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Wealth and Slavery in Massachusetts | Stuff You Missed in History Class

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Tracy and Holly visit the Royall House and Slave Quarters historic site and museum in Medford, Massachusetts to learn about its history and its place in the larger narrative of slavery in America. MUSIC: ‘Élégie, op. 24’ composed by Gabriel Fauré, performed by Hans Goldstein RELATED LINKS: http://www.royallhouse.org/ Wealth and Slavery in Massachusetts | Stuff You Missed in History Class https://youtu.be/QdE7ravZvas
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Text Comments (66)
Da Noyze (3 months ago)
I have to call BS African kings was selling and enslaving their own people. let's talk about the Islamic slave trade of Africa. there's more slavery today in Africa than there was in the past fact
Da Noyze (3 months ago)
lol I knew in the back of my mind their so-called professional would be a black woman which in no way shape or form has ever been or will be a Slave.
edward lewis (3 months ago)
What is the difference between slaves and pets?
RealTalk (3 months ago)
Slaves make you money pets cost you money lol
DigiPal (3 months ago)
Can someone please explain why nobody say that, in the first place, "black" africans and muslims, sometimes both together, were behind most of the kidnappings in smalls villages in Africa? It's a known fact now. Not that I don't want to see that slavery in America was a white men business, but in Africa, muslims and black men were behind these kidnappings, for a large amount, as the historicians say now.
redneckhippiefreak (3 months ago)
The thing that I find sad. Questioning if We ever stopped the practice or just repackaged it in a more sterile and attractive package.. =/
Nexus of ice (3 months ago)
I think that is a little bit of incorrect information about who captured the African slaves... OTHER African tribes captured other Africans and sold them into slavery to the Europeans on the ships most of the time. So the Africans were actually selling themselves into slavery. I think the "expert" needs some more research time.
Taylor Teller (3 months ago)
ok u learn this . but I don't & not interested
Realm roy (3 months ago)
Have you guys ever looked into the flat Earth theory. I know It sounds stupid, but if you {really} look hard enough you won't like what you find. Just keep asking yourself why and don't get scared. "I'm Sorry" but you will see things differently from that point on. Question everything Sincerely, I AM
jerospace (4 months ago)
Great job ladies! More videos please:)
Cutie mimi (4 months ago)
they enslaved human beings for money. a lot of people got tortured and bad things happened..now the rich and the slaves died...each person is now facing the consequences of their action in the other life.
marie1w (4 months ago)
it would be nice to try and locate the ancestors of the slaves then sell the house and pay them or start reparations in some form because they are still making money on that plantation.
Da Noyze (3 months ago)
sounds like another form of government assistance. the 7 most scariest words are. we're here from the government to help
DigiPal (3 months ago)
Hope you're not the real one...
Donald Trump (4 months ago)
Or the ancestors of the slaves can just be happy that because slavery existed they live in one of the best countries in the world rather than an ebola ridden hell hole.
Charles Labedz (4 months ago)
the Europeans weren't enslaving the Africans... they were purchasing them at the slave market in Africa. otherwise this is a great video.
the student (3 months ago)
+David Noyse same old victim argument SMH....yes white people are the greatest thing since sliced bread...get over yourself
Da Noyze (3 months ago)
when you grow up telling yourself you're a victim without actually being a victim this is what happens you grow up being a victim of your own mentality
Charles Labedz (3 months ago)
the student you continue to astound. could it be that you do not understand premise + premise = conclusion. so I copy paste your derogatory description of me an my ancestry. added your inferences(which mean exactly that) and concluded you have lost the logical argument. you provided the exception to the rule that proves the rule. ergo in the main, slavers did act in such a way(I.e. bought slaves at market) your counterpoint and supporting citation clearly said that mostly slaves were bought at market. and that proved me right and you wrong. you attempted to control the conversation by ignoring my righteous logic and continue to express your inability to discuss and argue. by the way ad homonym means "against the man" it is when a fool attacks an individual instead of arguing from logic. you continue to do so.
the student (3 months ago)
+Charles Labedz "You also inferred that I owned slaves or approved of slavery." Where did I say this...you need to read what I wrote not say what you think...and yes you are no different than the murderous pricks of the past.
Charles Labedz (3 months ago)
No, you said that I'm no different than my murderous savage devil ancestors. You also inferred that I owned slaves or approved of slavery. Those are are homonym attacks. You did not address my points. You attacked me. Ergo you lost.
Grimm_ Ace (4 months ago)
So if you're wealthy, life is fun. If you're poor it's terrible. I already knew that lol.
Dan Troop (4 months ago)
Slavery at any time in its long history is deplorable. It was bad when the Egyptians did it, when the Greeks did it, when the Romans did it, when Europeans did it or were taken as slaves by other tribes or cultures and is still wrong today when it is still practiced in third world countries and Muslim groups. European slave traders did not go out into the African countryside and capture slaves, they bought the African slaves other which Africans had captured and sold to whoever had the money.
Nexus of ice (2 months ago)
+Jay Tiger So to reiterate the statment... Everyone involved in the practice of slavery is equally to blame and humans have profiled each other no matter what race or Geographical location they are from. That is just human nature. So saying that the people that SOLD the slaves to the the Europeans are any less responsible or any less wose of a people based upon their actions is clearly flawed. And trying to say the sellers arnt as bad as the buyers it just acting the part of the apologist. If you read history you will realize that human suffering and mistreatment upon our fellow man is EQUALLY appalling and constant through ALL groups of people in human history.
Nexus of ice (2 months ago)
+Jay Tiger​ And no you are mistaken by the comment that "if you were born black" you were automatically a slave in America.. Slave laws only applied to existing slaves. Not free black people and their descendants or new free blacks that entered the country. So just because you were black in the US during the period of slavery did NOT automatically make you a slave. That and Slavery was not brought to America. Is already existed there even before Europeans came to the new world. Slavery was not a new thing in that regard. Europeans just started bringing their own supply of slaves.
Christine Awesomesauce (4 months ago)
Love this - please do more historical videos!!
HowStuffWorks (3 months ago)
Thank you! <3 We're definitely looking for opportunities for Tracy & Holly to take us on more historical field trips.
Nausi Windstrider (4 months ago)
I was thrilled to see Holly and Tracy together on a video. After a moment of fangirl glee I sobered and was filled with gratefulness for what the two of you do. I was not aware that any place like this existed. Just as with you podcast ep about the Tenement museum you've opened my eyes to another way history is living and breathing all around us. It's so important to be mindful of the fact that America is not an old nation, and these things are not all that far in the past, not in the grand scheme of things. We are still feeling the effects of these events in our society. (Speaking for Americans) Thank you again for all that you do to help broaden the perspectives of people all over the world. The two of you are heroes and role models for me that I put along side Isaac Asimov, Ursula K Lu Guin, and Trevor Noah.
regantlew15 (4 months ago)
white people evil as fuck
R Pigeon (3 months ago)
+Jaye Dee, IKR! We could ALL be descended from slaves! It's time to move on. We're ALL free now! Enjoy it!
Jaye Dee (4 months ago)
regantlew15 don't forget there has been millions of white slaves throughout history as well we are not all privileged
norfillyson (4 months ago)
Very important
dan wolves (4 months ago)
Wow, you would think at least one of 'em would have started a candle~making business ..huh. H@! Sheesh, one would ((think)) that if they made everything.. they could have made BANK off doing so after Slavery was abolished ?!! Oh well, should have, could have.. would have ..huh.
zach vellekamp (4 months ago)
100% Garunteed those girls both on tumblr