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What If We Built a Road Around the World?

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Go watch Half As Interesting's first video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1bIKvHDNWI What if we constructed a road around the world that connected most of Earth's continents? It'd be cool to drive from Europe to North America and some other places... I guess Please Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2dB7VTO Music is by Brandon Maahs. Check out his website and music by clicking this link: http://www.brandonmaahs.com/audio-reel Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official_wh... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealLifeLore/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealLifeLore1 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RealLifeLore/ Subreddit is moderated by Oliver Bourdouxhe Special thanks my Patrons: Juan Rodriguez, Owen, Jarrell Hawkins, Conor Dillon, Donna, Michael Aufiero, Mohammad Abu Hawash, MechanoidOrange and Greenlandia. Videos explaining things. Mostly over topics like history, geography, economics and science. We believe that the world is a wonderfully fascinating place, and you can find wonder anywhere you look. That is what our videos attempt to convey. Currently, we try our best to release one video every week. Bear with us :)
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Text Comments (14947)
Luciano Guerra (2 hours ago)
Look every country has its own roads so why bother with that? What you have to do, is connect the continents. One road in one road out simple an easy. Someone wants to complain just kick them out.
Buw YT (10 hours ago)
Mistake: S8 in Poland isn't highway, It's Expressway 😂
William collazo (10 hours ago)
Instead of building the wall, put money towards this lol
Niilo Era (11 hours ago)
Don't bye a car bye a boat Whit weels.
MarchAnchoveh117 (15 hours ago)
Papau new guinea has been left out. Press F for respects.
charlie griffiths (1 day ago)
Chunnel? Did you mean channel
Cosmic Potato (1 day ago)
If I ever become the president of the USA I’ll make this a thing Then I’ll get impeached but it’ll have been worth it
jesaliga (1 day ago)
Mexico will pay for it.
Yapooch a (1 day ago)
You riped your frist 4 minutes from half as interesting video about the longest driveable distance
Hzwo (1 day ago)
wtf man there is a fucking bridge over the congo river, matadi bridge. and why the fuck you dont go over the suez canal bridges as the other guy even mentioned in the video what you used a few minutes ago?? are you fuck man? all u do is clickbait blablabla
Odin Satanas (2 days ago)
I mean, these costs are pretty expensive, but it would still be a drop in the bucket compared to our military budget haha. I'm glad you cited that hahaha. I mean we could set up infrastructure and clean water for the whole planet with like a months spending. Or build a space elevator, orbital colonies and mine the asteroid belt, while also finishing a fusion reactor. But no.. Need to have more tanks and jets. Even though we already spend more than the rest of the world combined
Jack Pulatov (2 days ago)
Oh so no Antarctica
Greek Justice (2 days ago)
You basically copy pasted many lines of a video published one day before yours by a channel called half as interesting They made a video about whats the longest drivable distance and u even took their graphics wtf is wrong with u?
Nynony R (2 days ago)
0:04 *cough* *concorde*
Monkey D. Luffy (2 days ago)
Just builds the roads for free
Kaiftara Z (2 days ago)
oh crap, forgot my gas
austzi11a world tv (2 days ago)
Yes and do it
Ross Hurst (3 days ago)
Road trip!
Hippo Pirate (3 days ago)
Search "Matadi Bridge"
Pozzy Thump (3 days ago)
Wouldn't we also have to include fuel of the vehicles, repair of the vehicles, medical help for everyone traveling on this road, and protection of people AND items along this road? Ker-ching...
Supergamer5000 (3 days ago)
Is it possible to drive from london United Kingdom to Bangkok Thailand?????
Romelito Vinzon (3 days ago)
that is philippines
Neha Kiran (3 days ago)
Bitch with $24 billion , u can literally colonize the moon
seamas riordan (3 days ago)
Mr beasy would drive this mark my word
seamas riordan (3 days ago)
I live in ireland so im dissapoited
Salvatore Shiggerino (3 days ago)
I think systems should be considered connected if they have a scheduled car ferry between them. That’s an infinitesimal inconvenience compared to the real problem of intercontinental road trips: getting fucking robbed, assraped and murdered several places along the way.
Kevin Kous (3 days ago)
Take the money for this road and put it to technology so the average human has his own car-aeroplane ....more worth it !!
Coolit (3 days ago)
what a pointless video
Silver Schooner (3 days ago)
Plans for a Railroad already exist. 😐
Pajtim Pachuku (3 days ago)
28 days driving plus 10 days sleeping
A Point of View (4 days ago)
It would be soo cool!
Paulo Breva (4 days ago)
Why not until Ushuaia? It is after all nicknamed "the end of the world"
Barnaby Hartley (4 days ago)
It’s not called the ‘Chunnel’ it’s the English Channel
Barnaby Hartley (4 days ago)
Um England and Ireland are not connected to each other or Europe
Jaime Olivera (4 days ago)
Beeerlinoise YouTube (4 days ago)
Visa, war regions, non-existing fuel stations in the middle of nowhere...nice idea, if only there were not so many limitations.
Can we get 10000 subs as Winston Churchill? (4 days ago)
You'd have been able to get from one side of the British Empire to another side of the British Empire at its height.
ilRegulator (4 days ago)
Well the first two "gaps" are poorly chosen because you could drive aroud the congo river. There's a bridge in Kabalo (DRC) from where you can drive through South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt over the Suez Canal and enter Europe from that side with no new Bridges or road systems. Then connect Europe the same way you described to connect the UK
ilRegulator (3 days ago)
+Hippo Pirate But this bridge is no use since there is no open border crossing by road between the drc and congo. Plus I said there is a bridge (not the only one) where you can go on through south sudan as i explained in my comment
Hippo Pirate (3 days ago)
Also, there IS a bridge over the Congo River called the Matadi Bridge
Galaxy PlayZ (4 days ago)
it  is possible to go to Australia I seen road trip London to Australia
Snazeeh (23 hours ago)
Lmao xDD do u know what ur saying?
Limule-sama (4 days ago)
sa commence a etre chiant de voir des titre francais alors que la video est en anglais
ephraim vaiphei (4 days ago)
28 days at what speed kmph or mph?
RattyMaxReilly (5 days ago)
Wow, 28 days isn't actually that long. Especially compared to other means of land travel.
Jesus55 (5 days ago)
Poor Australia :/
Moe Itani (5 days ago)
Here's a thing, Everything is possible with money and the collaboration of every country
mafia (5 days ago)
Imagine the traffic
Jaime Vargas Rivas (5 days ago)
I born in Puntarenas. I feel so happy that you mentioned it C:
MWB Gaming (5 days ago)
28 days later The whole world is infected with the rage virus
MarkYuri PH (5 days ago)
if this exist me: mom!!! can we go to north korea (just an example) mom: ok *45 hours later*
rafa zat (5 days ago)
America it’s just 1 continent
Paul Craigmyle (5 days ago)
You will need a lot of fuel ⛽️
Jeff Gao (5 days ago)
but i love my kia rio...
Upendra Patil (6 days ago)
I i
Spencer Yambrich (6 days ago)
Is there a road system that does from Africa to Europe now? There are crossings across the Suez do any of them link up and head north? East even? Possibly eliminate the strait of Gibraltar and the Congo crossings.
Matteo Falduto (6 days ago)
27 h hours flight?? Secondly, GB and continental Europe are connected only through a railway tunnel. Which should count more as a ferry, rather than a carriageable bridge
Big Fat Al (6 days ago)
Then there's the cost of maintenance. Some of the highway lines up along the Pacific Ring of Fire so prone to earthquakes. Also we got to take into account continental drift and the fact that the continents are getting further apart.
Javed Alam (6 days ago)
Анастасия Романова (6 days ago)
Australia crying in the cornor
nunez849 (6 days ago)
Was AOC's green new deal based on this video? lol
Colson Xu (6 days ago)
Also, there is no such thing as "engineeringly impossible", just leave it to China.
Colson Xu (6 days ago)
If we built a road around the world: Americans will be driving trucks all over it. Germans will treat it as Autobahn and exceed 400km/h. Koreans will shoot MVs on it. Chinese will sell sweet potatoes on the side.
Colson Xu (1 day ago)
+江南 我知道,只是一到水果成熟的季节开车在郊外每隔几米就是一个水果摊哈哈
江南 (1 day ago)
Colson Xu However China isn't large agricultural country only
Bertox (5 days ago)
all countries will argue about changing their part and one country complains about the others country driving laws
Matro Playz (6 days ago)
We can make a Fu**ing road over the Suez Canal...
firewall5000 (6 days ago)
With the current political climate it isn't feasible. Additionally, tackling climate change is a much bigger issue to take on and such a global highway would exacerbate the situation
SopraTutt1 (7 days ago)
Will they be tunnels in the ocean in the future can you make a video of that please thank you
SopraTutt1 (7 days ago)
Will they be tunnels in the ocean in the future can you make a video of that please thank
Someone On Earth (7 days ago)
Australia isn’t its own continent for god’s sake.
Peer M (7 days ago)
Wait! There is a village called Uelen and the next street to this town is 2000km away? They are fucked....
Peer M (7 days ago)
Why building a bridge, when you can built a much cheaper under water tunnel?
Anything Everything (7 days ago)
0:05 they have never been shorter Except the Concorde
Bas (7 days ago)
the amount of ifs gave me a headache
Crimson Conflagration (7 days ago)
Collapze (7 days ago)
Why would you build a road around the Earth go buy a fucking plane it's <$20k.
Jurge Cones (8 days ago)
What if you built a road around the world? Then you could drive around the world. Get the FUCK out of here with this clickbait shit. you don't even ASK the question let alone answer it. Fuck you
ExotikZBoy17 (8 days ago)
Everyone's car lease would expire/breakdown in a month.
nono3z (8 days ago)
Poor Australia. It's okie. This yellow head with sunglasses still loves you.
Henry Hughes (8 days ago)
So, I did the math and it would cost around 12,000$ to make this trip. This includes oil changes, Tire changes, Food and water, renting a car, Gas, and light or moderate car fixes. If you take your own car, then it will cost you around 10,000$.
Games TV (8 days ago)
That would be one hell of road trip.
Pohke (8 days ago)
Anyone else notice how he says that it would take 27 hours to fly from Cape Town to Puntas Arenas at 6:59? there is no way it takes 27 hours to get there.
BeTheDeathOfMe (8 days ago)
"Travel time between the World's continents have never been shorter than they are today" - Untrue. When I was a Child you could get from London to New York in Three hours on a commercial Concorde flight.
Craig Leitch (8 days ago)
The Chunnel????
colormesarge (8 days ago)
All things considered, you can drive take your vehicle pretty far. If you didn't discount ferries as part of the road system and the road was properly maintained, it would be attractive. Best realistic bet is to have 2 major road systems and also Australia.
Jose Luis Flores Aguirre (8 days ago)
Cape town to punta arena by plane in 27 hours??? Why is that??? Is earth flat??? XD
J O (8 days ago)
It doesn’t take 27h to fly across the Atlantic...
Abraham Ferreira (8 days ago)
This video has a bunch of mistakes ! They pointed New Zealand wrongly ! You can drive from south America to Northamerica , and the southern most city is not in Chile
killa khalid (8 days ago)
Best learning channel on YouTube good work
Kaide Walsh (8 days ago)
Incorrect: It ain’t Spain it’s Gibraltar 🇬🇮 a British territory
geefreck (8 days ago)
Antarctica: "HA! suckers!"
Chris Koay (8 days ago)
China wants to do it.
Myles Robertson (8 days ago)
Guys I made it to the Russia/ Alaska Border, now only 30 more hours until I reach my hometown. 😀Also does anyone think Siri would die after so many hours of driving?
Rombout Versluijs (8 days ago)
Not sure how you did your calculations. But from Cape TOwn to Eddalya is 153h or 6.375 days?! Your using a real weird road along the coast in the upper part, you need to go straight to nigeria and than keep going. .... PS why not drive straight from Cape Town to Magadan thats 23.19k KM i thnk fastest route. Thought not really safe
Rombout Versluijs (8 days ago)
Why 444mil for one bridge?! what is that gold 4 line bridge with free food?!
veipunii lana (8 days ago)
Then flat earther will take this as a prove for their beliefs
Kenneth Rodgerson of Botswana (6 days ago)
Well it kind of proves the globe is a flat plan
gaming animations (8 days ago)
5:20 only 55 METERS DEEP!!!!!!!!!! ONLY!
Subscribe to Pewdiepie (8 days ago)
Off you add up the goats it would be less then the American military’s budgets Edit: I didn’t watch the end
Subscribe to Pewdiepie (8 days ago)
Oh shoot
Conner Figgatt (8 days ago)
Wait couldn’t you just drive over the Suez Canal and dive through Saudi Arabia, then through Turkey instead of having to build over the Mediterranean Sea?
Donnichka (9 days ago)
“And the bridge from Russia to Alaska would be very easy to build, if it weren’t for the freezing temperatures! It will cost a whopping— oh, this just in, global warming has made the water there significantly warmer. Bring your beach towels! It’s only gonna cost like 2 cents or something. O wait, rising sea levelsssssss. Goddamnit why can’t anything humans do be actually convenient for us and the environment.”
Focused Thought (9 days ago)
Ultimate dream hike... this needs to be televised!
ItsMyDank747 (9 days ago)
Just let the United States Pay for it. They're the most wealthiest country. If they can afford to pay the military by using more than half of our tax dollars then what's not to stop the global highway system being built
Focused Thought (9 days ago)
kcimos (9 days ago)
why not have a bridge form the north pole to the south pole running down the center of the Atlantic. & then another one going along the center of the pacific. that would help.
Jedi solo (9 days ago)
It's a propaganda video sponsored by the Chinese Communist party. For people who are ignorant : China is not a normal country it's a dictatorship. The most dangerous the world has ever known in its history. This video can't be watched in China because China blocks youtube and western media. The Chinese cyber army trolls all over Youtube and posts hate comments towards the west (see below). Chinese nationalists and wumao are the worst enemy of the world. Don't let them fool the world.
soberhippie (9 days ago)
Through the chUnnel? Wtf is a chUnnel? Btw, why not save some time and drive from Cape Town via the Suez?