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Idiot Divers - November 2018 #873

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Text Comments (72)
solarflare1966 (27 days ago)
Please remove the dog videos, they are boring
Pavel Řehák (1 month ago)
Any reason for including videos of cars in floods? It has nothing to do with idiot drivers.
marc blub (1 month ago)
better than these stupid dog crossing a fking street clips
Unit ZER0 (1 month ago)
1:59 - Actually, that was kind of impressive...
Adrian Smeria (19 days ago)
You forgot 2 words: insanely expensive kind of impressive. When the driver will have to replace rusted pieces in the next few months it will be like in the saying: Don't give 10 years of life for 5 minutes of pleasure. Of course, adapted, not 10 years but a few thousand Euro just not to hear the (former?) car screeching.
Honesty Forever (1 month ago)
8:10 Kent Faeces.... The company with shitty drivers.....
El_Ectric (1 month ago)
2:38 Vee Vee
Lyle Waller (1 month ago)
Just stop it with the blah-blah-blah about dogs in pedestrian crosswalks, already!
namjoon's fairy (1 month ago)
The title should be idiot UK and China driver
Abradolf Lincler (1 month ago)
0:42 how.. was this even an accident..
El Rey (1 month ago)
Russian Drunks Vs. Chinese Incompetents. Which nation will reign supreme in the Shitty Driving stakes?
Josh Galka (1 month ago)
Richard K (1 month ago)
6:32 Three Cheers For The Red White And Blue.
Richard K (1 month ago)
Your typical Chinese driver: one hand on the wheel and one finger up the nose.
Sagitarioitc (1 month ago)
3:10 You also have a pedal to brake
Android Lover dude (1 month ago)
Sagitarioitc yes really couldn't understand why they didn't
James S (1 month ago)
Can someone please explain what the horn sound is when some cars make contact? Is it an alert in the car itself, dash cam or what? I have watched loads of these videos, probably like everyone here, and I have heard that horn sound multiple times. No idea what it is though
Lugwrench Knucklebuster (1 month ago)
+Graeme Evans I thought it was the SDFU (someone done f-ed up) sensor. I guess your explanation makes more sense.
James S (1 month ago)
+Graeme Evans Thank you Mr Evans for the clarification
Graeme Evans (1 month ago)
Some dash cams have a g force sensor. When the car his something and suddenly stops the dash cam makes that sound and auto saves the last few mins of footage.
Nutamu (1 month ago)
Halsted Willoughby (1 month ago)
Most of the drivers being hit could have easily avoided these crashes. It's like they just let them happen.
Aiman A (1 month ago)
Fucking L. Your bunny brought a lot of British blyats.
Markus Salangli (1 month ago)
scammers need to be executed.
Jose Juarez (1 month ago)
I came here to watch people diving into water. Rate 1/10.
Android Man (1 month ago)
I LOVE 1XBET!!!!!!!!!!
Aiman A (1 month ago)
Matthew F (1 month ago)
so many are taken from @welshdrive compilation i've already seen that video smh
idolezal (1 month ago)
From this and simmilar videos it seems the most dangerous are roads in Russia, but most agressive drivers are in UK
Tim W (1 month ago)
A lot of these clips have already been on other compilation channels...
Boli420 (1 month ago)
You should file a report on that.
bobby cella (1 month ago)
these fucking drivers have no eyes, european drivers fucking suck
Robin Campbell (1 month ago)
Europe's system of roundabouts and other signal-less intersections was designed for a higher-intelligence class of drivers than the current user base. What a nightmare.
Robin Campbell (1 month ago)
alphons bretagne It's not enough to build them right, people have to obey the rules about who yields and when. Too often people just cut right across multiple lanes without care or concern for where other vehicles may be.
Robin Campbell (1 month ago)
Kim Whitehead Where roundabouts are common their correct usage is normally taught and is common knowledge, but just like stop signs it's up to the user to obey the rules. There are always those who pay no attention, those who forgot everything they knew, and those who are too busy or important to use them correctly. And they're all in the roundabout at the same time! If I lived near enough of them I'd move, no joke. I think there is a shared definition of their use, just no shared understanding or concern. As with most things about the road, people just do their own thing and seem amazed when people honk or run into them. I think the biggest problem (besides apathy) are the myriad rules regarding yielding. Everybody has to yield to somebody somewhere, and the more lanes going around, the worse it gets.
a man of many parts (1 month ago)
+Antonio Calimero Several other countries drive on the left.
Antonio Calimero (1 month ago)
Only in england they drive on the wrong way, not in europe. It is good, that there is a brexit.
a man of many parts (1 month ago)
@Robin Campbell. The 'system' of 4-way stops as used in the USA is even worse. It relies on politeness in a country where the odds of you getting shot for no particular reason are higher than having a heart attack.
Dave McGuigan (1 month ago)
I love watching Stupid M______ F______ drivers!
Aiman A (1 month ago)
+Dave McGuigan Good good.
Dave McGuigan (1 month ago)
+Aiman A Yes you did Sir!!!
Aiman A (1 month ago)
Mother Fucking Did I guess correctly?
Iván Gomez (1 month ago)
Glad I don't drive in Russia or China. Weird "accidents".
Fazers (1 month ago)
+stosorok lmao gottem
P. Doherty (1 month ago)
Yeah they drive like how seven year olds would .
stosorok (1 month ago)
Glad to not live the same country as you, Weird "peoples".
an average child on the internet (1 month ago)
Yay more vids from my home country of britain.
Linda binks (1 month ago)
It doesn’t mater what video I watch the dog/s cross at the zebra crossing are included.
Lars Andersson (1 month ago)
A lot of the Chinese accidents are people crashing into others because of traffic jams. Why are there always random traffic jams and how can they not see them?
maximagmhondafan88 (1 month ago)
Holland1994D and squinty eyes too
Holland1994D (1 month ago)
Because people are not paying attention on the road. That can be due tiredness, not maintaining sufficient distance, alcohol, other drugs or medicines, smartphones or other things.
Red 13 (1 month ago)
0:40 Boy! They had no time to react at all, did they?
Graeme Evans (1 month ago)
It seems to be the culture in asian countries to just drive slowly into each other.
Holland1994D (1 month ago)
That is dash cam disease, when you can prevent an accident but have one just because it wasn't your fault.
Clément Masse (1 month ago)
No mercy for the assholes, they had it coming
Lars Andersson (1 month ago)
8:16 As said on the original video, it's called a "round"about, not an "over"about.
Clément Masse (1 month ago)
Just another idiot proud to be stupid, uploading a dashcam vid proving it.
Iván Gomez (1 month ago)
it's roundabout when there is no traffic or if you don't have a dashcam. If you do and there is traffic then it's overabout to make a nice vid to show the world how stupid the dashcam user is.
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia (1 month ago)
3:50 Imbecile...
a man of many parts (1 month ago)
Bike thief.
LAPIS LAZULI (1 month ago)
1:59 almost dies of his car's engine sucked in water
Adolf Adolfович (1 month ago)
Gordito (1 month ago)
You come to my country and you poo on your pants