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UPS delivery man throwing boxes.... again

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I came to watch my package get delivered by UPS and this is what I recorded. Will be using FedEx in the future.
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croc huntas (1 month ago)
hand to surface is ups rule. that's very bad package handling. he should be disciplined in some way and I'm sure he was.
croc huntas (1 month ago)
plenty of ups drivers care. this is definitely the exception. why doesn't someone post videos of the countless good examples.
Corey Kinard (2 months ago)
if they aren't labeled fragile...
Steve Ingram (6 months ago)
The ONLY thing he did wrong, was not sorting his packages inside the truck by throwing them as hard as he can to the back, then step on them for cushion and using the back door like we do at FedEx. Its easier, faster, and you can really give them the old heave ho and nobody will see you. Plus at the end of the day, your feet actually feel good from getting streched out by walking on packages all day. Retard.
Gucci Sosa (6 months ago)
That's every ups driver literally. I work as a driver helper and they all do the same shit they got to many stops to worry about what's in those boxes. If it's broken call the distribution center is how they think of it
Jason Hiatt (6 months ago)
dosen't look like anything to me. if the box can't take a little tumble then....
AWD V8 (6 months ago)
I worked at a fleet service shop that required me to go to the UPS center to repair their vehicles in the evenings. I witnessed exactly how they handled the packages. Rough handing is not limited to just a few "bad" employees. Every night I saw these trucks back up to a platform, one on each side, and "transfer" the packages to the other truck by literally tossing them out of one truck hard enough to try to get them into the other truck! A distance of about 20 ft. This happened with EVERY package transfer. The employees never carried the parcels. I witnessed an employee with about 6 CT computer monitors stacked on a cart tip the stack and the monitors bounced across the floor. I would expect that this abuse of property is not limited to UPS.
F*** My Life (6 months ago)
That is the single laziest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.
Michael Hunt (6 months ago)
lol the goods in those boxes are straight lmao! Shit in the factory when a wave of those bitches start coming down the assembly line, if it doesn't say fragile i'll get a homie to throw one over the belt to me and R.K.O that mother fucker on the ground so hard. Shit its peak season baby we ain't got time to place them shits gently. I got 3.5 trucks to load at the same damn time
Corey Kinard (2 months ago)
Michael Hunt .5? anyway, as long as it isn't fragile, who cares. repeated falls won't break a box of sharpie marker in bubble wrap and a second box.
Alexis Javier (6 months ago)
the sad truth is the most drivers throw packages around.
Air Handler (7 months ago)
Sadly he probably won't lose his job or even get in trouble. UPS is a terribly run company and ignores complaints against drivers, I have made several and they never did anything about it.
FatBoy Crew (6 months ago)
maybe they didnt see the complaint
Ezrael_KOR (8 months ago)
thats not bad
Christian S (8 months ago)
I work at Fedex in Ontario and we really only toss around envelope mail in bags. If we are seen tossing a package any size its a written warning and 2nd time your out of a job. They dont mess around at my location. The main hub for Canada
william moore (1 year ago)
Ronny Franklin (1 year ago)
I'm a driver for UPS and worked in the building and for the company for nearly 12 years and what I can tell you, this is no easy job. It is stressful both on the body and mind. Packages go thru quite a strenuous journey and often times hit, fall, and get piled onto many other boxes and surfaces. The only time stuff usually gets damaged is if they are brutally beaten, crushed or thrown by irate employees or malfunctioning machinery. This driver is actually being easy on the packages. If the shipper of the package packed it well then it should be fine. Trust me, I've seen it all and only a very small percentage of all packages get slightly mistreated and even then its not so bad.
Jason M (3 days ago)
Ronny Franklin ups is worthless, you don't like a hard job go flip burgers. UPS are fucktards, drivers and supervisors are a joke.
Michael Hunt (6 months ago)
lol get the job then say that again
Video Game Book Readings (1 year ago)
all i got was "my job is sooo hard, so better break everyone elses stuff because i'm an asshole"
Ronny Franklin (1 year ago)
+knupder I really don't care what you do.
knupder (1 year ago)
+Ronny Franklin All I get from that is that I really shouldn't be using your company at all. UPS drivers always seem to be the worst.
KEANTHO (1 year ago)
Lol I work at ups . I literally throw packages at a wall as hard as I can all day long . If it's a bad package 15 foot drop out of the trailer . And I'm the most gentile one there
Van Sanity (2 months ago)
it's a year old but I'm gonna still reply to it anyway. More than likely they hire a bunch of lazy assholes who are upset because successful people order stuff they wish they could get. They live sad lives and are just lazy. Take their anger out on other peoples stuff. Don't like the job? to hard? quit.
Corey Kinard (2 months ago)
you're obviously not the most gentle if you're throwing them as hard as you can. maybe you're the weakest one, but you should just say that.
Ronny Franklin (1 year ago)
+Jake Anthony I as well work for UPS as a driver and an in-facility employee. I understand the stress that comes with this job. No easy task. It messes with your mind.
MASERATI BOYZ (1 year ago)
That's nothing, I work as an unloader at a Chicago hub and shit gets thrown on to the conveyor belt, walls of packages are knocked down to the floor, sorters throw your shit like crazy, and believe it or not sometimes the package opens and spills. Don't blame us, it's your responsibility to properly package and protect your items for the journey through hell
lowie lucero (1 year ago)
Did you reported that dump a** driver?
Oskar Kokoshka (1 year ago)
Brown power
Goodman Mike (1 year ago)
Online shopping for electronics is suicide especially for plasma tvs and MacBook pros i mean who in there right mind would dare spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars with knowing the risks of accidental damage by human exhaustion alone Never mind the careless worker who just wants to leave already just in in for the paycheck Common Sense people just go to you're local store's
Taylor Clay (6 months ago)
Goodman Mike *their
Evan Parsons (1 year ago)
+Daniel Hernandez your*
Goodman Mike (1 year ago)
That's why people with common sense should only buy clothes, shoes and other type of Non Breakable material.
Vice and Paradise (1 year ago)
I hope he loses his job. How fucking miserable of a human do you have to be to try to passive aggressively and intentionally try to defect and destroy people's products. What the fuck.
torontodaybyday (1 year ago)
Everyone knows, UPS SUCKS! :P
trabakollias (1 year ago)
+torontodaybyday specialist in ups GREECE with subconstractors....all driver working so many hours and not paid......if speak you dismissal....if you make mistakes  dismissal.the u.p.s of america know this?
The Cane (1 year ago)
This is why you learn to properly package anything inside a box. If you order anything online...ask for extra bubble wrap..etc
Rick MG (2 years ago)
This is not ups - This Is SPARTAAAAAAA!!!
Demetrius Prince (1 year ago)
Ivan De Felice (2 years ago)
ahahahahahahahaha.. pare un pò incazzato.
ItsDaggerr (2 years ago)
If UPS started firing for throwing packages there won't be a UPS anymore. I worked there for over a year and your packages literally go through hell and it's just not UPS employees that do this.
JohnnySack187 (1 month ago)
"Lazy assholes who are upset because successful people order stuff they wish they could get." You know once you get to top rate you can bust your ass and earn over 100,000 a year right? Not defending anyone just saying you should do some research before making such a bold statement. 100,000 a year isn't bad for someone who probably didn't go to college.
Van Sanity (1 month ago)
First, I would like to thank you for replying without directly insulting me with "you're gay" or something like that, most people normally do that. secondly, I can understand where you're coming from. However, The company shipping the product needs to secure and keep products safe. I was actually upset that day because my gaming desktop arrived slightly damaged, the top was scratched. My Ikea desk arrived with the corners smashed and my keyboard got here with 3 keys that didn't work all of these were sent at different times. So I spend all this money to get damaged products. But I completely understand, this job is hard. I am now over the fact I have damaged products, I can live with them, just a few scratches nothing I probably wouldn't have caused by using it (got keyboard replaced). But UPS/FEDEx need to hire more help to give you guys breaks, they can afford it I'm sure lol. Regardless, thanks for the hard work, because after hearing about what you guys do from you and some others. I would not want to do that job.
Eddie Guizar (1 month ago)
Van Sanity Lol I just started working for ups and lemme tell you that none of the people who work there are lazy. Especially the drivers, I'm a package handler and I literally just started this week on Monday. The drivers have so much shit to unload in those trucks it's crazy. I load 3 of those trucks in the 5 hrs I'm at work taking box after box off a belt that never stops moving and into the proper spot in the trucks with no breaks. After a while you get tired of going through so many god damn boxes and heavy ass packages you just throw them. If you think this video is bad you haven't seen anything go work as a package handler for ups and you will see that the people who work there are far from lazy.
Van Sanity (2 months ago)
it's a year old but I'm gonna still reply to it anyway. Saying there won't be any UPS if they fired these workers is a lie. It's simple, UPS allows this behavior so the new ones do the same. More than likely they hire a bunch of lazy assholes who are upset because successful people order stuff they wish they could get. They live sad lives and are just lazy.
Blair Stan Sinclair (2 years ago)
this is what happens when you hire people that are going no were in life !!! they have nothing to lose . in a dead end job they probably have 5 kids a morgage for the next 30 years dirty diapers every were a fat ugly demanding wife !!! his only hope is to find a gun in 1 of the packages he is throwing around and shoot himself !!!
juice3335 (8 months ago)
Lol dead end job? do you even know how much money ups drivers make? I know some that make over 100k lol
Debbie Williams (2 years ago)
Thrown?  I actually think he is being careful.  He drops it about 2-6" from the floor of the truck everytime.  If you don't box your parcel well, it will be broken, but it won't be by this guy.
chopchop85 (2 years ago)
yeah, i thought he was one of the better ones already
Jaimie Nichols (2 years ago)
They don't stop by my house to deliver to me anymore. Their lazy.
tinton3w (2 years ago)
lol I bet in the job training they tell you to be careless, shit has to be fast. fast = more money for them. and yea you think this is bad I've heard its a lot worse sorting/loading
Darien III (2 years ago)
Lol yall think this is bad. Yall dont even know what goes on in the factory. We dont care about ur shit.
Zoni Roberts (1 year ago)
PhoenixAdvancedEnergyLabs (2 years ago)
Haha everyone here's pissed I work at the sorting facility during the holidays its so busy, half the packages get thrown..
WONTON_IN_URface (2 years ago)
lol way worse is done to those packages before they get on the truck
Linx the Gamer (2 years ago)
I'm so fucking pissed I sent my xbox to this guy he was going to do some modifations on it and he sent me a private YouTube link to view the video of the Xbox when he received it and omg it was busted to fuck. pieces all of the fucking place I'm so mad and ps I sent it thought ups so fuck you ups I'm just glad I had insurance on it!!!
Brandon Langan (2 years ago)
lol will be using fedex in the future......? fedex does the same shit 
Gold Vulcan (2 years ago)
I had 2 phones flung from the street at my front door and broken. I would be upload it if you couldn't see my house
Gold Vulcan (2 years ago)
It happened last week and matter a fact the replacement ones haven't even made it back yet. It piss me off so bad and was still on my mind til I found these vids and realized it wasnt just me
CVetteMan1111 (2 years ago)
How many years ago did that happen? UPS has a very strict policy now concerning the delivery of cell phones and other electronic products. Some even require the purchaser to produce a receipt from the manufacturer of the electronic product upon deliver that is then given to the Deliverer. That in addition to signing the electronic delivery pad to show the item has been delivered to the actual purchasers hands. So if this happened, it either happened a long time ago, or it never happened. With so many holiday scammers out there, UPS along with the companies that produce many electronic products have strengthened the delivery process to weed out the scammers.  
OrphanSeasun (2 years ago)
More like OOPS
goodguy943 (2 years ago)
lmao its worst at the warehouses package handlers throw boxes in trucks when the belt get jammed..........unloaders toss packages on the roller......packages get throwned on the cart.....package handlers throw packages when supervisor talk trash to them to work faster.....i use to work for fedex and ups i seen it all
xS GOAT (2 years ago)
If people freak out about this then wait till you see what goes in during preload. I've worked there 5 years and the whole company is a fucking joke. This guy is taking it easy on those boxes
OrphanSeasun (2 years ago)
I believe it - when I order orders over 3 lb. from a favourite online Blu-ray retailer the package goes UPS and they all have minor damage. Actually it upsets me, but they know I'll accept it instead of going through the trouble of having it replaced. And UPS customer service & brokerage fee are beyond bad.
Deeann Villarreal (2 years ago)
Just pratend tht was u throwing those boxes would u wanna get fired l think u wouldn't want to get fired
DARTH BRONY (2 years ago)
a UPS delivery man throwed me my kindle hd to me
Final Boss (2 years ago)
So they do worst at the warehouse lol
Chekmark (2 years ago)
FedEx throws/throwed packages too.
Chubbysumo (3 years ago)
this driver needs to be fired, but I feel for him.  I did a short stint at UPS as a seasonal temp, and they run you like slaves, for very little pay.  They expect you to get a 3 hour route done in 2, and if you are stopped for more than 5 minutes at each stop you get written up. 
Joshua Balsley (2 years ago)
Do what I do and see how much you bitch about working for UPS. 
kolesakz (3 years ago)
What an asshole, throws other peoples stuff like it doesn't worth a cent, if he breakes something - it's gonna mess someones plans and schedule. I just ordered a very fragile musical instrument from Spain to Kazakhstan. Hope they don't brake it (paid 300$ for delivery, with insurance), because it will take much time to get refund and ect.
Ty Johnson (3 years ago)
Packages shipped via UPS/USPS/FedEx are designed to be dropped from greater heights than what this UPS driver is tossing them. There's nothing wrong with what he/she is doing as it is the proper technique for unloading packages. If your package broke, they shipper should have packed it better. End of story. 
Joshua Balsley (2 years ago)
"designed to be dropped from greater heights".... Yeah if it was ACCIDENTALLY dropped, duh!  I'm sure that UPS doesn't want there employees acting unprofessional like this guy/girl was doing.  UPS not only want the customers packages delivered fast, they want them delivered with care. 
Beast of the Far East (3 years ago)
go kill yourself 
Maury Hernandez (3 years ago)
You must be the scum that works at fedex.
DomKi (3 years ago)
LOL shut up
Thomas Nordmann (3 years ago)
i hope this means his/her dismissal !!!
nasnek (3 years ago)
well helloo mr ups man...