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How does the United Nations work? | RMIT University

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RMIT University academic Dr Binoy Kampmark explains how the United Nations (The UN) works. 

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Text Comments (113)
buddybleau (1 year ago)
The UN is a waste of tax payers money! They should abolish the UN. We're dealing with countries that couldn't care less about human rights. The UN depends on millions of US dollars to exist. A damned waste of tax payers money!
mathew idicula (2 years ago)
Short of erradicatining desease like polio and mumps in the third world countries the UN has not done much UNESCO and the WORLD HealTH ORGANIZATIONS do ther part I'm sure. But the UN should consider scaling back from the indstrialized world, the veto power given to the five permanrnt seats act as poisen pills and give a sense of cacophany at the UN, The UN should consider its moral power in the world and since it has no army now it is pretty much that a voice for the voiceless in the world.
Petr Červinka (2 years ago)
i like UN i think it's the best think we did after ww2
Tom Yu (2 years ago)
It is overrated
Material Translúcido (2 years ago)
Forgot to mention UN really would want to erradicate genocides and crimes (and all violations to human rights) but sometimes (or maybe many times) sovereignity of states can be more important.
Third B DS (2 years ago)
do the UN use flower guns in the video apeard
LunarX (2 years ago)
I swear it's not a New World Order! We're the good guys! I promise!
Riah T (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video. Really helped me understand :)
Rolo Second Channel (2 years ago)
Why some country's like Japan and Spain not be in the un
Tara Pentaholic (1 year ago)
Rolo Second Channel they are
William Goetz (2 years ago)
Peace is what matters most
M.r. Moon (2 years ago)
BULLSHIT.... FREEDOM is what MATTERS MOST. There's peace enough in the Grave...life is a fight from start to finish.
blackheart88 (2 years ago)
How often does the UN meet/have a meeting?
Sss Ss (1 year ago)
Once a year for general assembly
Rune (2 years ago)
Blackhaert? They have a lots on one day. But the Security Council only convenes at rare moments of high importance  ... (for the World to solve our problems).
It's Yuck (2 years ago)
General assembly seats once in a year. All the members of the United Nations are also the members of the general assembly.
Natasha Defoe (2 years ago)
Sept-Dec yearly, and anytime in between as needed.
VINIT PUNJABI (2 years ago)
can we all vote together to abolish UN..this is big Nonsense thing going around.
GI Jack (2 years ago)
I second that
Rune (2 years ago)
What would you put instead. What would be the Alternative? Unity in Diversity!? Already work towards that
big poppa pump (2 years ago)
play rugby and who Eva wins is king and we nz will keep the peace
Lil Curry (2 years ago)
nice music
Rune (2 years ago)
Music is Nice! UN loves music ;-)
Δnima (2 years ago)
Just wondering what the music in the background is called...
kindness (2 years ago)
Can the UN get rid of the right to veto ?
Generic Name (2 years ago)
Yes, but nobody would ever allow that resolution to pass.
Rune (2 years ago)
Not as it seems right now! The big powers have to agree ...
Charlie Penny (3 years ago)
FYI, that's not Britain, that's the United Kingdom. Don't upset the Northern Irish ;)
Matt Sylvester (3 years ago)
Those transitions gave me motion sickness.
melc311 (3 years ago)
What a joke . The peacekeeping troops weren't deployed in Ukraine (conflict zone) because Russia was against and china abstained . Nice peacekeeping , RUSSIA !(sarcasm)
Juan Colino (3 years ago)
North Korea are in to de United Nations?
George Washington (1 year ago)
Juan Colino ehm.......... no. because The U.N. declare the war against the North Korea during the Cold war
Tara Pentaholic (1 year ago)
Juan Colino i don't think so
Rune (2 years ago)
They are there but not fully participating ... as of yet
Alex B (2 years ago)
+Juan Colino yes .... everyone except Vatican City, Kosovo, Palestine, and Taiwan I think
Alexander (2 years ago)
+Juan Colino I don't think so.
no hassle (3 years ago)
The UN doesn't work. It should have been the peace hub, but it is powerless to the Elite.
Rune (2 years ago)
The Elite is in the UN and if we could could cooperate bottom up we would solve many problems...
Daniel Urbina (3 years ago)
The U N is just a lie to allow world superpowers do what they want with the world and make it see as a democratic method
Moloch (3 years ago)
There should be a one world government already the UN should run it. Oh but don't think me naive. I know the UN will become corrupt if it isn't already. Which I'm pretty sure it is. But it will be easier to fix and deal with one corrupt system of government then it is to fix and deal with many different ones. For those that don't think it would be possible to change a world government then your wrong. Its the same as fixing any government. All you have to do is get enough people to say no to something. With a one world government that would be easier since everyone is under the same banner. I mean look at Syria. The American leaders was just itching to go to war in Syria but when many of their own solders stood up as a united front and said no. They couldn't do jack squat and had to side line that goal for the time being.
Nathan McKenzie (3 years ago)
Problem is that the 10 largest nations pay most of the money but determine only 7% of the votes.
mitesh pathak (3 years ago)
Country having one of the largest army in the world(India) is not part of UNSC Largest Importer of Arms India not part of UNSC
E GRY (3 years ago)
Its not a parliament if it is full of unelected bureaucrats
Kaitlyn Andres (3 years ago)
isnt america technically the un then
Adrian Sjøvold Torp (3 years ago)
Unfortunately, the general assembly consists of some of the most brutal countries in the world. Would like to see how the United Nations would work if countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands and Tibet was members of the general assembly instead of the US, Russia, China, etc..
Bryan tehking (3 years ago)
i'm so glad The UN exists. 
Brown Cow (3 years ago)
Maz (3 years ago)
The United Nations, was started by the proponents of the Great Plan, and is the skeleton of the tyrannical one world government that they are plotting will one day completely run the planet. No more country. No more freedom. No more patriotism. No more fun.
that_pac12 (3 years ago)
So many people against the UN. Newsflash, the UN is only as powerful as the countries that control it, and since that is all of them, or at least 5 big ones, with inflicting views and goals the UN does not have the power to resolve every conflict because it consists of every side.
j smit (4 years ago)
BRICS Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa  that's where the smart money is.
j smit (4 years ago)
What a crock of shit, If the U.N. is so powerful than why doesn't it demand an investigation into 9/11, there's enough evidence to start bringing people to trial but no they're scared.
Sherlocke Holmesse (4 years ago)
Thank you, I now have a perspective on how far you deviate from your intended purpose and values.
CaptainCool07 (4 years ago)
United Nations should be abolished. The most useless organization out there that can't stop genocides.
Joshua Coheely (3 years ago)
whatever you say red tampon 
CaptainCool07 (3 years ago)
not communist china butt wipe
fook yoo (4 years ago)
UN bringing the third world to your doorstep.
tsring wangyal (4 years ago)
united nations sum question for you, were is human right ? you know no human right in TIBET. were is united nations ? are sleeping ? afraid for china ? giving sum money from china? why not'e taking about TIBET ? you know since 55 year, 1959 to 2014 year's we are already living refugee.now how many living year refugee ? please sir we are go back to country,place and home we are do to sum country so sir please please please sir Help TIBET, Support TIBET, Save TIBET, Free TIBET, Free TIBET,Free TIBET. Thanks you. LONG LIVE HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA. FREE TIBET.  
Joshua Coheely (3 years ago)
heh,we cannot help everybody but we can try.But you have to understand,if you want something done correctly and done right, do it yourself.So go to Tibet yourself and try to free it.
Curtis I (3 years ago)
There are many other problems to solve in the UN than Tibet, thats like asking UN to ignore the problems of isis atm. I'm sure Tibet is a much stable area than some of the areas that need attention. 
Touchanon ZA (4 years ago)
what is the program to make this video
ShankingDisaster (4 years ago)
Didn't George W. Bush bypass congress with the UN to invade Iraq in 2002? And even if this is untrue, the UN sent weapons inspectors, wtf does a so called peace organization need weapons inspectors for if they take the responsibility of peace between 193 countries (190 of which are involved in the NPT... what the hell for when they "delegate peace" idfk) and presumably the world, when world atlas says there's about 197 countries in the world leaving at least 4 countries unaccounted for by the UN, massive global economic flux, with a centralized area where multi-trillions of dollars are processed by grand total income and grand total expenditures where there is almost ALWAYS a multimillion dollar difference(WHERE IS THE IMF?). Where the fuck were they during the Gaza bombings? Stuffing their fat wallets and faces delegating refugee and relief programs from afar. "Oh that's so ungrateful" oh spare me, "the terrorist organizations in Hamas," HOW did the terrorist movements even come about, and why did they even form? Oh no social media wants to pin the tail on that donkey I guess. On another note, this video displayed a well rehearsed explanation of socialism. That is if you even believe in illusory socio-political ideology.   
epic (4 years ago)
Up with Peace! Down with Evil!
goof fot (4 years ago)
All nations are ruled by evil that's why they have the united nations to destroy good nations and good people systematically and globally waiting for a vonurable weak nation to do one wrong moves and start massacres they don't do any good not that I have heard of.
Diego Ambrosio (4 years ago)
Very entertaining!
Neiman Mroz (4 years ago)
This really answered the question "what is the UN?" more than "how does the UN work?"
Teutone (4 years ago)
The UN is a fucking joke. They are the most ineffectual organization in history.  They have never prevented any war or saved lives or resolved any conflict. All they can do is say they are concerned and then whine in the corner. Just disband this waste of taxpayer money. 
AimtiTV (4 years ago)
Also, is it possible to add more permanent members to the security council? In my mind, two more major world powers have emerged: India and Brazil. And an African country should also get some representation, as well as a south american one(Brazil).
AimtiTV (4 years ago)
Who decides if a resolution is put before the security council or the general assembly? Also, if the 5 permanent members an veto any resolution, what is the point of the non-permanent members if they have very little power? It seems to be that its mostly symbolic. 
Jun Alexander Shibata (4 years ago)
Funny how Japan is the second highest contributor for U.N financing, paying more money for the U.N than Britain, China, Russia, and France combined. I wish the other permanent security council members will make a better effort in financing the U.N, instead of using it for their political advantage.
Justin1686 (4 years ago)
This is great.  short, to the point, and perfect to show high schoolers to get the idea across in a quick way to keep their attention.
Michael Tyler (4 years ago)
Not a bad short intro  -- but it leaves out some very big, important aspects, like the way countries work together in the UN to develop international law (the "law of nations") by making treaties; like the way countries work together in the UN to understand emerging threats like asteroid hits or climate change; and like the use of peacekeeping forces (army and police, and sometimes also air and naval forces) to shut down armed conflicts, or protect civilians in failed states or civil wars.       
scout19tf2 (4 years ago)
I love what the United Nations stand for, and I hope they will achieve their goal for peace. though I think the security counsel needs work. work like: no permanent members and members who are involved in peacekeeping. I would say Russia should be kicked off the counsel for taking Crimea, but there haven't been any acts of war committed by the Russians YET. In fact Crimea voted(98% yes) to be annexed by Russia. 
John Carré (4 years ago)
Good info.
thankthevillian (4 years ago)
It doesn't.
Jacob Suever (4 years ago)
I love the video. It is a good way to explain the UN.
Nata Atom (4 years ago)
thanks for your video!
Agus Teguy (5 years ago)
No, the UN was established because of WW2
BiBi (5 years ago)
Thank u for helping me on social studies
M17Squad (5 years ago)
rubbish so basically the UN was established because of AFRICA
Alex Muniz (5 years ago)
YES SURE and Santa its real..
Greg Marat (5 years ago)
Met this guy yesterday! pretty cool guy! :)
Maximus (5 years ago)
I don't think the solution to too much government power is more government power by the very governments that advocate that we increase the size of government. It seems to me that the UN was simply a reactionary response to a crisis that was caused by government intervention in the first place.
artiscoole (5 years ago)
I think that its a mistake to give the 5 permanent members veto power, or better yet i think its a bad idea having permanent members altogether. As far as i understand it. If a dispute arises involving one of the permanent members, if they violated international laws that they themselves agreed to uphold and respect,, they can only be punished if they allow themselves to be punished and i am perplexed at this very obvious flaw that as far as im aware of has not been raised or discussed in th UN
The Real Flenuan (5 years ago)
Unfortunately, the UN can't do everything good that is possible.
Doodelay Explains (6 years ago)
I just realized that Africa is almost non existent :/
Doodelay Explains (6 years ago)
Sounds quite good lol
Malcom Chamberlain (6 years ago)
Down with evil Wales!
Verrel S (6 years ago)
what have they ever done to you?
Matthew Ross (6 years ago)
Fuck the middle east
Jewbacca Goldsberg (6 years ago)
Down with the devils and demons from the United States Government!
2011MOONSTAR (6 years ago)
Down with the devil from Iran!
RMIT University (7 years ago)
@Imrahilp Good question. International diplomacy is a difficult thing. All countries are going to push their own agenda - that is the nature of state interests. The five permanent members were brought in and given a veto power because not having them in the UN would have rendered it ineffective. There is an undercurrent of discussions about reforming the UN - including more members in the permanent security council to reflect modern power realities.
Imrahilp (7 years ago)
Just wondering how an organization,so terribly dominated by 5 countries(3 of which have been almost always aligned with each other since the formation of United Nations)can work towards bigger picture of peace and harmony?!dont you think that these countries can very easily push their own political agenda forward?