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Stupid Drivers - Car Fails 2018 December #887

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Text Comments (138)
foppo leeuwerke (6 days ago)
In General shit poor driving how they get their licence is beyond me.
Ex B.R. Buckeye Man (9 days ago)
And that's why your insurance keeps going up, not your fault, but we have to pay for pratts.
John Staring (14 days ago)
There is quite obviously no licence, nor any common sense, required to drive a car in Russia. Don't worry about peripheral vision, anticipation, or deceleration. Just plough on through. Tossers.
Ciel Phantomhive (18 days ago)
Foriengers can't drive
Takeshi Nakazato1 (20 days ago)
The guy at 0:31 gasped like Speed Racer!
Tom H (21 days ago)
I almost feel sorry for these people cause they are so fucking stupid
davids11131113 (23 days ago)
Accelerate wildly to snowy Russian intersection, should be fine.
- hey_dude1 - (1 month ago)
Ghost Rider (1 month ago)
After watch bullshit reasons why drivers hate bike riders/cyclist. Then I come here and see why dumb drivers are a DANGER to themselves lmao.
John-Del (1 month ago)
Just a racist observation: Russian drivers seem to be more reckless than anything often exhibiting pretty good skills avoiding other crashes, but Asians just seem to do the stupidest things with cars. So odd for such a bright people.
Kris Di (1 month ago)
There one accident was in my city 😁 nice
Daniel Lindholm (1 month ago)
Killashandra Falta (1 month ago)
0:29 even hurt me! Ouch!
Siddhartha Ray (1 month ago)
All these mishaps due to automatic transmission,
Elysian Legion (1 month ago)
What does an automatic have to do with people driving like retards? I've been driving one for 12 years now and I haven't been in an accident. Sure a standard is better in snow and just for having fun I guess but there isn't anything wrong with an automatic especially if you do a lot of city driving everyday.
Gonçalo Fontoura (7 days ago)
9:28 - Two dickheads with the “I was here first” mentality 😂
RDG Productions (1 month ago)
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aeros (2 months ago)
If no one has ever been to Seattle, this is how they drive.
Aldren domingo (2 months ago)
8:05 “They see me rolling, they hating”
91rummy (2 months ago)
I think drug and alcohol problem in Russia could be one of the reasons for this because they look like they totally lost their ability to judge distance, time, speed etc..
am74343 (2 months ago)
Always in Russia, always with bad Europop playing on the radio...  LOL!!
Khaine V (2 months ago)
If there’s two lanes and the car next to you is slowing down. YOOU SLOW TF DOWN 2! FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU IDIOTS.
I G O T N O J A M S (2 months ago)
0:14 assuming the driver was distracted
Clancy (2 months ago)
You would think stupidity is behind most of these accidents rite? WRONG. What looks like stupidity, is almost always going to be the product of a long running selfish attitude. These people are simply doing the selfish things they usually do and get away with, only this time they have pushed their luck that little bit too far- this is what it is all about!
DefiniteLemon (3 months ago)
8:06 when you go outside after playing 12 hours of Gears of War
Chris Hansen (3 months ago)
Why is it you never see any sports cars in these videos? It's almost like the people preaching about how their unsafe are safer than the people preaching
John barfneck (3 months ago)
5:27 why lane splitting should be banned around the world....and stupid bikers should lose their rides and licenses
John barfneck (2 months ago)
@Bandit Aviation im thinking they =the government=lawmakers should have designated motorcycle lanes when possible.....but? that would have to of been planned for when the roads were being designed built way back when........and in some of those countries outside the usa they would have a hard time finding the space in their city /downtown areas...they would have to make a deliberate plan / literally have to tear down buildings and widen the roads.......¿ by four lanes to keep the break down lanes/emergency bypass lanes in place....annnnd? you would still have idiots blocking the lanes or trying to pass everyone else on the roads..there will still be people tryign to get/take and advantage over everyone else on the roads..
Bandit Aviation (2 months ago)
Also I agree lane splitting should be illegal
Bandit Aviation (2 months ago)
When I'm on my bike I never split lanes except one time to get away from a dangerous driver. Every single other time I rode exactly as I would in a car. Always giving myself plenty of room
Alida R. (3 months ago)
anyone who rear ends a car is plain stupid. either not looking/ paying attention or not leaving enough space between the car in front and themselves
Jim Garrity (2 months ago)
Yep. Tailgating is one of the top causes of car accidents. Only slightly below being shitfaced behind the wheel...
Akmal Razak (3 months ago)
chinese and russian are the most stupidest people
searchoverload8 (3 months ago)
Why so many dumb cammers?
oOcorridosOo TM (4 months ago)
Fucking idiots lmao
anthony brown (4 months ago)
2:06. What kind of car is that? Thanks !!!!
Bandit Aviation (2 months ago)
It looks like a Chinese copy of a Nissan. They copy popular designs from all around the world. Other than that I'm not sure what it is
Lha A (4 months ago)
Syka blyatt
DatThePug pug (4 months ago)
3:22 driver was like "holy shit that was close" gets hit anyways
RENACEDOR 90s (4 months ago)
Tha last is very funny
Zdeněk Horsák (5 months ago)
I love how at least half of these are avoidable if the driver not at fault would look around and mind surroundings a little bit. If ive driven like these ppl (i have right of way so i go no matter what) i wouldve crashed like twenty times last year alone...
Straw (3 months ago)
ya. zero defensive driving skills. Just, mememememememememe, I has right of way, memememememe
JVS 3 (5 months ago)
Wonder how many were texting or talking on their cell phones? Because some of these accidents just seem mindlessly oblivious
Brock Lee (5 months ago)
Uh, quick question. Why exactly is this unsuitable for pregnant women to watch?
Gympie Gympie Ian (3 months ago)
It might shock the baby
Jason Allcreator (5 months ago)
This video is about a common thing. Stupid drivers. Literally every driver is stupid.
Dudas Tamas (5 months ago)
8:04 Dark souls gamer.
iossif davidoff (6 months ago)
I don’t care about priority, blyaaaaaaaat!
Adam B (6 months ago)
8:03 just like Ocarina of Time, the dodge roll is a faster way of travel than just walking.
Bananannihilator (20 days ago)
Or literally any game with that feature
Sagitarioitc (7 months ago)
8:00 WTF?! 😁
Orihara Yuzuru (7 months ago)
4:43 that itasha...
Anita Lea (7 months ago)
These ppl don’t need to ever drive in the snow. Stay Home!
a man of many parts (7 months ago)
Every minute of every day of the year stupid drivers bring a new meaning to the word 'moron'. 😝 🤡
AIRDRAC (7 months ago)
lol @ 5:50 crashing fixed his right front light! :D
Mark M (7 months ago)
For those who crashed off the road in the country lanes have they never heard of putting their lights on high beam??. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
666 (7 months ago)
8:05 😈
lwolf1952 (7 months ago)
There are just people who should not be allowed around anything with a motor.... even a weed wacker.
Alien Abductor (7 months ago)
Hey how about 1080p it's about time right?
Delvon Hall (7 months ago)
The sandwich crash and the flips in the snow was my favorite parts...
Waywatcher (7 months ago)
7:25 Reason why guy was driving slow.
Pastel Leaf (7 months ago)
I actually had a car crash not long ago. We were driving with a defender on a icy Road. We tried to stop but we could not stop, because our car was too heavy. Soooo ya ;D and the next day our car stopped on the highway and someone crashed into us AGAIN from behind. I had a really fun weak ;D
Jose L Aparicio (7 months ago)
Why is always China Russia and Europe ? Watching this vid. Makes me believe there’s absolutely no brains and lots of stupidity on that side of the world
5.000 подписоты Без видосов (1 month ago)
@SWC Products 100% butthurt case overhere 😆
SWC Products (6 months ago)
@Jose L Aparicio No, I'm just saying it as it is. just look at some videos on here and you will see, but as you said you traveled a lot I thought you would by now know how pig ignorant the yanks are.
Jose L Aparicio (6 months ago)
SWC Products 🤣 somebody got butt hurt with my first comment
SWC Products (6 months ago)
@Jose L Aparicio Then you would know how stupid the Americans are then? :)
CptLolles (7 months ago)
3:25 VW driver: "Evades white car". Wow that was close... "White car smashes into his rear" VW driver: -_-
Richard K (7 months ago)
5:26 One thing I've learned from watching all these videos is never do a cut-through. Not worth the risk. Thank you for all the hard work you do.
north seattle (7 months ago)
8:06 i want this drugs too
Tails Doll Gamer666 (7 months ago)
4:44 A car whit anime pic in front thats very rare to see in the street but in this channel you can see anything like this!
Kastet Sama (7 months ago)
Скучная нарезка. Половина видосов была у Автострасти на канале ещё неделю назад
Mr. Rock (7 months ago)
Минуту посмотрел - одно старьё
EclecticBread NCircus (7 months ago)
I don't catch every episode, but I'm glad I chose this one. What the fuck is at 8:00?
Eric (7 months ago)
EclecticBread NCircus lmfao
Сокровища природы (7 months ago)
на ровной дороге такая авария
Mark Kemperman (7 months ago)
I look at these and think Russia and China are filled with idiots. Then I remember Americans elected Trump and rethink this original supposition.
Takeshi Nakazato1 (20 days ago)
I agree with you on that, but I'm a little worried about political discussions in the comments of YouTube videos.... There will be a flame war here soon, you heard it from me first.
Bandit Aviation (2 months ago)
@lwolf1952 I honestly dont think there's anyone that can fix our broken country. Democrat or Republican. That being said I'm not sure an accident compilation is the proper place to have that discussion
lwolf1952 (7 months ago)
Not elected, installed. But we do have a shitload of dirt-stupid people in 'Murica. GWB got a second term.
Max P (7 months ago)
one more channel of brain masturbator!
Charles Green (7 months ago)
8:08 😎👍
Charles Green (7 months ago)
4:48 🤔👍
Stefan Petrescu (7 months ago)
What drugs do to ppl
chaosdemonwolf1 (7 months ago)
More than half this shit wouldn't happen if they all just SLOWED DOWN
Sergeant Gunny Gaming (7 months ago)
How do you spot an idiot driver on the road? Look for the idiot that speeds on wet/icy/snowy roads. Anyone that passes and speeds in unsafe condition like that, Well, I'm sorry to tell you the truth, but YOU ARE AN IDIOT.
MrRiggyRiggs (7 months ago)
Hahaha fail fail fail.
Red 13 (7 months ago)
11:21 "Sure, they've got their turn signal on, but I think I'll pass them anyway!"
John barfneck (2 months ago)
never fails ,there will always be someone like that on the road.
Red 13 (7 months ago)
5:22 I wouldn't do that even if I did have a motorcycle. I'd just wait in line like everybody else.
Skunker Bunker (7 months ago)
Cyclists like that would blame the other driver even though they were breaking the law. Oh wait ... they are not subject to the law
Josh Galka (7 months ago)
SMASH!! WOW.... :O
SWC Products (6 months ago)
Indicators ffs how did half of them even pass a test.
5.000 подписоты Без видосов (1 month ago)
@Aseril in russia they just buy them, not sure about china
SWC Products (6 months ago)
@Aseril So are UK and USA thats why they bomb innocent people in their own countries :)
Aseril (6 months ago)
SWC Products Russians and Chinese are notorious for forgetting laws
christofdavid (7 months ago)
4:27 on purpose crash & don't give away. 5:02 reminds of ETS 2. 6:42 how silly can that be?
Dance Around The World (7 months ago)
8:03 like a boss
bloodface24 (4 months ago)
When rolling feels faster than running in a videogame... Lol.
north seattle (7 months ago)
LSD is a hell of drug
C. E. Torchia (7 months ago)
Watch out for kids doing summersaults in a snowstorm on the road.
Tanzz zzz (7 months ago)
6:54 and the idiot driver of the year goes to...
Elephant Raccoon (7 months ago)
I imagine this is how some people get nicer cars... act like they don't see the car or slow down when someone is directly in front of them doing something dumb. Oops that guy hit me - upgrade car time!
Adrian Smeria (7 months ago)
8:50 Locality, speed limit 40 km/h, very close sign for dangerous turn. Our driver boldly ignores everything.
SoDak Driver (7 months ago)
OK--- Cam Experts--- What is the camera used @8:00 ????
SoDak Driver (7 months ago)
@stickloaf ---- I KNOW! I want to know the make and model of that cam-- that video quality is excellent
stickloaf (7 months ago)
its called a dashcam...very popular in Russia
keokiracerhalsteren (7 months ago)
4:43 That car lol
Tails Doll Gamer666 (7 months ago)
Anime lovers thats very rare to see in the street
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia (7 months ago)
ابن اليمن (7 months ago)
لا إله إلا الله
LIKE A BOSS DUDESONS 4 LIFE (7 months ago)
2:38 if you want to see the flash pic like plse
Nomadic Pioneer (7 months ago)
God Bless America
Fixow Z (7 months ago)
What about Other countries !
AlphaRomeo-OneFive (7 months ago)
Imagine a new country, where we combine Russia's drivers and China's drivers. We could live stream their car crash videos 24/7!
Lawrence Zheng (5 months ago)
Not many are China actually
Dean Juliano (5 months ago)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH FUCK!!! I was going to comment this exact thing. You Win!
SWC Products (6 months ago)
@SoDak Driver im just sick of all the BS comments of anti Russia its becoming a bit boring , i see enough on are crap media all day Russia this Russia that. just gets a bit old. i am chilled :)
SoDak Driver (6 months ago)
@SWC Products LOL---- check the murder rate for RU versus USA and then get back to me. My comment was about the NATURE of car crashes from RU versus China/Asia. Chill dude.
SWC Products (6 months ago)
@SoDak Driver YANKS shooting each other behind the wheel.
100vla (7 months ago)
Oh how much i like when the stupid one gets busted...
LiL_G_World 1 (7 months ago)
1st person to watch 1st to like 1st to comment
lwolf1952 (7 months ago)
I give up. Who is it?
Boli420 (7 months ago)
You number 2, foo.
Lars Andersson (7 months ago)
And nobody gives a fuck...