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How Heat-Resistant (Borosilicate) Glassware Is Manufactured

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The manufacturing process of borosilicate glass which is best known for it's high level of resistance to thermal shock. As a result, it has extensive applications most noticeably for making modern laboratory and cooking glassware.
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prying eyes (1 year ago)
The Pyrex ware in the U.S. is no longer made by Pyrex, nor are they made of borosilicate. I discovered this yesterday, while attempting to make yogurt. Some jerks bought the name, and the name only. Don't support them.
Drew Cecato (3 months ago)
Yep only the euros got boro still
J Rand (9 months ago)
@CivicFiberglassDoor The pyrex in lower-case letters are manufactured by an American company (Corelle Brands.LLC) and it's made from tempered soda-lime glass, not Borosilicate, and that's why it isn't as heat resistant as the original Pyrex glassware. The original Pyrex made out of Borosilicate, are still being manufactured here in Europe by a French company (International Cookware SAS) but unfortunately for you Americans, their products are only sold in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Bailey Courtney (1 year ago)
prying eyes I bet that was messy!
Libor Tinka (1 year ago)
Finally I know how the glass beaker lips are made. I can live with peace of mind from now on...
electronicsNmore (2 years ago)
Great video, the machines used are truly amazing.
notthere83 (3 years ago)
Even having seen this, something tells me that I'll still be handling a microwave container made out of this glass overly carefully for a long time. Having glass shatter due to sudden temperature change more than once and in one instance quite violently kind of leaves a trace...
douro20 (3 years ago)
What show is this from?
Michael S (1 year ago)
Man Made is the show, it is on NatGeo
Alex Crane (3 years ago)
+douro20 any luck finding it?
heidy yuliana (5 years ago)
oxiroxt (6 years ago)
And they couldn't but to find a narrator with such a nasal voice
bananishmeal (7 years ago)
checkmyknife (7 years ago)
always fun to watch, Great Channel.
PyroDesu (7 years ago)
@Jade7272 Yeah, they are for presses.
PyroDesu (7 years ago)
@Jade7272 Yeah, they are for presses.
ASCIISyaeZ (7 years ago)
So thats where obsidian from minecraft comes from...
Walter Edmund (7 years ago)
Thanks again Triwood, for another great video!!!!
Thats Bullshit (7 years ago)
its been a while that you havent upload :)
BarneySaysHi (7 years ago)
I'd hate to see the gasbill of this plant.
Jazir thahir (7 years ago)
after a long time.....
Maryanne M (7 years ago)
... I've never seen coffee pots that look like that. How do you hold them? Do they add handles afterwards? OH! Are those what they put in coffee presses? Anyway. Thanks for the video :)
beamantodd (1 year ago)
my coffee pot has steel bands around it, there is a plastic handle attached to the bands.
PyroDesu (7 years ago)
MORE TRIWOOD! I was wondering when you would post another video, it's been quite a while.
azntranc3951 (7 years ago)
Yay ! Another video from Triwood1973. Thanks ! More videos please :3