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How to Cope With Anxiety and Depression |Qasim Ali Shah

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In this video Qasim Ali Shah talking about on the topic "How to Cope With Anxiety and Depression |". He is also sharing his experience of his life. Who is Qasim Ali Shah Qasim Ali Shah is a Community Speaker and Teacher a Great Writer best Corporate Trainer in Pakistan and Leader for every age group for Businessmen and Corporate executives and Personal Growth. He always helps people to change their belief in Urdu Language He Teaches That How Someone get success in their lives through better communication and positive thinking along with spiritual knowledge.
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Text Comments (418)
Imran Rauf (6 days ago)
How will clear introword person emotional
Tahreem Qaiser (7 days ago)
You are a great personality... Allah pak ap ko dono jahan me kamyabiyan dy..
Silvia samita (8 days ago)
plz put out this host he is nice person but just cut of him
Khadija Khan (12 days ago)
wajid H (12 days ago)
ماشاءاللہ ڈاکٹر صاحب آپ بہت اچھی باتیں بتا رہے ہیں
salma ishtiaq (18 days ago)
Allah slamt rakhy
salma ishtiaq (18 days ago)
Maa shaa Allah ..
Anum saleem (21 days ago)
kisi bi masly y bimari k lye surat rehman ki talawet sunye din meian 3 bar ager ho shky 1 bar bi sun sakty hai
Aliyan naveed Aliyan (21 days ago)
Sir g ap k program main cal kasy kry num
Aliyan naveed Aliyan (21 days ago)
14.right guusa ata..ya mazi drd naak hi bra hota
I m inspired😄
Iss anchor ko tau😡😡😡
Itna saawal kyu karte hhh. ... Is topic ko clear way me hone ke chahiye
I m introward
Faiza mera bhi yehi haal hai
Molana Sohail (22 days ago)
Rafia Waheed (24 days ago)
Why to do if our stress level is high?
Falak Sa (30 days ago)
Jb insan depresd hota ha to koi kam b krny ko dil nai krta
Sadia Shamim (1 month ago)
bat point ki hoti hy katam ho jati hy
Sadia Shamim (1 month ago)
aik tu ye call ku hy boht sar ki bat cutdown ho jati hy
Ibrahim Khan (1 month ago)
Aqila Mansha (1 month ago)
Shah. Shb AP se directly bat krna chati hn
shy bins (1 month ago)
Just take vitamin B12, Chamomile Tea reduces stress. If it's very bad stress you make melatonin its herbal who gives you restful sleep melatonin is a hormone lack of sleep causes stress or vice versa. Cortisol is the hormone when this decreases you get stress n depression. Life is either test or trial acknowledge. But pls pls dont blame Allah or loose hope. The other hormone known as Adrenaline if you get too much of this it can make you very hyper. Never overthink abt. Life is a test. He says "I'll test you with all thatsdear to you that's why too many worldly turn out to be the biggest stress. For example fewer materiliadtic things you own grows with more material things. The more worry abt the more we have biggest problem is we lack taqwa do long sajdh shukar aand say alhamdulillah X100. At least. Pray sura Qul 100 you can just hear on you tube. Do not criticize others cuz ot won't do you good. But if you use this for yourself you can change these. We all are so bad at the blame game strong ego, pride m9st painful for any family or wife n husband. Stress turns you in a complete dammaged person your nerves need to be relaxed. Give at least 30 min to your self b4 going to sleep. Re live your whole day n concentrate on your own mistakes n learn new lesson at improving yourself. We can't change other people, but We truly can gradually reduce stress. Our men and some women are not expresive enough. We are faster at complaining n criticize our loved ones. But when same ppl do good pls only pass positive vibes spread love n passion just smile is considered a big sadqa doesn't even cost anything. I'm at the end of my life n it was stress neglect loss of expressiveness killed me even.b4 I had a chance learn to.live my life May be some one can learn from my life. But alhamdulillah my patience strength and the strong will to own my problems and taught me to only fix your own flaws. There are many ways to deal with severe stress. You may have heard of PTSD (Post traumatic Dtress Disorder) in which your stressful traumatic memories very easily drive normal person in to severely destructive psychotic episodes. Mostly it was known within any army air force where they have to follow what trainers lack compassion n are very.uurtful towards newcomers and lives are destroyed by PTSD. you can Google it. Last but not least Sura Fatiha as many times as possible. Thank Allah for all the best moments of your day and minus all the negatives and promise yourself not to do what ever causes you stress. Million duas from a Momina who needs duas as well. Elahi Ameen. JazakAllah for reading. I wish if it was possible for me to tell anyone.truestory of my life therefore I'm.as if I've been dead already my soul was killed b4 I could have chance at life. Tea or any caffeine will make you very HYPER pls cut down on tea n coffee pop instead drink more water with fresh veges n fruits in water.. duas to all....🙏🇵🇰💛🙏🎁 Life can either be a test or trial, but no 2nd chances as we get 2nd chances in school tests. Never forget your heritage moral values they will help you a long ways.....
Arif Fiazee (1 month ago)
Sir,ap ka program kp or ks time hota ha
Arif Fiazee (1 month ago)
Qaseem bahi muja exam ka doran ziada deprision hota ha or exam hall ma aksar pada huwa sabaq bi bool jata hu ,,,plz muja koi aja sa tips patao
Ghulam Murtaza (1 month ago)
Shah SB. .yeh Anchor.. ..ap ko bat karne nahi deti.....yeh kam bola kare...
Malik Imran (1 month ago)
Shah shb ka koi nbr dy dy plz kaya in ki koi clinck b ha jaha in sy mila ja sky
Muhammad Akaash (1 month ago)
Good Shah jiii
pro pranvo (1 month ago)
میں سوتے وقت ایاتلکرسی۔چار قلم۔نا د علی۔۔انانزلنا۔درود ابراہیمی۔الکوثر۔سب پڑتا ھوں۔مکر کچھ نھیں ھوتا
pro pranvo (1 month ago)
اس کا علاج کیا ھے۔پلیز اس کا علاج بتائیں
Fazel Ali (2 months ago)
The host is unprofessional. I am feeling stressed. Mr Shah is great. The lady is devastating.
t man (2 months ago)
That's so stupid to cut the conversation. If you don't have time to reply in satisfying way better to stop taking calls and talk in good manners. This attitute even gives depression to the viewers.
Bab Khan (2 months ago)
Plz thora slow bola karien aur awaz thori ahista karein ! Jesy qasim ali sha bolta ha ustrah bolo
Bab Khan (2 months ago)
Bhai jo Marzi kar lo ! Chahy chand p jaw! Ager naik amaal nai karogy ALLAH ki ibadat nai karogy! Aisy hi rahogy aur kbi theek nai hogy
Bab Khan (2 months ago)
Egotistical people kbi khush nai reh sakty ! Dunya ki sab se bri alhami book Quran ko nai prty ! Pagal ho jayengy sab istrah! In Quran ALLAH says ! Her jhoty gunahgaar per shetan uterty hain ! Ha koi samjny wala! Lekin akser log nai janty aur akser log shukar nai krty?????????????
Bab Khan (2 months ago)
Namaz nai prty ALLAH ko bhol jaty hain ! ALLAH says! Jo ALLAH PEMAAN LATA HA ! Naik amal krta ha ! Kbi ghamgeen nai hoga
bilal khan (2 months ago)
شاہ ساب میں آپ کا فین ہو گیا ہوں
bilal khan (2 months ago)
Lrki ko bhi jaldi hai matlab larki ko bhi depression hai
Rap Star (2 months ago)
Toba bhul ke bi ye larki mry samne na ae ni to eske bachne ke chance kam hogy sare topic ki maa ko lun lga diya.... Agr ma samne btha hota to phly tera munh band krwata phr logo ke clear topic krke smjhata. ...
Sohail mehmood (2 months ago)
Ye larki kis ne show me betayi hai.😡😡 shah G important topic explain krne lag jate hai ye bech mai ajati hai
Muhammad Akaash (1 month ago)
Babar Yousuf (2 months ago)
What a rubbish host, she didn't know how to respond
Iqbal saeed (2 months ago)
App ny tu Zindagi se pyar krna sikha dia love u
Faima Siddiqui (2 months ago)
imran ali (2 months ago)
Allah taalaa apko ajre Azeem dy. Ap buhat neik kaam kar rahy hein
Humna Siddiqui (3 months ago)
mae sb k sath acha krti lakin mujhe sb dohka kyu detae h
Asad KHANA Khana (3 months ago)
This person is a crook.
Muhammad Masud (3 months ago)
PLZ English translate ke sath upload kerien, Ty sir
Faryal Khan (3 months ago)
Mjee ek saal se zyda hogya hai me weham krti hoon jo ky ab bht barh chuka hai mri zindagi azaab bn chuki h kindly help me
bilal khan (2 months ago)
Same to you
Faryal Khan (2 months ago)
@bilal khan get lost
bilal khan (2 months ago)
Ap muj say shadi kar len
Kashif Kashi (3 months ago)
Same to me
areba khan (3 months ago)
Mujiy fon nambar batayia
test test (3 months ago)
koi main points bata de please 😁
Abida parveen (3 months ago)
MashaAllah..tnx sir
Fahad xd (3 months ago)
Thankyou shah shahab last lines k liye
uzma hashmi (3 months ago)
Sir ap ny kaha k winter ma hmary body ma hormones change ho jaty hain r jo indorofeen hmy khush rakhty hain wo km produce hoty hain. To please ye btyn k un hormones ko kesy barhya jy srdion ma?
Zubair Zubi (3 months ago)
Ye anchor ka Mun koi band kary
khalid mahmood (3 months ago)
Natasha Haq (3 months ago)
Very rude and inappropriate host who is spoiling the beauty of lecture
Wali muhammad Wali muhammad (3 months ago)
Sir,Kya Early retirement lana best hy? I mean before completion 60 years service
Hina Hina (3 months ago)
Bohat se log host ko dislike karhe hain un logo ne is prog se in fact kuch nahi sekha matlab sab achi baten chor k wo usi chez k baray may baat karhe hain jo un ko achi nahi lagrhi any ways........ Wo khatoon apna kaam karhi hain use back se instructions mil rhi hoti hain jis waja se wo baat cut karke call larhi hoti hay ya call cut karke baat karne lagti hay us ne salery chenal se leni hay shah sahb se nahi listeners positive baton pe focus karen na k host per
malik arshad Mehmood (3 months ago)
ab pagal ki shadi kr du tu 10 ya 15 din hi chly gi
Safty tips on youtube (3 months ago)
Sir, tell me what day your show goes live and at what time it comes live. Please tell me your number so that I can call you during your show thank you so much .
Anjum Shaikh (4 months ago)
Assalamalaikum wr wabarakatu sir i m indian hum ko aap se kuch questions karna hai to kis no p contact karen.
salehaiftikhar iftikhar (4 months ago)
Ap Kahan hoty hn ? Karachi?
salehaiftikhar iftikhar (4 months ago)
Apse kese mil sakty hn ?
Maria Rehman (4 months ago)
Sir g muje mind main bht guusa ATA hai.nend nahe ATI.mind main dard hota hai.dil usdus hota hai.life main bht testions hain.kese cheeze main Dil nahe krta.koi payar nahe krta.dil chats hain.mar jo.plz help me
Saminamani Mani (4 months ago)
is larki ko byhad elaj ki zorort hy
Saminamani Mani (4 months ago)
kitny logo nay sawal kia aik ka bhi jawab nahi dyny dia har bar alg bat fozol ancer hy yeah
Saminamani Mani (4 months ago)
bat ko cut karky call lyti hn bat bhi sahi say nahi krny dyti sah gi ko ajeb harkat kr rahi hn kisny bitha dia hy inko program krny
Hafiz Irfan (4 months ago)
ماشااللہ بہت خوب کیا بات ہے شاہ صاحب اللہ تعالی آپ کو خوش رکھے اور اسلامت رکھے آمین
Zoya Zoya (4 months ago)
Can you do this lecture on Syria and Kashmir...hope you have a great reception
Jabir Ali (5 months ago)
Mashallah baht achi baten krte hn Shah sab
Shanzab Sarhandi (5 months ago)
Samina Baig (5 months ago)
Depression medicine finish ur decision power
Sabir Ahmad (5 months ago)
How should we cured it sister
Samina Baig (5 months ago)
I think so. We need to think how we better our life. How we improve our lifestyle
Samina Baig (5 months ago)
Very nice video
Haleem Shah (5 months ago)
mujy ye 2 saal hain 2 sal pahly jab main me chat par namaz parh rha tha to mujy kuch hony laga esa laga jaisy me mar rha hath pair kanpny lagy heart beat bht taiz hogai kuch ajeeb qisam ki fillings thi me bht ziyada dar gya me ny jaldi jaldi namz parh k nechy ki tarf bagny ap yaqen nhi kar gy k mujy bilkul bhi yaqeen nhi tha k me apny room thak ponch jao ga us wqt me partha tha to mery sath koi apna nhi tha mujy ab rasty rasty me ye dar lagny laga k mujy ghar kaisy ly jai gy who ye soch any lagi phir me apny room thak ponch gya tori aram aya or me baqi jo witar thy who parh li lakin ye jatka itna shadeed tha k mera ek kaddo hogya hamisha sir bhoj chakkar aty thy jab me kisi ko dekhta to mujy lagta tha k ye mery tarf qareb arha hain or phir paichy hat rha hain is ek jatky k bad mery sir par bht bhoj tha mujy laga k abhi so jao ga kal jab utt jao ga to me theak ho jao ga subah jab me uta to swahi bhoj tha 3 ganty bad jab me class me tha to mujy bht zor ka jatka dobara laga etna shaded k foran clas sy ut gya or mery teacher mujh sy pocha kiya howa kiya howa me ny us ki ek bhi nhi suni or class sy bahir chala gya kuch der tak mujy tora aram milny laga taqreban 10 15 mint tak me theak tha phir mujy ek jatka laga us k bad har 10 15 mint bad mujy ye jatky lagny lagy waha sab ko pata chal gya k is gabrahat hoti hain es ly jab me class attend nhi karta tha to mujy kuch nhi kahty thy phir me ek din kisi han gya or me bht ziyada stres me tha me tha who mujy chat py ly ky gya or chat k oper bajli ki tary guzri howi thi us ny mujy chat pe chor diya or khud botal lainy chala gya ab main bajli ki tar ki tarf dekh rha tha k is ko pakar lo or khudkushi kar lo es bar bar mar jany sy bahtar hain ek bar mar jao itny mery dost wapis us ny jab mujy dekha to me taro ki taraf dekh rha us ny mujh sy pocha kiya soch rha me ny us ko bataya k me khudkushi karna chahta ho who mujy bht ghussa hogya or mujy samjany laga us waqt mujy bht afsos howa k me who banda tha jo logo ko samjata tha aj log mujy samja rhy hain phir kuch din bad me lahor agya mujhy dil ki koi fikar nhi thi lakin bad me mujhy feeling aya k mujy heart problem hain bas tab sy chest pain high heart rate arm pain shoulder pain hona shoro hogya us k bad me ny bht sari ecgs karwai allah ka shukar hain sab normal thi lakin phir bhi pata nhi aram nhi mil rha itna tang aya k bol nhi sakta or han ye dard har roz new qisam ka hota hain koi meri help kro pleads
Urooj Khan (17 days ago)
Mediation karein مراقبہ کیا کیجیے
Urooj Khan (17 days ago)
حسبی اللہ لا الہٰ الا ھوا علیہ توکلت، وھوا ربُّ العرش العظیم۔ (میرے لیے اللہ ہی کافی جس کے سوا کوئی معبود نہیں، میں اسی پر بھروسہ رکھتا ہوں، جو عرشِ عظیم کا رب ہے) پلیز آپ اس کا ورد کیا کریں آپ بالکل ٹھیک ہو جائیں گے اور وہ سب لوگ جو کسی بھی پریشانی میں مبتلا ہیں
Iqra Ch (23 days ago)
Haleem Shah bro Ap ko anxiety fear hai
Muhammad Afzaal (5 months ago)
I think live calls kam hni chahye ta k ziada moka mily shah sahab ko sunnay ka
wajid zaman (5 months ago)
Mere liye dwa kre plz main depression keh shiqar hun my age 22
Md Raja really very nice song (3 months ago)
Kaise gai bhai deperetion me ap
shabbir Ahmad (6 months ago)
Men apne present men nahin reh pata hun maximum bht zyada bhi ho to 1 minet bhi ni ruk sakta hun or sath hi ya meen ya future men ya history .men chala jata hun
Sufyan Meo (6 months ago)
Walibahadar Khan (6 months ago)
Allah aap ko lambi umar dey sir bohat kuch sek liya aap say
Imran Khan (6 months ago)
Itny achy program ka bera ghark kar diya is larki ny.speedi girl lag rahi hai
Mateen Khan (6 months ago)
Qasim Ali shah ap ki baty bhot best ha stress sa niklte ha
Beenish Butt (6 months ago)
Maa baap k jhgary b asar andaz hota ha bachun ko blk bhut he dida hota ha bachy b nafseeati b ho jaty hn
Samina Mirza (6 months ago)
Madam chup ker k hum ko sunnay dain middle main matt bolain. Plz
Samina Mirza (6 months ago)
Yara kya jaldi ha slowly programme karain. Plz maza bilkul be nehi aa raha or samaj be nehi ati. Plz slowdown
Bashir Qazi (6 months ago)
Suste ka ilaj hai to bataw
Qatar Doha (6 months ago)
Mashallah bahot khoob 🌹🌹 bahen ap thoda sabr say Kam lijiye ahista say bat kriye hum SB shah sahab ko sunna chahaty Allh shah sahab ko jazaye khair ata kray amren
Sakhawat Hussain (7 months ago)
Host ko train dy
Farooq Shafi (7 months ago)
Tahir Malaysia (7 months ago)
Shah g ap g o sada
Tahir Malaysia (7 months ago)
shabana begum (7 months ago)
i wana talk to u sir qasim ali shah.
Farhat Azim (7 months ago)
is this person psycologist? or how can he talk about these kinda problems? Iam a psycologist,that is why i get worried when h etalks about mental health.tnx and kindly regards
Cloth دنیا (7 months ago)
Sheeza Ch (7 months ago)
AOA...Sha Sb! Men ny tention men search kr k ap ko sunna start Kia...ap ny Allah Sy mila dia.. ..jazakallah
happy future happy kids (7 months ago)
Salam .plz ap ne kase khud ko thek kia.mn to itne khrab hoi ho.k lagta he k mar choki ho ,marne vali ho, bhol jati ho bacho ko k bache bi he mre,mn bhut belkul mot k kareb ho stress depression se.plz muje reply kre ap kase thek hoe
Abdullah Khan (7 months ago)
plzz reply sir.. meri Aolud naHi hii is waJa se meri shohar dosrii shadi k soch rahi plzz koi hall bataye main kya karo mera ghar ujarh raha hii plzz koi hall bataye is halat se???
FactsTV Official (7 months ago)
Tasbeeh of Ya Salam Ya Momin Ya Allah 300 times daily will reduce your anxiety and depression ( Frustrations of the past and fears of the future) as explained by respected prof Ahmed Rafiq Akhter