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Elf on the Shelf || JukinVideo Throwback Thursday

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Parents everywhere are jumping on the phenomenon of Elf on the Shelf, but that doesn't mean kids are all for it. Sure, an elf that's always watching to make sure that your kids are being good during the holiday season sound great, but these kids run away screaming as soon as they even get a hint of the toy. Let's be real here, would you want your house to become a surveillance state? Maybe these kids are on to something... SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo Submit your video here: http://bit.ly/3-submit-here LIKE us on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoFB FOLLOW us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoTwitter Short vids on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoInstagram Shorter vids on VINE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoVine JukinVideo is the leading viral video community channel dedicated to showcasing the hottest UGC videos from across the web. We love videos and find the best ones to share with you here, from fail videos to ice bucket challenges, and soccer tricks to a baby reacting to Katy Perry's Dark Horse. The JukinVideo team scours the web 24/7 to find the latest trends and hottest videos. Subscribe to see them first! To license any of the videos shown on JukinVideo, visit Jukin Media at http://jukinmedia.com/licensing
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Text Comments (72)
Jamie Davis (9 months ago)
Fantasy hill risk demand resign magic disappear collapse individual.
lavupcreeper (9 months ago)
Tony Contreras (9 months ago)
why the fuck are people hating? just let jukin post what ever they want. if you really don't like it move on.
wout boonstra (10 months ago)
Wtf is this
Chase Wilson (10 months ago)
Y'all are all fucking soft, this is so funny
Jessie (10 months ago)
Why is everyone getting mad at the video? It’s fucking kids. Who gives a shit.
أبو عصفور (10 months ago)
Da hell is this shit?! (oh ok the description explains it right)
حارق خيمة الآداب (10 months ago)
WTF was that?
Diego Correa (10 months ago)
Edition guy is a real shit
Jonny2myren (10 months ago)
What the fuck is wrong with you? Kids getting freaking traumatized is funny to you? The "parents" should have their kids taken from them. If you see it's causing your kids immense distress, you DON'T FUCKING DO IT!
Rebekah Simmons (10 months ago)
Some childhood fears should be respected. In some ways, children have more sense in being afraid of things than adults do.
Aaron Fisk (10 months ago)
The kid is wearing the same elf on his shirt.
Tommy Chiu (10 months ago)
stupid kids
Sam Walling (10 months ago)
Time to return that shit! No elf for you kids
Israel Manrique (10 months ago)
Totally worth their therapy lmao
YouGonnaDie Selfie (10 months ago)
Stupid kids
Gustavo Aguirre (10 months ago)
I do not understand, can someone explain to me what happened?
Anders Løbger (10 months ago)
Gustavo Aguirre, apparently the elf on the shelf is a spy for Santa, which the kids seem to be aware of and understandably hate.
A N D R I A (10 months ago)
Fk this Video maker !!!
Town Curmudgeon (10 months ago)
I'd bet money elf on the shelf was invented by a psychiatrist! Hilarious
RisingDemon YT (10 months ago)
It's not even Thursday!!
Mrs Right (10 months ago)
It is for me...
mohammed hashem (10 months ago)
yeah it's Friday now.
warefairsoda (10 months ago)
JukinVideo you are pretentious, untalented, moronic opportunists. Go fuck yourselves.
Bram Jordens (10 months ago)
funny hahahaha
Super funny video Anna Zueva (10 months ago)
guys help to gain views please
Mashevskyi (10 months ago)
best part 0:16
Stuntman Mike (10 months ago)
What the fuk did I just watch?? I feel wronged
Ervin Hasanbegovic (10 months ago)
B & A Talks (10 months ago)
what did he do with it last year? beat them with it?
kirdot2011 (10 months ago)
well...since you are on the funny wave...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6o1S3o0C4c
PerrinPansy (10 months ago)
kirdot2011 lmfao good one
Anders Løbger (10 months ago)
kirdot2011 😂
kirdot2011 (10 months ago)
Most elf on the shelf dolls are haunted by evil spirits and those kids felt it. google it if you dot believe me
S3TH L1N (10 months ago)
B & A Talks lol
1978rharris (10 months ago)
That family is sooooooo wound up!
psygn0sis (10 months ago)
Too bad it doesn't work on black kids.
Vortex Foxx (10 months ago)
Way to ruin xmas for kids :(
Leon Oberti (10 months ago)
ghost Valdez (10 months ago)
Their reaction is justified
twitchster77 (10 months ago)
Well that's gonna be a fun tradition...
ChezFeroce (10 months ago)
I hope this video gets more dislikes than likes
Zooweemama (9 months ago)
Jay Zenitram (10 months ago)
ChezFeroce (10 months ago)
Ghost Eal 35 omg can I have your phat!
Ghosteal (10 months ago)
Why dislike
Roger Rees (10 months ago)
Well then...
AwkwardRook (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who is slightly mad that the four year years old has her own ipad
Veronica kovpak (10 months ago)
(Francisco and Caitlyn) true, but you seem to have forgotten that it’s 2017 It could very well be the kids
Francisco and Caitlyn (10 months ago)
AwkwardRook could be her parents
Lord Abaddon (10 months ago)
2 minutes of laughter, 2 years of therapy
detubeme (10 months ago)
15 seconds of video, 14 seconds of "Subscribe" screen.
Super funny video Anna Zueva (10 months ago)
guys help to gain views please
Michiel Daneels (10 months ago)
Euh Happy Christmas then...
No One (10 months ago)
15 seconds.... what a great video
Damon Tripodi (10 months ago)
wtf jukin
Illuminati (10 months ago)
M /Best Video (10 months ago)
Omg 😅😂😅😂🤣😟
JULIUS BUNJAN (10 months ago)
I'm a loser 😑
Meatty (10 months ago)
keanu Fernandez (10 months ago)
Yes one of the first on the best YouTube chanel
keanu Fernandez (10 months ago)
Second is first loser
Water Full (10 months ago)
Zal777Zero (10 months ago)
WILLIAM DARK TIGER LMAO! By any means, hack me. I bet your "hacking" skills are as good as what your parents desperately want to reverse the accident they made you into.
Slighty autistic films . (10 months ago)
WILLIAM DARK TIGER have you told your parents your gay ? I saw you're subscribed to ricegum so figured in you're deep in the closet.
Zal777Zero (10 months ago)
WILLIAM DARK TIGER What kind of job can you do better than me while in preschool?
WILLIAM DARK TIGER (10 months ago)
You are funny I don't need to work at some shity place like you do I have job better then your shity ass
Zal777Zero (10 months ago)
WILLIAM DARK TIGER You failed. Take your imaginary trophy and show it to the McDonald's employer for hire opportunities.