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B-17 "Memphis Belle" from the movie start up (OLV)

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Richard Lahan (1 month ago)
Started life as a B-17G trainer used stateside. Took a tour of this plane when it was in Columbia, SC several years ago.
Paul Gerald (1 month ago)
Those power plants will touch your heart ,so will these aircraft . They will reach out and touch your soul . Thank you .
Paul Gerald (1 month ago)
When look at a Flying Fortress ,you see the " Eagle of Freedom " . Do not mess with me or else . Thank you .
Adam Kelloway (1 month ago)
How much HP Did She Have
David Vance (18 days ago)
Adam Kelloway, 1,100 h.p. per engine. Rather small, but Radial engines are strong. Plane weighed 33,000 but grossed out around 56,000 pounds. Alot of power for small radial engines
Adam Kelloway (1 month ago)
Such an Iconic Aircraft
Paul Gerald (1 month ago)
Maintainace checks for air worthiness .
packingten (1 month ago)
The young and some dumb just don't realize the peril that was @ hand of the pilots ,infantry men,sailors just all who gave their all to overthrow EVIL! in ww2 My Father was on a WW2 destroyer,They went thru a typhoon December 1944.. 3 destroyers were lost,planes wahed o board damage was immense,Dad said his boat the DDS 691 Mertz came very close to going down the smoke stacks came 1 degree off taking in water,that ship had to be on its side!...So remember the sheer terror most of these gallant men faced!.. Not a fair weather ride with the sun shining,but real bullets coming @ them!!.My thoughts&prayers to those lost in current B-17 crash.
David Vance (18 days ago)
packingten, Just recently after the B-17 crash. The Liberal anti Trump whiners started up with their socialist bitching that may be we should be highly concerned about the public paying for rides on WW2 aircraft. In other words. These planes represent original American freedom. The bitch ass liberal establishment don't want any reminders of America ingenuity. They had their ass handed to them election 2016. Do it again very soon.
OldChevy4x4 (2 months ago)
Love it!
GTA V Decoders (3 months ago)
Can they fly with only two engines operating?
David Vance (18 days ago)
GTA V Decoders, with each side with one engine running. B 17 flew very easy on 2 engines
Sven Bertil (2 months ago)
Some flew back home on only 1 engine during WW2.
OldChevy4x4 (2 months ago)
Absolutely. The last time I saw this plane fly was at the airshow in Geneseo, NY 2005 or 2006 - She was flying on 2 engines.
rustbeltrefugee (3 months ago)
Another model airplane video, doctored to look like the real thing. Is that the monogram 1/72 kit?
Greg Bloomfield (4 months ago)
Hey flyn..don't know what you used to record this B-17 engine start, but a wee bit of $$ would net you much "cleaner" sound... My cousin's son Parker Colt is a professional sound man for commercial film work..possibly he could recommend a low-cost alternative.. Your track sounds like the inside of a washing machine with all the distortion.. Better luck next time, dude...
Greg Bloomfield (3 months ago)
@Inhumane Lizard especially you, IL...isn't there a rock you can crawl under??
Inhumane Lizard (3 months ago)
hey greg... nobody cares.
Monty Smith (6 months ago)
my wife,s grandfather flew B-17,s over France and Germany as he put it "his many visits to Eroupe during the 1940,s"(1942-1944)
Tachi Tekmo (6 months ago)
If the sound of those engines doesn't put hair on your chest, I don't know what will. Amazing.
Ludgero Mendonca (6 months ago)
Man oh man what beauty.
locomotive67 (7 months ago)
Nice one , very good,
Frank Dunn (7 months ago)
Thanks to the men and women that built this:-)
Frank Dunn (7 months ago)
Power at is best!!!!!
Gary Morris (7 months ago)
Very cool. Beautiful aircraft.
James Wiskus (8 months ago)
My eyes still well up every time I hear or see one of these majestic aircraft. I amazed at the men who flew these birds knowing they may not come back. That goes for all fliers, sailors etc.
MrJoeyd57 (1 year ago)
Such a beautiful lady!!!!
Daniel Kemper (1 year ago)
?imon (2 months ago)
@Dokker62 Stimmt auch wieder! 👍
Dokker62 (2 months ago)
@?imon Wer nicht einmal "kurz" schreiben kann, dafür aber Alles in Schreischrift einhackt, dürfte nicht die allergrößte Ahnung von dieser Materie haben...
?imon (1 year ago)
Wieso zu kurz
Julio Perez (1 year ago)
Nice Sound puts me to sleep
David Vance (18 days ago)
Julio Perez, they have B 17 engine drone sounds on the internet for sleep. 8 hours
jody reynolds (1 year ago)
Such a beautiful sound
Derek Obidowski (2 years ago)
It was on loan to the Liberty Foundation touring the US now they have Madras Maiden formally Chuckie. the original Memphis Belle is being restored in the restoration hanger in the Museum of the United States Air Force in Ohio.
MauriatOttolink (8 months ago)
Derek Obidowski So what aircraft would it be that I saw on Mud Island museum, Memphis in year 2000? Thanks for any answer you may be able to give me.
Steve Eastman (2 years ago)
What a beauty love the belle
2010mtaylor1 (2 years ago)
listen to that baby purr :)
Gail Raby (2 years ago)
shame about the Hollywood film featuring this beautiful aircraft was so disrespectful to the memory of the crew.
GamerKat'71 (1 year ago)
Oh God I hated how they portrayed the crew in that movie. The really bad part is that Billy Zane, Sean Astin and a few of the others are fine actors. But apparently the director pulled his book of Hollywood Stereotypes out and ran it page by page.
randy hokin (2 years ago)
warmachine. lots of lives lost......
Russ442100 (3 years ago)
wow what power
Kokopilau77 (4 years ago)
Always loved the sound of the WW2 birds. It's a sound that hits you in the gut.
Aubrey Louwrens (6 months ago)
Gives me tears in my eyes, what a beautiful noise.
kunekune (5 years ago)
I flew aboard the "Belle" in August - Awesome!