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Lufthansa 747-8 UPPER DECK Business Class | Washington, DC - Frankfurt

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Is there anything more romantic than a flight on a Boeing 747?! Well, I recently flew UPSTAIRS in Lufthansa Business Class on one of Lufthansa's Boeing 747-8's (D-ABYF)! It's the first leg of my amazing journey from Washington, DC to Kenya's Masai Mara. Over the next several weeks, I'll be sharing more trip reports! This Lufthansa 747-8 Business Class upper deck experience was really amazing. Watch this video to see what made the trip so special. And there was a lot! Not only was sitting on the 747 upper deck in business class amazing, but the cabin crew also offered a few extra "treats" along the way. Along the way, this flight report will include information about the seats, the inflight entertainment, the food, and the cabin crew from this Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 flight! You can even watch the Boeing 747 upper deck take off! What do you think of Lufthansa Business? Let me know in the comments! For more trip reports, please subscribe to my channel! https://www.youtube.com/jebbrooksflies Check me out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jebbrooks/ And don't forget to take a look at my travel blog: https://greenergrass.com/ Music: What I see (Instrumental Version) - Ray Darklight - Damma Beatz Smooke - Damma Beatz All music from Epidemic Sound! Also, this is my 50th video!!
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Jeb Brooks (8 months ago)
What did you think of this Lufthansa flight? Was it "spektakulär" or "furchtbar?" Let me know!
Zaviation (4 hours ago)
I normally fly out of Dulles. I fly to Doha or Dubai from one of those airlines, 777 300 from Dubai or Doha I go to Pakistan Karachi.
Evan J (3 days ago)
I prefer a business class seat that doesn't pair you up with someone. A close second to being able to sleep on a plane is being able to leave my seat without disturbing someone else. Lufthansa looks like a better experience overall but I do prefer the privacy I can get on a competing airline such as American with the reverse herring bone setup.
Eric Sanchez (4 days ago)
That was a Super Cool Video!!
Niklas Enblom (1 month ago)
A few years ago I traveled on a Boeing 767 with USAirways round trip from Philadelphia, PA to my native country of Sweden. The return flight was 9.5 hours long which, to me, was the longest flight I have ever been on. However, no complaints here! Coming and going I flew First Class which was AWESOME!! RIP USAirways.
Jonathon Cole (6 hours ago)
to make it better you should’ve made the video 7:47 long
Mahesh Mohabir (12 hours ago)
I wanna be in the air for a full week
Arne Van De Maele (1 day ago)
A german lounge with an Belgian flag turned on it’s side? I know they look similar but pls do some research 🙄🙄🇧🇪 is not the same as 🇩🇪
The Northliner Foundation (1 day ago)
Great trip Jeb! Awesome “welcome aboard” by the Captain :)) Favorite lounge for me, ANA Haneda: robot beers, delightful food, great ramp views, and Star Wars memorabilia!
Harman Chauhan (1 day ago)
Pls try Vancouver To Incheon
Luke Corbett (2 days ago)
at the end there.. *butter*
Stella the Locksmith (2 days ago)
Well if im spending several thousand dollars i better get pampered too.
Stella the Locksmith (2 days ago)
I fly out of Dulles and BWI alot but never in anything bigger than a 737-400
Evan J (3 days ago)
+Jeb Brooks Found you in my feed and catching up on some of your old videos. Great stuff! That captain's announcement was truly endearing. My ideal flight length is directly proportionate to the experience. If I'm dealing with an uncomfortable seat and/or inconsiderate passengers it can be a real problem. I'm sure that's true with most people. When traveling overseas, my flights are often 14+ hours, which is great in business class or if I'm able to sleep in a coach seat. Sleep is my most valued commodity on a long haul flight so I can quickly adjust to the new timezone I'm traveling to. Free booze is nice but overdoing that leads to what I've coined as a "plangover" -- something that can turn a long-haul flight into a really unpleasant experience. My rule is if you're going to drink, stick to a spirit or category, wine is often the worst on planes. For me the food can be more of a challenge since I reached the age of dietary restriction <-- This is always a problem... The "special" meals I end up with are often flavorless afterthoughts because the cuisine of choice is almost always French based on airlines. What I really like is a good lounge. I love flying and the experience of a premium cabin but there's only so much you can expect on a plane. Now an exceptionally good lounge always sets you up for a good flight or it welcomes you after a long one. Better food, better coffee, showers, downtime, a place to work and everything else you need.
Jeb Brooks (1 day ago)
Thanks so much for watching and sharing your thoughts!!
aalaygaming (3 days ago)
I want to be in fist class for 65 hours
Mikeman hoff (4 days ago)
Great video. That looked like a decent business class flight. It was pretty comparable to when i flew business class on a British airways a380 from LAX to London Heathrow. The A380 is a larger plane and i think it may have had a little bit more personal space, but all in all, it was very comparable. Now, if you ever get the chance, hands down the nicest flight i have ever been on and i hope you get the chance to experience it, is to fly first class on Emerites. I flew first class on an Emirates A380 from Munich to Dubai which is about an 8 hour flight and it was nothing short of amazing! From the food to the service to the actual seat and how comfortable it was, every part of that flight was amazing. Also, when you fly first class on the A380, you are able to take a shower while you are in the air! From Dubai i flew first class on an Emirates 777-300ER to Seattle which is a 15.5-16 hour flight. To start, dubai is Emirates main hub, so i was able to enter the 1st class lounge which was incredible! It had all kinds of premium offerings that ranged from a sit down restaurant that you could order your meal from a menu and had a full waitress staff to serve you, a cigar lounge, massage services, showers, sleeping rooms, multiple bars, buffet style restaurant, etc. Everything about that lounge was top notch. In the first class lounge you are also able to board your departing flight directly from the lounge. Hopefully you will be able to experience a first class flight on emerites and will be able to do a video of your experience. Safe travels!
Versatile Leader (4 days ago)
Can we have Halal meal at Lufthansa
flo jo (4 days ago)
I hate that you don't exist for the airline unless you fly first or business. Everything sucks in economy, from the food to the toilets to the fake smiles. Makes me want to travel less often.
SKY LINER (5 days ago)
Love Lufthansa to me the best airline
Len Crites (7 days ago)
Love your smile!
Grover Watson (7 days ago)
Flew Business Class on China Airlines 747-400 a few years ago from San Francisco to Bangkok... loved that upper deck, and the Flight attendants were really polite and sweet.....
Rohan Bhatia (8 days ago)
If I was economy, I would want to get off that plane immediately, but if I were business or first, twelve hours or more would be great
Ramiro Fernandez (10 days ago)
I guess I need 10 hours to enjoy all features of a business class!
Damon (10 days ago)
That is one of my life goals..to fly on a plane that I can have a seat that lays flat...
James MacKenzie (12 days ago)
Great video, and from a very attractive man! Thank you!
Drake Vandiver (13 days ago)
The food was “okay”? The windows weren’t good enough for you? Bloody hell.
Oscar Friis (13 days ago)
@jebbroks when you are in Lufthansa business class there is a small compartment below the armrest with the seat controls either to your right or left (depending on where you sit) there is a universal power port there👍🏻👍🏻
Carter4240 (14 days ago)
As Baltimore-Washington airports go Regan is definitely the best in my opinion solely because there's never anyone there. Dulles is a close second and, while it has gotten better, they're both 1000x better than BWI
Ricardo sam (14 days ago)
It’s beautiful aircraft queen still here new 747/8 best
john brown (15 days ago)
Mr. Jeb, thanks for taking the time to document your flight. Very informative.
Kurt Hubbard-Beale (16 days ago)
Blah blah blah - it's a bloody seat on a plane - get over it 🤔🙄😣
Slime Tube (19 days ago)
once i was in sydney and flew back home on my birthday and the pilot said to the whole cabin to wish me a happy birthday and when we landed i got to go in the cockpit of the 747 and do a quick takeoff with the pilot we did a quick 10 minute flight and we took off i did it and i landed but i like to go 9 hours in economy 12 hours in business and 17 hours in first!
fluffycat savage (19 days ago)
it is too hot (like that's a Problem :/ )
tahu Tahu (21 days ago)
“it’s a bit hard to leave... do you have similar feelings?” best announcement ever!!! keep up the good work on these videos
willburr13 (23 days ago)
I really liked flying on Lufthansa, (I flew Prem Econ from Chicago to Frankfurt on a a350 and then back on a 747). The crew was very friendly and like you, i really liked the captains announcement.
1keykneedeep (24 days ago)
That was a beautiful set up. I personally like 0 hours of flight time.
Firenze Akello (26 days ago)
It's such a dream to fly in that plane
QU0B3N 9999 (27 days ago)
8:38 butterrrrr
architvats (28 days ago)
Go on emirates Dubai-San Francisco
Dmytro Picky (1 month ago)
blatant ad)
Erin Smith (1 month ago)
My longest flight was 4hr23min
Seb Playz (1 month ago)
I’ve never flown on a 747 😔
cooldevil832002 (1 month ago)
Great video!
Kelly Brown (1 month ago)
What a pretentious TWIT!
SharkBait Productions (1 month ago)
My dad works for the MWAA Fire Enforcement Code Division, at Dulles Airport and Ronald Reagan, so pretty cool to see you flew out of there again. Great videos!
RedTagGuy (1 month ago)
Hey Jeb... Great Video and nice editing!....Keep on that good stuff! Lufthansa is doing a great Job in First as well Business Class...check out my reviews.
TheAmtrakRailfanner 6275 (1 month ago)
My ideal flight would be 15hrs plus! But in business class or higher of course!
andrew stanford (1 month ago)
48 h
Max C (1 month ago)
8-9 hours
Train Gamer YT (1 month ago)
4:06 didn’t even drink it
James Smiley (1 month ago)
Hope you had fun
jr132 (1 month ago)
Try the Lufthansa a350! I just flew from Chicago to Frankfurt on the 747-8 and back to Chicago from Munich on the a350 and I must say, at least for economy, I liked the a350 much better.
Little Moonraker (1 month ago)
Nice video, J really like your videos. Es macht immer Spaß ihnen zu zusehen. 👌. Please go on with this videos. I hope you understand me, because i am from Germany and my english isn‘t the best😂😉🤩
teichleay (1 month ago)
barts23 barts (1 month ago)
Matthew Dang (1 month ago)
I’d like to stay on that plane for 10,000,000 hours,
MTS BROS (1 month ago)
16 hours
Blake Morris (1 month ago)
My dad is a check airman so I already know how to fly a 737
Carole Conger (1 month ago)
Great that your experience was so good.  We flew Lufthansa for 12 hours in economy class from San Francisco to Frankfurt & the seats were so hard that we were putting pillows under our bottoms.  Swore that I'd never ever fly Lufthansa again.
Trevor Martin (1 month ago)
I am taking a 10 to 11 hour flight from california to france in August. I do not get to sit in first class, yay this should be fun (sarcasm) P.S 2019?
Kyler Asian (1 month ago)
I like seeing the cabin interior
Carlos André de Oliveira Câmara (1 month ago)
I love your smile, boy, it's beautiful, your teeth... :) heheheh
TyThe Filipino (1 month ago)
I Like 12Hour Flights Because Flight Attendants Give You Nice Treats Like: Food And Toys!! Even Better When You Go To Manila Philippines From Vancouver Canada On Philippine Airlines🇵🇭😎😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Callum Crowley (1 month ago)
Ideal length of a flight? 10+ hours
Md Fazlul Haque (1 month ago)
N.Y. to dhaka 17.30
Charlie Verleysen (1 month ago)
I live in Kenya nirobin Karen
Mark Anthony De Castro (1 month ago)
Lufthansa's business class is same to the phillipine airlines' busi. Class seats but theirs do not have any tv
TGs Train Clips (1 month ago)
if I get First on airlines such as Qantas, Emirates, American, United, Etihad and both Virgin Atlantic and Australia, I'd stay for days!
Chirag Rathor (1 month ago)
Mine is 2-4 days from JFK international airport to ytushi international airport on a 777 and a340
Sour Pickle (1 month ago)
Never being so american with american flag on your back
Aaden Phanmanee (1 month ago)
19 hours
Blazing Gaming (1 month ago)
On a plane like that I would like to fly 8 hours
Aviation Everything (1 month ago)
Dubai to Melbourne that’s my ideal flight ✈️
Tudor Vlaicu (1 month ago)
Paul Karpiel (1 month ago)
I would stay at least 15 hours so I would have 9 hours to sleep and 6 hours to do what I want!
Leave the drum machine home
PD-Gaming (1 month ago)
7 to 10 hours
Roman Alexander (1 month ago)
Sorry Jeb..... The dreck music that was playing in the background made your video unwatchable.
Barbadian Aviation and mapping and more (1 month ago)
i wanna be on plane for1w1254637yhfkuby78r743854958758475498vyuv9807698759 jb8gb8989b596859605986069589b0n[96b7j6b76n4 days
Jerome O'Mara (1 month ago)
My partner and I took my two sons then 13 & 9 to Madrid, Spain Coach. When we arrived the woman at the dsk said Id liek you to fly Business Class upper Deck. We said that is so nice of you she. Said the 4 of you are so well dressed even your sons I had too., Upgrade you. For my work (now retired one of my First Class flights was down stairs. The Main Course was a Beef Rib Roast sliced at our seats. Itw as the day of smoking which I have given up I said to the stewardess I have to get my Cigareetes in my Jacket she brought over a dish with every cigarette on Earth.
BeeBee's Funtastic Adventures (1 month ago)
Beautiful video, thanks for sharing.
CorruptedGaming (1 month ago)
Pavlen Hristov (1 month ago)
Switching planes. Boeing a380. Airbus 747. Lol
Pavlen Hristov (1 month ago)
Like= You vote for Ryanair meme landings and flights. Comment or like= Easy jet to be toooooo easy
Captain Max Wolf (1 month ago)
Well I want to be a long haul pilot would love to be in the air for more than 9 hours
L.L S. (2 months ago)
I have flown LUfthansa on several occasions. Their service is very Swissesque.
Andy Lam (2 months ago)
great video. i am so jealous over u got invited to check out the cockpit. the chance of viewing the cockpit is just getting less and less after 9/11. how lucky u are man.
The super brick Star (2 months ago)
My ideal flight is 20 hours
mmmstuff (2 months ago)
HAHAHAHA that welcome was so German. Do you have similar feelings? lol
Turkey Man (2 months ago)
When I came home from Europe to Canada 🇨🇦 in 1982 I spent the whole flight in the bar upstairs behind the cockpit with the cockpit door open. And got drunk on rum and coke. Boy times have changed. Just wanted to say good luck were all counting on you.
M Scott (2 months ago)
So good to see a seating configuration that doesn't put premium passengers in pods like battery chickens
bennii 06 (2 months ago)
Ideal length of flight: 17h XD For real: 11h
Callum Wearne (2 months ago)
Now lets see how economy in United airlines compares to this
Andrew (2 months ago)
1 year is an ideal flight on airforce one.
Charmin Wells (2 months ago)
I flew from London to Johannesburg, South Africa in economy for 9 hours. I flew on Virgin Atlantic. If I had to do it again, I would. The crew was great, the food good, the entertainment choices, excellent! However, because of your reviews, I would try to fly in business class. That would be interesting!
Peter Allen (2 months ago)
FYI, the German Embassy has a large compound on the grounds of Dulles, and that Lufthansa flight gets a lot of business from German diplomats and govt folks. Might give them a reason to put their top crews staffing it.
Josiah Rivera (2 months ago)
7:20 none, I’m a pilot and even I know flying is the worst part of vacation
Michael Livingston (2 months ago)
There's nothing like a 747. I know they're 'old designed' aircraft, but they're a magnificent plane. Have you ever flown on the L-1011? They were used to cross the Atlantic by Delta.
Michael Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I prefer about 17 hours, even though im not such a fan.
MCuber Planes (2 months ago)
I like stuff like 15 hour flight!
TG Sam (2 months ago)
It's torture to listen German to speak English in the air plane.
Caleb Wellman (2 months ago)
The best flight I've been on is a gulfstream 200 from LA to Hawaii
john naiman (2 months ago)
Emirates,Qatar,Etihad you will forget about Lufthansa in a Heartbeat
Steve Burnell (2 months ago)
Love this vide as well ... Also on a shallow note, you're so cute ;)