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Dog wants his drink

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (8)
I do U do (3 months ago)
His channel ded😭 0of
- DevZaqer - (5 months ago)
Almost at a 100K!
Ass Clown Vlogs (5 months ago)
Kill urself
- DevZaqer - (5 months ago)
Ass Clown Vlogs smh how bout you stop being a toxic little fuck and go do one of your cringey ass vlogs.
Ass Clown Vlogs (5 months ago)
Just watched ur wolf video, you r a sick price of shit, it is terrible that I would upload a video of an innocent animal getting attacked. And u not doing anything about it
Jeff Walkmam (6 months ago)
Herr Schweizer (6 months ago)
When i was 13 years old, i masturbated with break.com videos. Half naked women, that was my porn
Super Saiyan Rose Goku black the god (7 months ago)
Wilson next video