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The Insane Russian Plan to Conquer the World

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Text Comments (11739)
RealLifeLore (7 months ago)
If you actually find yourself in charge of Russia and watch this video... this probably isn’t actually the best advice to follow. But I hope that’d be obvious :) Maybe read something a lilll more serious
Stardestroyer 062 (7 days ago)
Oleg Yatskevich dude we’re not taking this seriously chill
Pieter Niemandt (20 days ago)
@Oleg Yatskevich you know Oleg, when you spoke about military spending, Russia dont even have the GDP of America on military spending because Russia dont have the money. Because you screwed all your potential on Communism. And now it is hard to catch up with the West because you adopted the golden carrot a little late. We were driving GTI Golfs in the 90's when you were still on a 10 year waiting list for a Lada or worse, a Trabant. Lol.
Pieter Niemandt (20 days ago)
He was a genius Patriot who had a master plan. Unfortunately we saw how Eastern Europe defected to the West once they saw Capitalism advancing over Communism. I believe they saw the cars of the West and the multiple ownership threof, thrive to an increase in development of infrastructure. Russia unfortunately is doomed to this day. Hostile nations surround them. With good reason.
Blaine Curtis (27 days ago)
You know me too well 😜
Stanislav Vladev (1 month ago)
You talk like you want Russia to conquer the world
Vladimir Putin (2 hours ago)
Russia and China are strong allies
ShockingRed 321 (7 hours ago)
Russia underestimates Canada’s power, we’ll ride our moose’s and hold our maple syrup covered snowballs into battle.
Raymond Licon (13 hours ago)
China would never go for any that. They play nice now but they really don't like each other. No stupid islands would appease them.
John B. (14 hours ago)
georgie XX (15 hours ago)
This video brought back memories from sophomore year I high school 😖
Noel Tony (15 hours ago)
This would be a great film😂😂
Joseph Stalin (21 hours ago)
Russia wants to invade the world: Corona virus : let me interduce my self
Essah (1 day ago)
So yeah, Russia could follow this wildly delusional plan... or they could just join the western economic and security order like they were temporarily on the path towards in the early to mid nineties, and obtain 1. integrated trade relation with the rest of Europe giving vast opportunities in economic growth and investment 2. membership of NATO and the extensive security that would entail, especially, in the face of chinese military activity 3. Increase in soft power over europe as russian culture interacts with europe much more through interaction as member of the EU, including free movement of good and people. but of course, that would require giving up such things as "authoritarianism, oligarchy, corruption, patriarchy and would require honouring such things as human rights and sovereign territorial integrity. Clearly we can't have that. Such radical ideas. I guess that would all be a huge shock and to russians outside of Moscow and Saint petersburg would feel like a cultural surrender to the west.
Sam Arnold (1 day ago)
5:12 How dirty minded are you?
whitelion (1 day ago)
Lots of Russia people in comments I wonder whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Pro bullshiter's
Alvira Rahman (1 day ago)
There is no way Russia can just manipulate Germany and Japan like that. This isn’t the 1920s anymore. No one wants war and everyone is wary of Russia not JUST the US.
whitelion (1 day ago)
this plan is happening right now pipe line to germany check friends and bases in Iran check ukraine take over happening right now check Georgia invaded ports taken over check england not as close to EU like it use to be with brexit check friends and military exercise largest ever with china check crimean invaded and taken over check check and the USA in complete chaos everyone at each other throats probably helped by russia agents check check .............the plan is working well
M0rshu64 (1 day ago)
Ah yes convince Germany and France, the two countries who previously invaded you.
UnOriginal Nick (1 day ago)
I can’t help but play Avengers music over a war between that Russian Army and The United States
wendi qiu (1 day ago)
Which step is Russia now at? Brexit got UK out of European affairs, and Germany rules all. The next step would be to get those former USSR states back.
François Vilain (1 day ago)
I'm pretty sure the back cover of the book has more content that this 10 minutes videos. At least, stop telling you're goal is to explain anything and focus on seeling t-shirt.
martinmarvin of sparta (1 day ago)
I already know the strategy- Get Bigger
martinmarvin of sparta (1 day ago)
Also they quite literally made this plan PUBLIC so ya
martinmarvin of sparta (1 day ago)
Also this plan is absolutely terrible, the first part of the plan well almost immediately cause a multitude of wars the biggest would be with the EU, and even if that part worked by then literally everyone will already know what Russia is up too, I could keep going but that would take to long. Sorry Russia you can dream but this will never work
life sucks (1 day ago)
Well lets be honest the plans has been leaked so they are useless now
Krusher_King YT (2 days ago)
If u think about it...any huge empirer wanted to take over the world Germany, russia, uk, france etc..
Watcher _ 9 (2 days ago)
This is the most interesting politics related thing i ever heard on youtube. I really want to do this on a game now.
gukihellboii (2 days ago)
Who the hell are you smart in the West, and in Russia in 1984 Orwell’s book is a guide for building a society, yeah ..
petar YT (2 days ago)
J.marq703 (3 days ago)
Lol we thought it was over but sounds like Russia’s getting back up for round two
Unterwegs TV (3 days ago)
Why do you use so many German maps?
Fishslap 33 (3 days ago)
Lol, have you heard of the neocons? The ones who published an actual list of countries to be invaded and destroyed? You know, the people who are actually following an insane plan for world conquest called the Project for a New American Century, or PNAC for short? Russia has 3 overseas military bases. The United States has 1100 and is being run by insane war criminals. Still, Russia's the problem, yo! I mean, I might be going out on a limb here, but it's almost as if you were another in an endless line of American hypocrite apologists.
Krzysztof Bartczak (3 days ago)
6:50 remember 1905?
Krzysztof Bartczak (3 days ago)
3:20 Poland: Ah shit, here we go again...
Ninja Craftingtable (4 days ago)
Rip Russia We Americans and people are there in Britain will kill you Russia
MoltenCashew 141 (4 days ago)
All Russia needs to do is take out China and this plan could actually happen
Pure Games (5 days ago)
5:01 why you don't put Kosovo into Serbia.?
SSJB GOKUUU (5 days ago)
F 🇷🇺 We need to remove russia every country joining he’s done
Silent Human (5 days ago)
If Russia wants to invade the US, just copy what you peeps did back on cod MW2 🤷🏻‍♂️ just hope your ass doesn’t meet a guy on recruit mode.
Mr Smith (5 days ago)
Surely giving Kalingrad to Germany is daft, as they could just say thanks, and forget about it, they would not need or be eternally graetful for it, and surely Germay does not want to own Central Europe as it is too hard work in nowadays, Also China surely is too strong to allow that so meakly. Other than that it seems very much like a master plan, If anything maybe Russia would be more flexible than this, also it would be better to just be at peace,
Bhu BAN (5 days ago)
go Russia go ahade🇧🇩😍
GreenGiant (6 days ago)
1:40 without a shot being fired? Maybe from your idiot american brain perspective..thousands people died in last days of ssrs while trying to gain freedom form ssrs..
Slippulter (6 days ago)
3:51, 6:58. Doesn’t it sound familiar.
No Mo (6 days ago)
And if you try to invade Mercia we have more Guns than all of Russia’s population and some still
Kaiser BundesReich (7 days ago)
*CHINA MUST BE DESTROYED* China would like to know your location Putin would like to give you a underground bunker
Vlado Parenzan (7 days ago)
Nonsense of first order
Donald Trump (7 days ago)
The USA is very split politically right now. Will Russia rise again??
Anonymous Google (7 days ago)
Modern Russia just want to be to themselves in peace, but the USA keeps building bases around their country.
Gaming Skill (7 days ago)
7:44 why a german map?
Aaron Lleve (8 days ago)
Wait so lets see: Tensions between Iran and Us China being destroyed by corona Virus Us(trump)unstability Russia block chinese border *So lets review america is bussy with Iran, China is bussy with the virus as is any other asian country, africa is bussy with with poverty and S.America does not care...............I think the russian plan is already in motion
Jovan Dimitrijevic (9 days ago)
Поздравления и поддержка русских братьев из Сербии, специальные поздравления от православных
sunset studios (9 days ago)
Kosovo is Serbia!!!!!!
sunset studios (9 days ago)
Ah yes
Flachzange (9 days ago)
1: Germany would never accept such an offer. There is no way they would politically accept. I even when they accept Poland, Kaliningrad and co. would ruin the German economy. Germany had problems to bring east germany on the same level then the rest of the country for 30 years. 2: By annexing the -stan nations Russia would creat a lot of extremist, nationalists and terrorists. No a good Idea. 3: The Caucasus plan could work I mean the world didn‘t gave a f*** the last time they were at war with Georgia. 4: Yeah, let‘s attack China a nation with atomic weapons a 13 bigger GDP then Russia. What would go wrong? 5: Funding extremism in america and anti american extremism in the rest of the world would not be hardbecause there is a lot of both. Conclusion: Even if there are some points who could work in total perspective it is a unrealistic and stupid plan.
Bob MiLaplace (10 days ago)
So Brexit, Donald Trump and the New Star Wars can be just keikaku doori by a Russian Mastermind? Crazy Hilary was right? Woke is part of a Communist plot?
CWCgab (10 days ago)
I did this in rise of nations roblox
Good Music (10 days ago)
I don't know why but somehow I like the XD plan
Danial Pham (11 days ago)
Did a jew make this video?
Potatoe Soup (11 days ago)
If this was hoi4, Russia would be at war with Britain and the USA in about 5 seconds.
Arma Thirteen (12 days ago)
This guy reaaaally hates Russia
Isaac Hunter (12 days ago)
fascinating, its like watching a recap.
Diksi 123 (12 days ago)
Good video but u didn't show whole Serbia .
BBTeZeT (12 days ago)
LOL dream of a cutted off head
Antichrist (13 days ago)
Isolated from Europe in every way possible DONT WORRY WE IN THE UK ARE DOING THAT ALREADY
WobbleJunkie (13 days ago)
How can someone as brainless as you have so many followers? Oh yea it's youtube.
Atuka (7 days ago)
WobbleJunkie This was a sarcastic video....
chester olson (13 days ago)
actually shots was fired during the fall of the eastern bloc during the Romanian Revolution
Matthew Hemmings (13 days ago)
So the US is already isolating itself, and self imploding. The UK just isolated itself and denied itself all influence over the EU. Europe is already not much aligned with the interests, and the geopolitical games of the US. Russia’s game is already well done in Europe. It can now freely side with the EU and begin friendly relations to weaken NATO, and form a block opposing the Anglo-Saxon world altogether. China is more influential in Africa then ever, and most Central and South American nations are getting pretty bored with the US shenanigans. Personally, I see the decline of the UK-US centuries long domination, and with Trump and Brexit it should only accelerate.
Matthew Hemmings (9 days ago)
guuudyyy I don’t think the US will loose enough power and influence for that. It faces both the Atlantic and Pacific, with many resources and a strong industrial and economic base. Definitely though, nations that support the US today will not continue to do so to the same level as after WW2 up to today, Europe might find its own place, and deal with Russia and China on its own terms. While Africa will gain a lot of power and influence and might use this new influence in China, South America and for its own benefit. In a world where New York and London have been at the center of the world’s finance for the last centuries, I feel the new isolationist movements will not be met with enthusiasm by most and many will turn away to new alternatives without the aftertaste of condescending arrogance. This would certainly not be done in a day, or they might not even be replaced, but simply overshadowed by a shattering world order. In the best scenario, world nations organize and form strong international cooperation that support development and help challenge the crisis that will be faced, worst case scenario everything fails and the probability of world conflict make the current economic systems unviable and it collapses. One thing is certain though, reforms to maintain the current status quo doesn’t seem to be supported by the US, multiplying bold statement and diplomatic attacks on its system of allies and diplomatic networks. Japanese, Europeans, South Americans, South Koreans and Middle Eastern powers have traditionally supported American hegemony, first against communism, and the system was maintained even after. Brexit, and populism is breaching this on all front. How long can the US support it’s massive military industrial complex once the cracking point has been reached? How long will London suck the finances of Europe, Africa and India after Brexit? If the US becomes just a nation like any other, it will remain a powerful force, yet decline has new challenges and troubles, and clearly there are multiple nations wishing to se this decline.
guuudyyy (9 days ago)
Matthew Hemmings Next big empire will be Russia and China then? rip USA.
William Morrison (13 days ago)
Trump is making Russia's plans too easy.
ERROR 404 NOT FOUND (13 days ago)
No1 can Defeat Russia.
Atuka (7 days ago)
ERROR 404 NOT FOUND eh. debatable
salvation 777 (13 days ago)
Well that's already happening started support the rebels
CCJ Guy (14 days ago)
Once he said Germany, Russia’s dream is over lol
CCJ Guy (14 days ago)
This will never happen, because we have something called the United States of America. And the rest of the globe. We will never let Russia do this. But let’s just hope Putin dose not hear this video lmao
Riley Hoyt (14 days ago)
Anyone else notice this actively happening?
Fred Raybould (15 days ago)
"The United Kingdom however will never join you so it's probably going to be better to just cut them off and keep them isolated from the rest of Europe as much as possible. The less the UK can influence the politics of Europe, the better" So, basically Brexit.
Another random Tristan (13 days ago)
The thing is, Russia did secretely encourage a billionaire to finance brexit propaganda...!
Luchingador (15 days ago)
Russia: So Germany what if... Germany: NO! Russia: well, then what about you France you... France: NOPE! Russia: aw man.. what about you guys Easter Europe we were buddies once!? Eastern Europe: Nah... Russia: ok... what about you guys former Russian satellite states ? Former Russian estates: I don't think so. Russia: Take that Ukraine now your peninsula is ours! Ukranie: STOP THAT! Russia: Ok... now time to blow up China. China: *Stares in Chinese* Russia: Ok maybe not... what about Japan? Japan being Japan Russia: i guess i'll pass. Man all of our plans have failed, lets see whats the next step: "try to destabilize america by funding extremist protectionist anti globalization politizians powered by disinformation" this is the worst idea ever its never gonna work! *Trump enters the chat*
Vigilant Sycamore (15 days ago)
*Vladimir Putin wants to know your location*
RoyalMela (15 days ago)
Russia: "Lets take over Finland!" Finland: "Hold my Koskenkorva." All seems very easy until 4:22. You can stop the video there.
Ian Liu (16 days ago)
lol thats all
Swedish Animator (16 days ago)
Why don't they just rush B?
Pixel fan XD (16 days ago)
Russia: wants to take over The world America: good luck with that Everyone else: “guns click”
LABP MAN (16 days ago)
The revenge of communism/socialism
Ivan Dev (17 days ago)
5:11 Ukraine is no way second russia. I’ll tell you a "secret", all Ukrainians just hate russians 🤬
T S (4 days ago)
That's a lie. Only stupid idiots who are ready to follow the lead of their politicians hate someone. So don't try to answer for everyone. 42% of Russians said that they treat Ukrainian citizens well. (49%) of Ukrainians say they have a positive attitude towards Russian citizens.
Hero Nakamura (17 days ago)
This is fake btw, like the "The Secret Soviet Plan to Crush NATO in 7 Days."
Ryder 6669 (15 days ago)
It's nice to propagate stuff every now and then 🤷🏻‍♂️
Minecraft Legends of the Heroes (17 days ago)
5:40 this as Georgian this is exactly what russia do in caucasus
Danish Pinto (17 days ago)
Why is there so much Russia phobia??? It's just another country!
Let's Learn Together (17 days ago)
I wanna watch a Russia domination movie now
Rhys Millar (17 days ago)
France would never I don't think
Craig (18 days ago)
I love how the UK just isolated it's self without Russian influence
Marcello Di Maio (18 days ago)
It looks like what Putin is doing: love Trump, he sows hate, division and chaos; secondly, push for Brexit, with the UK less involved in EU politics. THIS MUST STOP!!
Christer Floessell (18 days ago)
Finland are not member of NATO
CHICKENUGGET 34 (18 days ago)
Russia: (takes over Europe) UK: Ill just watch from here
Frisky Dreemur (19 days ago)
*Im scared by the fact that Im actually taking notes of this plan*
Loitador Anónimo (19 days ago)
Great tutorial on how to get nuked by both the USA and China
simplyvo (19 days ago)
As for those *PESKY* Baltic states,-
Sprunk Soda (19 days ago)
God this plan is retarded, the amount of money needed for this to be carried out is way beyond any nation's budget.
anwe bacaudae (19 days ago)
like all of this is happening this week.
dan cezar (19 days ago)
A lot of BS in this video :))) China will always by with Russia , trust me on this . Fuck NATO , EU and US ! They are all way worst then Russia .
Daniel Lee (19 days ago)
"Russia after a hard fight to gaining the countries": well, now onto Asi...WHAT?! CHINA OWNS ALL OF THEM, HOW?! China: What, you thought we were gonna just stand here and do nothing while you put your plans into action? Russia: But you are supposed to sit and wait for us to dominate... China: GO EAT A DICK!
Roopa B (19 days ago)
Yeah as if usa will just let you conquer Europe....
iNeon Fox (20 days ago)
lol that plan is pretty stupid :D
Orience (20 days ago)
Step 1 : Nuke USA, China , Britain Step 2 : Vodka
M Lee (20 days ago)
The plans for the united states is already working very well.
Someone Unnamed (20 days ago)
The most frightening thing about this video is that many of the steps have already been (or are being) executed
One Piece NaKaMa Production (20 days ago)
Keeping the UK and its political influence as far away as possible from the EU : * _Brexit_ * ✔️ Creating instability in the US through the use of intelligence services : * _making sure Trump gets elected_ * ✔️ Everything is going according to the plan. For the Motherland 😂
Teoman Doksanoglu (20 days ago)
You underestimate Russia a lot! You never should do that man.