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Best of the Week | Houndnosis

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Text Comments (269)
The Poplular Homeless Girl (3 hours ago)
I don’t get the one where the girl hits a ball from golf like if u agree
Thehehetree 1 (3 hours ago)
0:50 lol his laugh 😂
masio kobek (6 hours ago)
1:17 fishs for helps
Aharon Rosner (1 day ago)
on minute 3:31"Like a rock" is like: WTF were you thinking!?!?! of course that's going to happen you imbecile!!
James Manaois (2 days ago)
the best part is in 10:00 / click
Vijay diwaakar (2 days ago)
1:27 Fishes:- Is that an UFO?
Joanna Krawczyk (2 days ago)
5:17 pozdro polacy
Kpop Dragon (2 days ago)
*7:49** can you explain what happened there?*
lingoting (2 days ago)
@0:37 what did he break?
Amanda Whalen (2 days ago)
4:48 watch your house get flooded
Rajendra Negi (2 days ago)
So even dogs are living better life than me
Taehyung X Jimin (2 days ago)
1:00 awwwww
DramaKing Lyz (3 days ago)
1:28..The camera is so clear! 😱
Keagen Mooney (4 days ago)
Aidan Burns (5 days ago)
7:11 "furry trash"
Aidan Burns (5 days ago)
6:27 insert any jontron meme here
Aidan Burns (5 days ago)
5:04 yup it's Wednesday!
Aidan Burns (5 days ago)
1:52 hey son grab my shotgun!!!!
crazyzorimonkey1 (5 days ago)
What's the original video for 5:04?
Alicia Witherspoon (5 days ago)
When he fell out his chair my phone fell out of my hand
What If (5 days ago)
Dog.exe has stopped
Danielius Krušinskis (5 days ago)
Opaa lietuviai
David Ortiz (6 days ago)
On the second clip you could totally become spiderman
Bao Huynh Gia (6 days ago)
1:08 rest in peace shirt
xXCookie_PlayzXx xD (7 days ago)
Oligampla (7 days ago)
3:05 When mom wakes you for school.
s12311061 (7 days ago)
wut does his butt feels?(first video)
AlASFoOoR LS4 (7 days ago)
Love Your Videos 💙✔️💯
Joe Blow (7 days ago)
4:49 bet they wish they installed a backflow preventer.
Julian Rosas (8 days ago)
9:14 Lake eloa @ orlando, FL 🤔 known for its large population of swans,birds, and various lake dwellers alike.. Mind the homeless..
Foxy for life (8 days ago)
The thumbnail the dog is being choked :'( animal abuse
Sullyboi Vlogs (8 days ago)
On money well spent it was a 1000 dollar 💵 drone
Rodney Pratt (8 days ago)
Come on people, it's 2018 when you take a video you hold your phone sideways thank you so very much
The '7' (8 days ago)
9:16 Nooo.. my p**sy
Klara xD (8 days ago)
5:16 Polska kurwa ! 😂
Shadow Master (9 days ago)
Petal Mist (9 days ago)
8:28 is that LITHUANIAN?!?!?!?!?!?! I am fliping out!!!!!!
Kakaokoks (9 days ago)
5:30 '' o kurwa no i po dronie'' xDDDDDDD
MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW (9 days ago)
Nikas Metal (9 days ago)
8:30 lietuviskai :D
chief 1 redwolf (9 days ago)
Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you
Ankush Kumar (9 days ago)
6:36 that dog was strapped in a place with a bone stuffed into his mouth .that poor dog was probably not in good condition.its not funny
MrJhalexis (6 days ago)
It seems that he was being pulled from behind too. You're right it's not funny at all
Sophster Zerosix (9 days ago)
Thumbnail at 6:26 thank me later 😊
forgoton soul (10 days ago)
what does he break in the 2nd one???
Anelė Pranckevičiūtė (11 days ago)
8:35 and Lithuania comes at it again xD
Celtic Alien (12 days ago)
0:58 song pls ty
Mopstop (13 days ago)
5:21 its poland ??? But me mom from poland weel
John Rambo (14 days ago)
Owww fuck that hurt..Dont do it. Why would anyone do that. It looks like it will take skin off like melting butter
Vortex Foxxツ (15 days ago)
Wtf and why on the first clip?
JOCO 1911 (16 days ago)
If that white swan would have flapped just one wing
gav.-.1106 (16 days ago)
4:20 I love he doesn't quite do it, but he is still proud of himself and says "almost" with a smile! :) These people are keeping humanity alive. (also 4:20, lol)
Morris Falker (16 days ago)
5:07 please don't tell the Japanese and Chinese where they are :(
Liv the cute Girl (16 days ago)
Morris Falker Why?
Bhai Ki TV (16 days ago)
O nic bro
Durk Kush (16 days ago)
9:13 That swan was after some fishy
守る (17 days ago)
Houndnosis at 6:34
silver soulja (17 days ago)
Black people dancing cracks me the fuck up.
Sir memesalot (17 days ago)
so cute godbless all of those animals 777
bjfdog (18 days ago)
How the fuck does Donald Trump still have a job. He's a liar a cheater and a thief. A fine con man with no morals. If he represents your values then by all means, vote for him. Your kids should fuck you up for doing so though.
ProCineQ (18 days ago)
7:56 World Trade Center 2? omg...
Corwin Kelly (18 days ago)
Well I guess it's a lowrider now. 3:33
Spaghetti Man (18 days ago)
thanks first 5 seconds of the video. i forgot what the fucking title was 0 seconds in. thumbs down. also old content
Parksy Bee (19 days ago)
9:02 when you need to go pee but your sibling is is the bathroom
SOFTAIL X (20 days ago)
5:34. Girl got some skill
SOFTAIL X (20 days ago)
2:58. I love stupid people. What would we do without you.
Sheldon Hatch (20 days ago)
This one SUCKED!!! jukinvideos always has good shit, well, not this time. I'd have to agree that this was the worst
Dani Holmes (21 days ago)
Such a Australian response. "Oh their in trouble" *keeps filming* "their over" *keeps filming*
Celeste Smith (22 days ago)
6:28 when its monday and you have a test
rob slover (22 days ago)
oh my god unless you own the children or pets no one cares man!
Kitty Stetson (22 days ago)
Rota von Rotten (22 days ago)
5:28 "o k*rwa!" XDD 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Charj x (22 days ago)
Music at 0:54?
Slice of Pizza (24 days ago)
Slice of Pizza (24 days ago)
6:50 Warrior Cats
Slice of Pizza (24 days ago)
Best of the week my ass more like best of the 5 years
Niru Lingayat (24 days ago)
0:01 music?
Fishin’ With Ginger (12 days ago)
Niru Lingayat a song
SUGA KOOKIES (24 days ago)
Darren (24 days ago)
Tim Y. (25 days ago)
WOW ! Thanks for being an asshole and not even thinking to hold that ladder for him you dumb ass !!!
CameronGOOG Duttry (25 days ago)
8:15 Its the dog from the mask Haha
SUSHI !!! (25 days ago)
8:28 says: -What a good first day kids... *wow*
Impossibly Black (25 days ago)
02:18 Woman: "you want some food?" Dog: "yes"
jun yokatien (26 days ago)
ngu ngục
ClayZ (26 days ago)
Where are the dogs? No dogs? Thumbs down
Chuckie C (26 days ago)
3:33 should hav got a chevy
Sidik Sarısı (27 days ago)
Great vid! I'm sharing funny&fail videos at my channel too. Maybe someday I'll become huge like JukinVideo. Can you guys do me a favour and help me to grow my channel ?
taksirenkijore (27 days ago)
0:34, the amount of retards who use ladders like this is fucking mindboggling!
taksirenkijore (27 days ago)
0:34, the amount of retards who use ladders like this is fucking mindboggling!
Zach Abe (27 days ago)
@5:00 turn the fucking water off
Unicorn gamer Player and builder (28 days ago)
You say queen of moves I say Queen of Flexibility
Sharpshotz Gaming (28 days ago)
*6:26** Houndnosis*
Ned Stark (28 days ago)
7:48 9/11 P.O.V
Chris Hutcheson (23 days ago)
Training exercise for flying under the radar
psymania (28 days ago)
Jeppe Riis Le Baut (28 days ago)
The screaming faggot in the bathroom, scaring the shit out of that poor cat. I wanna find him and cut him into tiny pieces. Fucking subhuman
Luzik Arbuzik:D (29 days ago)
5:18 wow Poland:D im from Poland:P
gumelini1 (29 days ago)
0:15 at this moment Derek knew that he fucked up 😂
Goosebumps 1-1 (29 days ago)
+rep for the topgun reference
efstathios mesaretzidis (29 days ago)
That drone video tho
Lord Random (29 days ago)
Whoever makes the captions of the videos, you should fire him
Eddie (29 days ago)
Ive noticed junkin keeps copying fail army thumbnails.
Satisfy Me Now (29 days ago)
Love it ,it is a channel like this that inspired me to make my own youtube channel keep it up