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Magnets and Marbles !

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Music : Kontinuum - First Rain [NCS Release] : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKI1P2gEK54 Hey ! After 3 domino videos, Marbomino is back ;) In this project, I use those little magnets that can be used to make cubes and others geometric figures, I think the name is "Neocube". It's really impressive how many tricks you can do with that, at the beginning I didn't think that I could make a whole project based on those magnets, but finally, it was pretty easy and I think there is still lots of cool tricks to discover ! I like this kind of video when I can't do what I want, I'm forced to think of tricks with magnets in that case. It's the opposite of my video "Random screen link" when I just build all the thing that come to my mind, constraints are good for the creativity it allows to find original tricks that no one has thought (I think, because I've never seen something like this on youtube). It reminds me my project "The New Trick" after rubber bands, let's use magnets ;) I think this project is the best one of the three I did with marbles, but there are still a little problem : the lighting. Because now that I'm in a small appartement for studies, there is only one window on my room, it's not a big one and I don't have powerfull lights. That's why some of the ideas in this screen link seems to be darker than others, you can litteraly see the difference when a cloud passes over the sun (and it's happend 2-3 times). It's also the reasons why I made a project with marbles, in a small room it's easier than dominoes, even when you have a long table ! - Why the video has taken so long to come out ? Yeah, I know ... but let me explain, because there's many reasons : First, I had to buy marbles and magnets on ebay, I waited 2 weeks for the delivery. Then I made a first screen link but it was bad because of a format problem on my camera. The movie was jerky and the lighting was terrible because I tried to use artificial lights (very bad idea ). Also, this screen link was supposed, at the beginning, to be a big machine in one take on my table, but I give up after 50 fails, maybe RGM is not my thing. Maybe I just need to try with more reliable tricks ^^ And the last reason : I'm lazy and perfectionnist, with those two things it's hard to finish a project, because I have this idea in my mind since 3 months maybe, and I work really hard for only 4 minutes at the end (domino builder is a hard job) .But trust me there is more work in this project than you can see in this video, because of how many times I start from scratch. You can see that this description is bigger than in my other videos, because this time I had lots of things to say, and I realize that it's better for you to know the background of a project. If you read all this description, thank you and sorry for my bad english, I'm not used to write long texts like this, but I hope it was interesting and I hope you like my video ;)
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Silly Drizzy (2 years ago)
This Video was judged best video of 2016 during The 2016 Domino & Machine Awards Show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq9wS_JS2MI For anyone wanting more Chain Reactions, more Dominoes & more Machines, it's worth checking the whole thing out.
Mr. k maker (2 months ago)
Big thumbs up
Barbara Madulara (6 months ago)
Let's f*** bitch
Lina Xu (9 months ago)
Silly Drizzy 1
thành trung phạm (10 months ago)
Silly Drizzy 💚🛐💟💞☮️✡️✡️♒️☮️💟🛐♒️🍱🍱🍡🍏🧀🍔🍗🌮🐖🐐🕊🐎🐓🐐⚾️😝🐚🐿🐫🐲🎍🌳🦔🎋🐄🦙🍄🌖🐄🕊🌴🥀🖤🖍
Who Am I (9 hours ago)
Mosómedve007 (11 hours ago)
mágnesek vanak bene ):_
GinSkimPivot (19 hours ago)
Says _'Hold my beer...'_ to the guy with the domino spiral.
Mystic poptart (22 hours ago)
I hope to god that was real
David Šesták (2 days ago)
This is very good
pinkpillowturpdog (2 days ago)
I did not see that last part comin
BlixerGaming (2 days ago)
too.. satisfying..
Danilo Pereira (2 days ago)
Puta que pariu, impossível parar de ver, muito bom.
Bartu Brawl Stars (3 days ago)
scazt _vn (3 days ago)
Tố cáo hack game
MIR HIMEL (4 days ago)
That was very intelligent work
pedro gelo (4 days ago)
Bailey Cohen (4 days ago)
This is a fun video and I love how everything is set up and executed, but it isn't a true chain reaction. If you look closely the wood grain in the table is the same in every shot. Still had fun watching it though :-)
Andrea Baluyut! (6 days ago)
best marbles
nikhil nagboth (6 days ago)
Card Twister (7 days ago)
Amazing bro
xXToMiToToXx !!! (7 days ago)
Pragun Patil (7 days ago)
2:39-2:44 is superb
Pragun Patil (7 days ago)
1:35 -1:36 is the best part
ANKUSH PANCHE (7 days ago)
BEY QUAD (7 days ago)
Who ever dislike this video is a noob. As if they (the dislike guys) can do it. This guy is amazing and smart! I think this guy got A+ for his/her science. Good!!!!!!!
ASD TECH (8 days ago)
Mst yr
Matin Ahmed (9 days ago)
Awesome man
ELiz 2004 (9 days ago)
Что у видео 19 мил просмотров а подписчиков всего 166 тыс ?!?!
ELiz 2004 (9 days ago)
прикольно получилось .
DarkShade (9 days ago)
That was traumatizing :|
Muha Kz (10 days ago)
alto (10 days ago)
"where are all my wooden blocks, marbles, magnets and my damn spaghetti!?"
ThatBananaGuy (11 days ago)
At least it's not on Algodoo... OR MAYBE?
Zhifei Liu (11 days ago)
Sauce yes so
RAMAZAN ASKAROV (12 days ago)
5MadMovieMakers (13 days ago)
Still holds up
Habray (15 days ago)
этож вроде белоруские копейки были или в росии тоже токии
D4 (15 days ago)
ЕDно малко бРаDва имам, с него спЬ !
Майнер z (12 days ago)
CSm Aks Gaming (15 days ago)
Gaming Apple (17 days ago)
I like how it gets sorted by color
Sabarish Sabarish (18 days ago)
Very nice good work
บ้าน ส้อง (18 days ago)
CarlosYT Catone (18 days ago)
Incredible and long
Jon Pounds (19 days ago)
우유송 (19 days ago)
Dale Anderson (20 days ago)
pratap rai (20 days ago)
Wow it is cool
Money God (21 days ago)
Mad respect
기린 (21 days ago)
How does a magnet bounce off?
Masayoshi (22 days ago)
no problem =)
Fhh Fgh (23 days ago)
This is every time the same table and a lot of marble runs!!!!! FAKE!!!!!
Blue Legion (23 days ago)
TR¡GON ` (26 days ago)
Arda (26 days ago)
All Materials On the wall
남자 (26 days ago)
ACHITOY007 Roblox gamer (27 days ago)
Who 2019 👇
남자 (26 days ago)
WHO AM I!!! WHO AM I!!!!
ACHITOY007 Roblox gamer (27 days ago)
Jayjay McFly (29 days ago)
1:40 how ingenius is this?
David (30 days ago)
Lampadiy (1 month ago)
ADah Hand (1 month ago)
How do you do THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tonino Mele (1 month ago)
Zachery Wynn Duenas (1 month ago)
Very good working
450 subscribers without any video (1 month ago)
This is more interesting than my maths book anyone thinks the same ??? Tell me by liking the comment
Mr (1 month ago)
ーmai (1 month ago)
Pavan Inventions (1 month ago)
javier carreño (1 month ago)
Vaya cuanto tiempo habrá costado y cuanta creatividad 👍👍
guara ultimeite (1 month ago)
nice perfect
Boost Mobile (1 month ago)
вячеслав кирпин (1 month ago)
Сделайте в замедленой съемке чтобы лучше понять физику магнита
A Cat (1 month ago)
The Divine Spooketh (1 month ago)
This needs to be a puzzle game
Александр Кулагин (1 month ago)
У кого то очень много свободного времени)
ARKA CHAKRABORTY (1 month ago)
That was epic dude
たこわさTV かもしれない (1 month ago)
えっ 凄杉じゃん (語彙力は地球の磁力に吸い組まれた…)
Akul Bansal (1 month ago)
Do you study physics
Mukesh Jain (1 month ago)
So if it was shown into school project ...will that win first price??😀
JN HH Gaming (1 month ago)
awesome bro
Arati Sahani (1 month ago)
Genius great mind blowing😨😨😨
K.S.B. Gamer (1 month ago)
꧁༒Saนrabђ༒꧂ (1 month ago)
Please like for his work please!
Wally West (1 month ago)
The YouTube recommendations haven’t been this great since 2010
Kobe Kola (1 month ago)
the fact that this is horizontal is throwing me off. edit: no i mean... uh vertical. edit: diagonal e_e
Timofiy Machinski (1 month ago)
FS (comments)
Joshua Edwards (1 month ago)
It was hard to tell if this was on the floor or on a wall
kevin guittar (1 month ago)
Any one watching in 6589
NaPP (1 month ago)
Thats so cool.
Alisia Ale (1 month ago)
Good job at whatever is this! 👍
Carolee Leet (1 month ago)
How long did it take to be built
Arkister 1 (1 month ago)
This video makes my day
Jenga (1 month ago)
1:39 wombo combo
Jason's Animations (1 month ago)
Imagine if this was a video game.
Nguyen Dung (1 month ago)
Nguyen Dung (1 month ago)
Киров Федор (1 month ago)
Вот кто может заминусовать?!? Хейтеры сферических объектов?! Борцы за права магнитов?! Может это те, кто против, что нет ни одного черного шарика?! Капец народ. Контент годный!👍
Ray Brandes (2 months ago)
Very clever and entertaining!
Gacha Châu (2 months ago)
IQ cao
TY2z2t Alt (2 months ago)
I want the marbles
(2 months ago)
very nice
Corine Van Veldhuizen (2 months ago)
mr. FOOSHY (2 months ago)
Dis guy have big brain
STCubing (2 months ago)
Uh Kaplamino? Somebody copied this video, and didn't credit you. The viewers even think that he / she created the video. Plz report it for copyright https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVtJ9o5vqHg