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Adventures In Imagination: M&S Food - TV Ad 2014

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See discoveries and twists on seasonal favourites this Autumn: http://www.marksandspencer.com/s/food-and-wine/adventures-in-food The start of autumn signals a great time to head back to the kitchen and experiment with some exciting new recipes. We believe there’s nothing quite so inspiring as the best ingredients, so why not use our fine-quality food to start your very own food adventure. Hit the subscribe button now to ensure you don't miss on great food tips: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=marksandspencertv About our food Cook with M&S Eat Well Tiny Taste Buds RECIPES Brunch Quick Meals Starters Main Courses Desserts Vegetarian Healthy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarksandSpencer Twitter: https://twitter.com/marksandspencer Instagram: https://instagram.com/marksandspencer Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/marksandspencer Google+: https://plus.google.com/+marksandspencer
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Text Comments (611)
William12911291 (15 hours ago)
DG Tudo (3 days ago)
Perfect!! DG Tudo
Galina Kostousova (14 days ago)
22:00: сегодня лягу спать пораньше 02:00: смотрю красивые видео с едой
Being British this makes me feel proud
Roberto (26 days ago)
This is art
Entertainment Studios (1 month ago)
Can you give me the name of the song?
Mehmet Can Cantaş (1 month ago)
Gastrofest’19 at Nirvana Antalya/Turkey
Kawsar A (1 month ago)
I dont know why...but this is nostalgic
carlos guerreiro (2 months ago)
Alô Pato :D
Louise Grandison (2 months ago)
Lovely Add
oo hardivy (2 months ago)
Oh sorry and I should say, I shop at m and s every week. I live on expensive factory made crap..
Harry’s TikTok (3 months ago)
I’m British this puts Americans to shame
I watch youtube but I also gmail (3 months ago)
Sathvik Devireddy (3 months ago)
anyone in 2019
Aiden Atkinson (3 months ago)
I miss these adverts
Laura Bednarski (4 months ago)
Thanks for making food look delicious!
Enzo Swedianto (4 months ago)
I come back each year to watch this food commercial...its so well shot and very satisfying
Mo Salah (4 months ago)
I have a passion for m&s food and clothes I’m 10 and it school I get called m&s boy
Yousef Alahmar (5 months ago)
Name of the music??
Eleo _ytb (7 months ago)
vacuum chum (7 months ago)
What's that song called?
vacuum chum (6 months ago)
@NMJerry10000 thank you.😀👍
Sweet Distraction (8 months ago)
hello sir. can we use your video for our project for school?
Roshan Yaheya (8 months ago)
Hey can I use few of these food clips on my cooking video? I can give credit and a link on the description.
Enzo Swedianto (9 months ago)
I still come back to this specific video every few years...its just such eye candy...so satisfying
Gavin Theobald (9 months ago)
hated working in your London warehouse based in brimsdown, made me so hungry looking at all that food, too many ready meals, your customers dont know how to cook
Margaux Bastid (9 months ago)
Love love love it, do you know what is the name of the video maker?
Fizzah Xoxo (9 months ago)
I live in New Jersey and I love the music
Philip Davis (9 months ago)
I luv M&S food
Sura jaya (9 months ago)
Good nice sub back help
Velodity (9 months ago)
I dont understand but for the last 8 years M&S have made the best adverts in my opinion in the UK (where I live) and they always find the right songs to go with the adverts (mostly clean bandit songs)
Ginger Snap (9 months ago)
Name of song?
Enzo Swedianto (9 months ago)
clean bandit-rather be
ES ASMR - The Sound of Food (10 months ago)
Jimmy Gghuskeyzz (10 months ago)
Micky kirton (10 months ago)
Pure food art. Pure food heaven again and again pleasssssssssssssssssse
Tom Gileet (10 months ago)
sup dudes
Paully Wally (11 months ago)
M&s food to go shocking making workers work new year's Day. Bet any money the bosses won't be. #slavery
fahimah faizee (11 months ago)
I forgot the name of the music. Help me out people
P M (10 months ago)
fahimah faizee, rather be - clean bandit
izia (11 months ago)
Does anyone knows the name of the design agency for this ad?
Tim Ngai (11 months ago)
Awesome video!! Epic!!!
blue moon (1 year ago)
Ayy I just ate dinner and now I'm hungry again WHYY
Achmad Budi prasetyo (1 year ago)
Enzo Swedianto (9 months ago)
clean bandit-rather be
Overloaded Phoenix (1 year ago)
Enzo Swedianto (9 months ago)
Clean bandit-Rather be
Felix H (1 year ago)
Still watching this 2018
Francisco Abad (1 year ago)
manchestercams manchestercams (1 year ago)
great ad, pity some of m&s ready meals don't taste as good....... please sort out your shepherds pie...
Faith Morakinyo (1 year ago)
So satisfying :)
Sherryl Keith (1 year ago)
Just look for woo&pep recipes. There is all you need about diet :)
Aquil Hall (1 year ago)
too bad they don't season their food in England!
REDSHOT STUDIO (1 year ago)
Big Boots (1 year ago)
Overpriced food for snobs
Ryan Jack (1 year ago)
I came for the song, now I’m hungry I regret nothing.
Bilal Akbar (1 year ago)
Could any 1 name the dishes being prepared... all of them seems so yummy
Austin Dunhour (1 year ago)
That is heat
Zhi An (1 year ago)
make me hungry
Stellan Page (1 year ago)
anyone come here just to remember the song name?
Cooking House of Piticariu (1 year ago)
I would like to use this video as my cooking show intro!? Email me so we can discuss this further! adrian_piticariu@hotmail.com
Cooking House of Piticariu (1 year ago)
Hello! My name is Adrian, I would like to discuss something with you! Please email me at cookinghouseofpiticariu@gmail.com or adrian_piticariu@hotmail.com
Zaib And Zaid (1 year ago)
i luv dis song! what is this song called? PLZ TELL MEH!
Баки Висарханов (1 year ago)
Это шедевр
Cokkieswilcfan Rara9love (1 year ago)
What is the song called??
William taylor Winn (1 year ago)
yum yum um !!!
The Fisayo (1 year ago)
This is Beautiful!
Cavin Fiel Novida (1 year ago)
what is that in 8 seconds? 0:08
Stefani Salovni (1 year ago)
Lin Lin (1 year ago)
Чёт кушать захотелось...
Simon Johnston (1 year ago)
Marks and Spencer
Azio Prism (1 year ago)
*if this video was in 4k, i would be food right now.*
Faizan Zubair (1 year ago)
Hi there. Can you help me make a video exactly like this but for my snack product? Kindly let me if you can or if you or someone knows anyone who can.
Annisa Resti Fauziah (1 year ago)
SamCaligari (1 year ago)
I'm such a masochist
Farb Food (1 year ago)
love this video! excellent work!
Al-huda Noor (1 year ago)
who create the video? how i can contact with him?
ryansithlord (1 year ago)
is there a download for this song?
Star Freak (1 year ago)
Cate Harvey Year 8 (1 year ago)
So satisfying!!!!
Junna Mae Nahial (2 years ago)
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Pirate Cat (2 years ago)
Have you scanned your sparks card?
Elykia (2 years ago)
Communication on fleek
Carolyn Thayne (2 years ago)
how to satisfy customers with food porn XD
Paul Martin (2 years ago)
All of the New Zealand lamb they sell is halal and they don't advertise it!!
Andrew UK (8 months ago)
Buy British non-halal then and support your local butcher
Molly Short (2 years ago)
I watch these when I'm sad and they totally cure me
JJ Yun (2 years ago)
Hi! May I use this video for my school project?
郭晓磊 (2 years ago)
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Gestion Marka (2 years ago)
Is there anywere we can buy this video ??? Or can we use it has personnal or commercial use
احمد العراقي (2 years ago)
شنو اسم الاغنية
Ultimate Bro269 (2 years ago)
I love the music 🎵
muhammad waseem (2 years ago)
hi can i use this video for my website
Estudio 3 Audiovisual (2 years ago)
what kind of camera do this!!!?????
villaparis2 (2 years ago)
Marks and Spencer is the best super market in England and the most expensive, it's not very big because if it was the quality would drop, no where else do they have better raw cooked salmon
Ian Maples (2 years ago)
Love the music
Henrique Nicoletti (2 years ago)
Данил Бабанин (2 years ago)
ryan fitzpatrick (2 years ago)
What is this song called
ryan fitzpatrick (2 years ago)
I,m really hungry
itzmaymoon xx (2 years ago)
ilovethisadvert too much
NoodleEdd TV (2 years ago)
wonder how much food is wasted in the production of these ads 😂😋
さとうころすけ (2 years ago)
Sochi Dala (2 years ago)
who else is watching this when they're hungry
rrfc (2 years ago)
Randy would enjoy.
star 786 (2 years ago)
love the music
Liz von Seidel (2 years ago)
know how to