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Did Kamala Harris’ Moment At Bill Barr’s Hearing Reshape The Democratic Primary? | Deadline | MSNBC

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Rev. Al Sharpton, Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox, NBC’s Heidi Przybyla, MSNBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann, and “Saturday Night Politics” host Donny Deutsch on Sen. Harris’ memorable questioning of attorney general Bill Barr and how it will impact the 2020 field » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc MSNBC delivers breaking news and in-depth analysis of the headlines, as well as informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more. Connect with MSNBC Online Visit msnbc.com: http://on.msnbc.com/Readmsnbc Subscribe to MSNBC Newsletter: http://MSNBC.com/NewslettersYouTube Find MSNBC on Facebook: http://on.msnbc.com/Likemsnbc Follow MSNBC on Twitter: http://on.msnbc.com/Followmsnbc Follow MSNBC on Instagram: http://on.msnbc.com/Instamsnbc Did Kamala Harris’ Moment At Bill Barr’s Hearing Reshape The Democratic Primary? | Deadline | MSNBC
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Text Comments (940)
DiabolicalAngel (2 months ago)
Trump always calls strong women "nasty" LOL. It's reached the point where it's not even an insult- it's a comical demonstration of an insecure man.
Gina R (2 months ago)
I so agree. Kamala Harris is professional, intelligent and has every quality to become the president of the Unites States of America. Kamala Harris for 2020!
Shun Mcduffie (2 months ago)
Vote for kamala we wont regret it its a must please vote for kamala
Shirley Wise (2 months ago)
She's right this is the reason because of people like her what happen to asking nice just hate thats all we see
ThomasRSkillman (3 months ago)
MSNBC pushing one of their favorite candidates. What a bunch of vacuous shills blowing hot air. 'Blah, blah. How about Kamala's staged microphone stealing event? It's a circus. The clowns are in charge. These people cannot stoop low enough....It's all about the Benjamins, baby.
JOHNNY B (4 months ago)
kamala harris is the most embarrassing person in politics... many pauses in her questioning... i was shaking my head listening to her stupidity
Victor Carter (4 months ago)
What a stupid question, this woman is hated more than Hillary and Trump, the more the pubicsees her speak the more they will hate her...she has zero likability except for the radically insane, and she is about as corrupt as Hillary. Nothing will change that...please let her be someones running mate.
debra smith (4 months ago)
Kamala Harris please run for president and have Michelle Obama as your Vice President!!!
Angela Horton (4 months ago)
Kamala Harris: Why do you insist on loading all or many of your questions and comments with confusing and or contradictory innuendos with regard to the White House or anyone involved with Mueller at any time in the past or in public to the point that no one that I know and or including you can actually or even indirectly comprehend any or all meaning to your question that is not actually a direct question as you insist it must be but rather very wordy and I will include the idea that you think you make yourself look really smart and or influential, but rather you more likely don't understand your own question if it is actually a question or a master at confusion style question and I seriously doubt that you ever studied English in any college, university, high school, or studied English at any other time in California or New York or sentence structure including tricky run on questions and sentences? "YES or NO? THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT YOUR ANSWER KAMALA! I made myself completely clear Kamala, You're such a smart person Kamala, I find it difficult to believe that you are not interested in answering my question? Is that correct Kamala? YES OR NO? Clearly you don't want to answer...."Don't interrupt me, I'm speaking and I have no interest in hearing what you have to say... so let's move on"
Cynthia Hawkins (4 months ago)
BTW (1:07) - Vanity Fair: 'dub' is a verb. As in "I dub thee.." (that's when you kneel - then the Queen taps each shoulder lightly with a sword and, you become Sir...) So 'dubbing' (the gerund form) has two B's..but when someone DUBS you..that's just one D. How many writers..there are who cannot spell. Even basic things. Tsk.
Cynthia Hawkins (4 months ago)
Senator Harris is on the job!!! Powerful, eloquent, sailing into rough water fully-prepared, moral compass pointed true north. You go, girl.
William Brown (4 months ago)
Is that Confidential Informant Number Seven Reverend Al Sharpton ? ! The FBI really took good care of Rev.Al,they got him his Cable T.V. Show on Microsoft National Broadcast Company.The FBI will take good care of their own.
Enoch Morgan (4 months ago)
Al Sharpton Snitch
Intel tanitus (4 months ago)
Lol this is stupid
John Jones (4 months ago)
Beyond the politics, how is it possible that any Attorney General can make a decision on whether to charge someone without reviewing the evidence? Barr's refusal to answer the question about whether anyone from the Trump administration asked, suggested, inferred, or hinted for him to start an investigation, actually made him look worse than if he had answered the question. He didn't know where Harris was going, so he played it too cautious, which only raised suspicions. She is really, really good.
Eternal (4 months ago)
Yea really good at sleeping around to gain power. Maga Trump 2020
GremlinSpike69 (4 months ago)
I love Kamala Harris!
Jonathan Clark (4 months ago)
All the demented delusional dem trolls on here! LOL
donny lincoln (4 months ago)
When Will The Media Be INVESTIGATED??
asdfopera (4 months ago)
No, her questions were confounding because she was suggesting that Barr should have undermined the comprehensiveness of Müller’s report by looking at all the information he gathered. She made herself look ignorant and very partisan. She looked like she was trying to score points.
Johnny D (4 months ago)
Harris moved up the chain because of Willie's willie.
Erina Morrison (4 months ago)
What a load of codswallop! KH is a political pirana and Americans are to smart to vote her in as president! She didn't take anyone down she got flustered and became repetitive. AG Barr kept within regulation & law! He was smooth! KH is a knife not a surgeon, faux American black, lying delilah woman that I would not trust! KH is all about KH.
Samuel Adams (4 months ago)
The only thing Harris showed herself as is the Political Hack she's always been. Contempt?That is all the Dems have. Trump won't accept election results & concede if he loses? Hillary and the entire Party have not accepted the 2016 results in 2 1/2 years!
Chacha tutti (4 months ago)
Kamala needs to learn more from Trey Gowdy. Go and be a student of Trey Gowdy.
Johnny D (4 months ago)
Democrats are doubling down on Barr by tarnishing his credibility because they're about to be systematically taken down by the AG.
Alberto Chavira (4 months ago)
Kamala is happy as a Snake that she is. Unti patriot alwase fihgting. To incomodate the life a millions of american. To destroy the economy in america.. Second snake of america. Hillary number one. Pelosi third. Warren water it.s a big net. We need a bi g cage to.
Eugene russ (4 months ago)
The women and the Minorities will Destroy the Democratic party ! You Democrats are Pathetic !
Damajesticone (4 months ago)
Edward Sherwood (4 months ago)
She’s a crook
Ari ana McDavid Barrett (4 months ago)
Love her or hate her, she is a badass.
Constantine (4 months ago)
She is an ignorant loudmouth that allows no one to answer. Perfect democrat, lousy person, pathetic, clueless candidate!
Robert Gloss (4 months ago)
Kamala is a pot smoking Democrat! This is hilarious that if anyone. Thinks that she did anything but make a fool of herself! The Democrats are desperate! They lost on collusion and obstruction so they are grabbing at anything !! The FAKE MEDIA is still going strong!
Vincent Munro (4 months ago)
Honest Opinion (4 months ago)
We need Elizabeth Warren as the next President!!
No Face (4 months ago)
Al Sharpton is a crook just ask Franzese, I like Kamala Harris her and AOC are the truth
Richard Smart (4 months ago)
How about either Mayor Pete with Kamala as his running-mate, or vice-versa? That works for me...
bellamoon (4 months ago)
This is so refreshing to hear as opposed to Morning Joe who is so diminishing to women.
bellamoon (4 months ago)
Harris: Honesty on parade!
Brett Gallard (4 months ago)
Who cares what Al Sharpton had to say. Get him off.
Chris Wink (4 months ago)
It's like a devil trying to take down a demon SMH 😔
broccolli god (4 months ago)
Kamala is the obvious choice if your a centerleft corporatist. If you want another obama, vote for her. If you want real change, stay far away. She is an agent of the status quo
Richard Tarr (4 months ago)
Al Sharpton ladies and gentlemen. The black jesus or whatever he believes he is. This man is a career liar who uses identity politics, racism, and fear mongering to persuade uneducated black voters to stay in the Democratic plantation. This man makes me sick. MSNBC should be ashamed for having this clown on as an "analyst". Corrupt garbage. MSNBC is a big part of the problem in this country. #WALKAWAY
Richard Tarr (4 months ago)
This lady is a complete liar. The Democrat side of this election is pathetic. I do not trust a word MSNBC or CNN say. This is all propaganda for the corporate elite that dream of getting a Biden or a Harris elected. This is not a news network people. Do not trust anything they say. Trump will win BIG in 2020.
James Christianson (4 months ago)
iDokoMedia (4 months ago)
She is my top candidate...O'Rourke close second - Biden will do...if we must but Kamala Harris is way too good to pass up. She will rip trump to shreds and restore America’s sanity
TheWestern Millenial (4 months ago)
America needs KAMALA to be our FIGHTER !!!!! she is STRONG
Axle Grind (4 months ago)
lmfao the politics of "you must resign" "no you resign" 👈  "no you resign"👉 "no you resign" 👈 "no you resign" 👉
Mercapto 13 (4 months ago)
How dumb is Kamala, it's the mueller's duty to do investigations get the evidence and do a report, it is the duty of Barr as his head, to check what's in the report. Kamala don't know the laws and rules.
Mercapto 13 (4 months ago)
Kamala Harris should see some one(other than Wille Brown). Check out this video https://youtu.be/4Sa-nLQkcrk
V Denton (4 months ago)
Our government has descended into 24/7 lawyer circus
frankie kensinger (4 months ago)
did tis old fool ever pay his taxes
frankie kensinger (4 months ago)
before you go bragging about her record better check her record in california as for president not a chance
tomb613 (4 months ago)
We knew William Barr was going to cover up any crimes by Trump just like he did in the past during Iran Contra cover up he presided over. So I ask Kamala Harris and any other democrats "acting" surprised about William Barr's actions, "How are you suprised?"
hello (4 months ago)
I still hope and believe that she will be the nominee. Shes smarter than all the other candidates. She really seriously ought to be the nominee.
Birtha Butt (4 months ago)
Hahaaaaa. The rats are scrambling because the FISA warrant abuse by the Democrat party will finally begin to see the light of day. Oh, dont know a thing about it? You will......
gnuibrunst (4 months ago)
oh don't pull the woman card.... this is why people go to fox news
Richard Williams (4 months ago)
Trump loves to act like a DICTATOR because he wants to be strong and powerful like his pal Putin !!!!
Susan Rolstad (4 months ago)
Would be good to see her in conference with Putin or Kim. Let's not mince words gentlemen it saves time!!
Richard Williams (4 months ago)
ANSWER THE QUESTION,JERK !!!!! John McEnroe to William Barr !!!!!!
Leonard Dery (4 months ago)
Hazardous Dems obstructing justice dont care about the AMERICAN ppl its halarious watching these clowns in swamp quick sand
boo boo (4 months ago)
Moments are great but i like healthcare for all . Warren has policy .
beeli (4 months ago)
Bob Knob (4 months ago)
BS. Her goal is no matter what to get to impeachment.
Tiff Turg (4 months ago)
Trump will allow Russia to interfere w/ the 2020 election in order to get re-elected. The worst part is, Congress can't, nor won't do anything about it. They will hold hearings & press conferences crying about all the laws that Trump breaks & then sit back & DO NOTHING TO STOP HIM! Even with all the overwhelming evidence against him, THEY STILL DO NOTHING BUT HOLD HEARING AFTER HEARING and then say they will discuss their options or investigate further. Everything we were taught in school IS A LIE. There are no checks and balances in place among the 3 branches. Trump has proven this with every law he breaks and the fact that he does WHATEVER HE WANTS. The Judicial and Legislative branches can't stop him or do anything about it. He and the ppl who work for him are above the law and this circus of a Presidency proves it. Who else can ignore subpoenas and get away with it? Now every President after him will know they can pull the same crap and not be penalized.
Dorothy Mack (4 months ago)
She removed Barr's balls and tossed them over the fence into the rose garden for fertilizer.
Snuga Bug (4 months ago)
All Intelligent, well educated, beautiful, successful and talented Black women are threatening to Trump. He seems fearful of them. Yet he has a fascination with exotic women but these particular women are way out of his league.He can't even comprehend their dignity, integrity and prowess. They are all, 'nasty, dogs, low IQ, crazy' in his words. Of course he knows it is not true. I have conducted studies in which many men, especially White men, are intimidated by Black women. Especially those who are strong and independent. He would never bully them to their face, however. Notice he never says a word about Michele Obama. And these women would never kiss up to him, because they do not NEED to. They could slice him from head to toe with their tongue and he wouldn't know what happened until he tried to walk away. And all he'd be able to say in response is, "well...you're...dumb!"😂😂😂
Larry Louis (4 months ago)
Harris and her whole phony party need to be investigated if anyone is investigated. Tired of their invest everything attitude. Do they not have bills and laws to pass? Sick of the hate in our elected officials. Do they stand for anything?
Stewart Professional Services (4 months ago)
Senator Harris is leading the charge to clean up government in Washington! She is extremely popular with her base in California. Now that the Democratic critics are singing from the same hymnal, post Mueller 'SCI' report to congress via the DOJ. Even speed reading it is like 6 hours. Well crafted narrative leading the reader to draw a conclusion for themselves. AS Bob intended. A lively placeholder from the Republican oversight days and a source of new hearings into our security. Referrals from Congress are common in these inquiries. Like Mueller did in the lawless days of 'no adult supervision' many argue for the now disgraced 115th Congress.
Bridget Shen (4 months ago)
Kamala Harris will kick Trump’s butt
Marco ' V (4 months ago)
And Trumps base said on the day, that Barr took Harris apart. - This is the delusional Trump Base...!!!!
Micah and me (4 months ago)
Kamala Harris for trump takedown!!!
Michael Skoviak (4 months ago)
Karmala karmala ignorance isn't a virtual. Ignorance is a disgusting trait in our politics. Wake up your leftist socialist ideas will never work. Because it's predicated by hate. Hateful rhetoric by democrats hurts this country worse than anything else. It divides us as a nation. We all can disagree on things like mature adults. But to push your ideas or insecurities onto the population of America as a whole. You call Donald Trump a racist. But I see blacks that like him and by his inter actions with minorities. Anyone that spreading this type of hate rhetoric is the Democratic party. Your spreading fear and anger. Wake up stop this hate rhetoric before it destroys us
electrasong (4 months ago)
And I quote: 'He thinks of himself as the attorney of the president instead of the peoples' attorney.' Please... how the h*ll does Kamala Harris know what AG William Barr thinks of himself as? All this posturing.. She will disappear long before they get to the primary. She is indeed a 'performist'.
Giju Varghese (4 months ago)
She is good..Kamala...just wonder if she drinks a lot...
Shawn Corbin (4 months ago)
Barr didn't show because Nadler changed the rules of engagement regarding staff being present to question. Barr was wise to avoid the perjury trap in which one doesn't need to be caught lying to be ensnared in. Another failed attempt to set people up. Now it's time to criminally prosecute those who acted against America. JUSTICE COMES
BreakTheWheel Now (4 months ago)
VOTE Trump OUT 2020!!!!!
Pete Tsaggaris (4 months ago)
If Sharpton says must be true... Not
ColdApe1 (4 months ago)
Naw....but she is def a skilled prosecutor wouldnt mind her holding a position such as the attorney general position in the after Democrats win the election in 2020
John O (4 months ago)
Love Kamala. VOTE Blue for real leadership in 2020!!
Andreja Calibri (4 months ago)
If Kamala Harris doesn't become President, she might be a better fit as AG. The President doesn't enforce justice, the AG does, and we need someone in that role who will do their job.
keo keo (4 months ago)
Represent CA, we voted you to DC and you make us PROUD! GO KAMALA, GO AMERICA! GO DEMOCRACY!
Irish 1916 (4 months ago)
I know everyone says nobody is above the law, but a sitting president of the USA can't he charged with a crime. Whoever is president is above the law.
Joseph Zrnchik (4 months ago)
Kamala Harris wants Barr to review underlying evidence and criticized him for not doing so and taking the Mueller Report as fact. She will soon learn to be careful about what you wish for or complain about. Now Mueller will have to explain Fusion GPS contacts with what Nunes called the "Fusion GPS Russians" Simpson met with before and after the Trump Tower meeting that was arranged under false pretenses. They will have to explain why Mifsud claimed he never told Papadopolos about any Clinton emails. Mueller will have to explain how Mifsud, the supposed Russian contact was an MI6 operative working at the highest levels of British government and British and Italian intelligence, and why if he was a Russian spy they are not conducting a security assessment. Mueller will have to explain why the former AG ignored Ukrainian prosecutors offer of documents to show Democratic violations of the FARA Act that include Biden's son. Mueller will have to explain how and why the Israelis tried to give Papadopolos $10K in an attempt to get him to bring the money through customs that the FBI was hellbent on finding. Mueller will have to explain why Halper's assistant tried to sleep with Papadopolos and why Halper was paid $1.2 million by the FBI to write fake FBI reports. Mueller will have to explain why everything Halper told the FBI Mifsud told Papadopolos is now being denied by Mifsud. Barr will now look into how Brennan, Clapper and Comey leaked the Dirty Dossier. Barr will find out about how Bruce Ohr's wife kept having the dossier brought into the FBI after the FBI fired Steele. Barr may end up finding out how MI6 was used to conduct intelligence operations against US citizerns at the behest of Brennan. Barr may be able to find out why, after the dossier existed for a year in the hands of the MSM which refused to print it due to its unverified and salacious nature, the dossier was briefed to the president and that this fact was leaked to the media thereby giving the MSM the basis to brief it. Barr can find out why the very head of the CIA, John Brennan, claimed he didn't know who paid for it or where it came from when every Democrat and reporter knew it was paid for by Clinton and authored by anti-Trump zealot Christopher Steele using information the Russians gave him to subvert Trump. Barr then can find out why thousands of unmaskings were done by the Obama DOJ, FBI and State Department. Barr can find out why Samantha Power was illegally requesting unmasking of people on a daily basis, which she now claims she did not do. Barr can find out why Samantha Power now claims someone else was using her name and email to conduct the unmaskings. Maybe Barr can find out what the little Alabama Rose, Sally Yates has to say about all this skulldugery. Oh, and maybe Barr can now do something about how Strzok and Page were committed to framing Trump as Page now admits. Maybe Barr can look at the underlying evidence regarding Clinton's illegal server and determine if she should now be prosecuted. Boy, I sure am glad Kamala Harris now wants Barr to review the underlying evidence so now he can determine if Hillary obstructed justice by destroying 30,000 emails containing top secret information, many of which later showed up on Anthony Weiner's laptop. Harris thought she was so smart and smarmy. If I were Barr I would start the breifing of all the criminal referrals by thanking Kamala Harris for ercommending he look at underlying evidence instead of relying on Comey, Brennan, Rosenstein and Clapper. The deep state is going dow-won.
Minyaw (4 months ago)
Are you guys serious? Did you see these full questioning?? She wanted to know if the AG went into the evidence. That was Mueller's job, not the AG's. Barr had to explain the process to her. This whole 10 min segment you are doing here is like giving someone a participation certificate in a two-man competition. It is so pathetic. Unbelievably pathetic - this video should be be linked in an online dictionary next to the definition of pathetic.
Evelyn G.K. Goh (4 months ago)
She.s good at words but knows no economics.
Geo Emmanuel (4 months ago)
Asking questions is easy, she has done it her whole life. But that's not the qualification to shape new policy and force Republicans to vote for it.
Derek O' Sullivan (4 months ago)
If Harris doesn't win then she put herself in pole position to next AG or maybe VP to Biden
Chris Leedham (4 months ago)
Kamela would tear trump up and expose the coward he is and that will be worth watching..I hoped she becomes president
Axle Grind (4 months ago)
kamala harris is a dirty cop.
n8balla23 (4 months ago)
No, the primary winner will still lose bc Americans want to keep their paychecks. No thanks on fake liberals.
Axle Grind (4 months ago)
harris was trying to entrap ag barr. is congress now into the business of dirty cops?
Axle Grind (4 months ago)
if she thought his answer was suspicious, he was right there in front of her. he took an oath to tell the WHOLE truth. why didn't harris examine him like the prosecutor she claims to be.
justsaying (4 months ago)
Barr must Resign. Period!
Patricia Millin (4 months ago)
She’s a very smart woman and her questioning of Barr as well as Kavanaugh was a joy to watch. If that’s enough to get her through in 2020 will have to be seen. After all, it’s not just about Trump, it’s about her own policies and whether they will resonate with the American people.
ashroute (4 months ago)
Why is she nasty? Why DOES it humiliate AG? She was just asking questions that demand honest answer.
Bj D (4 months ago)
I think she wouldn’t let him answer.
Bj D (4 months ago)
THE ECONOMY IS BOOMING. Manufacturing jobs are back. Trump does have a magic wand!
Virachay Vongsa - Nga (4 months ago)
Williams Barr is Trump's lap dog.
SRFinSLO (4 months ago)
Kamala acted like an extraordinarily good mother good mother. She does not raise her voice No yelling, No belittling . She speaks clearly with no name calling, no need to be insulting or rude. She is only interested in the truth
CD Smith (4 months ago)
This will raise her standing in the race by several points I'm sure. Whether it will put her over the top is another matter. This was one event, a definite win in her camp, but there's a lot of race yet to run. Every candidate will have to either continuously knock it out of the park or eventually know when it's better for the country to drop out.
Betty Benitez (4 months ago)