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This Is The Worst State For Business

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Alaska might be the union's largest state, but it is ranked last for business. This is why our 49th state placed 50th in commerce. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Why Alaska Is The Worst State For Business | CNBC
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Text Comments (231)
Grassy Tiger (1 month ago)
A single roll of toilet paper costs like 2.50 in Alaska, everything is super expensive.
Glitter (1 month ago)
7 of the 10 most violent states are liberal democrat party blue states.
I'll always love California for its landscape but not cost of living...... That's another story😬...
Tiera Gennis (1 month ago)
That is it! I am moving there!
Jarid Gaming (1 month ago)
Ok what was the best state?
Andrew Spain (1 month ago)
Texas, not surprising at all
Alex M (1 month ago)
California is ranked the 8th best state to start a business.
Alex M (1 month ago)
CNBC's 2018 list of the 10 worst states to live in. 1: Arkansas, 2: Louisiana, 3: Alabama, 4: Tennessee, 5: Indiana, 6: Missouri, 7: Oklahoma, 8: South Carolina, 9: Mississippi, 10: New Mexico.
Victor (1 month ago)
Basically clickbait :/
Andres Thompson (1 month ago)
Makes sense
Jonah Hekmatyar (1 month ago)
Wyoming, because it doesn't even exist
Manhwa Fan (1 month ago)
The Alaskans and Hawaiian indigenous don't receive nearly as much support compared to tribes of mainland America despite immigrants invasively harmed equally as bad. Not a surprise that those are the two poorest states of the union.
Peter Stanton (1 month ago)
I don't think anyone can expect journalistic nuance from a video less than three minutes long, but there are a lot of inaccuracies and gross simplifications here.
Vadim Kazak (1 month ago)
Rip Tide (1 month ago)
dude I have a map of Alaska with the rest of the US tucked in the corner
Ronald Matthews (1 month ago)
Try again fake news. The worst state for businesses is Mexifornia.
Sergio Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Alaska is run by Sarah Palin that's why it's last lol
Meep Changeling (1 month ago)
Bro, Palin hasn't been in office since 2009. Also she was a great governor. because she did exactly what a politician should do. Absolutely nothing :3
Spencer Ko (1 month ago)
Alaska might have oil price to blame, but the reason for fail of whichever state runs the 2nd would be purely political.
Whitey Got Blacked (1 month ago)
Lel no wonder Palin jumped ship as soon as she could
adamklam1 (1 month ago)
Republicans keep pointing at California because they feel its the bastion of their ideological enemies. In actuality-- California just passed up the UK as the 7th largest economy, and it keeps growing. it has the highest GDP of any state by a huge margin, (with Texas being the runner up, but a lot of their GDP being the oil sector) all the most capable engineers move to CA to find high paying work, a huge portion of the tech industry is based there, and companies from around the world MOVE there and set up shop specifically to find talent. More patents are filed out from California than any state (and most countries). more new startups than any other state. The most small business investment of all states, both in total and per startup. People say we have high taxes, but the tax burden in Califronia ranks 10th, behind a mix of both red and blue states. The CA haters in the comment sections here are just bitter Republican Luddites
Kyle Towers (1 month ago)
TheVideomaker2341 - Among your Gish Gallop you included that old, infinitely refuted dumbassery about illegals voting. Support your claim or consider it conceded.
TmarTn3 (1 month ago)
TmarTn3 (1 month ago)
Gustavo Villar And apologies if I keep typing in caps and swearing, by reading your comments, it made me mad that people still think California is heaven and how they aren't flaws. Thank you for your patients.
TmarTn3 (1 month ago)
TmarTn3 (1 month ago)
YipuTheDerp (1 month ago)
*coughs in california*
BeoJack (1 month ago)
Last guy might have jumped to assumptions a little fast but indeed, California is rich. Its biggest problem is that it has such intense economic activity that poor people are priced out of its most economically intense areas. Thats a problem but its sort of a good problem to have, an unfortunate side affect of huge economic success.
Labyrinth9000 (1 month ago)
California? You mean the state with the 5th largest economy in the world surpassing the UK? California is ranked 6th in business growth. The bottom 9 out of 10 are red states. I suspect you're getting your "facts" from alex jones/fox "news" or some other fountain of "facts". Just so you know, I'm from Louisiana, and this oil dependent red state is a JOKE that I can't wait to leave!
ITSTHECOSTANZA (1 month ago)
Adam Woodard (1 month ago)
How exactly low is that state taxes?
eurobloke26 (1 month ago)
Adam Woodard Very low, no state sales tax and until recently there was no state income tax. Basically, the state suffered from the oil paradox, a version of Dutch disease. It is so addictive to the oil money that basic economic theory is out of the window.
sticler21 (1 month ago)
Nice try CNBC. Its California. Start a business there and your as it locked in like a leg in a bear trap.
Labyrinth9000 (1 month ago)
California? You mean the state with the 5th largest economy in the world surpassing the UK? California is ranked 6th in business growth. The bottom 9 out of 10 are red states. I suspect you're getting your "facts" from alex jones /fox news or some other fountain of "facts". Just so you know, I'm from Louisiana, and this red state is a JOKE that I can't wait to leave!
Robert Silva (1 month ago)
I thought Puerto Rico was number one
LagiNaLangAko23 (1 month ago)
It's not even a state but if it is, yeah.
Spaceballz123 (1 month ago)
Alaska is also a stone throw away from the north pole. Kinda hard to set up a business when your neighbors are polar bears and Santa
Floridian Empire (1 month ago)
Mike G (2 months ago)
The climate in Anchorage isn't extreme though.
DangerCrusader (1 month ago)
Vertixty Not true. I've been there, and on sunny days, it can get over 70 degrees on summer.
Mike G (1 month ago)
Vertixty Anchorage is chilly but they have a pretty consistent temperature year round due to the ocean. Northern Alaska and the upper Midwest have much more of an extreme climate.
Vertixty (1 month ago)
In the summer is 50-40 degrees in anchorage
Cesar Perez (2 months ago)
How many people live in Alaska?
Legend Gannicus (1 month ago)
Google is your friend...
AKzebraMiner (1 month ago)
Cesar Perez 738,432 people.
Last Name First Name (2 months ago)
Alaska is probably more usefull for America in times of War, being an easy access route to Russia. Thats probably why we'd keep it no matter how bad it got.
Last Name First Name (1 month ago)
Kerri Wilson I'd think so, that and the valuable resources. However the gold rush is over and oil pipelines don't seem to outweigh the cost Alaska is accruing. That and just land on Earth in general is good.
Kerri Wilson (1 month ago)
Last Name First Name That's why America would keep Alaska?!
AIR GAMES (2 months ago)
The Republican socialist state of Alaska. Whodathunk.
Rip Tide (1 month ago)
Well really the PFD is the profit of the various ventures that the oil money is invested in its not as simple as it seems.
Meep Changeling (1 month ago)
Alaskan here: The check isn't from the government, it's from the Oil Companies. The Government is merely hired as a distributor and overseer of the PFD. IE they are a credit union in respect to the PDF. Dipping into that money is actually illegal and violates the state constitution. You can bet most of the gov wont be reelected this year for touching it. Also it's ONE check, ONE time per year. We dont get 1.6k every month this year XD It's not basic income. It's just a law that states oil companies need to share some of their profits with the citizens of the state in return for access to the largest oil reserves in the USA.
Rip Tide (1 month ago)
The PFD may be a socialist practice but it is their for a unique reason not because Alaska is or was socialist in their ideals.
Gart Lonm (1 month ago)
Rip Tide its basically basic income which I guarantee if someone proposed on the mainland would be demonized as socialism. Also it was never your money. You get it by being a resident of Alaska, your presence is all that is necessary.
Rip Tide (1 month ago)
Gart Lonm The PFD is unique to Alaska its not some socialist idea and when they took some of our PFD last year everyone got made because the government was taking our money.
Bailey Henderson (2 months ago)
Shld frsh JCP frsh will go up the flash of competition is gone its time to stop fighting the low prices
fixpacifica (2 months ago)
I went to college in Alaska. I wish I could have stayed up there, but even with a Computer Science degree, I couldn't find a decent job. So I ended up moving to the SF Bay Area and got a job in Silicon Valley. The state is simply too dependent on oil and tourism.
Rip Tide (1 month ago)
you give tourism to much credit and UAF or UAA
Aereto (1 month ago)
If it were not for distance, Alaska's natural climate would have been an excellent place for data center heat exchangers. As in less complex cooling systems unlike California. Dumping out as much heat and keeping servers from literally catching fire is important, and no one wants to be in a hot aisle for too long.
AKzebraMiner (1 month ago)
The Inquisitor It’s cold, it looks cool, culture. That’s all a tourist wants...
The Inquisitor (1 month ago)
fixpacifica forgive my ignorance. What's in Alaska that draws a lot of tourists? Also I'm getting my computer science degree as well.
Dane Reid (2 months ago)
pretty sure logistics aren't great there either
OakhillSailor (2 months ago)
Republicans ruin everything they touch. Last two Republican presidents ruined the country. The two Democrats fixed it and the moron masses elect another republican lol. They are fake business people masquerading as experts on economy. You have to be a greedy businessperson to be a Republican and they exemplify this.
powerneed (1 month ago)
tell that to Detroit and cali
john johnson (1 month ago)
@ AKzebraMiner *Republicans cause the recession and Obama fixes it and starts period of economic growth.* republicans: wE fIXed tHe ECoNoMy !!!
john johnson (1 month ago)
King Jon Starkgeryan Our healthcare system was already a failure, the republicans caused the recession, Bush started the Iraq War in the first place and we need to deal with climate change.
Franjo Kristof (1 month ago)
Gustavo Villar The whole situation has nothing to do with Republican policies.
Gustavo Villar (1 month ago)
Idc Idc Alaska is a republican state.
Max's Cognac Review (2 months ago)
One word... California
Max's Cognac Review (1 month ago)
"Concentrated new economic value being produced in the bar area than any other megacity" With tech companies trading at multiples circa 2000 tech bubble. That's TRUE value. I hope you plant roots and stay put. The best is yet to come ; )
Ronald Reagan (1 month ago)
Ricardo del toro wow lucky
Ricardo del toro (1 month ago)
I live in Monterey. Central Coast is where it's at. :)
Ronald Reagan (1 month ago)
Ricardo del toro I don’t know where you are living but it’s been more then 100 degrees everyday for nearly 2 weeks here in the Central Valley.
Ricardo del toro (1 month ago)
People love to hate on California but it's based on jealousy. They wish they could live here but can't. Want to know who has the 5th largest economy in the world? We do. Californians. :) Weather is great here too. It's summer and it's 60ºF.
King Reef (2 months ago)
Alaska is for poor white trash people to live
Rip Tide (1 month ago)
I'm offended you show no evidence to back up your claim
goalie2998 (1 month ago)
Its possible people live there to get away from civilized people like yourself?
Atipat12 (2 months ago)
Tewthpaste (2 months ago)
*CNBC = Chinese National Broad Cast*
476 Anno Domini (1 month ago)
Tewthpaste someone doesn’t like facts contradicting their opinion
Charles M Rinehart (2 months ago)
Alaska also has a high percent of alcoholics.
Very Very Shitty (2 months ago)
Charles M Rinehart it keeps me warm all winter mate.
Randal Colling (2 months ago)
I think California is FAR WORSE than Alaska.
William Traylor (1 month ago)
California is worse, it just has more business that were already there keeping it going. If it were as isolated as Alaska, California would be bankrupt by now.
Nobodyatall Vallejo (1 month ago)
Juan Martinez 😂🤣😝
StamfordBridge (1 month ago)
Randal Colling OP is another case of ideology over reality, a common illness these days.
BeoJack (1 month ago)
California? The state has problems but things like super high housing prices and the like are a sign of California's great success in creating intense economic activity. I dont care for california as a place to live or visit but it has a lot more economic activity and higher living standards than say alabama or Louisiana, very poor and rural deep south states, or vermont and maine, very rural if relatively less poor northern ones. And certainly it has more economic activity than many many other states, i could list all the ones with lower gdp per capita and household incomes but that would end up being a list of most of the states.
Sergio Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Obviously it's not sir
derek yasmar (2 months ago)
Now im thinking twice of moving to Alaska...
Rip Tide (1 month ago)
as another Alaska resident I can agree and every government entiy is running out money. Idoits who want to keep the full PFD will run our state into the ground
Nate Chance (1 month ago)
derek yasmar I live in Alaska. DO NOT. The are no jobs, it’s dark and cold for 6 months, the PFD is shrinking. Also it has a Meth problem and crime is through the roof. Unless you are into snow machines, drugs or hiking this isn’t the place.
Emilio Preis (2 months ago)
Alaska is good for the oil industry that's a business
BeoJack (1 month ago)
Emilio Preis certainly but when its your chief source of revenue thats not necessarily a good thing. I mean Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nigeria, and Angola are the international equivalents of Alaska with economies and government treasuries that are also driven chiefly by oil and resource exports. For all it has proven an inconsistent source of income. Its price changes often and it is often argued that resource dependence discourages government investiment in the development of a diversified economy which would provide more wealth and reliable tax revenue in the long run.
Chris Willis (2 months ago)
But...the guy who sold me weed in Alaska, owned a Porsche.
jakesweet1000 (2 months ago)
tax man is gonna get that dude
Live Hard or die easy (2 months ago)
Chris Willis 😂😂😂
Asmo van Deus (2 months ago)
CNBC is making Top 5 lists on Youtube now, huh? Well then....bye Felicia :*
Umberto Fournier (2 months ago)
Rolando Sierra (2 months ago)
Sarah Palin
Solomon Black (2 months ago)
Alaska back to Russia.
orphan200 (2 months ago)
I can see russia from my house.
Idc Idc (2 months ago)
Solomon Black they sold it to the US plus they already have enough inhabitable land to deal with
Gord Orvis (2 months ago)
Great map..since when are the Queen Charlottes/Haida Gwai part of Alaska?
albear972 (2 months ago)
Oh man! Visiting from California to Alaska my jaw dropped when I saw a pound of tomatoes for sale at a Juneau farmers market for $11.00. Noooooooo thanks!
Rip Tide (1 month ago)
albear972 dude go to fast restaurant up here Wendys is 4 for 6 McDonald's is 2 for 4 sometimes if a barge is delayed some grocery stores will be out if certain food items
david rosenberg (2 months ago)
That isn't true for all business
Eouz Cuemarz (2 months ago)
Give back Alaska to Russia, simple as that. Lol
timmmahhhh (1 month ago)
Just because it's poor for business doesn't mean it hasn't been a strategic possession for the US. William Seward was a visionary genius.
glenn barrera (2 months ago)
Maybe that is why he says that he is "like" a smart person
User4321 (2 months ago)
glenn barrera we paid $7.2 million, if we sold for twice that it'd be 3.3 cents per acre
glenn barrera (2 months ago)
Trump is the best negotiator. I bet he will trade Alaska to the Russians for twice as much they got the 1st time
User4321 (2 months ago)
Why would we want Russians taking oil revenue away from us and building military bases on our continent?
Михаил Шляпин (2 months ago)
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Eric Lytle (2 months ago)
Why are all the worst states the red states?
476 Anno Domini (1 month ago)
Eric Lytle define worse
Franjo Kristof (1 month ago)
Eric Lytle why are red states one with actually growing economy
Franjo Kristof (1 month ago)
Eric Lytle why are all the worst counties liberal mhm
Sono (2 months ago)
Jordan Sam TX will go blue by 2024
Idc Idc (2 months ago)
You were absolutely destroyed
Jesus Zamora (2 months ago)
Mengpo Oeng (1 month ago)
1saac Baby (1 month ago)
Franjo Kristof (1 month ago)
Jesus Zamora Of course California is sunny and beautiful
Jesus Zamora (1 month ago)
Franjo Kristof (1 month ago)
Jesus Zamora What?
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goff0103 (2 months ago)
How did it get so bad ???
Rip Tide (1 month ago)
i would say more stupidity or just not caring about the future but maybe
goff0103 (1 month ago)
So it’s corruption.
Rip Tide (1 month ago)
politics senators knew about oil dependency in the 80's but they marched on anyways.
goff0103 (1 month ago)
So why is Alaska that bad?
Mrbrain bob (1 month ago)
goff0103 Alaska and Norway are both rich because of their oil.
Oliver Konzel (2 months ago)
Alaska Will Become Important As the Ice Caps Melt
cdude100 (1 month ago)
If people could actually survive out there welder with a lot of space out there.
Sam G (1 month ago)
Why Do You Type Like That?
Timo Tatro# (2 months ago)
There's some foresight.