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UPS Delivery Guy vs. Icy Driveway

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Last week we had an ice storm. My driveway was smooth, wet ice... super slippery. I heard the UPS truck pull up so I opened the garage and told him to just leave the package at the sidewalk and I'd figure out a way to get it, but he insisted on getting it to me. Above and beyond... this guy is awesome.
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Stitch o7 (1 month ago)
The thumbs up at the end lol
Tom Dziubak (2 months ago)
Foreignstar (3 months ago)
He gets a 10 from me!!!
LOVE SASORI (4 months ago)
Love it
Super Spaceship (4 months ago)
_Power move!_
Flannel Unicorn (4 months ago)
You all want your packages but aren't willing to put some melt on the driveway?🤔
flafla fluehie (6 months ago)
I've done that before I still drive for UPS you got to have some fun sometimes to make time pass
MrPackers2012 (6 months ago)
Now what would be really funny is if that was a shuffle board in that box!
Sanctuarygirl415 (7 months ago)
Livereater00 (7 months ago)
Walt is a shitty homeowner... put some de-icer on your driveway... cheapskate
Cosmo Kramer (7 months ago)
Too bad he didn’t see the grass to walk in
Stephanie Johns (7 months ago)
Great job UPS guy. That’s dedication!
Brian Chernesky (7 months ago)
that's the teamster way!!
Blaine Burris (7 months ago)
He literally could’ve just backed the truck closer to the house 🤦🏻‍♂️😂💀
Walt Gorczowski (7 months ago)
He did try to back up further... couldn't (tires just spun). Hard to see in the picture, but the driveway gets steeper at the sidewalk.
Gary Campbell (7 months ago)
We are trained not to back up to houses. And he may have already tried and was spinning his tires. He did the right thing stopping where he did.
Brian Bullen (7 months ago)
and risked sliding into the house? naw, Im walkin in the snowy yard
widndn (7 months ago)
He deserves a raise.
Jordan Copeland (7 months ago)
Dude deserves a raise/award
Buellerbabe (7 months ago)
This made me really happy. Thanks for sharing. This guy clearly loves his job : ) Good reminder that we should all be more playful and positive.
Juana Kravitz (7 months ago)
GIVE this poor guy a RAISE! LOL XD
Terran (2 months ago)
Those guys make 50 to 70k a year
volcano hi (7 months ago)
There was an icy day here this year and I was out clearing my driveway when I saw fed ex drive by. I kept waiting all day for my package and then it said package exemption- weather. It was on his truck.
Rick Nichols (7 months ago)
TurdFerguson is a douchebag who sucks of men for meth.
jake z (7 months ago)
Hilarious yes, but if you don't work for UPS you have no idea how terrible this is. First off he's backed in driveway, big no no. Second he has no cleats on. Third he should of walked on snow. I'm not trying to be debbie downer just letting people know if he got hurt UPS would say it was his fault.
volcano hi (7 months ago)
ups drivers are usually pretty good and not running into mailboxes or stuff. One time they pulled me into the office and accused me of pissing on the customers door of all things.
jake z (7 months ago)
hi  sounds like you know how UPS runs for sure. I just know the first thing they would ask if something happened was "were you in the driveway". Basically you're on the hook then, anything happens its avoidable in their eyes.
volcano hi (7 months ago)
he is a dummy, that couldve killed him. I fell really bad in the carwash because they told me to wash the truck and i got out and it was a sheet of ice. They wanted it clean because of some management inspection the next day.
volcano hi (7 months ago)
usually you travel in a line but if its one stop on the road you have to turn around. At any stop like that you always back in. That way you clear the area first visually and then you give a little honk while backing and using your mirrors and the rear viw camera. Its always safer to back in vs backing out because lets say in between you getting into the truck and doing your stuff and then starting it- Who knows if a baby just crawled under your truck? or more realistically its just easier to clear the area on the way in. Also its easier to drive away fast when you drop off the package that is obviously damaged. I was a driver but before that I worked in the building and sometimes a bowling ball would be shipped. It would turn the box round and it would then roll on the conveyor belts and destroy all the other packages. theres 50 foot tall slides with a `12 lb ball rolling down it.
jake z (7 months ago)
@volcano hi you only back when neccessary right? Obviously this wasn't necessary. I'm just saying UPS wouldn't be happy. But hey the customer got his toaster so cool.
Mountain (7 months ago)
Well done
wd9ufo (7 months ago)
Actually, he should be wearing his spikes. LoL
Fyodor (6 months ago)
Yes, great for driving..
TheKymberWolf (7 months ago)
I love the thumbs up the UPS guy gave when he successfully delivered the package
Alexander the gray fox (6 months ago)
TheKymberWolf an then he butt scoot away
Kristin Moore (7 months ago)
Haha he deserves a raise for that one!
lacey saije (7 months ago)
We get paid 37$ in MS
Stuff and more (7 months ago)
We get paid 34.xx per hour, it's a fixed rate.
mrmann123456789 (7 months ago)
Ellen was here
efenty FNT (7 months ago)
what a lad
Grace Anaclerio (7 months ago)
Hi there Walt! My name is Grace, and I work with the Ellen Show! We love this video and may want to feature it on an upcoming episode. Do we have your permission to do so? Let us know! Grace.Anaclerio@EllenTV.com
Jesse Dominguez (12 days ago)
volcano hi even better for them to use it then ..
volcano hi (7 months ago)
that was a pathetic way to ask. Fake news. They are going to go from your vid to some anti Trump pro gay stuff so dont let them use it.
efenty FNT (7 months ago)
dont you give these leaches permission
Jonathan Perry (8 months ago)
Why didn't get just walk up the snow?
Shirley Tarbox (7 months ago)
There was ice in all directions.
00zarzu00 (7 months ago)
not as fun or helpful & may also have had a coating of ice over it too anyway
UPS (8 months ago)
We'd love to recognize the driver. Please email us the details to help@ups.com. ^MH
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Walt Gorczowski (8 months ago)
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