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HOW TO SELL ON STOCKX AND SHIP This is a full in depth guide on how to sell on stockx. it is a step by step guide that will teach you how to make money on stockx in minutes. I also show that you can easily make mistakes and how to avoid them. In this video I take you with me through the online selling process, as well as the actual shipping process. Thanks for watching and have a nice day.
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Text Comments (247)
Blazin Kicks (11 months ago)
Kyle Hodges TV (2 days ago)
lol say goodbye to your shoes! that was funny
Von Jae (3 days ago)
Hello Keith, I just shipped my Utility Black today but there is no update yet on the Stockx, it says Print Shipping label even though i already shipped out the shoe. this is my first time selling on Stockx.
Mo Aly (5 days ago)
it's a skateboard.. why didnt you just bring it in the store with you? 🤔 haha.
AZLAN (7 days ago)
This video was annoying. I'd rather watch a Blake Linder video.
Carlos Rivera (10 days ago)
What if there is a post office that works with ups? I dropped them off today was the deadline but they didn’t scan
Chicago Hypebeast (11 days ago)
How to make $20
Sam Sylvester (13 days ago)
RIP Skateboard
Mike-Playz (18 days ago)
First time selling on stock x rn to a supreme mona lisa shirt
Pro Cars (18 days ago)
how do you get your money?
franklin cantu (21 days ago)
My og wrapping paper is ripped will they take them?
Night Gorilla 719 (27 days ago)
Legit the exact same thing happened to the other week
Myles y (1 month ago)
@keith have you ever ran into an issue when the site said cc authorization failed?
disko timo (1 month ago)
no ups in finland
Rafa santibanez (1 month ago)
do you have to have the shoe in hand beacuse i just bought some from the SNKRS app but they wont be here in about 5 business days so should i just wait till i have them in hand or can i go sell on stock x now
Madara Uchiha (1 month ago)
Rafa santibanez because you have to ship in two business days
Madara Uchiha (1 month ago)
Rafa santibanez yes
jason born (1 month ago)
Lose money
Julio Merino (1 month ago)
Do you pay for the shipping or does the label you print have the shipping for you?
Damon Waks (1 month ago)
I wanna sell a pair of yeezy blue tints on siock x, but I only have one of the shoe stuffing thingies. Does this matter?
Jake Santos (2 months ago)
Keith Adam that's one of the most funniest stock x videos I've ever seen!!! Keep up the good work bro!!! Make a TV Show on how shipping tape pisses you off when you are taping a package!!!
SWAZ (2 months ago)
Just got rid of my off white 1s. It was fucking painful. I honestly didn't want to sell them yet. I put them up a couple months ago at what I thought was like a ridiculous price but the fucking resell just kept climbing and climbing and I forgot they were listed 😭. But the reason I was looking on here, do I need to notify them after I ship the shoe? They keep sending me these threatening ass emails saying "YOU BETTER SEND THA SHOES BRO OR WE FINE YO ASS" and shit like "if we don't hear from you within 24 hrs we will cancel your account" type shit. Hear from me? Don't I just fucking send them and that's it? Am I supposed to notify them after I ship? I hate these assholes.
SWAZ (2 months ago)
That tape struggle is real af
noscopeneeded (2 months ago)
what is if u cant sent in with in 2 Business Days because u life in Germany?
Eddie Moreno (2 months ago)
I got totally free coupons from Codenimi. If you also want 100% true coupons then type in google as "Codenimi free". You'll find n "number" of authentic coupons there.
sslumpsouma (2 months ago)
how old do you need to be to be a seller on stockx?
hooshangmaster (2 months ago)
dont use those tape rollers. get a tape gun if you have lots to sell
Jeffrey DiazDeLeon (2 months ago)
What do I do once I ship the shoes will it automatically update and say that I shipped???? Please reply
ChocolatewithVanillaUHH (2 months ago)
Can someone please explain to me!! So if I am a seller on stock x and my shoes get sold... Do I have to pay for the shipping to their warehouse?
Lil Ace4500 (2 months ago)
What would happen if you don’t got the cardboard toe shield ?
Nicollas Leoncio (3 months ago)
What size is the box you used? And where can I buy the mailing shoe boxes? Thanks
MR. REFLEX (3 months ago)
How does the seller get free shipping?
bcvictor99 (3 months ago)
After you ship the shoes do you need to hit something that says you shipped them?
Reece Johnson (3 months ago)
FUCK STOCKX they keep saying my payout info is wrong when ive had the same bank for 5 years and triple check my info....do these motherfuckwrs play games with peoples shit or what?
Done Tho (3 months ago)
Is there a stock x uk shipping place?
FRHFJH 1 (3 months ago)
Who has to pay for the shipping
Ye Hor Giam (3 months ago)
do we only ship through UPS? is there no other option?
Juanderful (3 months ago)
Hey Keith do I have to worry if my ups access point takes time in shipping after I drop them off?
juvva saajith (3 months ago)
Is the shipping free ?
Javier Jaime (3 months ago)
Can you sell shoes without box?
Hype KvNG (3 months ago)
I have a supreme waist bag that I got on StockX but it came to me without a plastic bag to open so how will I put the shipping label on when I sell it back to stockx for more money.(first got it for 90 and now it’s at 120
Help me (3 months ago)
If I don't take the highest bid, do I still get paid ?
Andrew Todd (3 months ago)
So wait, if I can get the Air Yeezy 2 Red October's, you're telling me I can sell them on this app and make $4,000+ just like that??
Axel Jonsson (4 months ago)
I have a question because I dont really understand. The "label" thing that they e-mail you and you're supposed to put in the shoebox and on the outside, am I supposed to print that out? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question lol. Thanks in advance!
Reflex Alpha (9 days ago)
Axel Jonsson yeah i have same question
IveGivenLs (4 months ago)
Did you actually get your skateboard stolen 😂😂😂😂
r c (4 months ago)
Next time tape your nuts
Kaye Tumang (4 months ago)
Will any box do to put the sneaker box and shoes in? USPS measures box and weight. Does UPS not care about the dimensions of a box or weight as long as you have the shipping label printed? Thanks!
Marcel _4321 (4 months ago)
Is the transaction fee only paid when someone buys the shoe
Austin Arena (4 months ago)
How come your shoes already had a stock X tag?
Dean Barlow (4 months ago)
Funny ass vid you just earned a new sub
Carter Georges (4 months ago)
How does stockx know that you've shipped
Tibe Cornelis (4 months ago)
do they need to arive within 2 shipping days or just ship
DOPESOUL _____12 (4 months ago)
Could I sell multiple sneakers at the same time
Matthew Tran (4 months ago)
how the hell did u get the stockx verification tag when u opened it again
krvs (4 months ago)
i sold a supreme box logo that I bought in store from the display. I don’t have the plastic the hoodie comes in if you buy online cause it was the last one off of the shelf. think they will care? btw keep up the great videos man
A.R S. (4 months ago)
If u did it want to sell them u should of kept them lol
bhorning2 (4 months ago)
Is it the same thing with hats?
Keith Adam (4 months ago)
yes sir
sup2239 (4 months ago)
Lol he was recording her butt. We all know he included that on purpose
sup2239 (4 months ago)
Man i love how u reply and stuff it just brightens up my day to see that a content creater actually cares about their viewers. Just love the vibes u give off man. KEEP IT UP. and dont forget to log in next time.... in any release.... LOL LOVE YA MAN
Keith Adam (4 months ago)
Trang Le (4 months ago)
I sold mine on 2/24/18 but it says ship by 2/28/18. Can I drop it off tomorrow at a drop off location?
Keith Adam (4 months ago)
any ups
Jefferson Steelflex (4 months ago)
did ur skateboard really get stolen?
Keith Adam (4 months ago)
nah lol
jay wu (4 months ago)
Do i have to go to ups?
Keith Adam (4 months ago)
yea its pre paid
FahadTube (4 months ago)
Bro i sold on stock x but it’s been more than 2 days and i didn’t ship yet but it says ship by 2/26 so what should i doc
Keith Adam (4 months ago)
ship asap...its 2 business days
Der Zigeuner 78 (4 months ago)
lets say i sell my supreme necklace tee for 115 dollars, minus about 10% fees im at 104 dollars, is that the amount im gonna get paid? or are the shipping fees(i live in europe: so 30$) gonna get subtracted from the 104 dollars? would appreciate an answer
Dope (4 months ago)
Jason Abobo (4 months ago)
1)How did you get the authentic tag? 2) How did you get the shipping label?3) How does stockX check if the shoes you're selling are real?
Mr. Skinny (4 months ago)
Great Vid StockX turned mine around for paper
Needs Zeebs (4 months ago)
Ok, so I'm from Canada and I'm worried that I will drop my shoes at the post office, but they will not get to stockx within the two business days even though I've (hypothetically) mailed them as soon as possible. Do you think this is likely to happen? I've never done this before so im kinda apprehensive
Dope (4 months ago)
lol its ups and you have to ship in 2 days ups can take as long ass they want
Robert Pearson (5 months ago)
can you get a box at ups if you don't have one?
Keith Adam (5 months ago)
i think
Shield (5 months ago)
Do u have to ship through UPS?
Keith Adam (5 months ago)
yes and they pay for it
Daniel lol (5 months ago)
+Keith Adam Are they gonna take the money for shipping and so on from your bank account or what?? And for what reason I should tell them my bank account
Keith Adam (5 months ago)
free shipping in USA and they take out of your payment if anything
James mitchell Corpuz (5 months ago)
Can you buy shoes from StockX too??
Keith Adam (5 months ago)
David Nam (5 months ago)
wait sorry but whats the label thing?
Dope (4 months ago)
ohh ss 18 people
Keith Adam (5 months ago)
when u confirm a purchase, you print out a shipping label and a piece of paper that goes inside the box
Mario Barraza (5 months ago)
can the paper be in Black and White?
captiandaniel 10 (5 months ago)
Can Stockx deposit to my bank account instead of paypal?
Dope (4 months ago)
my brother do paypal then paypal to bank account
captiandaniel 10 (5 months ago)
I was looking around at the site and it does say that it can payout through paypal or bank account though not sure
Keith Adam (5 months ago)
sadly no
gani hysenaj (5 months ago)
Who pays for shipping
Keith Adam (5 months ago)
stockx does if you're in the US
Rob W (5 months ago)
Mario Cruz (5 months ago)
Hey Keith! Hi! 😊 I have a question about the shipping thing, I know its not that related to stock x, But I shipped 4 pairs same day same time then the 3 pairs had already expected delivery date and the 1 pair stated that the expected delivery date is not available, and its been 3 days, im just wondering do I need to worry or like do i need to go ups to clear it or do i need to email stock x? Thanks. have a great day.
Keith Adam (5 months ago)
If you're worries just email them the situation. They'll cover you ;)
K20 8000 (5 months ago)
BobBankz7 (6 months ago)
So if they find out the sneaker not real they keep the shoe??
Keith Adam (6 months ago)
they send it back and charge you 15% of the sale
Vicky L (6 months ago)
How to sell on Flightclub? Does Flightclub provide the free shipping label for sellers? Or could I just bring my shoes to the retail store, and tell them I wanna sell, would they just take them?
Keith Adam (6 months ago)
Im not 100% because i dont usually sell there but I think u can drop them off there
Doctor Triggered (6 months ago)
What was that green circle on your sneakers when you put them in the box
Keith Adam (6 months ago)
I had it because this shoe was originally purchased from stockx...its their authentication tag. i was selling it back because it was the wrong size for my father. It was his fathers day gift
Doctor Triggered (6 months ago)
Do I need a receipt
Keith Adam (6 months ago)
no, you're fine without it😉👌
Batman Fukkk (6 months ago)
I'm missing one shoe horn.. You think they'll trip?
Lil Ace4500 (2 months ago)
What if your missing both ?
Keith Adam (6 months ago)
nah you're good
Roberto Ulloa (6 months ago)
good videooo.
Keith Adam (6 months ago)
James (6 months ago)
I have a question. If i list a pair of shoes that i want to sell, do i wait for a buyer to buy the shoes and then ship my shoes? Who actually buys the shoes? A buyer or Stock X? im confused
Keith Adam (6 months ago)
a buyer buys and you'll get an email...then u ship
Nov sovanrith (7 months ago)
StockX pay for the shipping right? or seller pay for it
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
stockx pays for your end of it and then the seller pays for their end of it
MU5HR00MB00MiNTM (7 months ago)
I want to forever be your friend hahaha Sick videos man! Tons of help + some good was humor!
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
The Burn Survivor (7 months ago)
What if the seller sends the shoes not double boxed and it gets to stockx damaged. Do they send it right back to the seller? Because I’m not trying to keep the shoes with damaged box. Also, does it come with the shoe tree inserts when they send it to the buyer? Need everything. It’s for a gift
abcde fg (7 months ago)
Really helpful video! Subbed
MuffinMan (7 months ago)
Bought my first pair of yeezys with hopes of reselling. Recently, my friends have gotten in a debate over whether the value would go up or down if I held them new in box over time. Any opinions are helpful, since I am a complete noob at this lol
Juan Manuel (7 months ago)
Nice video bro. But nooo you sold those and only got $200? That's my size. I would've paid more yo lmao
Edwin canete (5 months ago)
Keith Adam how old are you. Can anybody drop the box at ups?
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
hahha they were not my size lol but thanks man
Teun van Kampen (7 months ago)
if the box is a little damaged, can i still sell it?
PieRow (7 months ago)
Do you have to place that piece of paper into the shoe box or can you put it on top of the box itself?
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
I put it in the box
Its Sparrkyy (7 months ago)
If I buy a supreme item do i have to wait until the item ships to me before i sell it? and so you have to include everything (supreme bag, stickers, etc) or just the item you're selling Thanks!
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
I would recommend waiting for the package to arrive because you only have 2 days to ship on stockx. And yes, include OG all just for safety.
Kota Creative (7 months ago)
so if I have a pair of unworn shoes and the box, do not have paper or the thing that goes inside the shoe to prevent creases (the cardboard thing) can I just send that??
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
Yes, you just need authentic brand new shoes with the OG box👌
Trey J. (7 months ago)
Little late, but where exactly did you put your shipping label?
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
right on top of the box
Ashfan Ally (7 months ago)
Hey man love your video. Im having trouble with the shipping label it shows blank? when i open it up on the PC. any idea?
Ashfan Ally (7 months ago)
Keith Adam thanks for the reply, its been almost 12 hours. Still blank so im stuck. Don't want to incur any penalties.💣
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
You have to give it a few hours to process....check tomorrow morning and before you go to sleep
Typreme Kicks Tv! (7 months ago)
😭😂👏🏽💯 funniest vid I've seen in a while on here. Lmao
Nino Supremeo (1 month ago)
Rofl facts I was dead the whole time funny af and informative 👌🏽🤣
Typreme Kicks Tv! (7 months ago)
Keith Adam got you.✅ keep up the great vids man.🙏🏽
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
hahahha thanks Tyrone. make sure to subscribe for more😉👌
Byron Herrera (7 months ago)
Hahaha this guy 😂😂
21AintMyNumber (7 months ago)
Just to clarify as a international seller, I do not have to pay any shipping fee to UPS when I'm shipping my shoes from my location to StockX, instead when the shoes is sold, the shipping fee calculated is deducted from the total payout. Am I right?
The Elite Killa (5 months ago)
$30 is deducted off your sale if you are a internationally seller. For Canada it's $20. For USA, it's free. I wish I live in USA just because of free shipping lol
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
Yes, in fact stockx has been giving free shipping to sellers for the past few months. All you have to do is print the label and drop them off
GROWN ASS MAN (7 months ago)
when you drop off the package at your local ups. Do you have to send stock x anything or will it automatically see if you shipped it.
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
It takes a day or two to update but all you have to do is drop them off
john (7 months ago)
Hey, when you are shipping, do you still have to pay for shipping at the post office? Thanks!
Keith Adam (7 months ago)
No, stockx pays for it and you have to print out a shipping label. You have to drop it off at your local UPS stop ( NOT the post office)
Timothy West (7 months ago)
the goodbye was funny😂
Keith Adam (7 months ago)