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The Insane Russian Plan to Conquer the World

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Text Comments (10247)
RealLifeLore (2 months ago)
If you actually find yourself in charge of Russia and watch this video... this probably isn’t actually the best advice to follow. But I hope that’d be obvious :) Maybe read something a lilll more serious
Đăng Ký kênh đi sẽ gặp may đó (1 month ago)
AirCooledMan2006 (1 month ago)
I initially expected this to be about Imperial Russia and the "Great Game" between them and Britain.
Valentyn Bilogub (1 month ago)
You are wrong.There are NATO military bases in such former USSR countries as Estonia,Lithuania,Latvia.
Dakota Cross (1 month ago)
So forced prison camps inhuman slave labor and many people die cause guys like putin have all the wealth that seems like putin dream
To The GroundBack (1 hour ago)
Russia: Hey Japan, wanna make an alliance? Japan: Wait what? NO! Russia: We'll give you back your stuff Japan: *Screw the U.S. let's be friends!*
killa khalid (4 hours ago)
You wanna hear a joke the writer of that book 🤣😄
Azan Khan (5 hours ago)
Am i the only one seeing this playbook being implemented step by step
Someone (9 hours ago)
this is the worst American paranoia I have ever seen
Mauro V E (9 hours ago)
I like this book ;)
Uninteresting YouTube commenter (11 hours ago)
Why does a country as massive as Russia even need to take over more land? What is the point?
Abhishek Parmar (13 hours ago)
Not accurate, I'm from India, and Russia India being largest military partners of each other , the fact that you and possibly the book even doesn't talk about India the would be most willing participant in this is a critical and fatal mistake Iran on the other hand is a chicken wouldn't stand with Russia at all. And much more.
Pranav Kondapalli (16 hours ago)
Soviet Union? who's Soviet Union?
Ronil Lomarda Jr (17 hours ago)
Hey in not leavibg the Philippines
Titanix xD (1 day ago)
Or just join the club of europe
Streamlin (1 day ago)
russia wont get the uk bruuhrhurruhr
Y2kSd4 (1 day ago)
W O (1 day ago)
Easier said than done. Lol
Paul Dailey (1 day ago)
Hey jew, STFU.
sonic meerkat (2 days ago)
Hey Germany i know you fought wars against us to the point we occupied part of your country and literally split you apart with a wall. But would you like this tiny slice of land to create a sphere of influence inside your already much larger sphere of influence provided by the alliance that helped you recover financially from our conflicts?
Logan Chadwick (2 days ago)
The intro photo is Albania Flag..
Papa Stalin (18 hours ago)
Russian empire
agroeconomist 77 (2 days ago)
Are you kidding me Russia won, they have a Russian spy as a US president
U (2 days ago)
Did the CIA pay for this video? To stoke our fears about Russia?
Cathy Zuo (2 days ago)
Борис Макаренко (3 days ago)
Dugin is a dumbfuck nationalist and really insane person, so don't take all of this seriously. Also Finland is not a member of NATO.
Matthew Collins (3 days ago)
So the plan for Russia to take over the world is for Russia to take over the world? The video doesn’t explain anything. Normally your videos are pretty knowledgeable but this is literally take over every country one at a time and avoid the US. Not very informative.
Blackholes Mapping Animation (3 days ago)
5:11 They don’t like America You don’t like America You’ll get along great By that logic world peace would of been achieved by now.
Brian Lopez (3 days ago)
Wow what a truly insane plan indeed. Well, thank goodness no one would actually attempt this. I mean: Iran a key ally Turkey kept distracted by geopolitical shocks Crush Georgia and try to reabsorb old states (like Ukraine) The UK should be cut off and isolated from Europe In the US fuel chaos by supporting extremist, isolationist and radical groups to keep us distracted and unstable Sow global dissent .............. I mean yeah, thank god none of that would ever happen. Right!? OK OK yes I know obviously this literal plan isn't happening. You can't just invade countries these days, (though Russia did push it's luck with Ukraine) and no one esp Germany thinks in these old school ways....no one is gunna agree to literal carving up the map like this. I mean invading Finland in 2019 is beyond laughable. BUT clearly Russia has been influenced by this plan and is following parts of it. Russia is known to have tried to influence the Brexit campaign (keep UK out of Europe) the US (both Trump and misinformation but they have been caught fueling numerous online flame wars even the NFL players kneeling) they do ally with Iran, as well as China, N Korea, now Duterte really anyone who is anti US/West they have tried to sow discontent all over Europe (thankfully many nations have rejected crazed right wing "populists"). Trump was a huge victory, we're certainly distracted here but he has put NATO in a weaker spot, supports NK, Erdogan, Duterte, keeps our election security weak, perpetually exacerbates racial and political tensions here. I have no idea how it will all play out but seems at the moment Russia is winning, the global order is deff in chaos. Things can always change quickly, but I do fear what happens in the next recession when lots of countries get even more angry and desperate and faith in the order and govs fall lower
Primo Benavides (3 days ago)
Russia does not have to worry.They have secret asset in a Nato country that is in the Western Hemisphere. The country;s name starts with a U and it's not in South America.
Quickpatch12 (4 days ago)
man with how this book is written, I could make one about how Canada could take over the world, as long as I ignore everything about politics. I mean the moment Canada does decide to attack a country that is not the US, the Commonwealth nations will just cut trade with them, and boom Canada is already weakened sevearly
Jacob Ellsworth (4 days ago)
What is the soundtrack name?
Petya Vodolaz (4 days ago)
Hmmm sounds fun. I should try this strategy in HOI4
FyrákSVK / FyrHunter_SVK (4 days ago)
Max Mančić (4 days ago)
Why are you so jealous of Russia
Trueblade (4 days ago)
The Netherlands is fine
Sweden Ball (5 days ago)
Russia’s got some... *”Weaknesses.”*
ca g (5 days ago)
If Russia will rule all countrys will fight Russia
Don’tGetScaredTV (5 days ago)
And their both available on YouTube for free.
Virtualplayer (5 days ago)
Russia is at war with Ukraine for years, because of this russia isn‘t part of G7 (Former G8) anymore
boris pesenson (5 days ago)
Союзники меняются а территория должна оставаться русской. .
dean counts (5 days ago)
The lovey relationship with Globalist Germany and France is well on its way to fruition. No surprise China has its own version of this world domination plan.
Dont Know (6 days ago)
Damn u on one
Snickers 4 pack (6 days ago)
Lmao i can hear him slightly laughing
SomeGirlWhoJustPlayed (6 days ago)
*Vladimir Putin is sitting in the corner of his room taking notes*
AceY Boi (6 days ago)
Russia 2 months ago : WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN!1!
Carlos (6 days ago)
Is it crazy? consider Brexit, and the recent cold relationship between EU and USA because of Trump stupid diplomacy.
420j Z (6 days ago)
*redalert* intensifies
GURken (7 days ago)
Интересное видео —> Дугин —> Смешное видео
GamersOnVideos (7 days ago)
Lol crimea is part of ukraine in the vid Dumb af
Jei Wilber (8 days ago)
All of this already happened ! And the subversive part is happening right now, just look it up if you're Patriot...
Zoey F (8 days ago)
So what you're saying is Brexit is Russia's fault and its because of this damn textbook :D
Tim Dijksman (8 days ago)
Taking Crimea, Brexit, Antifa Oh shi
agroeconomist 77 (2 days ago)
A Russian spy as a US president
Jeff Dimacali (9 days ago)
jjust nuke europe they will obey you
Geo Critic (9 days ago)
Salute my comrades.SALUTE! 1 month later:ATTACK! WORLD DOMINATION
H T Awesome (10 days ago)
It’s likely America stays out for a few years until someone spits on them, assuming their president is as gullible as the one they have currently
BTLA_Crescent (10 days ago)
what if mongol empire didn't end??
Bev bee (11 days ago)
Rusia: (joke okay) Alliance, Germany? Germany:no. Rusia:pls Germany: No Rusia: I will give you Kaliningrad And invade Poland Germany: Fine Rusia: Finland? Finland:WHAT! Rusia: Alliance Finland: HECKS NAH Rusia: your not friendly Finland: I don't care Rusia: *Insert Crying Meme*
Lenny Mapper (11 days ago)
[Show Russian empire without alaska] Alaska: Am i a joke to you?
Emily's House (12 days ago)
So basically how to do it: Give Germany Poland, Hungary, Chzechia, Austria, and Slovakia. Let Germany have an oversea territory in West Estonia, You (Russia) take east Estonia. Try to make Latvia and Lithuania buffer states and if that fail, you annex them. You then invade Finland and annex it. You should also annex Norway and Sweden to assurt control in Nordic. Let Germany take Denmark and Aland. Give France the low countries, Andorra, Monaco, Algeria, Morroco, West Libya, Tunisia,and north Spain. If Italy joins you, give them Corsica, Slovenia, East, North, and Southeast Libya. Let Serbia take Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kossovo, Northwestern Macedonia, and North Albania. Let Greece take Cyprus and Southwest Macedonia. Let Bulgaria take southern Romania, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, East Macedonia and Iraq. You take Northeastern Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and Eastern Belarus. Let Germany take Northwestern Romania and Belarus. Then, you let Armenia take the disconnected land from Azerbaijan. You split the rest of Azerbaijan up between you and Iran. Then, you let Iran take Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, The UAE, Oman, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. Let Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan be self governing allies of you. Try to make Turkmenistan and Afghanistan unite, and later give them Pakistan, Tibet, and the deserts of India. You also take Mongolia and Manchuria. Let North Korea take the south and Japan. Let China govern Indochina, the I ndian subcontinent, and the fest of south east asia. THE END.
Frank Sørensen (12 days ago)
@1:52 you mean the "Black Sea". Not "Mediterranean"
infinitecanadian (12 days ago)
ProLpiu (13 days ago)
Well. Stalin had one job
Retired Rhinestone Cowgirl (14 days ago)
Russians just want to be left alone same as Americans. keep snakes out of office and there is peace on earth.
SHARVAN SHARMA (14 days ago)
Russians won't be able to save their Far East from China in next 50 years. Forget about conquering the world. CHINA WILL SOON TURN AN ADVERSARY OF RUSSIA AFTER SUBDUING INDIA AND US. No matter how powerful Russian military is, but its power projection capabilities are much lesser than NATO.
Stomi Ball (14 days ago)
😂😂😂 nice play book but it will take time
Google it (15 days ago)
I'm watching this while Brexit is happening and the US is hated by most of the world and all I can think is "are the Russians at fault here too?"
zaraf rustra (15 days ago)
Wow this is actually worst than RA2 Russia conquering strategy. And that involved somehow shipping large millitary vehicles in containers. China=Russia. There would be no "offering" the land between them. They are both extremely strong and extremely obsessed with their own territory. Germany will not ally with Russia. Yes at the moment they are very close to Russia but that is out of convenience not necessity. USA will not stand idle In fact this whole story ignores every geopolitical situation and just starts imagining things. This was not worth to be made into a video.
Kaosbringer2678 (7 days ago)
zaraf rustra Who cares.
Dunk Man (15 days ago)
Russia want to Conquere the world? HA. Noobs, we all know the USA And the Naruto runers will get aria 51 loot, get op, and just destroi them.
Evil (16 days ago)
Good luck with that, lol!
BENNY RASHASHA (16 days ago)
What a dumb plan. Why would you destroy a possible ally like China? And how would you hold the territories gained with a ground force they have? The plan to rip America apart is smart. Do the same with all of EU members with things like BREXIT, and start raising prices for the gas and oil they need too. It's all you gotta do. The war they are/will fight(ing) is electronic and economic if anything. Make that petro-dollar crash and that should do it!
MrWizHq (16 days ago)
Dugin is a fucking joke, we don't really take him seriously.
Petar Bacanin (16 days ago)
I gotta Unsubscribe you. Americans, stop with these conspiracy theories... Sounds so trashy and making a panic in already an unstable American political situation ... You are the one who is baking everything around the world, so dont cover behind Russian.
Balla Swanson (17 days ago)
GOOOD LUCK.... (Taken Voice)
My Channel Has Nothing (17 days ago)
RealLifeLore: *posts this video* Putin: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
AstrayCuriosity (17 days ago)
This video is so dumb I don't even know where to start. Phrase "this book is popular" shoud look like this "this book is """popular"""". Imagine if George Rockwell wrote something like Mein Kampf 2.0 in US and someone said "it's quite popular among some political groups." Let's do a video about every insane retard in any country who learned how to write books. Come on.
totalolage _ (17 days ago)
Describing the satellite states as having "defected" is extremely misleading. Russia was occupying them, both politically and by a physical military presence. They were never a willing part.
Mr. vechanic (17 days ago)
China can be destroyed by india India will 110000% help in it
Doin'it F1rstPerson (17 days ago)
*Vladimir Putin is taking down notes*
Reid Garwin (18 days ago)
Africa, Philippines, India. Australia will rise up lol
kid 360 (18 days ago)
F Russian
Adam Thcuin (18 days ago)
4th gen born in australia here.. the only country id fight and die for is mother russia and my slavic brothers
Baked Alaska (18 days ago)
3:50 sooooo, nothing will change
Da TinyHippo (19 days ago)
Little do they know finland doesnt exist
Zephyr N/A (19 days ago)
Sounds like a plan.
DE Ackern (19 days ago)
The EU and Nato countries in Europe are very dependent on russian gas, and Russia have a lot of it. Check the building od North Stream 2 that should be finished in 2020 and would connect Russia with Germany so that would make Germany 100% denendent on russian gas. Also China is friend of Russia and China is building the Silk Road in Eastern Europe. The West fears the growing influence of BRICS countries.
Max Mogavero (19 days ago)
*Plays Red Alert theme*
Victor Tobiasson (20 days ago)
Why is Sweden outlined when you say Nato country we have never been in Nato
LAVENDER ASHLEY (18 days ago)
Because Sweden is apart of the EU. therefore, it will mean even tho they're not in NATO they will most likely support NATO and there European Union Allies.
Vinay Bhaskar Chandratre (20 days ago)
utterly ridiculous. Russia doesn't have the population to do this. This can best be executed by China, that has money and manpower. If at all China decides , it will first take Russia.
Jedian (20 days ago)
Considering how much uproar was raised when Russia annexed Crimea, I don't think any of this would work. The only reason Russia got away with Crimea was because the local populace was separatist and wanted to assimilate with Russia. But invading the Baltic States? Sorry, but the EU and the USA are going to get involved.
Leopard72Empier (21 days ago)
If Europe didn't unite and use deceptions, I guarantee you English won't be the number 1 language, The same goes for the US Dollar... Not mentioning that some Europe "Snowflake" countrys who were USSR allies trolled USSR and jumped on the other side 😂😂😂💔 If Axis had 0.01% of Allies luck The world would be *WAY* different than it is now!!!
Thegreatkingslayer (21 days ago)
Russia: invades a bunch of countries Usa: I'm about to end this man's whole career..
Leopard72Empier (21 days ago)
That's what happens when Russia is *Handicapped* my friend 🙂
MrMaggot (21 days ago)
*Trotsky wants to know your location*
Artemios (21 days ago)
How do you know this then? Did the Russian government tell you?
DoctorDeath147 (24 days ago)
Whoever thought this strategy would work must have played too much Europa Universalis IV or Hearts of Iron.
666 BRLN 999 (24 days ago)
3:50 just had to think about Brexit at that moment.. oh boy :)
Surrealiant (24 days ago)
Russia: I plan to conquer the world *Afghanistan has entered the chat*
Mr Gauss (24 days ago)
This is the worst millitary strategy I have ever heard
Nicolas Rivière (25 days ago)
They already have an agreement with France and Germany
CinnamønRøll (26 days ago)
Thank goodness that was in the past
CinnamønRøll (26 days ago)
FV N (27 days ago)
lol Germany is never going to agree so the plan is doomed from the start.
FV N (24 days ago)
666 BRLN 999 Yeah you are right but split Poland in half?
666 BRLN 999 (24 days ago)
however.. Kaliningrad seems nice though.. just saying.
Alex Duffy (27 days ago)
Oh that part about America sounds, familiar
Дмитрий Шувалов (28 days ago)
Dugin is a meme here, haha.
Дмитрий Шувалов (27 days ago)
@UCS5a15fN6W6RimXnYHV-wNg lol why not, Russians are invading the internet, online games and social networks. Great expansion just begun, but results are great, i met a guy under Japanese video with 5k views, what are you talking about. This isn't even suprising, that you saw me here. Glory to hardbass, сука блять.
Marya Motion (27 days ago)
Дмитрий Шувалов РУССКИЕ ТОЖЕ ЗДЕСЬ?! Use Google translate there
Paco de lazy fucc (28 days ago)
How to play Russia in Hoi 4 millennium dawn