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Blake inducting Dale Jarrett into the NASCAR Hall of Fame on January 29, 2014

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Star Gazer (4 months ago)
Dale Jarrett is all class. It was a pleasure watching his 1st win at Michigan driving for the legendary Wood Brothers. Than watching his 1st Daytona 500 ( greatest tv call to this day ) win giving JGR their 1st win. At the time you just knew something great was happening. Watching Dale in that Yates horsepower was both amazing and frustrating also...as a DW fan( in the 90's) no one can match that speed and durabilty that those famous Yates engines built race after race. It was a pleasure to watch his success. He is a world class driver and a world class man. Thank u Dale Jarrett for the great memories and the life lessons you taught me over the years. Your a true champion and I know Mr Yates is smiling up above.
Reginald Brewster (1 year ago)
Yates horsepower
Robert Lange (1 year ago)
Imagine the wins Jarrett would have had if he had started when he was 18. DJ was an awesome driver and a true gentleman.
ironoutlaw777 (4 years ago)
Dale was and will be in our family the best NASCAR driver ever in the sport. 
Nocstaa (4 years ago)
DJ was my hero as a kid.  I saw that blue Ford Credit car on the track and thought that was just the coolest car I had ever seen.  As I grew older, I really liked how much of a gentleman he was, much like his father.  It sure isn't the same without DJ on the track.
Survivrs (4 years ago)
@Nocstaa I didn't get into NASCAR until 2001 or '02, but easily, DJ became the driver I loved and cheered for. I was so happy that I was watching when he won Talladega for his final win.
Beryllium (5 years ago)
classy guy
Justin Trebell (5 years ago)
Awesome video Dale Jarrett rocks and was always my favorite driver now he's my favorite commentater
Survivrs (5 years ago)
Woooooo Hooooo!!! Dale Jarrett, aka DJ, was the person who got me interested in NASCAR. My husband has been a fan for quite awhile but it was these last few years with the help of the funny UPS commercials, I fell in love with Dale Jarrett and his demeanor, always a gentleman, always an amazing person. I will never forget your final win at Talladega in '05. My husband was in bed sleeping because he worked the graveyard shift but when you won that race, I went in and started just bouncing on the bed till he woke up so I could tell him that you won. He gave me a smile and a thumbs up because he also not only enjoyed DJ but respected him as well. Congrats DJ, you deserved this!! Iam tearing up as you talk about your dad because Ned is who you learned from, another gentleman in NASCAR. God bless the Jarrett family!
Sandstorm88 (5 years ago)
Thanks for posting this. DJ is the man!!!!
sivvybee (5 years ago)
He was the Real Deal.
betsjuso (5 years ago)
Thank you for uploading, I had my dog at the vet today and was very upset and forgot to watch it.  So very much appreciated.  I am a huge Dale Jarrett fan and he brought tears to my eyes, when he talked about his Mom and Dad and his family.