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BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 It's no secret that even the biggest, coolest companies can epically fail. Well, firstly, we are all human, and secondly, when hundreds or thousands of people work on a product, someone will surely make a mistake. Just imagine, what if, for example, someone brought a MacBook to the launch of a new Microsoft product and put it in the most visible place? Yes, it would be a real scandal! In any case, here we have ten of the most epic fails of the big companies.
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༺ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ༻ (5 hours ago)
well that blue screen shit still Exist in 2019 no fukin changes..
Maxwell Strauss (8 hours ago)
The biggest mistake I saw was Brady’s (a bully) face
miller (21 hours ago)
Just play the videos and get rid of your annoying commentary, music, and sound effects.
Gamer Girl (1 day ago)
It made me laugh
opinions matter (1 day ago)
It’s so easy to make YouTube video, bunch of copyrighted footage edit voice over , British or American accent , and that’s it, I need to stop making videos.not a hater just a comment.
Kush Ablazin (3 days ago)
Anyone who likes a video full of ads is lying to themselves.
Blaschgo Schröder (3 days ago)
Volvo is so dumped
just happy (3 days ago)
5:20 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
wilsonkff (3 days ago)
WIndows 98 BSOD demo proved Microsoft was genuine in showcasing the operating system.
Travel & Music (4 days ago)
Hubert Jadczak (5 days ago)
"It's no secret that even the biggest, coolest" and overrated - like apple. Remember, that apple paid money to people who were injured by their exploding devices so they won't tell anything to anyone. You can find this information on the internet. By the way - apple is going down :) currently they are woth only 50% of their stock market price from the last year. They are not even in the top20 of the most valuable companies anymore.
Matthew Strumolo (6 days ago)
The apple one isn’t a fail with the Face ID u change the settings so u have to look into it
Ordo ab Chao (6 days ago)
Fake NEws!! FAce ID didn't work because the first time when you tunr on youth iphone you need the passcode!
Daniel J (6 days ago)
The very first tablet was built by MS 10 years before the i(diot)Pad, it never caught on, then Apple came along and reinvented it, suddenly it was better then sliced bread, because it was Apple.
Ano ツ Nyatondo (6 days ago)
Thumbnail at 15:59
New Thought (6 days ago)
Complete waste of time.
TylerJosBurself (6 days ago)
The thumbnail is fake
Not Provided (8 days ago)
3:07 - I wouldn't feel safe in that car!
Raúl Fernández Perez (8 days ago)
50 add in 10 min i quitted in the half o it
DJ Ben Yosefov (8 days ago)
you fucking idiot its iPhone x(10)!
John Hernandez (9 days ago)
somebody likes Jim Carey
Bonnieplays87 Channel (9 days ago)
a person named lucas (9 days ago)
Fine YouTube I’ll watch the fucking video u have been recommending for the past 6 months
Mokel Entertainment (9 days ago)
The biggest mistake is apple period.
Gaming Sounds (10 days ago)
The funniest was that Blue Screen One lol
Jayden Li (10 days ago)
I love the "Dear Aunt, let's set so the killer double delete select all" one
Pierce Sonnenberg (10 days ago)
You find a way to defend Apple in every scenario and don't defend any other company, so sad :( Disliked
Padraig H (10 days ago)
windows 10 was the biggest mistake.
Josué Artaud (10 days ago)
5:17 stupid dog, you make me look bad.
so Manu (10 days ago)
The biggest fail ever was the release of android lol😂 
INDRAJIT MAHATO (11 days ago)
iulian ispas (11 days ago)
You can add to list xbox1x 4k ,20 unplayable fps Same as the slow as hell Microsoft tablet
EGA (11 days ago)
Never rely on technology 100%
UrMomIsSoGay Boiii (12 days ago)
*1:08** **-The iPhone hates him.-*
Amer Sadeghi (12 days ago)
The face ID did not work because he had just restarted the phone and you need to put a password when you restart your phone.
Rey Kenobi (12 days ago)
Windows 98 is gonna be a classic staple in all such videos, forever.
DUCK SICK GAMING (12 days ago)
off the top of his head he couldn't describe his movie that he filmed for months just weeks before. the legend michael bay.
Luka Pavic (12 days ago)
I see the serbian people copy your video they just record voice and get over milion vieves
NPZ LEGEND (12 days ago)
What I want to break free?
Dagaminstudios (12 days ago)
What is that intro music?!
B MAN (13 days ago)
Volvo is not a swedish company... Used to be..
mr Rajasthani (13 days ago)
My YouTube channel mr Rajasthani to yaro subscribe karo video dekho plz support me 🙏🙏🙏🙏
kilerzone1213 (13 days ago)
Roses are red I have aids
William and michael Animations (13 days ago)
Your from be amazed
martin kwok (14 days ago)
IE ... the moment of silent
Call Me SHACO The D3m0n J3steR (14 days ago)
5:59 funniest part of this video
Mustanglover 06 (14 days ago)
This dude is from viral vehicles!
Alex Tarallo (14 days ago)
The thumbnail Top 10 Greatest Anime Betrayals
Paul Everitt (15 days ago)
Parts of the Boston Dynamics video are fake. A one point the robot, lying front down on the floor, stands up only using its ankles. Not physically possible.
T-Stupid (15 days ago)
most incredible mistake i've seen is this channel
Rumpel Felt (15 days ago)
I've been using Windows Vista on the same laptop for over 10 years now and it has not crashed once
BMW R1200 RT (15 days ago)
Sum-soong, not sum soung!
zackington (16 days ago)
aaaahhhhhhh the blue screen the best thing on earth
Jacob'OHiPandaBear Gotlieb (16 days ago)
Ok, I get the fails and such; but I've beeen looking for the name of the song that plays at 3:09 if anyone knows please help me end this search lol thanks! (Soon as the car hits the unsuspecting gent)
Let's Dil Merkezi 00905346967077 (16 days ago)
please make top 20 list:)there are more firms to show:D
Elt on (16 days ago)
2:26 its named ”Volvo” not ”Valvo”
2019 ? :D
Nicolas Druda (16 days ago)
I use Microsoft Edge. I don't use Internet Explorer unless I'm desperate, because it ain't 1998 anymore Microsoft.
Blind yt (16 days ago)
The internet was the funniest mistake.
OutragousYouTuber999 TV (16 days ago)
microsoft is going to court
jimakosgian26 (16 days ago)
IE Compat (16 days ago)
IE Compat (16 days ago)
IDK2008 (16 days ago)
this is a Russian content farm that is connected to lots of channels that are from many countries unsub
Mr Oculus (17 days ago)
It is called iPhone 10! This really sets me up!
Ian McGreevy (17 days ago)
DECCA auditioned the Beatles and rejected them.
ishrak sadman (17 days ago)
I came here for the damn thumbmail......
wileywilson (16 days ago)
6:51. What is the film please?
Brine (17 days ago)
can you put a strike on this video?? the channel just stole your content and changing the language. https://youtu.be/5esavBNTrwE
YeahButLikeWhy? (17 days ago)
You REALLY like Jim Carey
W6B (17 days ago)
The biggest mistake was the thumbnail that was not in the video.
PαṆтḤΣя Registered (17 days ago)
People saying the biggest fail in This video is the ads in it... I got 1 ad...
Açêrébørñēd : (17 days ago)
Narin Akinci (17 days ago)
CLICKBAITER!!!!!!!! That’s what I think of you ... um I meant the video
issa-a- 95 (17 days ago)
apple sucks
yousef amro (17 days ago)
Linus sucks not apple
panda fight (17 days ago)
Alaa Kassab (17 days ago)
Misleading thumbnail
Kina King (18 days ago)
The phone didn’t unlock because the phone rested
Rabdom (18 days ago)
Anyone watching in 2019!?!?
Bi' Fincan Kahve (18 days ago)
Its 2019
Han Oh (18 days ago)
the face slapping is hilarious!
J C (18 days ago)
Biggest fail I've seen is western governments bringing in muslims into their country under the guise of "refugees".
Maja Ruuth-Lückner (18 days ago)
Anyone 2019?
UrMomIsSoGay Boiii (12 days ago)
Hiii :D
GUTS (18 days ago)
I remember the olimpic rings
Shapex Graphic Designer (18 days ago)
The Volvo made me laughing so hard haha
Beatboxer900 Lit (18 days ago)
If you face time me you’ll see the biggest mistake my parents made
Brianna Marie (18 days ago)
Who was here just for the thumb nail
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Chicago1 (18 days ago)
Every revealing of anything always seems dull. Its like they get the boringest people alive.
Chasity Moten (18 days ago)
they make all these new inventions to get people money and majority of them don't work for very long
Catherine Mc Phillips (18 days ago)
Wow , Irish men in charge of the rings! Wow embarising for me! Im Irish! :'( like if you found th fail in this comment! :)
Shubhankar Singh (18 days ago)
4:25 they doesn't have much ability,...
Stéphane Robert (18 days ago)
You forgot Windows Millenium has the predecessor of XP. Was too much BSOD after fresh install.
CircumCrippled TV (18 days ago)
Good video
Desmond Alohan (18 days ago)
Internet Explorer? That's your first mistake.
Simpson's (18 days ago)
I got a 16 minute ad I couldn’t even skip it
Omar Sabra (19 days ago)
Isn’t this guy the same voicer of Viral Vehicles?
Uzair Ahmad (19 days ago)
the biggest fail ive seen is my little brother...
watchin (19 days ago)
Dude...It's not the "iPhone 'X'," it is the "iPhone TEN." Just sayin'.