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Don't Play this SCARY VR Game Alone

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Don't play this scary virtual reality game alone... Get Oculus Quest: https://ocul.us/2pWdvYm Sponsored by Oculus #OculusPartner Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want more VR! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf Instagram: http://instagram.com/sssniperwolf Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sssniperwolf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sssniperwolf Official Merch: https://ogwolfpack.com/
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Text Comments (4922)
SSSniperWolf (1 month ago)
This was very very spooky and I recorded this when I was very sick but ANYWAYS like for more VR videos 😁 Get oculus quest here: https://ocul.us/2pWdvYm
Rahma Queen (10 minutes ago)
Dechen Doelma (1 hour ago)
Rahma Queen (5 hours ago)
PLAY mor VR 🐱
arial friend (15 hours ago)
FORTNITE PLAYER PRO (18 hours ago)
Margarita Mecheva (1 hour ago)
Welcom to the comments! here are no scary things! We have popcorn and cookies!!:) I hope you come back soon! Bye <3
Meng Chhourkim (3 hours ago)
Too expensive tho I can't buy it, my dad won't let me u know cuz.........
Maria Isea Rodriguez (3 hours ago)
My anxiety levels aren’t normal
Maria Isea Rodriguez (3 hours ago)
Me: scared 6:01
Maria Isea Rodriguez (3 hours ago)
Bruh with the 3000 dollars I have that I worked for ima spend it on those VRs
A'alireyah Williams (4 hours ago)
Omg i so scared i died i almost craked my 📱 phone
Cecilia Tippenhauer (4 hours ago)
Play Batman
{ t o u n g e t w I s t e r} (5 hours ago)
I got one but my dad thought I was to young for it so he took it back to the store 🏬
Karla Crissha (5 hours ago)
nobody: snippss:i dont think i can touch it! her literally throwing the doll doll:hey!distructor! im just watching this sick,broken tv!
WhatsKpoppin InYourLife (6 hours ago)
Title: DONT PLAY this scary VR game alone Me: me I can’t play............. Lia: why? Me: IM BROKE 😭
Sarah Shimmari (7 hours ago)
I love you so much your the best I always watch your videos it always makes me happy
Suresh N V (8 hours ago)
Omgosh I got this headset for my10th bdy from my dad's brother (uncle) I like play rec room,and epic rollercoaster.
Angeline Gomez (8 hours ago)
U look so pretty if u have no glasses if u wear them i hate it
Miguel Acyatan (8 hours ago)
Miguel Acyatan (8 hours ago)
The. Plase is. Pos. To. Be. Place
Cl?mentine ASSE DROUET (9 hours ago)
No one: Literally no one: Absolutely no one: SssniperWolf: John, are you in the breadbasket????!!!!! Me: dies of laughter
Cl?mentine ASSE DROUET (9 hours ago)
5:53 Her scream is hilarious! 😂😂😂😂😂 no but seriously what is THAT?
Urszula Cychowska (10 hours ago)
You were so scared becouse of the g
YOLOfaver23 golofaver33 (11 hours ago)
I dont know why but when she said John are you in the bread basket that cracked me up
XxhuskyXx (12 hours ago)
Can I watch this alone....?
Gregory Gibbons (14 hours ago)
Give me vr set
Liam Nickel (14 hours ago)
Hey my favorite animal is wolves
Reg Dipasupil (14 hours ago)
youtube:VR playing scary games, wanna watch? me: its scary but i wanna watch it , besides its not gonna be too scary.. right? also me:*clicks* the video:*scares me* me:*leaves*ok nope!not watching ya sorry!!
Sheralyn Manuel (14 hours ago)
Is so scared but I like it
Emily Jenkins (15 hours ago)
Do you want to be friends on vr
Edilfe Labarda (16 hours ago)
my brother like vr it's so cool he likes it he want that
Jayden Nation (17 hours ago)
This is how many times sniper would say nope I
Supah Lazi Kassie (17 hours ago)
Whose in 2020 here?
Nevaeh Johnson (17 hours ago)
Don't lose ur voice from screaming sniper XD SERUSOSLY DONT LOSE UR VOICE ITS TO PRETTY AND BEAUTYFUL TO LOSE!!! T~T
Jayme Galardo (17 hours ago)
Daniela Gonzalez (17 hours ago)
I might be commenting this too early but did she never notice the blood under the fridge
black fire (17 hours ago)
Whao I played that before I almost broke my vr
Aniya Shannon (17 hours ago)
They can’t see me when I’m crouching imma do at sneak attack lol😂😂😂🤣
Elizabeth Chua (17 hours ago)
Yeah ikr my dad buy me a vr I played that game either im just a kid y'all know I was very very scared so I almost broke my vr 😵
Blue Frappichino (18 hours ago)
Sssniperwolf: this what we do in 2019 Me: ok ima pretend it’s 2019 totally not 2020...
Kara’s Channel! (18 hours ago)
Your super cool
Kara’s Channel! (18 hours ago)
Your so cool unlike me😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😑😔😊 well to bad for me but lucky for you
FORTNITE PLAYER PRO (18 hours ago)
Bun Long (18 hours ago)
My phone just glitch
Jaclyn_plays Roblox (19 hours ago)
Did u not notice the blood under the refrigerator
EMILY (19 hours ago)
I love. You
XxGacha_PurplePotatoXx (19 hours ago)
You sed 2019 its 2020
Nana Wade (19 hours ago)
That doll scared the hell out of me
Unicorn Squad (20 hours ago)
IT ENDS AT 10:35
Unicorn Squad (20 hours ago)
Edna Macedo (20 hours ago)
Is it ir spooky like ur dookie ? Btw pls do p. 2😙ur vids are fab
Kiki GonzaleZ (20 hours ago)
Me seeing unfolded laundry in the closet:eh My mom seeing unfolded laundry in the closet:REeEeEeeEeEeEeE
Safana Zowyairia Zahed (21 hours ago)
Ohhh my goddddd when I saw that girl flying I would be like: OH HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWOOWOWOWOWO
alexa ramirez (21 hours ago)
Can i have one please❤❤❤❤
Wesly Narcis (21 hours ago)
Aisha Abdala (21 hours ago)
My brother has the same vr
Cloud Puff Gamez (21 hours ago)
4:34 Sounds like something I would say or do lol
Christopher Candelario (22 hours ago)
When you said a and c it sounds like you said amc
Ellie reagan (22 hours ago)
Its 2020
iggy gacha (1 day ago)
Sssniper wolf do you even know what that monkey toy is? It's a game and when ever it starts clapping and screeching then somthing bad will happen just to let you know plus the monkey can turn HUGE
Aimee Armitt (1 day ago)
Do more
Lexi Steven (1 day ago)
I love theat game so much Easy
Kailee Musselman (1 day ago)
awh you were just about to get jumpscared hehe
Cookie corn (1 day ago)
Tara Collins (1 day ago)
Before you got out of the van it looked like you ate the walky-talky because when you was in the van you stuck it up to your mouth and when you got out of the van walky-talky was gone and when you was in the house yo had to touch everything you was trying to touch everything you could lol😂🤣
Josephine Balmonte (1 day ago)
That was scary
tt cat (1 day ago)
Tittle:don't play this scary vr game Me:I would definitely play this vr game
leeann inumerable (1 day ago)
u r dead
Girly Gamer (1 day ago)
I think thats ana when she walked in the door
Fairy Ella or Fairy Unicorn UwU (1 day ago)
What the heck
Fairy Ella or Fairy Unicorn UwU (1 day ago)
Fairy Ella or Fairy Unicorn UwU (1 day ago)
Fairy Ella or Fairy Unicorn UwU (1 day ago)
Fairy Ella or Fairy Unicorn UwU (1 day ago)
Fairy Ella or Fairy Unicorn UwU (1 day ago)
Jewel jesly Apacible (1 day ago)
Thet was scary if I in the game ay was running.😱😱
WorldWide Handsome (1 day ago)
Hi person scrolling down the comments :) Ur so nice today and happy how are u today?? :)
NoahJPlays (1 day ago)
7:22 why was the camera pointed at the bed? ;-;
Jañet YT Ľøľ! (1 day ago)
Nobody: John Can I have an Stick and eat you you looking like bread😑
shiloh Ignacio (1 day ago)
Ok ok when i read a comment like Ssniper:Its just a closet Spider: No your mistaking its just the right timing
Long Diddle doo Doopity doo (1 day ago)
The first house I think is the hype house
{ Eva & Juani } (1 day ago)
Have you downloaded beat saver yet it’s the best
Miyelle Abesamis (1 day ago)
Lulu The crybaby (1 day ago)
This like Eddievr XD how he reacts XD he says the beans are burning but it’s just a skeleton head XD
melissa bush (1 day ago)
SSSinperWolf: can can I go inside this box Me:*LAUGHING TO DEATH* My cat: MEOW! !!!!!!!
Sumaya Alnajar (1 day ago)
Yunya Font (1 day ago)
I'm scared
Hybrid Ally (1 day ago)
You should try FNaF VR help wanted
Keena Thomas (1 day ago)
Nobody: Sssniper
Keena Thomas (1 day ago)
Sssniperwolf: try’s to jump into the mysterious hole in ground
DangIt'sChloe LOL (1 day ago)
Play the 2013 next timeee😂❤
PZ214 Project Zorgo (1 day ago)
To late I did it
Cindy Ray (1 day ago)
I would have threw that ugly doll out of my house🤣🤣🤣🤣
gamerpic master pib (1 day ago)
Alani Hall (1 day ago)
They were there
Judy Morallos (1 day ago)
I want one I never have one
Lily Palmer (1 day ago)
I HAVE IT!! But it is a different one ☝️
Abraham Martinez (1 day ago)
George Norberg (1 day ago)
I've seen way scaryer
Mangle,Lolbit,Natsuki,Alice and Sally Playz (1 day ago)
Lia:*opens door* WHAT THE HECK IS THIS me:a smol hoise with a door
Firewolf781 XD (1 day ago)
4:39 * doesn’t even care that the fridge has fricken blood running out of the bottom * Me : The owner of the house is a cannibal *-*
RedAngel GachaLife (1 day ago)
SSSniperwolf: Oh laughing, probably the TV. Me:lol right?
Luna Chan (1 day ago)
My eyes were closed the majority of this video I'm so scared 😭😭
Luna Chan (1 day ago)
This shit creepy af
Leiah Noltcho (1 day ago)
Play Fortnite in vr
Brittney Gutierrez (1 day ago)
I was like so bored today, the first thing I searched up when I got on YouTube was Sssniperwolf. And I was like..... "CLiCk"
Jemimah Amber Ashraf (1 day ago)
Woa very creepy Right!ikr
Misty Paul (1 day ago)
It's to much money and I got one for Christmas
Neil Winfield (1 day ago)
Nobody not even a alian : SSnipper wolf : throws doll everywhere Doll: so you chose death >:)
Jan Dragan (1 day ago)
Ta finx you sa an ta wal der wer der
Anisha Parks (2 days ago)
Bruh that's scary