, either them or someone else is watching you and that my friend is how you spread the love.
Koalafication (5 years ago)
Amazing video! There is still faith in humanity!
TheBadMonkie (5 years ago)
be the change you want to see in the world
Sahel Azzam (5 years ago)
leonard payne (5 years ago)
See a little good, Do a little good.
Arion Shanra (5 years ago)
just as you want your beliefs understood, try to understand his. also notice that a comment with overtones of anger stands out against all the positive feedback to this amazing video. when you hear something that you dont agree with just accept it as a different perspective and dont try to argue with them. letting something as small as a youtube comment get to you is sad
The Trumpian (5 years ago)
It's called manners, etiquette. This video is not going to change anything. It just reminds us of a world we want to live in but unfortunately will never live in as long as we let the retched vile lawless scum continue to live.
daZoidberg (5 years ago)
great video, just where all the brushes came from :D ?
Sakshi More (5 years ago)
realy a life changing story should take insperation frm it
Basem M.h.a (5 years ago)
this is amazing in which planet was that?
sumakjuly16 (5 years ago)
Every body should be thanking trees, without them we wouldn't be here.
Adam Khoury (5 years ago)
My town is just like that.
derick espiritu (5 years ago)
wow such a good feeling, who ever did this clip, thank you....
MD11Babe (5 years ago)
Quit wishing... start doing...
Jax james (5 years ago)
This made my day and gave me the lift I needed. Thank you so much.
Mckenzie McMillian (5 years ago)
the ending is a little unrealistic but i see what its trying to say and its really great(:
shamshul arafeen (5 years ago)
Rico (5 years ago)
give a little love
I am a Muslim. Ask me about my religion. (5 years ago)
This is completely normal for me(to help).
James Linhart (5 years ago)
Sad it's not. ;)
Gianluca Nieddu (5 years ago)
yes,me too
MatthiasDeansiean (5 years ago)
i think this is called "Paying it Forward"
Monopolist (5 years ago)
I don't know where you people leave but in England this is normal daily stuff, it's no surprise here to help someone out.
Joshua Marc (5 years ago)
This is brilliant.
virtuose (5 years ago)
What is the name of the song?
Manju Kn (5 years ago)
i will follow it sure.........tnx u
katt riley (5 years ago)
I know the end is a bit over the top but the point is well made, it's the little things that really do count
Ravi kumar (5 years ago)
Being Human.
AKD AKD (5 years ago)
bub ble (5 years ago)
Anyone else kinda wanted to see what the wall looked like at the end..?
MrUakojtus (5 years ago)
I actually want to thank the Trees for giving us something to breath in. That would also include all the other plants that gives out this substance, that enables us to push forward.
Archaeoxpteryxiii pxaxlxexoxcxon (5 years ago)
i hate it now that if you actually do something nice for strangers then they get all pissed off at you.
BoomDipity (5 years ago)
Me too...
derpy hooves (5 years ago)
this is amazing, thank you, this really made my day. :)