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My Gangsta Relatives

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Text Comments (15595)
Gankhuyag Khassuuri (7 hours ago)
why are you a queen
YourOKAYFriend Nora UWU (9 hours ago)
Dayum your art looks so cool cartoony and detailed i love it
Baddawg 313 (11 hours ago)
i wish she uploaded more
Ana Lazcano (13 hours ago)
Tabbes face at 1:25 is my mood
V Persona (1 day ago)
I’m adopted and met my real grandma when I was 14. She was so smol and stick-like and she comes over to me, hugs me, then lifts me and I’m like wtf how old are you?!?! She was like 86 at the time 👀👀👀👌🏽 I don’t even kno
xXBubbleGumChocolateXx (1 day ago)
Devin Cx (2 days ago)
Grandma: what in the crap is your phone Tabbe’s : s7 grandma : go buy yourself a new one me: you guy suck iPhone am I right tabbe and grandma: boy
gantugs nyamdavaa (2 days ago)
I watched youtube for 17 hours straight tho
terrablade n stuff (2 days ago)
Try drawing g from re2
Apple Cider (2 days ago)
"All my family lives in korea" *same* ._.
itzyourboi tony (2 days ago)
Any one notice that she has a one piece hat
Cupcake And evil cupcake (2 days ago)
*I watched YouTube for 2 days*
Atam0722 Anar (3 days ago)
William Perry (3 days ago)
Hi u my fave youtuber
Onetwo Flowerz (3 days ago)
Do they speak english, too??
Higher-With-Me STUDIO (3 days ago)
wow barley anyone in the comments make fun of you of what phone you have in my school you get made fun of for having anything else then a iPhone but cool phone!
vargas vargas (3 days ago)
I love your videos but if everyone gives the best donation ever will you give us all one of your free merchandise down below
kirito Kirigaya (3 days ago)
I died when she added Logan Paul 💀💀
C1iX (3 days ago)
Her grandma has the power to kill the ones that is already dead
kitty girl #kittylove (3 days ago)
Kid: (screams and whines) me: Nope not today =later= me: so thats why i punched him police: and that shut him up? Me: Yes police: TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!😸😸😸
THE_GAMERS_WAREHOUSE 2020 (3 days ago)
Me: I’m gonna watch YouTube forever (falls asleep in one minute)
Midnight Rose (4 days ago)
Nope just you on watching YouTube too long ☺
noxcas Tonacios (4 days ago)
Man i dont have a korean family but i do have a japanese one and let me tell you ive never seen a man capable of so much wasabi consumption at once
Ramon kalvik (4 days ago)
Dod i have fackyng watkhed youtube for 2 fackyng days without sleep and i am doing that right now and i am not even sleepy
krimson alpha (4 days ago)
Ur kid play fortnite Then u better had abort-nite
rosesarefree100 (5 days ago)
2:13 Hell, Legit Hell
bear bear (5 days ago)
shit you making me wheeze
bear bear (5 days ago)
‘oh word i got limbs now?’😹😹
bear bear (5 days ago)
‘Maple Syrup’😹😹
Mga KaSolar (5 days ago)
i watch yt for 24/7
SmAlex 0225 (5 days ago)
That's a nightmare for me
Gaspic (5 days ago)
5:26 the fact that your sweat isn’t dripping the correct way makes me doubt you’re a human
Jay Blow (5 days ago)
WTF ever is wrong with the guys on the TV
Derpysquidz (5 days ago)
7:24 😂
4:50 you have been awarded the first cona victim of south korea to infect other lands
Your boi Marlah (6 days ago)
I do its 24 hours straight. Lol
Mr. PuppetMan and Fortnite (6 days ago)
Danohan3 Strawberrys (6 days ago)
Nice drawing 0:27
Carl Pulido (7 days ago)
Animators: *exists* Wix and shadow raid legends:*IM COMING N***A
Fernando playz (7 days ago)
kineto kun (7 days ago)
4:50 nahh that is corona virus
Johnny Pepper (7 days ago)
Could you feel the radiation?
kian billingley (7 days ago)
After 72 hours you go clinically insane
the guy who doesn't do anything (8 days ago)
BOI you can't beat my highscore!!!! Try 48 hours on youtube XD
Theron Nguyen Phuc (8 days ago)
And I got a cheap ### movie ticket
Jaden Stuart (9 days ago)
Jaden Stuart (9 days ago)
Yea O___O
GM Serajul Islam (10 days ago)
Hell yeah this is USA corecto
a cup of tae with suga and a kookie (10 days ago)
Gacha Person25 (10 days ago)
If you have mexican parents than you know the are way to honest they say "Your fat lose some weight!" But than make you eat food every 10 minutes.
Creepy Pasta (10 days ago)
I stade at a -95 place before.... an holy shit water it was cold..... colder than antarctica by -5 more
Hot Pocket (10 days ago)
Anoyingkiddo:I’m hungry me: can you shutup
The great Papyrus (10 days ago)
Bruh i watch youtube 10-20 hrs Try me i dare you.
K.Z.Z (10 days ago)
Yo where do your grandparents get coffee? I need that shit 🤣
Melissa Turskey (10 days ago)
I have a valid x7
Brooke Kelly (11 days ago)
Me watching in 2020 at the sickness part also me: oop the corona virus
Stormie Weather (11 days ago)
Post moreeee🥺❕
Anahi is ok I guess (11 days ago)
Tabes was the start of th corona virus 🦠
{Purple SaPhire} (11 days ago)
I literally almost choked on my water when your grandma said “if you die right now im gonna kill you”
Andrew Quintero (11 days ago)
Worst nightmare for me but for my sister its heaven
kitty girl #kittylove (11 days ago)
Mom: why do you watch her she always cusses and she talks like a gangster me: I KNOW SHE COOLLLLLLLL SO UH FUCKYA 😎😎😎😎😎 Im so coool
Jack T (11 days ago)
But I'm watching this on a Galaxy S7 right now...
kookie monster (11 days ago)
8:47 ayyy u never walk alone
Benjamations (11 days ago)
IDK what bts is
PUBG master!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12 days ago)
GleamerGleam (12 days ago)
This was a great video to watch, reminded me of my Korean relatives. I hope I can see them again soon despite the times they roast me, shove food to my mouth, etc haha
Jennifer Shaw (12 days ago)
Lol i have a samsung galaxy s 7
Abel Molina (12 days ago)
It is at the bus stop
Rebecca Wells (12 days ago)
I was asking myself, when is tabbes birthday? I wanna know her zodiac sign.
Alex cat :3 (12 days ago)
I like BTS but having them everywhere oh hell Nah
Alex cat :3 (12 days ago)
BTS ooo hall no!
Riley Ijishima (12 days ago)
thanks for telling whats on Korea, now i know whats is the first continuous thinks you will see in there (*BTS*) and i will now make sure to NEVER go to Korea.
Puppy Lover (13 days ago)
hey there (13 days ago)
*We all have that one relative who wears blood red lipstick*
bizzle boy (13 days ago)
I just had a south Korean teacher teach us about their culture and I got to say it is awesome
tj and kj (13 days ago)
Madaja Burnelyte (13 days ago)
I watch YouTube 20 hours straight 🙂
John Cook (14 days ago)
I want to see another new tabs video
Emily Duggins (14 days ago)
(everybody) *watches video* (that black hair dude) *looking depressed* ( me) IS THAT PROFESSOR SNAPE!?
The Spook Theorist (14 days ago)
Muthafuka I watch YouTube for 20+ hours straight
froot loop (14 days ago)
yo you’re bomb ass talented (talking about the art in the beginning)
Tony Santos (14 days ago)
# nosleepsqwad
nikolas mourikis (14 days ago)
Bts auck
Chubby Bunny (15 days ago)
8:14 i like spirited away :,)
don't come to my channel don't come to area 39 (15 days ago)
Same my family live in vietnam i wait 2 years and when i i come 2 years later im like wtf who are you guys family:i hate you
The Rat Across the streat (15 days ago)
It is a u.s. thing I am a night owl
Daryl Jean Paul Harris (15 days ago)
memerweeb (16 days ago)
is that a one piece hat? ohhhh yea
Xenon Lopez (16 days ago)
Isaiah Raymond (16 days ago)
luffy if he was a girl
Kings Dominion Network (16 days ago)
"if you die imma kill you" lol thats like if somebody said "suicide bombers deserve the death penalty" HAHA! wait
1990 GAMING (16 days ago)
Woohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the chiefs won the game!
Why do the kids sound like mac from Aphmau
Isaac Mora (17 days ago)
Nanananana nanananana Wow, that is relatable! Sr pelo
ssrgb kaas (17 days ago)
i watch youtube 18 our
Fernando Cortes (17 days ago)
That soundslike my family
RobloxNature Hi (17 days ago)
Nice hat
frank zappa (17 days ago)
its all the Kimchi in their diet
Will Morgan (18 days ago)
Only in the u.s.
Brodie Grainger (18 days ago)
"someone throw his punk ass out the window" :me: da fuck i gotcha
What is That (18 days ago)
Thug granny part 2 becomes a professional bank robber.