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Supreme is under siege by imitators. Here's why it's legal

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This video has been updated and re-uploaded to clarify the language describing IBF's trademark status in China and the date of a quote. Streetwear brand Supreme is loved by celebrities and valued at $1 billion. But overseas it's waging war against "legal fakes," companies that are legally imitating the brand in countries from Spain to China.
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Text Comments (52)
Greg Grimer (3 months ago)
Who gives a fuck? Stupid people, spending stupid money on a fucking t-shirt. Plastic people with shallow lives. They can all fucking die as far as I am concerned.
Hung Vu (3 months ago)
Supreme everywhere in the street, whereas, my friends are supposed to have one item in their closet.
desaturated (5 months ago)
So which supreme video is the real supreme?
music for nice people. (5 months ago)
What’s the song at 0:45
music for nice people. (5 months ago)
@Rakeen Aktar siri doesn't recognize it, neither does shazam
Rakeen Aktar (5 months ago)
If you have 2 iPhones play the song and ask the other phone Siri and say hey sure what song is this and then she’ll say ok listening and she will forgive it out. I don’t have 2 iPhones but tell me the song when you figure it out
Rakeen Aktar (5 months ago)
music for nice people. Bro idk
Chad Thundercock (5 months ago)
Supreme Gentleman
Francisco Sotelo (5 months ago)
fuck intelectual and industrial property. To copy is not to thief.
Eldad LD (5 months ago)
CNN Fake news!
GODLOVEME12345 (5 months ago)
Real Supreme should collaboration with Samsung instead = Both Double earning
Love to the world (5 months ago)
No more "idk it has apple on it, so I'ma just buy it"
bltvd (5 months ago)
C’mon what are douchers gonna wear around the world if someone doesn’t bite them?
Andrew Glenn (5 months ago)
Song from :45 ?
Chauncey Slánský-Dubček (5 months ago)
Boo hoo, Supreme benefits if anything. The whole fakes thing suits their enigmatic status. But Regardless, they have made enough money. Who cares.
Bianco (5 months ago)
Is this a "legal fake" of the original upload??
S S (5 months ago)
Classic Italian. Until al the legal fights are over he is super rich supreme is not popular anymore and he doesn't give a shit
BILLI VINSCOTTO (5 months ago)
Common Sensei (4 months ago)
@Sir Radec So someone sampled him? I wonder if he would know who?
Sir Radec (4 months ago)
@Common Sensei Kwesi replied back and said he owns the instrumental on Numero uno
Sir Radec (4 months ago)
@Common Sensei he must of sampled it
Sir Radec (4 months ago)
@Common Sensei shit
Common Sensei (4 months ago)
I actually found an artist who used this beat, but it's slowed & not as dynamic. The artist name & song is Kwesi Jiggs "Numero Uno". But I'm still unsure if he sampled the beat itself from someone else, or he was the originator. Cause the beat is definitely subtly different.
Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget (5 months ago)
print a t shirt with paint on it... genious ... not... sounds like the fiat usd. and you cry about copycats copying your bs. i can go make my own t shirt and print any alphabetic letter combination name on it. the difference: you dont get any money (cough and overpriced too). you need idiots to make money and judging by this "success" the world still has plenty of them. i guess i might come up with the next "genious" unicorn.
Rafay Qureshi (5 months ago)
Yeah, Supreme deserves this for being a brand that overcharges for average quality products. I'd rather buy the fakes that are actually sold at a proper price.
Alexie P (5 months ago)
Rafay Qureshi and this is exactly the problem. You people are actually willing to buy fake shit and support counterfeiting. We over here in the USA laugh at all these spañards rocking bootlegged supreme shit 😂
Ongama Mafenuka (5 months ago)
This is a Re-up
Dim K (5 months ago)
No problem with that, USA has bombarded the world with their showbiz and thug and Hollywood culture that they can anytime put a name on anything and sell us to the rest idiots around the world 10x more. Enough with the influence
Keatan (5 months ago)
Congratulations for having the dumbest logic known to mankind
Jose Aguirre (5 months ago)
Let the idiots buy it but why copy our idiot brand?
John Bruh (5 months ago)
I’m pretty sure I’ve watched this already
Rudie Obias (5 months ago)
Jesus V (5 months ago)
The original upload was on 3/18/2019
navjot sidhu (5 months ago)
Who else takes a L everythursday here lmao
Jesus V (5 months ago)
This week is supreme x tnf! Im finna cook that sherpa up!
ChiCityCris (5 months ago)
whats up with the re upload
vV Kins (5 months ago)
ChiCityCris fr
Investing Book Summaries (5 months ago)
Lmao, supreme bricks
HadOneTooManyBigBitesNowImAGorilla (5 months ago)
Fake news.
Jesus V (5 months ago)
I can say with confidence that everything said in this video is 100% legit. But idk about the other stuff they report on.
Mint Savanna (5 months ago)
salmon Islife (5 months ago)
KingDaviddd (5 months ago)
didn't we already see this?
IV League (5 months ago)
Yeah this is a repost from a few days ago.... Someone is a subscriber 👀
Jj W (5 months ago)
Supremer beat Supreme
Elaine Giam-Ong (5 months ago)
Elaine Giam-Ong (5 months ago)
U better like