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How Scissors Are Made

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A video showing how high quality scissors are made by a combination of hand and machine.
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Text Comments (69)
Erik Iacopelli (5 months ago)
Anyone know the make and model of these? They are REALLY good and i like the way they look
Erik Iacopelli (5 months ago)
Am I weird for really liking factory work?
Dai AO Ruan (6 months ago)
Ziska Khan (6 months ago)
Cutting edge ...
ELNS (6 months ago)
Am I the only person who has never seen a pair of scissors like this LMAO
RougenPlex (4 months ago)
Nah me too
bkbkcat (8 months ago)
this is the factory of Zwilling J.A. Henckels, they are making a kitchen scissors.
Cheyenne Vogelsang (9 months ago)
Cutting edge technology
Dankus Malfoy (9 months ago)
I came here looking for a scissor factory, this is not what I had in mind
EnergeticWaves (11 months ago)
funny, they dont look chinese
disability.2677 Pickett (1 year ago)
You are a suspect for my murder!! Rhonda Lynn Rhonda Lynn Pickett Jackson, Ms Dawn Boyd Nateea Hodges and Sheila Brown.!
woooa9 hamboy (1 year ago)
oh factory i did not notice that for a year
Bloody Gir (1 year ago)
This is some hot scissoring.... scissor me timbers😉😆😂
Erik Iacopelli (5 months ago)
To cut or not to cut, That is the question.
Frankie Sanchez - Pena (3 years ago)
i love factories
Erik Iacopelli (5 months ago)
Same here very much so
Gia Rcheulishvili (4 years ago)
where can I buy one of these? :D
Attila Juhász (24 days ago)
Attila Juhász (24 days ago)
M0rtenaude (5 years ago)
Do you know what the machines in the video is called, because i can't seem to find any information about the machines on the internet. I need the information for a projekt at my school where we need to analyse a scissor and the process of making it, which requires me to know which machines that are used. I know what kind of machines it is but i can't find anything on them. I would be very happy if you would respond to my comment.  Thank you for your time. 
Paul Lu (4 years ago)
@M0rtenaude Hello It's hot forged processing that they take. and my name is Paul, we specialize in the field of high performance stainless steel for cutlery 440A, 440C, 9Cr14MoV,  9Cr13MoVCo,  8Cr14MoV, 1.4116 / X50CrMoV15, 1.4037 / X65Cr13 / 420D, 1.4034 / X46Cr13 / 420HC, 1.4031 / X39Cr13, 1.4028 / X30Cr13, 1.4021 / X20Cr13, 1.4419 / X38CrMo14, 1.4117 / X38CrMoV15...   If you have requirements, please feel free to contact us. With best regards Paul export@ahoneststeel.com
Mike Doyle .Scissor Sharpening Service (5 years ago)
its called a drop forge press, because it presses the shape of the scissors into the shape of the scissor by sheer weight, the other type are cast steel scissors where liquid metal is pound into moulds
K's fashion (5 years ago)
thats awesome dude you rock:)
Mohammed Aiman Bharum (6 years ago)
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MGCXIII (6 years ago)
good for you.. goood for you
Andrew Harvey (6 years ago)
Is that a shirt or an arm at 1:03
Ethan Olson (6 years ago)
You are epic
douro20 (6 years ago)
Zwilling J.A. Henckels.
Paweł (6 years ago)
I need scissors 61! :D
Bob Ijaz (6 years ago)
more like four pices of paper dislike this vid
Alphapunk2 (7 years ago)
Company name is "zwilling"
Julian Z (7 years ago)
What company is this?
Connor Keegan (7 years ago)
ya i was also a 5th grader so i guess that made it legal
Audrey Streubel (7 years ago)
What is with you guys? So much swearing
BarryEssex (7 years ago)
How well?
Anna curativo (7 years ago)
Fuck u all
BerettaTV (7 years ago)
What brand are they??
Justin Koenig (7 years ago)
GOD are you retarded. It's a fucking reference to immaturity -.- stupid people everywhere
Justin Koenig (7 years ago)
how old are you, 5?
Connor Keegan (7 years ago)
i got in trouble in the 5th grade because i cut this girls dress i liked so when she stood up i could see her awesomeness.
Ryantothec (7 years ago)
I can't imagine running is allowed anywhere in that factory
Jambo (7 years ago)
damn those look like the best scissors in the world
William Meade (7 years ago)
Rock made 92 accounts
bounty42 (7 years ago)
they are $70
bounty42 (7 years ago)
Look at 4:01 they are zwilling JA henckels
Flamemouse (7 years ago)
@DeaderNBetter i was surprised too i didn't even though those can be used
houseandthensome (7 years ago)
@Cloudwolf40 Looks to be at 4:46 the red logo indicates Henckels brand. That brand is great.
Emprahs Fuhry (7 years ago)
wooohoooo finally something finland is good at :D fiskars scissors
animeonperseest (7 years ago)
me wants fiskars scissors
davidlife97 (7 years ago)
i prefer it without the polish >.<
iLike7up12345 (8 years ago)
why does it seem I can never find scissors like this tho?
Heysupwhaturdoing (8 years ago)
one paper dislikes this video
Molisan Tono (8 years ago)
@DeaderNBetter not only you, i just realize that too... lol.
xdevilxbabex2003 (8 years ago)
Awesome :) Glad your back Triwood!!!
arab bint (8 years ago)
Wow i never knew that this much effort went into making a pair of scissors,thanks for uploading :)
Jakub Kurzawa (8 years ago)
Thanks for uploading Triwood!
Alexander Pesina (8 years ago)
Excellent vid man! Keep on going!
Thats Bullshit (8 years ago)
thx for upload!
Cloudwolf40 (8 years ago)
@Aleksandar998 u know the name of the brand?
JotJotJot (8 years ago)
@DeaderNBetter Opening a Jar?
Rupert Gerry (8 years ago)
@Cloudwolf40 probably cost like $20 a pair if made by euros/americans lol..
azntranc3951 (8 years ago)
yes! another video :D the sander that takes care of the area where your fingers go is quite ingenious ! thank you Triwood and happy new year !
deadman liveman (8 years ago)
deedeedur (8 years ago)
@DeaderNBetter holy shit. I just found out too
Varanjie (8 years ago)
S.A.S (8 years ago)
0:04 so that's what the hell those are for!
Cloudwolf40 (8 years ago)
anyone else want this particular brand of scissors?
KASPLARFO (8 years ago)
superspy0123 (8 years ago)
first i love all ur vids y have u been not uploading vids so often